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					                            Harcourt Main Selection Pacing- Grade 1 2011-2012
         The following table contains the pacing of lessons throughout the school year. Main selections are listed;
however, additional texts may be used to teach/model the grade level skills and strategies. The writing process is an
integral part of the Language Arts block. Time should also be considered for modeling and teaching of writing as it
pertains to text and writing genres.

    Month                                    Theme/Story                                          Assessment
   August/           Book 1-1 Themes 1 I Am Your Friend                                  DIBELS Benchmark #1
  September           The Hat                                                           completed by September 9 .
                      Sam and the Bag
                      Ants
                     Theme 2: Just For Fun
                      Jack and Rick

    October          Continue Book 1-1: Theme 2                                          Holistic Assessment #1
                      Todd’s Box                                                        completed by October 21st
                      All That Corn                                                     FOR learning.
                     Book 1-2: Theme 3: It’s My Turn Now
                      Dan’s Pet
                      Boots for Beth

   November          Continue Book 1-2: Theme 3: It’s My Turn Now
                      Space Pup
                      Where Do Frogs Come From?
                      Try Your Best

   December          Book 1-3: Theme 4: I Think I Can!                                   Holistic Assessment #2
                      Fun with Fish                                                     completed by December 2
                      I Am a Butterfly                                                  FOR learning
                      Did You See Chip?

    January          Continue Book 1-3: Theme 4: I Think I Can!                          DIBELS Benchmark #2
                      Tomas Rivera                                                      completed by January 6 .
                      On the Way to the Pond                                            Holistic Assessment #3
                      Friends Forever                                                   completed by January 27 FOR
                      The Fox and the Stork                                             learning

   February          Book 1-4: Theme 5: Hello Neighbor
                      A Bed Full of Cats
                      Me on the Map
                      At Home Around the World
                      Tell Me a Story

     March           Continue Book 1-4: Theme 5: Hello Neighbor                          Holistic Assessment Book 1-4
                      My Robot                                                          completed by March 22 as an
                      On the Job with Dr. Martha Smith                                  assessment of learning
                      Little Bear’s Friend
                      Busy Buzzy Bee
                      The Story of a Blue Bird
      April          Book 1-5: Theme 6: Going Places
                      Frog and Toad All Year
                      Fishing Bears
                      How to be a Nature Detective
   May/ June         Continue Book 1-5: Theme 6: Going Places                            Gates administered mid- May.
                      The Puddle                                                        DIBELS Benchmark #3
                      Poppleton Everyday                                                completed by May 4 .
                      Sleep is For Everyone                                             Holistic Assessment Book 1-5
                      Baboon                                                            completed by May 25 as an
                                                                                         assessment of learning.

Additional texts for teaching the skill and strategy should be considered for planning instruction. Possible
resources include: HT Resource Section in TE, WTFK, HT Library books, trade books, etc.

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