Notice of Mutual Termination of Agreement

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									This is a document whereby two parties mutually agree to release each other from an
existing agreement. For this document to be valid, both parties must voluntarily consent
to the termination. This agreement will result in the mutual relinquishment of the
respective legal rights and obligations under a certain agreement. This document
should be used by individuals or entities that want to mutually relinquish each other from
the obligations of a separate agreement.


[Name of Receiving Party]
[Address of Receiving Party]


[Name of Receiving Party]:

Pursuant to [Insert the specific Paragraph or Article] of our [Insert the name of the name of the
agreement, for example, Distribution Agreement, dated January 1, 2013], this letter shall serve as written
notice of our mutual intent to terminate the Agreement effective [Insert effective date of termination].
All terms and conditions of the Agreement with the exception of [Insert the specific Paragraphs or
Articles of the agreement that survive termination, for example, royalty or licensing fee accounting].

We appreciate the experience of having worked with you on this project, and wish you the best in your
future business endeavors. Do not hesitate to contact us in the future if our services would be of value to
your company.


[Name of Cancelling Party]
[Address of Cancelling Party]
[Email Address of Cancelling Party]
[Phone Number of Cancelling Party]


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