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					                                      Dances with Trolls
                                        by Liz Tyler

In the beginning, man created the internet and then the internet created the “troll”.

From the early days of the MSN chat rooms and communities to the present, we’ve all
had our encounters with a troll from time to time. Though some trolls make their
presence more then obvious, I’m sure some people have had a turn on the dance floor
with one and not even realized what they were dealing with because they didn’t know
what to look for.

An internet troll is defined as: a person who posts outrageous messages to bait people to
answer. A Forum Troll delights in sowing discord. A troll is someone who inspires flaming
rhetoric, by purposely provoking and pulling people into flaming discussions, which usually end
with name calling and a flame war.

In my most recent quest for enlightenment, I’ve stumbled across some interesting
research referencing the potential psychopathy that drives some disturbed and disaffected
individuals onto the internet troll road. It appears as though our esteemed psychiatric
community is just now beginning to discover the toll of technology on the human psyche
and the very thing we’ve all suspected for some time now. Deep down, whatever may
externally motivate someone to become a troll, many of them suffer from a wide variety
of very serious mental disorders!

The conventional wisdom of the past has always been, “do not feed the trolls” and for
some time this has mostly worked to eventually bore and disperse the standard mentally
disturbed troll. Unfortunately, starving the political troll of food for play seems to have
the opposite desired effect. It works to concrete them into place to the point that it
borders on obsession. For this particular type of troll, their foray onto left winged sites
isn’t simply a mission to disrupt the flow of conversation in exchange for narcissistic
validation but to make these associate gatherings so ugly, as to drive people away. No
matter what virtual fumigation method is used, ignoring to banning, these new strains of
persistent trolls simply won’t go away and even the most disciplined of groups will
eventually crack under these right winged, think tank funded, psychological assaults.

So who is this troll with delusions of patriotism? Like the garden variety internet troll
with their distinguishing characteristics, the “patriotic” troll is easy enough to identify.
They are typically middle aged, white conservative Christian males, handicapped by the
lack of a higher education, who are terrified that they’re quickly losing the control over
the majority and their titles as the “kings of their castles”. They nostalgically reminisce
about the “bygone” days, when they were true “masters” of their domains and vacillate
between depression and anger. They need these past illusions to fulfill whatever is
lacking within themselves and their lives as they look about the landscape of the rapidly
changing world and can’t accept the reality of forward momentum. A reality that is
going a long way to making their self perceived superiority, obsolete!

These trolls see it as their sworn duty to stop heretical liberal agendas because they don’t
just view progress as a debatable direction but something profoundly dangerous to their
“American way of life”. “Take our country back”, is their anthem that roughly translates
to, “I want to be living in the 50’s again”. This period of time is where the middle aged,
white male, was perceived as the knight of his realm. Women were barefoot and
pregnant and minorities were classes of people imported to be completely subservient to
him. He was lord of the tract home domain and the suburbs were created to shelter this
jester from the reality of the ever changing world. So why all the recent angst, what
shook up this pale perception?

In 2008, at long last, a small measure of true progress and pride came to the US! The
election of Barack Obama wasn’t simply perceived as a liberal victory but a signal that
we were finally starting to socially mature. For some however, this snapshot of potential
equality was a rallying cry for extremists to leave their muggy racist swamps and infest
the mainstream with their not so subtly coded rhetoric, designed to incite, divide and to
generally muck up the democratic landscape. The political troll feels that this is their
moral imperative to disrupt the flow of ideas and solutions and are desperately convinced
that if they manage to roll back the progress, which was ironically established in the 50’s,
that this will somehow bring back the great white days of yesteryear and save their egos
from certain doom.

This particular troll stated motivation may seem senseless, foolish and down right
destructive to those with a minimum of two functioning grey cells available and can see
the natural conclusion of this path. A path influenced by special interests’ machinations
to take us to a new aged feudalism, where the uber rich can fulfill their fantasies of being
American royalty, anathema to our foundation as a democratic nation. We’ve been here,
done that and historically we’re well versed in the inherent dangers that taking this path
presents but no matter how much logic we use to help them see, the political troll refuses
to get treatment created by this myopic vision.

