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Bluelock and the Global Connect Plan for
Cloud Domination
Late last year, Gartner, Inc. put Bluelock into the "leaders quadrant" of their Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

As one of the three certified VMware vCloud Datacenter service providers in North America with SAS-70 Type II
datacenters and rock-solid SLAs, Bluelock already has a pretty good lock on enterprise level customers who need to
use VMWare on the cloud.

The next ambitious step for VMWare and Bluelock is use of VMware vCloud® Global Connect to help their
enterprise customers leverage cloud computing infrastructure on a global scale. This calls for vCloud Datacenter
partners across the world to establish partnerships with each other first.

In simple terms, this means that Bluelock in the US needs to have a partnership with Colt in London, Softbank in
Japan and Singtel in Singapore. This partnership needs to be both technological and as a business agreement. You
can call it a codeshare alliance for cloud computing, if you must.

So with global connect, a customer who deploys a workload to Bluelock in the US should in theory be able to move
it to Japan or Singapore, or the other way around. The technology is hard enough, but the financial terms, SLAs and
other agreements between a customer and any one of these vCloud Datacenter partners will have to be transferable.

That is a ripe ground for a logistical nightmare, if they do not start with the same terms in the first place. Anyway,
global connect is being put in place right now, with partnerships already established between Bluelock, Softbank
and Singtel. It is still too early to tell if it is going to work out.

But one thing we will say – it if works out, this gang of vCloud Datacenter partners will beat the pants off everyone
else in the cloud computing sector. The very basis of cloud computing is a need to do away with geographic
limitations and actual investments in hardware and IT infrastructure at each location in a global enterprise.

VMware vCloud Global Connect is surely the next stage in the evolution of cloud computing. Assuming it is
executed properly by Bluelock and its global partners, there is bound to be some blowback, with an opposing set of
cloud computing providers ganging up to compete with this bunch.
We think this will actually turn out to be a good thing for you as enterprise level clients and cloud computing
customers. Not only does it eliminate geographic boundaries and foster integration of IT infrastructure and
investments across providers, but it may also trigger a price war that slashes cloud computing costs faster than the
growing market permits.

Like the airline global alliances of Oneworld, Star and Skyteam, cloud computing providers across the world will
gravitate towards one or the other alliance and there will be a lot of fireworks as these alliances are being formed. It
will make for an interesting 5 years or so, and we will be there to provide day by day updates.

The Future of Cloud Computing
“Endless Possibilities” – Two words that can be used to best describe the future of cloud computing.
Ever since its birth, cloud computing has revolutionized the IT world by galloping it beyond expectations.
Purchasing expensive servers, spending huge sums on getting applications installed and implementing them into
daily use is starting to become a thing of the past. Cloud computing shows us greater advantages where businesses
no longer require purchasing their own infrastructure but can actually depend on the cloud completely. The cloud
will soon be their one stop shop for everything and anything they would need.

With the internet being the most powerful tool today for businesses to capitalize on, cloud computing can certainly
be seen as a boom for any business. Small businesses can easily expand while big multinationals can redefine
competition every single day. With all their applications and processes being hosted in the cloud, businesses can
focus on what they require the most – sales!

Cloud computing will create a platform where employers and employees can walk into an office with absolutely
nothing but a number computers and directly connect to the cloud to start up every application that they require to
work with. Because cloud computing is so dynamic in nature, the need to expand its growing potential will never
die. Novel businesses are being launched every day. With money being the one vital asset that every business is
looking to save on, cloud computing certainly offers endless opportunities for every business type.

Even people using applications for their personal use will no longer have to purchase software’s at exorbitant prices.
Instead, they can simply log on to the cloud and access any application they need. You would be able to play games,
watch movies, use development applications, chat with other people, send emails and do a lot more directly from the
Since the internet will be the only needed source to conduct every day work, most businesses would offer employees
the opportunity to work from their home. This will increase business efficiency as the employee will save on the
time spent on travelling, leading to greater productivity for the business. As the need for on-site servers and
infrastructure facilities will no longer be required, IT companies will save tons of money annually.

There will be innovative applications launched that are lighter in nature and yet perform faster. Cloud computing
would offer customers a chance to try these amateur applications with a view of developing a greater version in the
short term.
Cloud computing will also give birth to increased internet speeds. Since the internet would be used more widely in
the future, broadband providers would have to come up with a way of satisfying their customers by providing rapid
internet speeds at all times. Due to the increased competition between several broadband providers in the market, the
cost for using the internet will also decrease by a huge margin.

