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					Little Women Playlist-

  1. Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)
     - I chose this song for the moment of Beth’s death
       because the lyrics are telling a story of being
       brave and making the most of moving on. It’s
       the same sort of thought that Beth had before
       she passed.

  2. Songbird (Fleetwood Mac)
     -I have chosen this song for the proposal scene
     between Laurie and Jo, because it’s a song about
     someone loving someone else A LOT!!

  3. Ding Dong the Witch is dead (The Wizard of Oz)
     - I thought this song could be good for when Aunt
     Mrach dies, because nobody really likes her, and
     they all seem a bit relieved when she died.

  4. I feel pretty/Unpretty (Glee)
      -I didn’t know what situation this could be used
for, but I thought it might represent Jo’s feelings of
herself most of the way through the movie. The way
that she didn’t think she was pretty, and then how she
cut of all her hair.

  5. Go your own way (Fleetwood Mac)
     -I thought this song might relate to the way Laurie
     felt towards Jo after she refused his proposal.

  6. Isn’t she lovely (Stevie Wonder)
     -Since this song is about a baby, I thought it could
     relate to when Meg had her children!!
7. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cindy Lauper)
   -Marmie has always against corsets, and women
   not having rights, and instead having to do all the
   domestic chores. So, I thought this song could
   represent her feelings about that!!

8. Lucky (Colbie Callat ft. Jason Miraz)
   - Frederich and Jo were good friends before they
     became engaged, so since this song is about
     being in love with a best friend, I thought it might
     be relevant.

9. Opportunity (Pete Murray)
   -Jo wants to go to New York to pursue writing, so
   when Marmie tells her to go live her dream, it’s a
   great opportunity (see what I did there?) to do
   what she wants to do in life.

10.Uptown Girl (Billy Joel)
   -Amy become very posh when she goes to
Europe, and Laurie is a bit washed up at that time,
but he still tries to get her to marry him.

11.Papa Can You Hear Me? (Barbara Steisand)
  -All the March girls want their father home, and if
there was a way of talking of him they would try,
even if it was just sending messages into the sky.

12. Sway (Micheal Bublé)
  -At the ball, Laurie explains to Jo how he is very
taken by her and Meg, and some of the lyrics are
“other dancers may be on the floor, dear but my
eyes will se only you”.
13. The only Exception (Paramore)
  -Jo is against marriage, and is certain that she will
never marry, but when Frederich comes along, he
becomes the exception.

14. Crazy Dreams (Carrie Underwood)
  -Jo has a hard timebeing able to publish what she
really wants to write, but when she takes Frederich’s
advice and writes from the heart, her crazy dream
comes true.

15. I Know it’s Today (Shrek the musical)
  -Amy is always looking for a fairytale ending. She’s
just like a little princess in a tower, waiting for her
prince, so this song may be the perfect song for her.

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