Anyone that has danced with a regressive troll knows that these people are childishly
unreasonable. These peevish bullies have no idea how to cope when their aggressiveness
receives any form of brave resistance. Cowards to the core, these trolls will stick their
fingers in their ears, tightly squeeze their eyes shut, jump up and down while screaming
at the top of their lungs, to avoid reality from penetrating. If they were to actually stop
for a moment, even the most illogical would have to admit that their beliefs were off
balance but this would mean that their entire world views would have to be altered and
most simply don’t have the intestinal fortitude to reach that level of profound honesty or
the ability to protect themselves from free roaming opportunists.

Enter the Shadow Dancers. An example of a shadow dancer is New Media Strategies, a
Koch founded organization. This nefarious group is one of many that run their evil
operations by hiding behind people that are blind to their real motivation and feel that the
added financial incentive, to cause as much Republican demonic mischief as possible, is
just a simple sweetening of the black kettle. The paid to troll have many of the same
characteristics of the garden and patriotic troll but with them, there isn’t even the smallest
chance of civility. These folks are filled with so much hate, dissatisfaction and self
loathing that they consider being paid to do something they have joyfully done in the past
for free, a bonus. There is no chance that a patriotic troll will pause for a moment to
examine their motivations and there’s even less of a chance to get a paid troll to take a

Since the Scott Walker scandal in Wisconsin, realization is quickly dawning for many of
us, the true nature of heretofore unknown organizations such as the above mentioned
New Media Strategies, Heritage Foundations and Cato Institute, all Koch funded, along
with ALEC and Fox “News”. People are beginning to understand the very real danger to
democracy and freedom they embody! It’s obvious that they’re trying to create a new
gilded age and they simply do not care that the thing they’ll be leaving behind for us and
our children is nothing shy of a Mad Max scorched earth reality. The nihilistic new age
robber baron will use every possible avenue to get to this reality, even if it means
destroying us as a nation. The only people that don’t seem to want to accept these truths
are citizens of the Fox Nation. For those of us that can see into the roiling belly of the
beast, it makes little sense how they can betray every tenant that our founders set forth for
us and still have the sheer nerve to call themselves “patriot”.

Some people that have tussled with these trolls have been greatly affected by their
encounters. That’s their mission statement. They bash, smash and trash everyone and
everything that comes within eyesight of their venomous keystrokes. They are not
looking to have any form of meaningful dialogue. All the conversations, exchange of
ideas, sense of community, budding friendships or liberal bonding, is nothing more then a
red flag for the delusional troll. For those that have felt off put by the ugliness and the
emotional assaults, I want to help shine some perspective onto the entire situation.

Whatever the motivation of the troll and whoever is behind them, the common
historically backed understanding here, is that we cannot allow them to succeed in their
plans of committing social, environmental and economic mass suicide. The million
dollar question now is how to deal with a regressive troll without getting caught up in
their emotionally exhausting attacks of the moment or getting so deep into the mud, that
you can’t distinguish who is “friendly” and who is “foe”?

As so many of us are finding out, staying on nothing but the enlightened higher road,
rarely works. Fox “News” has done its part by brining these destructive monsters
together and then gifted them with an uncontested dark cave designed entirely out of
fiction. It has become a safe haven for the troll that dwells in deep chasms of denial, a
place where they can hide away from their own blatant hypocrisies and live out their
racist misogynistic fantasies. These misguided trolls, who are incapable of intellectually
climbing out of this dark, dank, air tight space, see it as their only remaining refuge from
the torches of truth and will defend it for all they are worth.

The Fox troll is a combination of all the above discussed troll characteristics. They have
some mental and anti social issues to begin with and this has made it easy for Fox to
brainwash these folks with repetitive hypnosis of naked right wing propaganda. They
have been well trained on how to sow chaos where ever they may go and it’s been very
effective up to this point. To them, silence equals fear and gives them the lift they need
to be all the more aggressive, as they buzz from one progressive site onto another, testing
out anarchist’s recipes. To this type of troll, any attempt to practice logic in their
presence is the epitome of evil and all the permission they need to go on irrational

There is no real way of dealing with the Fox troll because they aren’t self aware enough
to realize that they are being used. They never question or doubt what Fox is selling
them. They don’t see themselves as people with hidden agendas or have ever looked in
the mirror long enough to analyze what is at the heart of their social views. They see
themselves as good people and genuinely are confused at the strong pushback to their
words, so to help insulate and protect these misinformed fools, the shadow dancers have
added the paid troll to the ranks of their twisted army.