Cloud computing is certainly the big wave that is set to flush out all on-site servers and infrastructure and provide
customers with the ease of accessing practically anything they want from the cloud directly. We’re all waiting

Demantra is a remarkable product by Oracle for Demand Management. It lets you plan, manage and respond
systematically to demands. Let us throw some light on the installation procedure for Demantra:

Installing the collaborator workbench must be done individually for each system.

          When you log into the Demantra web application for the first time it starts downloading and installing the
           software. You log on to the Collaborator Workbench initially by entering the collaborator URL
          In the login box that appears, enter the user ID and password. You might be asked to install the JRE
           environment. If you are so requested, do it. You have the option of choosing typical installation (accept all
           default settings) or to customize the settings.
          The Collaborator Workbench will appear and display your personal page and ask you to accept the
           application signed by Oracle. Click on ‘yes’.
Slides On Installing & Configuring Demantra

Login to the client also has to be done individually for every computer.

        Log on to the web client by entering the URL
        Enter the user ID and password in the login dialog box
        Demantra may ask for the installation of the JRE environment, if you are so requested do it. Again you
         have the option of choosing the default installations or customize the settings
        Click ‘yes’ on the dialog box that appears asking you to accept the application signed by Oracle.

This step also has to be performed once for every computer.

        Select a Demantra worksheet and go to the File and then select Export for using offline. A screen will
         appear in which you will be asked to select a location from your disk drive. This is the location for storing
         offline information.
        The location is generally the username folder under the documents and settings folder in the C drive.
         However, you can change the location of this directory.
        After this step, you will be asked what data you want to make available offline. You can select the
         combination, the current one or all the combinations you want to store offline. Choose the option you prefer
         before you log off from Demantra.
        Now, enter the URL provided by system supervisor for accessing the system offline.
        A Java web startup dialog box displays the download progress of the JAR files.
        A box will appear asking you to accept the application by Oracle, click ‘yes’ or start whichever option is
         being shown.
        A shortcut will be created for Demantra sheets that are accessible offline on your system.

Tips & Troubleshooting


        Demantra uses Java for Demand Planner Web client. Demantra prompts for JRE installation while
         downloading if required. Different versions of JRE are backward compatible, so if you have an older
         version of the Demantra web client it will still be supported by newer versions of JRE. If you have an older
         version of JRE than the one Demantra currently supports, it will automatically ask for JRE installation and
         start downloading the current version once you approve.

Rapid Planning – The Generation Next
Rapid planning - a new and efficient application by Oracle. It is a powerful tool that has been designed to provide
planners with computing abilities that can effectively be combined with their business knowledge and industrial
experiences for enhancing improvements in MRP. This APS application leverages several years of Oracle’s
experience in both development and customer feedback. In today’s dynamic and rapid supply chain environment,
Rapid Planning can effectively be deployed for supplementing or even replace MRP entirely.

Oracle’s Rapid Planning is an incremental planning engine that has been devised for achieving instant access to the
impact of sudden changes made to data, which earlier required waiting till the regular tactical planning was
completed. This application provides users with a robust exception management facility, spreadsheet user interface,
as well as an embedded analytics and is meant for deploying in heterogeneous environments.
Regarding its operability, Rapid Planning possesses a powerful user interface (in the form of a worksheet) that
significantly aids in allowing the planner to locate and mass edit orders using a built-in query management
capability. These queries can be saved for future reference and the user interface for personalization. Moreover,
Rapid Planning also allows simulation of an incremental impact that has been caused via a new order, besides
providing the facility to re-run an entire pre-defined plan too.

Technical Specifications:
         Oracle’s Rapid Planning application can either be deployed as a stand-alone application or can effectively
          be integrated with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle e-Business Suite or any other such ERP’s
          like SAP or legacy systems etc. Also, compatibility with each and every element of Oracle’s Value Chain
          Planning Applications is also supported by Rapid Planning.
         Rapid Planning provides an intuitive user interface for monitoring the business scenarios in a quick and
          easy way besides offering ease of data manipulation and automating decisions based on certain pre-defined
          constraints etc.

Rapid Planning has been devised for empowering planners with a comprehensive supply planning technique that
executes online within a few minutes and hence, allow immediate access to updates made therein. It takes in to
consideration both capacity and material constraints that can significantly help in improving on-time shipments and
reducing inventory etc.
Oracle Rapid Planning efficiently performs incremental supply and demand planning which is actually driven by
real time events and utilizes a powerful simulation containing both resource and material availability too. It also
offers a thorough list of performance indicators that allows the planner to effectively create customized performance
metrics besides aiding in comparing different views of the results that are generated via different simulations.

