Protecting the Neighborhood from Burglers by sethtj1


									Protecting the Neighborhood from Burglars
Some of the safest homes are those in the safest neighborhoods. One of the reasons they aren’t riddled
with crime is because their homes, as a community, are secured.

The chances of a burglar coming in and robbing any house is extremely difficult. Burglars look for the
easiest opportunities to steal.

They’re not usually hoping for a challenge. Challenges make an easy job messy.

Why would they rob a high security vault behind locked doors when they can go 15 minutes in another
direction to steal some cash under the mattress of an unlocked house? They want quick, and they want

The First Steps to Establishing a Safe Home
When you live in a neighborhood of people that practice little home security, what are the odds that the
burglars will be patrolling your streets? Chances are good.

                                                                The best way to overcome this problem
                                                                is to build a reputation, as a
                                                                neighborhood, of locked doors,
                                                                illuminated streets, and friendly
                                                                neighbors that look out for each other.
                                                                Here are a few ideas on how you can do

                                                                First off, you need to bring your
                                                                neighbors together to talk about it. Send
                                                                a letter in the mail, post a flyer on the
                                                                door, or knock door-to-door to talk to
                                                                them about it.

                                                              Tell them what you’ll be talking about
and give them a location to meet up at. If you have a home owner’s association, than that can be a good
way to contact the homeowners as well.

Make it a Neighborhood Effort
Discuss some of the following ways that you can improve the security of your home in the meeting and
pledge to follow them as a community. Begin by locking your doors.

Whether someone is home or not, lock your doors. The better your family is in the habit of doing this,
the less likely they’ll forget.
Taking Preventative Measures
Learn how to secure every opening in your home and ensure your entryways are properly locked. For
sliding glass doors this could mean something as simple as a thin bolt that connects the door with the

For windows it could mean a wooden bar to stop the window moving. Ensure these places are secure
unless you are using them at the moment.

Leave a light on your porch at night, especially if you’re leaving for the evening. Lights on in the house
mean someone’s home.

Lights on outside of the house illuminate potential robbers for all to see exactly what’s happening. Leave
your lights on and put your inside lights on a timer while you are away.

Finally, encourage neighbors to look out for each other. Become friends and protect each other’s

There’s nothing they fear more than an army of neighbors who are watching the other homes. Come
together, be friends, and protect each other.

There are plenty of other ways to keep your home safe. Get your neighbors together and make goals to
change your neighborhood’s reputation.

You’ll see an improvement in crime rate. If you don’t have a crime rate, you’ll ensure your reputation

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