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					 November 20, 2012                                                  Kendyl.griffin@cmcss.net

                 News from Ms.
   Spelling                                       What we are learning
                            Reading: Our reading story this week is Dear Juno. We will be drawing
        hold                conclusions so we can make inferences about our lives. TEST Friday. *Vocab
        most                test Thursday.
         ago                Language: We will be learning subject-verb agreement so we can construct
                            sentences that make sense. TEST Thursday
        open                Math: We are building fluency with two-digit addition with regrouping: TEST
         told               TUESDAY. Then we will begin learning about subtracting multi digit numbers
        goat                with regrouping. Math facts test on Wednesday.
                            Unit: We will learn to describe how the globe is a model of the earth, so we can
                            locate the hemispheres, equator, and poles. We will also be learning how to read
        toast               a map using a legend.
        toad                Spelling: We are leaning to spell words with long o: o, oa, and ow, so we
        show                can speak and write in a way that makes sense. Pretest on Tuesday. If
        bowl                you don’t make a 100 on Tuesday, the posttest will be on Friday.
       almost               Barksdale Elementary School’s mission is to motivate
       hollow               students to be responsible learners and challenge them to
       throat               meet and exceed state standards.
    persimmons                                            Reminders/News
                                *Please send in your forms for Breakfast with Santa if you are planning to
       picture                  attend!
       answer                   *Super big THANK YOU to our room mom, Hannah Conway, for her
      faraway                   continued help and support in the classroom. If you would like to volunteer,
        wash                    I am just an email away!
                                *Please remember to help your child study for the math fact quiz every
    photograph                  week! As the weeks progress, they will be getting more challenging. Please
     envelope                   help your child study so that he/she may do well.
       school                   * Our lunchtime is at 12:45. If you would like to eat lunch with your child,
                                please meet us in the front foyer.
     company                    *CLASSROOM NEEDS: Color copy paper and Band-Aids
       parent                   *PE day this week is: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
                                *NEW: On the spelling tests, I will count the words as misspelled if they are
                                not correctly written on the lined paper or include capital letters.
                                *NEW: I will be uploading the homework sheet each week on my website,
Upcoming Events                 if you may happen to misplace I during the week.
*November 21-23-                pid=7667
Thanksgiving break- NO
*November 30- last day to
turn in Book it!
*November 30- Progress
*December 1- Breakfast
with Santa
*December 20- half day of
school starting the break
November 20, 2012     Kendyl.griffin@cmcss.net

             iffin’s Nest

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