This product includes powerful and embedded analytics that significantly aid in presenting the plan results in a
detailed and aggregate performance metric. Its easy-to-configure spreadsheet layout allows the planner to edit mass
data besides leveraging automatic decision making for resolving supply issues quickly. Rapid Planning allows
automatic data entry in to the application and has been devised to act as a supplement to all sorts of existing supply
planning solutions.
Killer Tips for SEO Web Design & Site
The very first thing that you would want to know is why web design and site architecture is so important for you.
The reason for this is that having a good design will help attract more visitors and good architecture will help satisfy
their requirements. Both these factors are crucial in making your site known and popular. There are various tips that
you can keep in mind to help your cause in making your website easily searchable as well as competitive. So go
through the below mentioned tips for your benefit:

1. Use of keywords: It is very important to know the target keywords so that proper research can be carried out on
the various topics. Once all this has been done the framework for your site would be prepared.

2. Proper architectural structure: After the first step is completed you have to prepare a layout in which the
various elements come together to result in an attractive theme. Also the various technical components should be
capable of exploring different URL elements.

3. Good content: The content on each and every page should be thoroughly optimized as well as link magnets
should be included. The keywords here should be present in the heading of the content as well in the text below.

4. Attractive design: You have to ensure that your website looks appealing and offers all the information the users
would be looking for on your website. The website should have videos, animations, graphics and information but
everything should be planned in a user-friendly manner. All this can be achieved by having a productive SEO
website design.

5. Launching the website: When you get down to making the website go online you should ensure that is planned
in such a way that it is easy to locate. It may take some time to get everything organized but good follow-up is
needed on a long-term basis to remove all the problems.

If you follow these killer tips then your website is sure to become a big success and fetch big revenue. After
understanding the above mentioned tips if you are looking for a company that can help you achieve all these
objectives then you should not think beyond sent concepts.

Bring Your Page Rankings up – Web
Design with SEO

Most internet based companies or those that derive their business from the internet would like their websites to
appear on the first page of the search to attract more customers. To attain this goal it is very important to have a
good web design with SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this means adopting a plan that would help bring up the page
rankings of your website and bring it higher up in the search. Once your website has a sound SEO plan this would
help increase the visibility of your website to the customers who would surely contact you for their work and in turn
help generate more revenue from your website.

A good web design should not only look attractive and appealing to the customer but should also feature the right
kind of content for your website. This content should contain the market-specific keywords that customers type in
the search. Having quality content that interests the customer is essential if you want your business to go up. And
not only customers, if you have the right web design with SEO you would be contacted for advertisements and a
higher traffic rate all of which would mean more revenue.

To bring your page rankings up you must adopt a highly effective SEO technique that only experienced companies
can provide. The website must also have links placed on third party websites that direct customers looking for
similar work to your website. Having a good and attractive design with the right SEO plan will help you get good
business in the long run. You should not look for immediate results but focus on the bigger picture and aim at
generating good revenue with time. To make a good start you can contact a company like Sentconcepts which can
help you achieve what you are looking for in a very short period of time.
Sports nutrition facts and bodybuilding

When it comes to sports nutrition, many people believe amino acids are absolutely necessary and resort to taking
supplements. But bodybuilding nutrition or sports nutrition does not need supplements. Amino acid can be found in
everyday food like, lean meat, legumes, chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs. Natural food is also good for easy
digestion, so avoiding diet pills and instead relaying on natural products for sports nutrition like whey protein is the
best alternative.

A balanced diet that has a good amount of amino acids, conjugated linoleic acid and creatine supplements is the best
sports nutrition for people involved in various sports, especially for bodybuilders. Personally I believe that body
composition plays a vital role in building a body image. Someone who is naturally of large build will utilize a lot
more bio energy and so their diet needs to match it.

A good dietician will take into account every aspect of sports nutrition and nutrition facts of natural food to give a
balanced diet. Beverages that are full of fizz actually build belly fat so diet shakes can be taken instead. Though I
don’t entirely rely on energy bars, they are good source of antioxidants and can be taken occasionally. Sports
nutrition should be seen as a whole picture rather than just looking at bodybuilding supplements.

10 Health Mistakes Doctors See People

It can be very frustrating for a doctor to see his patients making health mistakes and to not be
able to convince them to change their behaviors. There are some things that people are just
inclined to do whether it is healthy for them or not. These are the top ten health mistakes that
doctors see their patients making.
1. Not being considerate of others when you are sick. If you are ill then you should try and
prevent other people from catching your ailment. Doctors will cringe when they see someone
sneeze or cough without covering their mouth because they know that all those germs are getting
into the air. People continue to do this without thinking about it.

2. Taking diet pills is another health mistake that doctors see people making. They know that
they are not the healthiest way to lose weight, and that the second you stop taking them, all of the
weight loss will come right back. It is a vicious cycle of yoyo dieting that is not good for our
health. It plays hell on our livers and kidneys whilst taking them. They want to reach out to
people and tell them to put down the “grocery store fat flush”, but people still insist on doing it.

