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									                  The Crucible Study and Review Guide

Complete the study guide by writing short answers. This will be used to
help you summarize the story and identify major characters, themes, and
conflicts that occur through the plot of the play.

1. Explain how the witch-hunt years were a time of "general revenge."
A: People then could accused others whom they had ‘grudges’ with as an
act of revenge. This would spur a reaction that continued throughout the
area and no one was safe. An example is when Putnam has his daughter
accuse the “old man” who owns 600 acres of sending his spirit on her at
the night. If accused, Putnam would then have more land to buy up from
the town.

2. Why does Mrs. Putnam believe there are witches in Salem?

3. Describe Proctor.

4. What happened between Abigail and John Proctor prior to the
opening of the play?

5. What is Proctor's reason for his not regularly attending church?

6. What do Putnam and Proctor argue about? What does this show?

7. Who is Rev. John Hale, and why does he come to Salem?

8. Hale says, "They [the books] must be [heavy]; they are weighted with
authority." What is the significance of this remark?

9. To what did Tituba confess? Why?

10. What do the girls do at the end of Act One?
Act II
1. Where does Elizabeth want John to go, and what does she want him to
do there?

2. What gift did Mary give Elizabeth?

3. What was the "evidence" against Sarah Good?

4. Why does Elizabeth think Abigail wants to kill her?

5. Why did Hale come to Proctor's house?

6. What things are "suspicious" about Proctor and his family?

7. Hale asks Elizabeth if she believes in witches. What is her reply?

8. On what charge(s) was Rebecca Nurse arrested?

9. Explain the significance of the needle in the "poppet."

10. Why doesn't Mary want to testify about the doll?

1. Why do Giles and Francis want to talk to Danforth?

2. What is Parris's argument against Proctor?

3. What does Mary tell Danforth?

4. When Danforth hears that Elizabeth is pregnant, what does he allow?
5. ". . . a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it,
there be no road between." Explain the importance of Danforth's

6. Of what does Giles accuse Putnam?

8. Hawthorne thinks of a test for Mary. What is it? Can she do it? Why or
why not?

9. Proctor calls Abigail a whore, and he confesses his lechery. Danforth
tests Proctor's statement by calling for Elizabeth and asking her why
Abigail was dismissed. What does Elizabeth say? Why?

10. What happens to Proctor?

Act IV
1. Explain Danforth's reason that a pardon (excusing and releasing the
prisoners would not be just.

2. What happened to Giles?

3. What does his response to being ‘pressed’ show about his character?

4. What did Proctor do after he signed the confession? Why?

5. "I have given you my soul; leave me my name!" Explain.

6. "He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!" What does
Elizabeth mean?

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