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					10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about PartyLite
1. What's it cost to get started?
There is no cash Investment. Hold a Starter Show of $350 or more in sales and have 6 shows booked then the Starter Kit
is yours! And, when your Starter Show has higher sales, PartyLite gives you extra Retail Credit. So not only do you
earn your Kit for free, you get additional products of your choice.

2. How often and how do I receive income?
Each week you receive a Profit Check from PartyLite for 25% Profit on the Show sales submitted the previous week.
When your sales exceed $2,000 in a calendar month, you receive an additional 7% Bonus Check at the end of the month.

3. How quickly can I make a higher income?
You choose when you want to lead a team and make more money. You can become a Unit Leader in a few months. In
2009 the top Unit Leader in PartyLite made $63,770 and the top Senior Regional Vice President made $685,341!

4. What kind of expenses will there be to run my business?
The Starter Kit has everything you need to get you started. You will need to replenish catalogs, other paperwork items
and candles as you start doing Shows. The paperwork items are reasonably priced and the Consultant discount on
products and candles is 50%!!

5. How to I get trained? What kind of support will I receive?
You’ll receive free monthly training by attending 2 Workshops. You will also go on at least two show observations at the
beginning of your business, and more whenever you would like. PartyLite also has an extensive Learning Center on their
website for Consultants that you will have 24 hour access to. And your Leader is always available to answer questions.

6. Do I have to make deliveries or carry inventory?
No! PartyLite delivers directly to your Host, saving you the time and expense of storing inventory. (Also ~ no territories.)

7. How do I book my Shows?
Make a list of everyone you know – like your holiday card list or a wedding list. Share with them the exciting news that
you’re starting your new business. They’ll receive products at no cost when they help you, and you’ll be meeting new
people who will want to book Shows or become Consultants. Your Leader and the PartyLite Learning Center will have
more proven ideas and techniques to help you book and hold Shows.

8. Is there health insurance provided?
As an independent Consultant with PartyLite, you have access to the services of PRO Insurance Managers, Inc., one of
the nation’s leading independent insurance brokers. Get no-cost, no-obligation quotes on: Health insurance, short-term
medical insurance, Student health plans, Term life insurance, Dental, vision and more!

9. What’s special about PartyLite?
A no investment start up program. An unlimited income opportunity so everyone has an equal chance of success. A very
generous Hostess Program that is 100% funded by the Company and not the Consultant. You’ll be selling high quality,
consumable products leading to lots repeat customers & hostesses. You’ll be affiliated with a well-respected company
with 37 years of proven success. And more!

10. Are there any extra benefits?
Take advantage of PartyLite’s Brite Start Program in your first 3 months of business! (Earn candles, catalogs & product!)
PLUS ~ receive 2 "sponsoring coupons" worth $100 for the 1st 2 people you sponsor ~ AND receive a $500 Cash Bonus
for promoting into our Management Program in your 1st 3 months!! In addition, earn monthly promotions, cash
Bonuses & annual incentive trips! Join us & you'll be involved with some of the most talented people in this business!

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