3. Eating lots of sugar! This is something doctors know is bad
yet they see all the time when they go out with friends or
family. People will load up on sugar, especially for breakfast
which means they will crash later.

4. Avoiding the doctor is something that doctors see when they
are not at work. People will go for months feeling bad and just
refuse to go see the doctor. This is often a mistake as the person
ends up having to go to the doctor after they get so sick they
can no longer function. If they would have just sucked it up and      Taking Diet Pills Is A Vicious Cycle Of
gone when they began to feel ill then they can avoid a lot of          Yoyo Dieting That Is Not Good For
unnecessary pain.

5. Binge drinking is something that doctors know people do, they know they can only warn
against it but they cannot stop it. Someone who drinks several drinks in one sitting, and does so
often, is doing considerable damage to their health. This is one of the health problems that is just
as much mental as it is physical and sometimes a person cannot stop. This pains the doctor
because they know what it is doing to their patient’s body.
6. Not having good bathroom hygiene can cause
severe health problems. You should always wash your
hands when you use the bathroom, and this is
definitely a doctor’s pet peeve.

7. Not wearing sun screen is an obvious problem that
doctor’s patients have. Sun screen protects your skin
from harmful rays that can cause cancer and other
ailments.                                                    Not having good bathroom hygiene can cause
                                                                       severe health problems.

8. Picking at their skin is something that doctors see people doing all the time, and this is
especially bothersome to dermatologists because they know that it can have long term damage.
This includes scarring on the skin, aggravating and irritation.

9. Ignoring exhaustion and just thinking that you are tired all the time for no health reason. If you
are exhausted you could be depressed or there could be something more serious going on.
Exhaustion can sometimes be a sign of heart failure especially in women and should not be

10. Not doing self checks on yourself for cancer and abnormalities in the body. This type of self
awareness can help you catch something early enough that treatment will be easy. Doctors know
that many of their patients make this health mistake.
Doctors can point out the errors of a patient all day long about the importance of not making
these health mistakes. Usually it goes in one ear and out the other, but we really should try to
make an effort to take your doctor’s advice because they usually know what they are talking
about and are just trying to help us.
All You Need To Know About Real Estate!!

One type of investment that you can never go wrong with is investing in real estate. While the values of many things
usually depreciate once they leave the manufacturer, the value of real estate almost always increases. For example,
as soon as you buy a car and drive it for a few miles, it has already depreciated in value. On the other hand, when
you put up a property like a house, it appreciates in value. You will not be shocked to find that some of the wealthy
people in the world have invested in real estate. This is one of the worthwhile investments that can be made.

Following the recession and the global economic crisis experience between 2008 and 2009, the prices of property
seriously plunged. However, not many people could buy property during this time. Professionals in the property
industry believe that those people who purchased property during this period are now raking in profits. If you can
purchase a real estate when the economy is hard, once the economy stabilizes, you will be able to rake in profits
because the prices of property will also go up. This is the ideology that is shared by quite a number of real estate

The place where one purchases property can determine how fast the price will be in the future. You will find that
property that is located near towns or major cities are more expensive than those ones located on the outskirts or in
the woods. In fact, you may find that the price of a small apartment that is located in one of the flats in the city
having the same price as a 3-bedroom house located on the outskirts of the same city. These are some of the
dynamics of the real estate industry.

Which is better: Buying a ready-made house or constructing one?

The answer to this question may vary from one country to another. However, it is much cheaper constructing a home
than buying a ready-made house. Ready homes usually have their prices slightly escalated from the construction
costs because the sellers have to make a profit and earn a commission. Thus, one of the best ways of investing in
real estate is by constructing houses then selling them at a profit. Professional valuation services can be provided by
home evaluators.

Investing in real estate is one of the best investments anyone can ever make.

If you are in Utah, you can purchase property from one of the many Utah MLS websites.
Buy Stansbury Real Estate and Settle down
There to Enjoy Life with Your Family

Located just 25 minutes drive from Salt Lake City on interstate 80, Stansbury Park is a planned community on
which work started in early 80s. Though its original developer had to withdraw due to bankruptcy, the plan went
ahead and the project was completed as expected. Stansbury real estate is popular due to quite a few reasons.

Area selected for the development of Stansbury Park had a natural reservoir called the mill Pond at its northern end.
However, an artificial lake was built to offer canoeing and boating for the residents of Stansbury Utah homes. In
addition to the lake, an 18-hole golf course also has been built for the residents to play golf. The golf course has 14
lakes. In addition to these facilities, you have the baseball diamonds and several parks to take fresh air under the
tranquil setting offered only by rural areas.

