NSN FOR SALE - Powerstorm by qingqinglxkc


                               FOR SALE
 PartNumber                   Description             Manufacturer   Qty
083688A.104     Core Assembly for FRGD UMTS              NSN          57
083689A.103     Core Assembly for FRGC UMTS              NSN          36
083780A.102     Core assembly for FSMD witch 2FSPC       NSN          40
  083833A       Core assembly for FSME                   NSN           7
  084629A       Core assembly for FRGP                   NSN          33
468105A.103     WAFA ANTENNA FILTER UMTS                 NSN         160
468156A.203     WAMA APPLICATION MANAGER UMTS            NSN         121
468158A.103     WSCA SYSTEM CLOCK                        NSN          43
468232A.205     WICA INPUT COMBINER UMTS                 NSN          98
468802A.102     WTRB Transmitter and Rece iver           NSN          80
468803A.102     WSMB SUMMING ANT MULTIPLE XING UNIT      NSN          97
 469011A.306    WMCM SUMMING AND CLOCK (METRO)           NSN          18
 469446A.102    WPSE POWER SUPPLY DC                     NSN          97
 469550A.102    WSPC SignalProcessor Unit                NSN         100
 469550A.103    WSPC SIGNAL PROCESSOR UNI T              NSN          82
 469727A.103    WPAJ POWER AMPLIFIER(DC 3 0W)            NSN         100
 469876A.102    WTRD Transmitter and Rece iver           NSN          50
 469883A.103    WINB SUPREME INDOOR CABIN ET             NSN          49
 469929A.103    WPSG POWER SUPPLY AC/DC                  NSN          10
 470036A.103    Case for FSMB UMTS                       NSN          50
 470156A.102    FTEB UMTS                                NSN          27
 471231A.102    Case for FRGC UMTS                       NSN          40
 471232A.102    Case for FRGD UMTS                       NSN          67
   471402A      Case for FSMD UMTS                       NSN          11
   472100A      Case for FRGP 2100MHz Triple 70W         NSN          28
   1993883      WFCD CABLE Long                          NSN          10
T32107.03--F0   IFUD-IFU8P1(coax)                        NSN          30
T32107.05--E0   IFUC-IFU3S                               NSN          31
T32107.09--D1   AXUB-AXU ATM MULTIPLEX UN IT             NSN          30
T32107.11.C3    AXCD-AXC ATM MULTIPLEX UN IT             NSN         160
  86010026      CCU 860 10026                            NSN          80
  78210148      DTMA-UMTS-24-AISG UMTS                   NSN         100
  78210453      Smart Bias Tee (CIN) UMTS                NSN         320



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