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					Introducing AP/CU Succeed
       Kristin Donley
       Office: B-107
       Room: B-111
A P/CU Succeed Biology
 College level course in a high school
 College level text
 College credit available for tuition savings
 Fundamental to expanding biological
 science knowledge
 Experienced instructor (17 years +
About Mrs. D
 Education: CU Boulder- BA in MCDB and MA+ (Sec. Science
    Instruction and Biology); + over 30 hours….
   Research Experience: Hazardous Waste/ Ecosystems TVA (Oak
    Ridge Nat’l Lab); Reverse Transcriptase/Protein Crystallization (CU
    Chem Eng./NASA); Cancer Genetics (Batelle Pacific Nat’l Lab);
    Bacteria and Renewable Energies (NREL and at CU Biochem);
    Nanotechnology (CU Physics/NIST); RNAi (currently-CU Bio)
   CDC Science Advisor (2008)
   Science Instructor for 17 years
   Science Research Seminar Coordinator and Instructor (12 years)
   Science Curriculum Coordinator (3 years)
   Hobbies: reading, movies, music, technology (vodcasting, games, 3D,
    clickers…), scuba, volleyball, soccer, my son Ben
Which students should take AP Biology?

Students who:
 want to save on college tuition
 want to get out of college early-finish reqs
 will be majoring in a science field
 will be entering a medical or health
 Love Biology! 
        Weighted High School Credit
             (5.0 for both classes)
 CU Credit (UCD)         Credit through AP
 Lecture: 3 hours per    exam (usually 4 & 5)
 semester for $225        Exam: May
 Laboratory: 1 hour per  Multiple Choice &
 semester for $75         Free Response
 8 hours at CU worth     Cost: about $86
 $10,696 (2009)           Scoring: 1- 5 (high)
 Check your college for  with 3 being passing
 transfer ability         Check your college
 Caution: earn a C- or   for grade needed
Preparing for AP test
 Attend review                  The test covers a broad range of
                                  material which can’t ALL be
  sessions…you won’t do           covered in class! (Biochemistry,
  well if you don’t               Molecular Biology, Cytology,
                                  Genetics, Bioinformatics,
 Make it a priority…if you       Evolution, Ecology, Anatomy and
  are too involved with           Physiology (human and
  other activities, you won’t     comparative), Taxonomy, Zoology
                                  and Marine Biology, Botany)
  score well
                                 According to past two years data,
 Use Resources wisely and        only 40% passed with a 3,4, or 5
  start studying on day 1!        out of over 160,000 exams
                                  given…I have had around a 70%
 Buy a study guide!              pass rate
MC Prep
 Use Study Guide (s)           Use link on Mrs. Ds
   – Store bought and on-        web site… Mr.
      line textbook              Thomas’ study tips for
 Use past tests                 mc
 Use on-line practice tests
  from both textbook and
  AP college Board past
 In class clicker Qs
Free Response (AP test Prep)
 A question that checks for understanding of
  important ideas by requiring a written response
  accompanied by illustrations.
 Strives to be complete with definitions and
  explanations that provide full support of
 Learn to be specific! (Vocab, Define, examples in
 Guide to help write a Free Response is available.
 Practice Questions on class web site (Georgia),
  Textbook web site, & AP College Board
Get Organized !
 Use the web site!

  Keep track of assigned calendar dates!
Keep track of calendar dates.

Sept. 6
                        Keep track of holidays
      No Classes        & special schedules.
Sept 17
Staff Development Day   Stay aware of UCD
Registration, grades and transcripts can be
requested directly online through UCD.
AP/CU Succeed Biology Tests
Friday Aug. 27th!
     Quiz #1: Basic
 Chemistry Ch1-3

           Check Class Calendar for
          Assignments and Due Dates!

      Tests are 40% of grade; Lab 30%;
      Homework 10%; Final Exam is
      worth 20% of grade!
Labs & Activities
 Aug. 30th-                   The Class Labs and
 Lab #1: Identification of    Formative work (30% of
 Macromolecules; Guided       overall grade) will count for
                              UCD lab credit (1 hour).   All other assignments
archHigh/teachers/kdonley/    will count as UCD
                              lecture credit (3 hours).
Lab Reports
 Lab report format on web site!
 Report form varies depending on the lab
 Data may be collected by groups, but
 reports must be done INDIVIDUALLY
 unless otherwise indicated
 AP test: Includes a Lab Based Free
 Point value: see rubric on grading scale

                          Be sure to come in
 First Unit: Chapters
 1-5 (Little time spent        for help!
 on Ch 1-3)

 Study Guide ($20); use Campbell web site
 Keep up on reading; do study guides and
 vocab. lists; on-line activities/quizzes!
 Use on-line and CD-ROM resources!
Terms & Concepts & Outlines
 List of important terms & concepts to be
 mastered for success on AP Exam & Tests
 Study Guide Book helps!
 Are time consuming, so they can be
 completed in study groups!
 Are submitted via email to the teacher and
 other members of the study group. Some
 outlines are posted on class web site!
Study Tips
 Skim, Question, Read, (W)rite, Review
  (SQ3R); Cornell Notes; Outlines on class
  web site!
 Study Resources:
Keep track of your grades.
 Grades are posted on-line!
 We are using Infinite Campus…
 Logins/Passwords are given out in main
 office! If you forget…see me or Mr.
Become techno savvy!
 Use Email, Class website, text website, discussion board, 3D,
 Multiple Choice of Unit Tests are on-line!
 The website/CD that comes with your text is outstanding!
 Register for UCD college credit online!
 All that you need is on the AP/CU Biology Web page!
 Study Guides-Import graphics to jazz up those Terms & Concepts!
 Collect, record, & graph data with Word & Excel!
 Links to some outrageous, helpful, and fun science websites!
Get a Study Group going….
Attend review sessions and tutor times and make apts. w/ Mrs. D

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