When it comes to the education facilities of children of residents living in these Stansbury real estate properties,
there are three schools. Two of them are elementary schools and one is a high school. In case they need to be given
University education, University of Utah is there for them.

There are five churches where the residents of Stansbury Utah homes could engage in their religious observances. In
case they want their children to be subjected to the influence of the church, they have ample opportunity to do so.

Those who buy Stansbury real estate properties could select the type of property they wish to buy as there are
different types of properties on offer for sale. In case you buy a smaller home that comes to you at a cheaper price,
still you will enjoy all the benefits enjoyed by owners of expensive properties as you have access to all the public
amenities offered to residents. This is a specialty you will find when you are living in this community.

As regards communication facilities with outside world, you have ample opportunities as you have access to
interstate 80. Once you drive to Salt Lake City, you are open to the outside world through Salt Lake City
international airport.

When you consider all these facilities offered to you by Stansbury Park, you will find that it is one of the best places
to live. You live in quiet rural surroundings, yet you are only 20 minutes away from one of the big cities in the US.
Therefore, you could think seriously on settling down there.

Stansbury real estate offers you value for money. This planned community is so well planned that you will enjoy all
the facilities that you will look for when you buy one of these Stansbury Utah homes.
Bhopal Residents Boycott Dow Chemical’s
Branded Wrap for Olympic Stadium
With Dow Chemical poised to be a significant partner in the 2012 London Olympics, Indian
protestors are calling for a boycott of the company’s sponsorship. Dow purchased Union Carbide
in 2001, sixteen years after its Bhopal plant exploded. The accident caused a toxic gas leak,
killing approximately 15,000 people, reports The Associated Press.

The Boycott
The boycott is over an $11.4 million Dow-sponsored curtain that will drape the Olympic
Stadium in London during the Olympic Games. Opponents cite that the Midland, Michigan-
based firm should not be associated with the London Games, due to its link with the 1984

Achieving the Boycott Agenda
Protestors of the top Olympic sponsor, including members of the British Parliament, say Dow is
responsible for cleaning up Union Carbide’s groundwater contamination and health issues that
remain unresolved after the accident. This has not been a sticking point for Dow Chemical,
which critics say will make millions from the Olympics.

Dow’s Stand on Bhopal
Dow Chemical, dubbed the ‘chemistry company’, has maintained it had no role in the disaster
and that Indian legal claims have been settled. George Hamilton, Dow Olympic Operations VP
said, “Our goal is to provide solutions that help make the Olympic Games more sustainable,
safer and that will help improve performance,” reported AP.
Protestor’s Appeal
‘Boycott Union Carbide/Dow Chemical’, a Face-book community, is prompting a protest against
Dow’s branded wrap and partnership rights. The webpage exhibits a photo of a young child
buried alive during the catastrophe. Despite the medical problems that linger, residents in Bhopal
may not be able to end Dow’s Olympic sponsorship.

Organized Action against Dow
One resident of Bhopal, Sanjay Varma, is urging members to help him drop Dow
as a sponsor of the London Olympics. Face book’s Open Group members are sharing the
message that the organizing committee’s actions are deplorable to people who respect corporate
responsibility and the needs of the poor.

Will Dow Pull Out of the 2012 Olympics?
Although there is a rightful concern about the safety of the Bhopal community in the aftermath
of the toxic disaster, Dow has already defended itself twice in litigation cases concerning Union
Carbide. The Olympics organizing committee, LOGOC, is also pleased to obtain Dow as a
sponsor, since it was unable to find a one for a higher bid.

Apple Inc: Apple of Everyone’s Eyes

Apple is today one of the largest technology firms not just in the US but in the entire world. On
May 26, 2010, Apple overtook Microsoft, the giant software company and the market leader in
terms of market value. The total market value of Apple Inc went up to touch $229 billion while
that of Microsoft’s floundered to touch down $222 billion. The value of the shares of Apple has
gone up by more than 10 times in the last 10 years. Time seems to have completed a full circle as
it is pertinent to note that Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple in 1997 to keep the company

Apple Inc started with modest beginnings in 1976. It is a multinational company making
consumer electronics and personal computers. The best known and flagship products of the
company are its Mac lone of computers, iPod, iPhones, and iPads. If today Apple is the most
valuable company in the world, much of the credit goes to its CEO who not only ensured that the
products coming out of the stable of the company were world class using the latest cutting edge
technology, they also carried an image of belonging to the upper class. This branding of image
ensured Apple’s products became the first choice of upwardly mobile people, especially the
executives around the world. A person using an Apple product has this feel good factor that is
hard to define in words. This is perhaps the biggest reason of the mammoth success that Apple
has achieved under the leadership of Steve Jobs.

