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					A Hypothetical Nonprofit Organization Technology Move
ABC’s Website Creation By Ronny Samet LIS-5364 Independent Project
In the 21st century, it is a fact that technology is a continued and surpassing necessity for any growing company. Using computers, the Internet, email, as well as other telecommunications have evolved to a degree that a business is lost without them. Many companies have multiple offices or may just need to find a new location. A nonprofit organization might have a difficult time obtaining these needs because the majority determines their needs by budgetary costs. Grants and other fundraising is usually how administrative tasks get achieved. ABC is a hypothetical nonprofit organization that specializes in helping to raise awareness to children who watch too much television and to transfer their attention onto more productive resources. ABC has been in existence for the past 15 years working with various educational affiliates in New York City and just moved locations. Now that ABC has transitioned to a new office space, the Executive Director has decided to purchase new office and computer equipment and to start a website. The management team of ABC is somewhat old-fashion. They currently archive almost all their data on hardcopy. The problem is that ABC has never had the resources involved to design an adequate website. They currently have one IT associate; however, his skills are limited to mostly networks and basic html, so it will be a challenge for this organization to achieve desirable web design results. People readily go on the Internet to find information on virtually anything. Web design has never been a major concern for ABC. They never expected to want to design a website based on the information their organization produces. It wasn’t until their affiliated organization, School’s Over, Now What? (SONW) started a website based on their organization that ABC thought it might be a good idea to launch one as well. ABC viewed websites on how nonprofits start a website. Initially ABC decided to create a website based on SONW and to start by creating an electronic version of their organizations mission. It was later discovered that this approach might not be the best solution. As Terry Grunwald, author of Web Site Planning suggest, “A good web plan will pose challenging questions about an organization, its administrative operations, the way it delivers services to its constituency, and even how it defines that constituency." In order to fulfill this task, ABC had to inquire on hiring a web designer. ABC wrote a technology grant proposal to their board of directors in anticipation for finances on hiring a web designer who would also serve as the Director of Communications and to outsource a web design consultant. This collaborative group would be responsible to design and maintain the following criteria:   Basic information about ABC Current and future fundraisings

       

Advocacy Campaigns Events that ABC participate in as well as a list of these events Contact lists Community Service Possibilities Television Alternatives Frequently Asked Questions Links to various websites Create a sitemap of ABC’s website

Website Tools
Before any web development can be made, it is a necessity to purchase the equipment needed to design the nonprofit website. Network Solutions is one of the largest carriers and providers of domain names as well as other services serving over 8 million domain names. A well thought-out web address or domain name serves at least two purposes. First, a well defined domain name will drive more people to ABC’s website. The domain name also is used in email addressing. For example, if your website is, then an example email address could be Every web address has a domain name and many companies even have more. It is important to choose the type of domain name extension that is appropriate to your need. (Newton, p. 237) 1It is possible to utilize the same domain name with multiple extensions as long as the domain name is not being used. For example, if ABC wanted to inquire about the domain name they would not be able to because it is taken by the American Broadcasting Company. However,, or standing for ABC TV Education are free to use. Extensions such as .tv, .org, .com represent different web specification standards. Depending on the country you live in, a country code might be distinguished on your website. An example is, which represent Brussels Airport in the country of Belgium. .tv seems to have multiple meanings. .tv is the country code of Tuvalu. .tv also represents websites that are affiliated with entertainment or media. .com standards for commercial websites as it represents the most widely used domain extension worldwide. Due to the popularity of this extension, most companies prefer to use .com in there website. Non-profit organizations on the other hand are special. They have their own extension; .org. ABC would most likely be best suited for a .org affiliation even though their organization works in conjunction with television.2 The primary features of Network Solutions contribution to ABC’s website are listed below and can also be found at the Network Solutions website:3     Disk Space Email Addresses Email Aliases FTP Accounts 2GB 50 Mailboxes each with 50MB of storage space 3 3

