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					Tom Monahan, Chairman & CEO
             Tom Monahan was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of The
             Corporate Executive Board Company (NYSE: CEB) effective 1 January
             2008. He has served as Chief Executive Officer of the company since 1
             July 2005, and has served as a company officer and director since 2001.
             Prior to this, he was a member of the firm’s research and operating
             management team since the mid-1990’s.

As part of the company’s leadership for more than a decade, Tom has helped to
redefine how the world’s leading companies make their most important decisions. By
tapping the collective experience of, and analyzing performance data from, more than
5,500 companies, CEB has created authoritative insights and highly relevant
management resources to help companies manage talent, innovation and risk. Across
the past decade, the firm has been one of the fastest growing professional/information
services companies globally, and has become one of the most respected authorities on
management issues. Its network of active members has grown fivefold over that

Across his 16 years with the company, he has led the firm’s efforts on a wide variety
of topics -- including innovation and technology processes, operating and reputational
risk, the structure and role of the financial sector, and employee productivity and
performance. In partnership with CEB’s service and advisory teams, he has also
worked with members on six continents to drive outstanding corporate performance
using our insights and tools. He is a widely quoted authority on management issues –
particular risk management, corporate governance, and ethical leadership.

Building on CEB’s core ethic of service, the company’s leadership team has also
pioneered a range of innovations in community investment and philanthropy –
including sizable community investments, pro bono advisory help, and a global
service day.

Tom is also a member of the board of directors of Convergys Corporation (NYSE:
CVG), where he is chairman of the Governance and Nominating Committee. He
teaches Sunday School at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC, and –
along with his wife and daughters – is active in causes that facilitate the participation
of women and girls in economic life globally.

Before joining CEB, Tom worked with Deloitte & Touche, the Committee for
Economic Development, and Andersen Consulting. He holds an undergraduate
degree magna cum laude from Harvard University and received his MBA with
distinction from New York University.

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