Despite a worldwide recession and slowdown of economy in the US, Apple managed to increase
the sale of its personal computers in every quarter of 2010. In April-June quarter, company sold
3.3 million iPads and 8.4 million iPhones reflecting the choice of the customers and their
sentiment towards company’s products. This sentiment has been described by CEO Tim Cook as
being responsible for Apple selling iPads and iPhones as soon as they are made. Company is
working round the clock to ensure that demand and supply are in a balance.

When iPad was launched, many of the fans of the company were apprehensive about the
response of the people to this altogether new gadget. One could not make a call through a tab;
neither could he take a picture with. But the fact that iPad was lapped up by the people and sold
in millions within a few days of its launch tells the story.
How to improve the efficiency of your
sales force?
For a company that wants to expand its operations at an international level, a crucial aspect would be the strength of
the sales team and the efficiency of the agents. Even if those people were great on local level, we are talking about a
different market now. It is important for the agents to learn Effective sales, how to deal with different corporate
clients and how to identify the markets and countries with a good potential. Therefore, before sending your sales
agents in the international sales jungle, maybe you should teach them about effective international sales.

You will first need to organize effective sales workshop, to teach your agents about the characteristics of selling at
an international level. Improving sales performance implies for the agents to know the characteristics of each
market. Each country has its own rules and traditions, and a good sales agent must understand those people and the
way they think before talking with them about products and services.

A sales workshop is structured on different aspects of selling techniques and strategies. It is important to write well,
and to catch the attention of the reader. Emails and internet communication are the main weapons of an effective
seller; therefore you should send your employees to workshops and trainings about handling sales objections at an
international level. We are talking about relationships with important managers of international companies, and
about selling products and services to versed professionals that can’t be cheated with cheap talk and boring
presentations. Therefore, Effective sales at an international level means to have a sales force capable of creating
good relationships with all the business partners.

An Effective international sales strategy is the key for a successful business, and an effective sales workshop could
be a great boost for your company and employees at an international level. Those training sessions will probably
lead to important profits on the long term, as improving sales performance is the starting point of a successful
international venture.

International business relationships are delicate and dangerous at the same time. One misspelled word might be
considered by a potential business partner from another country as an offence, therefore the sales agents must master
the language of the respective country, or at least to find effective methods to translate documents and discussions.
With a professional workshop, your sales team would not only gain skills in handling sales objections, but they
will also understand why it is so important to consider the characteristics of every country and client.
Facts and Myths about the Minority
Teacher Shortage
For more than a few decades now, minority teacher shortage has been a part of the race debate. Most people are of
the opinion that the teaching profession is much less diverse than it should be, but there's little clarity about what's
going on.

Actually, the number of minority teachers has surged from 325,000 in the late 1980s to 642,000 in 2009. In fact,
during the last two decades, minorities entered the teaching profession at higher rates than whites. The growth rate
for minority teachers was 96 percent, compared to 41 percent for white teachers.

These figures are provided in an analysis of U.S. Dept. of Education survey data done by two professors at the
University of Pennsylvania.

Professors Richard M. Ingersoll and Henry May found that the many state and federal programs to recruit more
minority teachers have been largely successful. They looked at what kind of schools employed more minority
teachers, and what was the minority teacher retention rate as compared to white teachers.

Note that they did not look at whether minority teachers are better at teaching minority students. That was not part of
the study, which focused instead on the perceived minority teacher shortage.

Even so, Ingersoll and May found that minority teachers are overwhelmingly employed at public schools in poor
urban communities with a high percentage of minority students.

Given that minority teacher recruitment programs have been successful and these teachers prefer to work in schools
with a high percentage of minorities, the problem of minority teacher shortage should have been wiped out long ago.

But it hasn't been wiped out, and there is in fact still a big gap between the percentage of minority students (41
percent) in elementary and secondary schools, as compared to the percentage of minority teachers (16.5 percent).
This problem exists mainly because of high teacher turnover in public schools located in poor and urban
For example, the study highlighted the fact that 47,600 new minority teachers entered the profession in the 2003-04
school years. However, 56,000 had quit teaching by the next year.

Ingersoll and May found that the high attrition rate for minority teachers was on account of school working
conditions. These same teachers had entered the profession, despite having better offers in other professions, so that
they could teach disadvantaged children.

But, because they find working conditions intolerable in these hard to staff schools, disillusioned minority teachers
quit in larger numbers than white teachers. So while recruitment efforts for minority teachers can be said to be
successful, it has not really solved the problem of minority teacher shortage.

So what's the solution? Ingersoll and May say it has nothing to do with salary levels and classroom resources. They
say that the biggest factors which motivate minority teachers to stick around in the teaching profession are more
school-wide decision making influence and instructional autonomy in classrooms.