             

SQL Database 1 at (40MB) CGI Bin Directory Support SSI Support ASP Support Cold Fusion Support Real Audio / Video Stream Support Virus and Spam Scanning Pop & SMTP Mail Support Counter and Form Scripts Website Statistics Guestbook Message Boards Backups & Restore 24x 7 Phone and E-mail Support

ABC will benefit from these services because they won’t be limited to web space and 2GB of web data is hard to impossible to fill for a nonprofit. Email addresses that are protected with virus and spam control are another important quality especially if ABC weren’t currently using email. 50 addresses is a lot for a nonprofit, although 50MB of storage space is not hard to fill when many nonprofits tend to retain a lot of email. Network Solutions costs only $13.30 a month if signed up on an annual contract and the domain will be included free of charge. The costs of these services are reasonable for a nonprofit as the maintenance of the website is guaranteed to work even if ABC’s servers fail. The website is backed up daily at Network Solutions, so they always have a copy of your website in case of emergencies.

Software Needed
Building a website can be difficult to achieve without some assistance. Although it is true that hand-coding web pages is a viable and effective tool to creating a website, it is often difficult to achieve as well as very time consuming. ABC works heavily on deadlines and it is impractical and too costly to hire an experienced web-designer to work full-time on hand-coding an entire website. There are many types of web authoring software to work with and some are free, however, is the fact that some web authoring software being economical change the fact that the quality of the product might be in jeopardy. Examples of relatively poor web authoring software include the following examples Netscape Composer, Microsoft FrontPage, and Microsoft Word. It is a hard concept for ABC to understand exactly what web-authoring software is because of the fact that good software often is very expensive. What exactly is web-authoring software? Webopedia defines web-authorizing as “a category of software that enables the user to develop a web site in a desktop publishing format. The software will generate the required HTML coding for the layout of the web pages based on what the user designs. Typically, the user can toggle back and forth between the graphical design and the HTML code and make changes to the Web page in either the design of the accompanying code.” 4

One of the most powerful web-authoring software currently on the market is Macromedia Studio MX 2004. Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia FreeHand and Macromedia Homesite compromise this exclusive suite. 5 Macromedia Dreamweaver utilizes very powerful web and code-editing tools that enable the user to create web applications. Layout tools are used within the Macromedia suite so that web developers can use Dreamweaver in conjunction with the other suite applications. Features that Dreamweaver include are cross-browser validation, cascading style sheet support, full-encrypted SFTP support as well as enhancements via ASP.NET form controls, conversions from Microsoft Office, and other conversion tools. Working closely with Macromedia Dreamweaver is Macromedia Flash, which is the “industry standard for creating effective rich content across platforms and devices."6 Flash allows for the creation of small-sized animations and movies that use vectorgraphics that are often interactive. As long as a plug-in is attached in a website, Flash will allow different browsers to view the material. Design, optimizing, and incorporating graphics are tools to create extraordinary web pages. Macromedia Fireworks uses these aspects in allowing users to manipulate and edit images for the web. Most major graphic formats as well as both bitmap and vector images are able to be used with Macromedia Fireworks. You can even export images into any of the Macromedia MX products. Macromedia Homesite is a code editor that can be used with Dreamweaver. HTML, XHTML, Cold Fusion and JSP tag files can be edited via this program. With Homesite, you can validate, navigate, and reuse code. Alongside Homesite is TopStyle, a program that comes with Homesite to allow the user to edit cascading style sheets more easily by categorizing HTML attributes. ABC might have a hard time acquiring this software due to the cost. It is easy to find Macromedia Studio MX 2004 on sale via the Internet for approximately $950.00. This is a huge expense for a nonprofit, one which most cannot afford to invest in. What is a nonprofit to do? This is where TechSoup comes in. TechSoup uses one of the countries oldest and biggest nonprofit assistance agency, CompuMentor to present a super technology store for nonprofits. TechSoup Stock donates discounted technology products to nonprofit organizations with a 501c3 in need of them. 25 providers from many of the major computer industries donate over 240 products to tax-exempt charities or foundations in need. TechSoup only charge administrative fees to the nonprofit who utilize their services. The fees are on average a small percentage of the original retail price of the product and also help TechSoup Stock to offer more software to others. Depending on the company of the product you are purchasing, there are certain rules and restrictions. Without TechSoup’s help, ABC would not be able to purchase Macromedia Studio MX 2004. The administrative cost for a single license is $75.00, a 92.1% savings. ABC will benefit in purchasing at least two licenses at this cost, especially since

