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									Danni Fisk

                              Longitudinal Study
Danni this is really good and should really help when you write up your study.
I have added a few bits and pieces but essentially is all fine. Your are clearly
Woking hard. Well done. Locking forward to seeing you all soon.

Anne B xx

1. Define the term Longitudinal Study?
A longitudinal study takes place over a period of time. You use this study to
observe the progress of a child over a period of time in one or more areas of

2. What Observational method are you going to use in your longitudinal
A checklist is a good idea as you can look at more than one area of

You can check the same behaviours each time you observe
You can look at a range of behaviours including one that the child is working

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method?
You can look at more than one area of development, you can also comment
on how the development in one area relates to the overall development of the

4. What is the exact age of the child when you will be observing when your
longitudinal study starts?
11 months

5. Which area(s) of development are you going to look at?
Physical and social development

6. Write down the reference sources you are going to use to find out the
expected norms for a baby? One must be a website, one journal and one a
Nursery World, Diploma in childcare and education, Baby and toddler
development made real, www.babybuilders.com and

7. For each of the area(s) you are going to observe identify what the expected
stage for the child you will be observing?
 Expected physical development for 11 months old is:
A Moving around holding on to the furniture
B Moving quickly around furniture when walking
C Can occasionally stand alone for a few seconds
D Can lower them selves down to the floor

8. What is the aim of your longitudinal study?
Danni Fisk

To observe a child’s physical and social development over a long period of
Be more specific – 8 week period
9. Identify two advantages for you doing longitudinal study?
Can observe over a period of time
Look at the progress of the child

10. Identify two possible disadvantages for you doing a longitudinal study?
You have to continue it over the set period of time
You need to check that the family agrees to you carrying out this longitudinal

Can loose objectivity
Takes a long time

11. Identify two issues you must pay particular attention to while doing this
study over the next half term?
Respecting the family’s beliefs and culture.
Remaining objective in your observations

12. Why is it important to make sure that you have the parent’s permission for
this observation?
As you can work closely with them and they can let you know of any problems
in development that they may have had.
Respect confidentiality

13. How are you going to maintain confidentiality in the write up of your
Call the child ‘Subject A’

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