When a paid troll finds themselves up against a progressive wall of truth, they don’t have
the luxury of being able to hide away in a Fox cave. They make their money defecating
all over progressive internet hang outs, so if they don’t post, they don’t get their
paychecks. It’s this catch 22 that will inspire responses which are often illogical exposés
of their lack in critical thinking skills and naked fear, which can be quite comical at

People need to understand the simple fact about the right wing mentality that above all
else… above the prejudices, the money, the insanity, the tragic self loathing, it’s this
irrationally deep seeded fear that is at the heart of their motivation for these particular
troll’s actions. Once you can figure out how to recreate these moments of confusion, my
suggestion… don’t be apprehensive or shy from taking the kill shot when the opportunity
is presented to you. It can also be highly entertaining to watch the rattling of their loosely
attached tethers to reality. Consider it a public service if you must but there’s no reason
not to have some fun at their ignorant expense.

People also need to keep an eye out for the more sophisticated and experienced paid troll.
They have a couple of ill conceived strategies. One, they that will pretend to be a
progressive, attempting to sway the group into seeing things “their” way, while looking
for the individual’s or group’s Achilles heel for potential future attacks. Then there’s the
second rate Scarlet O’Hara impression. They attempt to create some form of community
drama to distract from the conversation at hand. The best way to deal is to frankly, not
give a damn. The trick is to have the discipline to have some fun and then immediately
get back on topic. If you feel these trolls begin to get under your skin always remember,
they don’t know you! They don’t know what set of circumstances shaped you to this
point in life. Don’t allow them to sow doubt within in you and most importantly, never
let them see you sweat! Just keep in mind that what ever justifications these particular
trolls have given themselves to excuse their stated purpose or their behavior, at the end of
the day, they suffer from the same deficits that every troll has, since the inception of their

If we ever expect to have a chance of winning the war, we need to focus on more then
just these training skirmishes. We need to go beyond trying to fully understand these
foolish foot soldiers drafted into fighting these proxy wars and ignore the media has been
trying to sensationalize this over exaggerated tea threat. What we need to be focused on
is exposing the grotesquely rich, who have been engineering these recent faux social
issues to fuel their class warfare, which serves as nothing more than a distraction to their
real goals. We’ve already looked beyond the surface of bumper sticker rhetoric and into
the eyes of the diseased mutant, which has become the evolutionary result of turning an
apathetic eye to the marriage of our government and big business. Going back as far as
Jefferson, real patriots understood that allowing money or religion anywhere near our
political discourse was as deadly as going back colonialism. It’s all these past and
present lessons that have helped us to recognize the destructive chaos that gives shelter
for these beasts created to serve their Rand Gods and our focus needs to be the exposure
of it all to the disinfectant of daylight.

Whether you elect to dance with trolls or be an observant wall flower, the choice is
entirely yours but my vote is to dance and every chance that’s presented, stomp on as
many toes as possible. Expose the regressive trolls until they are left standing naked for
all to see and are forced to howl back to the Kochroach infested caves from whence they
came. Send the message that if they want to live in the early parts of the 19th century,
there are plenty of places in the country, in the world, that still haven’t evolved. If they
don’t want to meet us in the 21st, that is their prerogative but they will not drag us
backwards without a fight!

If we’re not to be labeled hypocrite then we need to be honest and admit that we too have
some responsibility to own and some other things to learn, besides the Texas Troll Step.
We need to learn how to hold the progressive flames to our politicians’ feet. We need
refresher courses on how to crash the 4th estate’s corporate weddings, until they are
shamed to remember who they are and into taking up the torch of truth once again. We
must learn how to live with inconvenience if we are to truly starve the corporate beast of
our funds, which is in turn used against us, some of which goes towards paying these
trolls to attempt to deplete the oxygen of our full throated discontent. We must toughen
up our skin, straighten our backs and do so with the conviction that we know we are in
the right and that the right wing is wrong!

It is up to us and truly for our children’s sake, that we must see each encounter as nothing
shy of practice for the full scaled war that awaits us during this election cycle and
beyond! Even though this war was started by the greed and avarice that would sell out
our democracy, equality and freedom for a selected few selfish benefits! If they win, the
pursuit of happiness will be trapped in the bowels of an exclusive country club and the
rest of us will be standing for decades to come, pressing our noses up against the glass,
remembering what it was like, once upon a time, to have the freedom to live the
American dream!

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