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									Senior Web Designer Irving, TX JASON FISHER 214-868-3260
• Responsible for the design and creation of monthly updates to • All planning of the site, including future technologies and design. • Daily proof the site and problem solve as situations arise, including missing links and broken pictures. • Responsible for work flow of product images, including cropping, management, and manipulation. • Conceptualize and create marketing projects including banners, logos, client presentations, and mass e-mail promotions. • Work with Webmaster and information technology to optimize website within existing technological framework. • Work closely with fashion design coordinator and her staff to successfully create and manage photography database.

9/98 -11/99

Collin County Shopper Art Director McKinney, TX
• Art direction of seven local publications, including ad creation, final preparation, and print production. • Managed and oversaw the work of four designers. • Designed, built, and produced website for related publication, including weekly updates. • Designed and printed internal forms, brochures, business cards, media kits, and catalogs. • Utilized PhotoShop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver.


Alphagraphics New Media/Graphic Designer McKinney, TX
• Responsible for graphic design, prepress, color theory, and multimedia/new media. • Some of the programs utilized are Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Fireworks and 11/99-Present Dreamweaver. • Internet website Design, using HTML,

Neiman Marcus eCommerce

dynamic HTML and Java Script. Created web sites producing all graphics, design, navigation and scripting.


McKinney-Courier-Gazette Composition Designer McKinney, TX
• Responsible for computer graphics, ad creation and photo imaging of day to day newspaper. • Responsible for weekly Real Estate Section of the newspaper. Part of my responsibilities was pagination and photo retouching. • Some of the programs utilized are Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Pagemaker, OmniPage Pro and Freehand.

Worked on the following dot coms in a team environment full time and freelance (Internet and Intranet) (American Airlines)

Computer Program Skills
• + 13 years utilizing Mac OS • Adobe Photoshop CS: Over 12 years experience using paths, multiple layers and channels. I use Photoshop everyday for photo retouching, web graphics and full color output. • Adobe Illustrator CS: Over 12 years experience using Illustrator creating 2D illustrations, rendered text and 4 color outputs. • Quark XPress: Over 12 years experience using Quark creating flyers, brochures, page layouts and many different color documents. • Macromedia Dreamweaver: Over 9 years experience using Dreamweaver for html coding, CSS coding and java script.

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