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					                       Personal management notes

9-10-12 Career cruising information gets from teacher login and complete learning and style
inventory “assessments”

Finish PowerPoint and email attachment to

Login for career cruising 501202275 career cruising password 100849


Two short videos remembering 9/11/12

Using the internet for research create a word document titled
September 11th

List and explain four things you know about 9/11 and how it changed
the world. Each explanation should be 4-5 sentences. Email to

Finish all work not completed.


Complete 9/11assignment. Email to

Open new word document. Save document as “vocabulary”.

Define three learning styles: visual learning, auditory learning, and
tactical learning.

Make sure all assignment is turned in.

Go over first three vocabulary words.

Got to – “tell us what you like to do”- take
interested profiler typing practice at

No games.


Career cruising: –complete “career
matchmaker” assessment

Journal entry: how did the results of today’s career test compare to
those yesterday? Similar or different? Explain in 3 sentences.

Career cruising: complete my skills assessment.


Get in groups of two, on separate computers (or by yourself if you
prefer to work alone)

Open “ABCs of Skills” in class folder (personal management)

List a skill for each letter of the alphabet.

Select four skills from your list and explain.

If completed, email to with ABCs as the subject.


Finish skills of ABCs form Monday
Complete how do I become a….? Worksheet found in class folder. There
are two pages on the document to complete

Email all finished work to

Discuss career pictures.

Begin working on career PowerPoint.

Email late work.

Send to


Career cluster videos

In 3-4 sentences explain about careers in the past week.

Make sure all work is turned in.


Open new word document save as sentences.

Open existing document vocabulary.

Write one good sentence for each of the ten vocabulary words. Email to

Vocabulary quiz Friday 9/28

Typing challenge see instructions


21 things for students

Begin 21 things 4 students program
Go to part 1 complete quest 1 and quest 2

Go to part 15 career prep complete step 1 of quest 1.


Review vocab list for list on quiz on Friday.

Warm up typing practice.

Continue typing challenge-2nd round.

Email any missing work.


Vocabulary quiz 1

Define new vocabulary words in word document vocabulary 2

Vocational, apprentice, productivity, aptidude, occupation, certification,

Finish last two rounds of typing tournament.


Student news, google earth tutorial

Journal entry, two topics: 1. Have you ever owned a compact disc (CD) for your
music? How do you buy your music? 2. Have you noticed changes in school
lunches? Does lunch seem healthier to you? Email journal to


Open vocabulary document

Define and use in sentences, salary, hospitable, enthusiasm, mentor, strategy,
persistence, policy, flexibility, ideal
Complete internet scavenger hunt found in class folder. Email to


Review this week’s vocabulary.

Complete internet scavenger hunt in personal management folder. Email to

Go to part 6 cyber safety quest 1: create digital bill
of rights in a power point document. One slide for each 10 items in the bill of

Short videos on cyber safety.

Discuss internet scavenger hunt.

Continue digital bill of rights on

Cyber safety quest 7 cyber bullying video and quiz.

Study for vocabulary quiz tomorrow.


Vocabulary quiz 2

Journal entry journal what are you feeling on the importance of learning cyber
bullying safety. What do you think can be done be done to help to prevent
cyberbullying.4 to 5 sentences save it to my document.

Practice typing make sure all work is turned in.

Create document “vocabulary 3”

Define and use in a sentence: download, upload, hacker, curriculam, cover letter,
resume, economics.

Interview assignment in personal management folder. Open interview assignment
word document. Complete and email to


Add the vocabulary words to vocabulary 3.

Define and use in sentences.

Career cluster, data, expertise, evaluate, market.

Save when finished.

Clean up my documents folder. Put all work done in class folder in
personal management folder.


Vocabulary review.

Complete great inventions assignment in our class folder.

Create PowerPoint and save as great inventions.

Follow directions on assignment sheet.

Complete great inventions power point

Email to

Review vocabulary 3.

Vocabulary 3 quiz.

Note: do not email documents unless I tell you to.


Vocabularies 4 add the following words to your list. Define and use in a

Assembly line, brainstorm, technology, software, profitable,

Data base, efficient, feedback, spreadsheet, reinforce.

Complete part 7: be legal and fair quest 1-3

Create word document copyright quest 1.


Go tigers! Go green!

CNN complete part 7, quest 1 &2.


Part 7: be legal and fair quest 1-3

Begin quest 3 complete sketch of no pirating poster. We will finish quest 3


Go over vocabulary list.

Journal entry open journal-based on what we have learned about copyright, why
do you think it is important. Give a couple of examples of copyright infringement.
Email it in for credit. for creating poster.

Complete part 7 be legal and fair quest 1-3, do not license your poster just save it


Complete part 7 be legal and fair quest 1-3

On quest 3 copy and paste link to license on word document with other quest.

Study for vocabulary quiz.

Vocabulary quiz.

Weebly tutorial

Vocabulary 5 define and use in sentence.

Infringement, entrpeneur, outsourcing, finance, achievement.

Make sure part 7, be legal and fair is completed and email document for credit.

Register for weebly site at



Make sure you are registered on weebly.

Make sure all your work is turned in. if you’re not sure ask.

One three minute typing test. Screen capture and paste in journal.

When finished free choice.



Add words to vocabulary 5.define and use in sentence.

Boycott, industrialization, captitalsm, consumer, hard drive, URL
(uniform resource locator)

Open weebly, create “assignment” page. Add your stop piracy poster.

Use to cite work.

Edit weebly page. Add stop pirating poster and get license from

Upload at least four files from class.

PowerPoint’s, word documents, etc.Select multimedia to upload to
your assignments or personal mgmt

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