Macromedia’s restriction is that ABC can only purchase one Macromedia product a year with a total of 50 licenses per product.7

Advertising over the Internet has become a new and powerful way to express your website and company. Publicity has become a very important stage in ABC’s campaign. Advertising ABC’s message is an effective tool. There are many different ways of achieving this goal over the Internet. Some techniques are free while some others can be costly. Building ABC a website would be incomplete without adding advertisements to major search engines. The following techniques are viable ways to promote ABC: Meta-tags Adding specific keywords to your website in your web pages are free and effective tools to promote your organization. A very effective way to do this is through meta-tags. Metatags are unique HTML tags that supply valuable information about a web page. Information about its content, authors and how often it is updated are some characteristics that meta-tags serve. Complicated search engines send out a program commonly known as spiders or crawlers to search web pages across the Internet. Spiders go to a website and scan the data off the page, including hyperlinks. That information is then cataloged and indexed to a search engine. When a user does a query about anything, that data is retrieved off the database the spiders found and then displayed. Meta-tags are harmless in the fact that they will not affect your web page or sites design. As Webopedia says, “Without the use of sophisticated search engines, it would be virtually impossible to locate anything on the Web without knowing a specific URL, especially as the Internet grows exponentially every day.”8 When an important criterion is determined in a keyword in large quantities, a ranking is used by the search engine. Many web programmers manipulate the system to boost a websites rating; however, new technologies are impeding this phenomenon. 9 (Crumlish, p. 358) It is very popular to include meta-tags on your website and ABC definitely will embrace this as nonprofits love to advertise their organization for at no cost. A simple way to use meta-tags in ABC’s website is via keywords that are enclosed in the header of the website. Keyword names such as “Educating Children”, “Children and Television”, “Kids and TV Education”, “SONW”, and “ABC” are just examples of how ABC can use keywords in their website.

Overture and Google Overture and Google Adwords ads allow customers to create ads by choosing keywords that once clicked the company pays. You might ask why you would want to pay for this service. These search engine resources will provide ABC with increased leads throughout its website. Both Overture and Google Adwords have controls on the number a clicks that are accessed throughout the account.

Overture’s Precision Match, for example, allows people who are interested in ABC’s patrons to search online for specific news, products, and services via the words that ABC chose for its website. ABC benefits from Overture’s partners and the Google Network from this as well. Overture’s partners and the Google Network are listed below:

Overture’s Partners
Yahoo! MSN Altavista HP Invent InfoSpace Alltheweb

Google Network and it’s Partners
America Online Netscape Netcenter EarthLink Compuserve Ask Jeeves AT&T Worldnet Lycos The New York Times (Many More)

The Google Network comprises of even more listings and reaches over 80% of Internet users worldwide. Both Overture and Google work by allowing the developer of the website to select search terms (more than 20 keywords produce the greatest outcomes) and enter it into the search engines database. The developer than creates titles and descriptions for the titles that will appear in the search engine. You then bid on the search terms a specific value of how much you are willing to spend on a word. Example: TV = Advertiser’s Max Bid: $0.15. Once the bidding is complete, then the terms will appear across the Internet. Below is two examples of an internet web listing using the terms “Education and television and ABC” through both an Overture site and Google. 10,11


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