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					               MS Otago Pushplay 5km walk 8/2/12 Drivers
Week 1                                                              Week 2
Mon 26th December 2011                                              Mon 2nd January 2012

Yes- I know it’s boxing day-a great day to start!                   New Year-a good time to do work the six-pack!

    Preliminaries! Time to check:                                       Abdominals (Rectus Abdominis)
    Tyres                                                               Shuffle SLIGHTLY forwards on your seat (just so you
    Battery life (how far/long does your battery usually                 can’t feel the chair against your back)
     last- do you have a spare handy!)                                   Now slowly lean back until your back JUST touches the
    How will you carry/access water/hat/lollies etc?                     back of the chair
    This training plan is going to focus on your trunk, head,           Sit forwards again
     neck and arm muscles-all necessary for being upright                Repeat 10 times and do these on five days this week
     and alert during your 5km drive
    Aim to introduce a new exercise each week and do
     between 5 and 10 repetitions on 5 days of the week

Week 3                                                              Week 4
Mon 9th January                                                     Mon 16th January

Introducing the obliques!                                           Strengthen your Lats
      Hold a 1-2kg weight out in front of you with both hands           Place your forearms on the arm rests of your chair
       ( If you can’t hold a weight easily don’t worry about this         (ideally your elbows should be about 90°with your
       bit)                                                               palms facing down
      Shuffle SLIGHTLY forwards in your chair                           Press down with your palms and forearms for a SLOW
      Slowly TWIST to the R as far as you comfortably can                count of 3) IMPORTANT: TRY NOT TO HOLD YOUR
      Return to the middle                                               BREATH
     Repeat to the L.                                                    Do 5-10
     Do 10 to each side                                                  Repeat Obliques and 6 packs from Weeks 2 and 3
Do the abdominal exercises from Week 2

               MS Otago Pushplay 5km walk 8/2/12 Walkers
Week 5                                                            Week 6
Mon 23rd January                                                  Mon 30th January
                                                                  The mighty shoulders!
Practice run
This week it is important to get out drive around your                 1. If you can, hold a 1-2kg weight. Start with your arm out
community. Better still get out and trial the course or part of           in front of you and raise slowly above your head then
the course for the 5km push play event.                                   lower slowly back down (do 5-10 reps) Change arms.
                                                                       2. Still holding the weight, take it out to your side (like a
Check out:                                                                wing!)Lower slowly and repeat on each side.
    Kerbs
    Slopes                                                            TIP: You can use a dumbbell (or a clever one!) a coke bottle
    Road camber                                                       or similar filled with rice, or a good old fashioned bean tin
    Tree roots etc                                                    as a weight. Make sure you can grip firmly as head injuries
                                                                       can occur with falling bean tins!!!!
Think about breathing
If you can place your hands on your lower chest on either side
of your rib cage. Take a deep breath in-did your hands move
Practise increasing your chest expansion before the event- you
will fell les tired, be able to concentrate better and look
stunning as you cross the finish line.
                                                              Week 7
                                                      Big Wednesday!

FINAL Checks
     Clothing
     Tyres
     Battery
     Water
     Transport
     Check that smile in the mirror one last time

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