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									        1.   What is the Digicel Postpaid BlackBerry service?
        •    Postpaid customers will now be able to access and use all the functionality of their
             BlackBerry devices (Internet, Email, BlackBerry Messenger etc.) for a monthly period.
        •    You will receive BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) which allows you to stay in touch and
             on the go with an office in your hands!

        2.   What is BlackBerry service?
•   It is a product offered by “Research in Motion” (RIM). The service allows customers to send and
                      receive email from their devices, browse the Internet, use BlackBerry Messenger
    and install and use a wide variety of third party applications.
•   BlackBerry service allows you to stay in touch with everything that matters to you while you’re on
    the go. Email, phone, maps, organizer, applications, games, the Internet and more.
        3.   Who can activate the Postpaid BlackBerry Service?
        •    Only Postpaid customers can activate this service.

        4.   Are Dual Accounts customers eligible for the service?
        •    Yes. Dual Accounts customers can activate this service.
        •    Note: For Dual Accounts customers the service will automatically be activated on the
             prepaid side of their account, so they must have credit in their prepaid side for activation.

        5.   As a Postpaid Corporate CUG (Hybrid) customer can I access the service?
        •    Yes. ALL Prepaid Corporate CUG customers (Hybrid) are eligible for the service.

        6.   What does a Customer need to access the Postpaid BlackBerry Service?
        •    Postpaid account. (not in arrears)
        •    GSM BlackBerry device

        7.   Which handsets are compatible with the Postpaid BlackBerry Service?
•   BlackBerry handset models
             BlackBerry Pearl - 8100, 8110, 8120, 8220 (flip)
             BlackBerry Curve – 8300, 8310, 8320, 8900
             BlackBerry 8800 series – 8800, 8820, 8830
             BlackBerry Bold – 9000
             BlackBerry Storm – 9500, 9530
             BlackBerry 8700 series – 8700c, 8700r, 8700g, 8707g, 8705g.
             BlackBerry 7290
             Basically any and every BlackBerry able to be used on a GSM network
      8.   Can BlackBerry connect devices activate a Digicel Postpaid BlackBerry plan?
•   YES
      9.   How do Customers activate the Prepaid BlackBerry Service?
           Customers can simply contact (876) 878-2232 and speak to an agent. It is recommended
           to call from a different phone as it is required to remove and replace battery during

           The device will now be register on the network. Customer will receive a message from
           ‘BlackBerry Registration’ stating “Your handheld has been registered with the wireless

      10. How do Customers setup Email on their Blackberry?
      •    For a postpaid customer the agent from our Products Support team will assign a
           username (default – First name.Last name) and password (default – password) that will
           be used to access digicel.blackberry.com. This can also be accessed via the Email
           Settings Icon (seen below) this will automatically carry them to the website.

     •     They will then go to existing user and enter the assigned username and password.
•   Once the customer has logged in they will select the “Set Up Account” tab.
•    The customer will then be asked to enter email address as well as the e-mail account’s
•    The customer will then receive a message on the BlackBerry as well as an icon to
    represent the e-mail account.

11. How do I setup Email on my device if it had a previous account cancelled?
•    Customer can setup email either from device or http://digicel.blackberry.com (SEE
•    I.E. Same procedure as point 13

12. How many Email accounts can I setup with my BlackBerry device?
•    You can have up to Ten (10) separate Email accounts on your BlackBerry device.
     N.B. This includes your device email address @digicel.blackberry.com

13. Can a customer cancel their Postpaid BlackBerry plan once it has been activated?
•    YES
•    Postpaid accounts will automatically be prorated to ensure they are charged only for the
     time used on the plan.

14. If a customer has a Postpaid BlackBerry plan active are they charged to browse Digicel
     Live or purchase ringtones/pics?
•    YES
         •   DigiPics & tones is a premium service that is NOT included in the Prepaid BlackBerry
         •   When customers browse the Digicel Live website, they are WAP browsing.
             WAP Browsing is charged at 25 cents per Kilobyte.
             N.B. If Customer has accessed Digicel Live using their browser and wishes to browse
             other websites without being charged. Customer should close and re-open browser as
             seen below.

         15. If I am roaming will I be charged to use data services on my BlackBerry?
         •   YES
         •   When roaming, data charges will be rated at the ROAMING DATA RATE
         •   Customer can only roam in countries that support Postpaid Roaming, please refer to
             Intranet for full list of Countries.
             N.B. Customer will only enjoy the full benefits of the Prepaid BlackBerry Service while in

16. Will a Postpaid customer have to reactivate plan monthly?
•   No
•   The plan will automatically carry over to the next month unless the customer requests removal.


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