Schools similar to other poor-urban schools with the same high percentage of minority students had much less
minority teacher turnover if they solicited faculty input for decision-making and provided the teachers with
instructional leeway in classrooms.

In other words, the minority teacher shortage is not a question of race, class, lack of funding or teacher recruitment
programs. All it needs, according to professors Ingersoll and May, are some smart school administrators willing to
empower the faculty and give them more independence in the classroom.
What is the Social Value of Your Blog?
It's hardly surprising that most bloggers have no idea about what is the social value of your blog. It's a complex
equation, with a two-way street between every blog post and the social accounts, and the question of which social
networks you want to focus on.

                                                        It might surprise you to know that the social network which
                                                        sends the most traffic to blogs is not Facebook, but

                                                        According to Statcounter, StumbleUpon all by itself accounts
                                                        for 50.27% of all referrals
                                                        to blogs from the top 10 social sites.

Facebook is a distant second with 38.9% of the traffic, and Twitter, Youtube and Reddit each send less than 4%.

So, now you know which social networks will send you more traffic. But the how part is a bit more complex.
Adding social value to your blog is a bit of a bootstrap operation, where visitors Like, Tweet and Stumble your blog
posts while social networks in return sends traffic to your blog.

If your blog already has significant value on the social networks, then every post goes viral on the networks as soon
as it is published. An example of this can be TechCrunch or Mashable posts, each of which gets hundreds of tweets,
re-tweets and likes. These blogs have made it easy for visitors to do this by adding social media sharing buttons on
the blog template.

Those who do have the value will need to work for it. Write posts with the potential to go viral, and promote it
aggressively using your own social media accounts and prominent sharing buttons on the blog, such as Sharethis or

But networks like StumbleUpon and Digg are different creatures. The bulk of the traffic comes from networking on
StumbleUpon and building a large network who will give your posts the initial push needed. Even so, StumbleUpon
users tend to promote a specific type of post, such as top 10 lists with large pictures for each item on the list. They
like record breaking stuff, like fast cars or tall buildings and bridges.
Since this is where the bulk of social media traffic is going to come from, you cannot afford to ignore it. Join
StumbleUpon and start stumbling pages and making friends. You can send people in your StumbleUpon network
links, and ask them to stumble these pages. It's not easy, but even one post that goes viral on StumbleUpon will be
enough to make your traffic stats jump through the roof.

Increase Page Rank By Revitalizing Your
Old Posts
Not many bloggers realize that you can increase Page Rank by revitalizing your old posts. For starters, it is
important to have a proper linking structure connecting all your posts. Then as you write newer posts, the old ones
are inevitably going to need updates or provide some background for the new post.

                                         Search engines realize this, and their algorithms look for updated posts that
                                         are still relevant rather than something you wrote a long time back and haven't
                                         touched since.

                                         Let's say you wrote a post about how internal linking helps to boost page rank.

Now you're writing a post about how to revitalize your old posts to increase page rank. The first article is relevant
here, and can be linked to from within this post. This new incoming link to the old post tells search engines that the
old post is still relevant and useful.

So, now you know that new incoming links are one way to revitalize old posts. You can also update the old post
content itself, so that it reflects the current situation or at least tells users where they can get newer information. You
could simply add a link to the new post, along with one line explaining the update.

On this point, there's a couple of ways to do this. You can do it manually, by revisiting old posts and adding links
into the post to newer content. Or you can use a "Related Links" plug-in. This is a contextual tool that automatically
lists all related posts under the main post content. So you don't have to worry about old or new posts and manually
updating them. The content will change dynamically as you write more posts.
You can optimize old posts to make them more focused on a keyword. This can be done by changing the title, and
using the keyword within the page content a few times. Note that search engines may entirely drop a page if the
subject matter and/or title changes too much. So, be careful when you tweak it, and do it incrementally.

Lastly, nothing works better than a few comments and a conversation going on below the post. It adds new content
to the page without disturbing the actual post content, and search engines start pushing the post up the rankings as
more and more comments pile up. It helps a lot if you have a "latest comments" widget so that the post gets
incoming links from all posts on the blog.

6 Essential Wordpress Plugins For
Promoting Your Blog And Getting More
Over time, every blog gets festooned with all kinds of bells and whistles. If it is a Wordpress blog, then most of
these "improvements" are plug-ins.

                                        There are plug-ins for just about everything, from aesthetics to traffic, SEO
                                        and monetization.

                                        As of now, there are a total of 17,649 plug-ins that have been downloaded
                                        over 250 million times.

