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Subject   New Number    Old Number                      Title         Crosslisted
PHYS      1010Q        101Q          Elements Of Physics
PHYS      1020Q        154Q          Introductory Astronomy
PHYS      1025Q        155Q          Intro Astronomy with Lab
PHYS      1030Q        103Q          Physics of the Environment
PHYS      1035Q        104Q          Physics of Environment w/Lab
PHYS      1050         105           Inquiry-Based Physics
PHYS      1075Q        107Q          Physics of Music
PHYS      1201Q        121Q          General Physics
PHYS      1202Q        122Q          General Physics
PHYS      1230         123           General Physics Problems
PHYS      1300         127           Physics for Health Sciences
PHYS      1401Q        131Q          General Physics with Calculus
PHYS      1402Q        132Q          General Physics with Calculus
PHYS      1501Q        151Q          Physics for Engineers I
PHYS      1502Q        152Q          Physics for Engineers II
PHYS      1530         125           Gen Physics Prob for Engineers
PHYS      1600Q        140Q          Introduction to Modern Physics
PHYS      1601Q        141Q          Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS      1602Q        142Q          Fundamentals of Physics II
PHYS      2200C        220C          Computational Physics
PHYS      2300         230           Development of Quantum Physics
PHYS      2501WC       258WC         Lab Electric, Magnetism,& Mech
PHYS      2502C        259C          Lab Electric, Magnetism,& Mech
PHYS      3101         242           Mechanics I
PHYS      3102         246           Mechanics II
PHYS      3103         209           Intermediate Physics I
PHYS      3104         210           Intermediate Physics II
PHYS      3150         256           Electronics
PHYS      3201         255           Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS      3202         257           Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS      3300         271           Statistical & Thermal Physics
PHYS      3401         261           Introductory Quantum Mechanics
PHYS      3402         262           Introductory Quantum Mechanics
PHYS      3989         290           Undergraduate Research
PHYS      4093         293           Foreign Study
PHYS      4094         291           Seminar in Current Topics

Subject   New Number    Old Number                       Title                Crosslisted
PHYS      4095         298           Special Topics
PHYS      4096W        292W          Research Thesis in Physics
PHYS      4098         295           Variable Topics
PHYS      4099         299           Independent Study
PHYS      4100         277           Physics of Earth's Interior                 Yes
PHYS      4130         278           Fund of Planetary Science                   Yes
PHYS      4140         275           Principles of Lasers
PHYS      4150         281           Optics
PHYS      4210         273           Intro to Solid State Physics
PHYS      4300         276           Astrophysics &Modern Cosmology
PHYS      4350         274           Nuclei and Particles
PHYS      4900C        285C          Experimental Physics Design Laboratory

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