Newsletter for the week of March 18-22_ 2013

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					                                                                           Ms. Batte’s
                                                                   For the Week of March 18 - 22,

   Important Dates
                                                           Classroom News
  Monday, March 18th – Report Cards                We are in need of a few items for our classroom as
               go home!                             our stock is near empty. If you can send in one or
                                                    more of the following items, it would be greatly
  Wednesday, March 20th – 2 bags of
                                                    appreciated: Kleenex, paper towels, and baby
   individually-wrapped candy, each                 wipes. Thank you!
  piece placed in a plastic Easter egg
                 due!                              Please return all “book bags” the following day,
                                                    even if your child did not get a chance to read
 Thursday, March 21st – Relay for Life
                                                    their book to you. It will be used in class and then
             K-2 Egg Swap
                                                    returned home again. Please sign and indicate the
  Friday, March 22nd – Kindergarten
                                                    number of times your child read their book on the
                                                    attached Post-It note each time—if your child has
      Easter Egg Hunt, 1:30 p.m.
                                                    a Word Ring in their bag, please make sure to
March 25th – 29th – Spring Break Week!              return these daily as well. Thank you!

 April 1st – Students return to school!            Please help your child to remember to wear tennis
                                                    shoes on our P.E. days! Your child will sit out of
                                                    fun activities to ensure their safety if tennis shoes
                                                    are not worn.

                                                   Also, please help your child to remember to bring
          Birthdays                                 their Library book to school on our days to visit
                                                    the Library. Without turning in their current
         March 9th – Gavin                          book, they will not be able to check out a new one.

          March 26th - Tara

Literacy Tip: Don’t just read a story to your child at night—ask them questions about what is being
read. Who are the characters? Where does this story take place? What was the problem and how
was it resolved? What happened first, next, and last?

Ms. Jen Batte                             E-mail:
Watt Hardison Elem.                       Webpage:
300 Gibson Street
Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
       Lunch Menu                                          What We’re Learning
Monday: Cheese Pizza or Ham & Cheese
Sandwich; fresh veggies, whole kernel         Reading:      This week our Focus Story will be Mayday! Mayday! :
corn, pineapple tidbits, and Red Delicious    A Coast Guard Rescue by Chris L. Demarest. In this story, the
apples                                        United States Coast Guard is summoned to the rescue of a
Tuesday: Hot Dog or Frito Casserole;          yacht, disabled at sea in the midst of a storm. We will join the
tater tots, broccoli salad, tropical fruit,   Guard as it searches for and locates the boat through fierce
and orange wedges
                                              conditions, rescues the crew, treats the passengers and shuttles
Wednesday: Beef Dippers or Chicken
                                              them all to safety.
Parmesan; rolls, orange/spinach salad,
mashed baby red potatoes, fresh grapes,          Our Target Skill this week is learning to distinguish the cause
and bananas                                   and effect of certain events within a story. We will also
Thursday: Pork Chop or Chicken Tenders;       continue to work on retelling a story, making predictions, and
rolls, baked sweet potatoes, green beans,     identifying the sequence of events in a story. We will work to
sliced peaches, and strawberries              identify, form, and match the letter 'Xx' to its phoneme---/ks/.
Friday: Hot Shot Burgers or BBQ Sliders;
oven-baked potato wedges, Ranch-style
                                              Amazing Words: rescue, pilot, yacht, sailor, mechanic,
beans, sandwich toppings, pear halves, and
fresh fruit cup

                                              High-Frequency Words: yellow, blue, green (Please continue to
                                              practice all of our "Popcorn Words" at home!)

                                              Letter: Xx

                                              Math: We will be concluding our Topic on Subtraction this
                                              week, with our Posttest on Wednesday. We will Pretest for the
                                              next topic on Thursday, but will not begin a new
                                              unit of study until after Spring Break. We will
                                              review sorting by different attributes,
       Related Arts                           graphing, and number sense on Friday with a
                                              fun Easter/Spring math lesson involving jelly

           Schedule                           beans before our Easter Egg hunt! 

               Week B

Monday: Art                                                      Important Info
Tuesday: Music
                                                    We will be having our Kindergarten Easter
Wednesday: Library                                     Egg hunt on Friday, March 22nd. By
                                                  Wednesday, March 20th, please send in 2 bags
Thursday: P.E.                                       of individually-wrapped candy (no nuts
                                                    please!), each piece stuffed into a plastic
Friday: Art                                        Easter egg. We also ask that, on the day of
                                                  the hunt, your child bring in a basket, bag, or
                                                   something in which to collect the eggs that
                                                   they find that day. Thank you for all that
                                                                     you do! 

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