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									UAMS College of Pharmacy
Applicant Information

Successful Applicants: Fall 2002     Fall 2003   Fall 2004   Fall 2005

Average Overall GPA   3.64              3.70          3.67     3.68
Average PCAT Composite 86                87             83       80
Number of Applicants  230               234           235      244

There must be a high degree of correlation between GPA and PCAT
scores. If GPA and PCAT are competitive, other factors that may be
considered are: personal interview, letters of reference, completion of a
bachelor’s degree, grades in the specific pre-pharmacy courses, upper
division (3000-4000 level) courses in chemistry and biology, pharmacy
experience, essay, etc.

Profile of the Admitted Class for the Fall of 2005:

At the time of consideration, 18 have already earned bachelor’s degrees
and one applicant has a master’s degree. Schools of origin:
      UCA-28                               HSU-3
      UAF-15                               UA Fort Smith-1
      ASU Jonesboro-12                     Harding-1
      ATU-9                                Philander Smith-1
      UALR-6                               UAPB-1
      UAM-3                                Arkansas residents at
      OBU-3                                      out-of-state schools-3

Any information and review of qualifications is intended to assist in
improving an application, however no guarantees of admission can be

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