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									             My Ideal
       An informative, descriptive essay

                         Car                  Pet

                My Ideal
The object of the exercise is to think of something
that you would like an ideal version of, and to
describe this ideal object in detail.
Here are some examples of topics that you could
create an ideal of.
My ideal: bedroom, house, car, friend, holiday, youth
club, school, sports star, night out …
Choose the thing you want to create an ideal of and
then brainstorm the idea by writing down a list of
twenty to thirty things you could say about this ideal
Whatever topic you choose, you must write three clear
sections about it – each section should be 150 – 200
words long. Before you start writing you must decide
what these sections are going to be. Then you must think
of at least five things to focus on in each section. For
instance: My Ideal Bedroom
     Section One      Section Two       Section Three
    Colour scheme /    Decoration        Technology
                      Posters – who?       Television
     Contrasting/         What?               DVD
   matching colours      Mirrors             Video
       Carpets         Cuddly toys       Games Console
        Walls          Bed spreads          Stereo
      Furniture          Pennants      Computer/Lap-top
   Beds (Bunk ? Car      Trophies            Phone
      Shaped?)            Models           Microwave
         Desk             Photos
            Writing the Essay
• Introduction: One or two sentences explaining that
  this essay is about your ideal …

• Section 1,2,3… : Make it clear in your first
  sentence what the section is about. Explain all the
  things that would make this ideal for you. Take
  care to explain why each thing would be so brilliant.

• Conclusion: Point out the three things you like best
  about your ideal and tell the reader how good it
  would be if you could really have this ideal thing.

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