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					                  Pine Island Ridge Community Association

                                Annual Meeting 2012

The Annual Meeting was held at Zuni’s Restaurant on Monday, October 8, 2012. Food
and beverages were served at 6:30 p.m., followed by the meeting at 7:00. Officers and
Board members were in attendance. Thirty-nine homeowners were represented, and
21 proxies were received.

President Elliott welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance. She introduced
the officers and PIRCA Board members. Town representatives were introduced and
included Police Chief David Dowling, Town Manager Bob Volkmann, Deputy Fire Chief
Robert Patterson, Public Works Director Jeff Huet, and Town Councilman Mike Troxell.

Steve Hodges facilitated the meeting, and started the meeting by presenting a
PowerPoint Presentation that outlines the projects and accomplishments of last year:

1. Financial Items. Late fees in the amount of $1,223.82 has been collected, and
$51,606.26 in assessment dues. There are currently 22 delinquent homeowners who
owe a total of $12,984.00. Currently, those homeowners who have been delinquent
over one year have a lien placed against their home. The financial audit has been
completed, and the association is in good standing. All vendors have been paid on
time, and the $4,170.00 in tax credit has been returned to the homeowners.

2. Twin Lakes Landscape Improvement. This project was headed by Laura Hatford,
which included planting three spruce trees near Twin Lakes pond. Dead/fallen trees
and bushes were removed.

3. Assessment of Detention Ponds. All three ponds were probed and were deemed to
be in good condition. A concern is the formation of the tributary in Tree Branch Pond.
A special meeting was held with homeowners near that area to hear their concerns and
get feedback.

4. Ongoing Tree Removal. Don Guske, Bob Smith, and Ron Hahn are the committee in
charge of obtaining bids from tree-removal companies.

5. Beaver Problem. Vice President Palus has been in charge of contacting the wildlife
trapper in regards to the problems with the beaver dams. As of this date, five beavers
have been trapped, and the problem areas continue to be monitored. There has been
little activity in the Pine Island ponds. The main problem is by the fourplexes north of
Twin Lakes.
6. New Signage. New entrance signs have been placed at the common area entrances.
Five were placed for the North Commons area and one for the South Commons area.
Don Guske, Bob Smith, and Ron Hahn were responsible for putting up the signs. On
Twin Lakes, private property signs were posted, which allows the SPD to enforce the
law on trespassers.

7. Playground Update. The old slide and swing set in the North Commons area has
been replaced. A thank-you was made to the Public Works Department for assisting
with removal of the old equipment.

8. New Trash Cans for Playground. Thank you to the town of Schererville for supplying
new trash cans for the commons areas.

9. Annual Kiddie Parade. Cheri Aleksic organizes the annual Kiddie Parade, which
provides positive publicity to the subdivision and has become a tradition. Cheri thanked
the SFD and SPD for their participation and asked for homeowners to become more
involved. Vice President Palus expressed to the group that Cheri puts in a lot of time
and effort into this parade and receives donations from businesses in the community.

10. Communication Improvements. Vice President Palus developed the welcome
package, which she hand-delivers to each new homeowner in the subdivision. It
contains the by-laws, covenants, and other pertinent information. Nineteen packets
have been delivered this year. Vice President Palus is also involved with putting the
quarterly newsletters. Linda Knoll was in charge of the new phone directory. A new
directory was sent to each PIRCA address. President Elliott was in charge of
communicating with our web designer to update the website and provide key links, such
as town ordinances.

Steve Hodges finished his presentation and was thanked for creating it.

The next item on the agenda was presentation of the proposed 2013 budget by
Treasurer Christian Rath. Treasurer Rath began by thanking his spouse for all of her
help. He then went line by line through the budget. The proposed total for the 2013
budget is $63,900.00. The increase in the budget is due to replenishing our funds. The
floor was opened up for questions. Vice President Palus made a motion to accept the
proposed 2013 budget, and Ron Hahn seconded the motion. Motion passed

Next on the agenda was a discussion of projects for 2013. The creek erosion behind
8700 Durbin Lane is contributing to the tributary at Tree Branch Pond. In one area,
there is a 20-25 foot drop. It appears that individuals have tried to erect walls to deter
further erosion. According to feedback from professionals, there are potential solutions.
Retaining walls made of wood and /or concrete can be constructed for reinforcement of
the creek banks. Any solution will have a high cost and may use up our emergency
reserve funds. Our attorney is looking into receiving assistance from the county and/or
state level.

Other projects include a new swing set in the South Commons area. The Board is also
considering having separate services provide lawn care and landscaping.

President Elliott took this time to recognize the 2012 Board members. She asked if
there were any nominations, and there were none. John Connelly made a motion to
accept the present Board members, and Tim McGillen seconded the motion. Motion
passed unanimously.

At this time, the floor was open for discussion. Councilman Troxell stated that he
would look into what county/state support was available for the creek erosion and report
back to President Elliott. Posting a warning sign near the drop-off areas behind Durbin
Lane will be considered.

President Elliot was asked about the overgrowth of grass in the North Commons area.
She apologized to the homeowners and explained the issue experienced with the
current landscaping service.She also advised that this issue is being addressed at next
week’s meeting.

Public Works Director Jeff Huet was asked about pick-ups at curbside. Trees will be
picked up, as long as the homeowner places it there. Private companies are not
allowed to cut down trees and leave them at the curb. Leaves are not to be placed in
the streets.

Town Manager Volkmann states that the new substation should be completed soon and
hopefully deter any more power outages.

A homeowner wanted to make everyone aware that there has been an increase of
coyote sightings in the area.

Homeowner Alison Corban Norton wanted to thank and acknowledge all of the Board’s

There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made by Vice President Palus
and seconded by Kay Schenk. The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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