Choosing the right Wordpress plugins out of this massive range of choices can make a difference between life and
death for a blog. Most new blogs are abandoned (95%) within 3 months because there seems to be no audience or
appreciation. Well, this is where Wordpress plugins can help in many different ways.

Here's a list of 6 essential Wordpress plugins for promoting your blog and getting more exposure.

All in One SEO Pack: It automatically optimizes your blog and makes it SEO friendly, including automatic
generation of titles and Meta tags. This is a seriously useful SEO plugin for Wordpress, and has been downloaded
nearly 10 million times.
DoFollow: The concept is pretty simple and easy to implement. Add the plugin and the "nofollow" attribute for
comment links gets turned off. When other bloggers add comments with links to their own blogs, you go to their
blog and do the same. It adds to the comments in your posts and provides you incoming links from comments posted
on other blogs.

CommentLuv: When a comment poster adds a link to a blog in a comment, this plugin goes to the blog and retrieves
their latest post, which is then included under the comment. It's a great incentive for bloggers to come and post
comments on your blog, because it gives them an incoming link to their newest post.

Get Recent Comments: It shows excerpts from latest comments and trackbacks. It's a very versatile plugin, with
settings for the number of comments displayed, length of excerpts and layout. It can separate trackbacks and ignore
comments to certain categories. Posts that are getting a lot of comments will attract even more traffic, and the
incoming links created by this plugin ensure more search traffic.

Popular Posts: Having this plugin provides blog-wide incoming links to popular posts. This sends even more visitors
to the post, and also adds to its search traffic.

Sharethis and Sociable: There are many social media plugins for Wordpress. But the two most popular ones that
seriously help promote blog posts on the networks are Sharethis and Sociable. Choose one of the two, and it will
instantly start sending your blog traffic from the social networks.
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Green Pacific Van Lines fleet

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Online shopping is the way of this age. You can shop anytime and anywhere with the help of an online service that
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Whether you need a contractor, a tutor, a web designer or any other service provider, you can quickly shop for their
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Online shopping therefore includes all products and services that you need anytime, anywhere and for anything you
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Awaken your crafting spirit by using ribbons for gifts, scrapbooking, decorating, hair ties, flowers and more. By
using the different forms of ribbon that are available on our store, you can create beautiful items or update and repair
many articles around your home.

With a few of the ideas that are present below you will discover great ways to use pieces of items like satin ribbon,
organza wired ribbons, and even tulle fabric available at BB Crafts. Uncover your own inspiration as you see the
many ways that you can liven up objects from pictures to hair ties, with beautifully colored ribbon additions. Begin
with an easy project and work your way up to decorating wreaths, tying graceful flowers, or repair frayed edges on
everything from tablecloths to clothing.

Wire edge ribbon is the most versatile one to use for crafts; you will also see it called organza ribbon. This can
found in fabric and craft stores, some of the best selections can be seen at our store, with items such as wholesale
tulle to use in your creations. This ribbon has a thin wire edge encased by the chosen fabric that gives you the ability
to shape it easily and have it stay in whatever form you make.

This type of ribbon is the one commonly seen in bows, gift wrap, and floral arrangements. It is easier than you might
think to make an elegant rose from your favorite color and patterns. The best place to shop for the ribbon is at the
online wholesale ribbon store, BB Crafts.

At BB Crafts, you will be able to see all of the different patterns and sizes at a glance and even see great examples of
what you can make.

For a charming rose using a satin ribbon with a wire edge, all you need to do is cut a strip, gather the long side and
pull out the wire along one of the edges of the material. Then roll the ribbon along the edge that you gathered and
you will see a beautiful rose appear. You can stop there and hot glue or tie the rose to your project, or you can sew
the edges and gather the stitching for a slightly different look.

Making leaves for your flowers is also a simple craft when you have the right ribbon and fabric. With a few simple
stitches, you can sew two pieces of a wire edge fabric together so the wire is in the center and gather the fabric up
the wire while holding one end. Shape the wire edges to form the type of leaf you want, cut and stitch the edge
where you pulled the wire out and you have the perfect leaf to go with your flowers.

Tulle fabric along with ribbons is a favorite of many crafters because it is so easy to work with. It comes in many
colors, and they can purchase it in rolls, bolts, or even circles. This mesh fabric is perfect for making small bags that
when tied with a simple ribbon bow are wonderful for party favors. It is also great for transforming any area when
you use large pieces in the color of your choice to drape elegantly over existing curtains.

Other ideas for using ribbons include making bookmarks, or dressing up an existing one with a bow, framing a black
and white photo in a color that matches your décor, weaving a piece of satin ribbon through existing holes in
notebook paper, or cover the binding of a favorite book. There are so many wonderful things that you can do with
the ribbon, that you will amaze yourself and impress your family and friends.

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