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									                            Employee Tobacco Cessation Resources
UCM Employee and Student Tobacco Cessation

Free tobacco cessation assistance for UCM students, UCM employees, and family members/ roommates of students and
employees. This service includes up to four meetings with a trained quit coach, a personalized quit plan, free nicotine
replacement (patches, gum, lozenges), and free follow up support all at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I only use tobacco occasionally? Is this service still for me?
Yes, if you want assistance in stopping smoking, chewing or dipping this service is for you, regardless of how frequently
you use tobacco. If you’re wondering whether your infrequent tobacco use is of concern, check out www.goaskalice.com

Do I have to quit before I come to the first meeting?
No, the purpose of the first meeting is to make a personalized plan and to choose a date that works best for you to begin
your tobacco free lifestyle.

What if I’m not sure I want to quit?
Then this service is perfect for you! Your coach will not try to convince you to quit or tell you why you should. Rather,
the coach will help you to consider your own pros and cons for becoming tobacco free and make the decision that’s right
for you.

Isn’t it better to just quit cold turkey?
Studies have shown that people who use a combination of coaching and nicotine replacement are more successful in
becoming tobacco free than those who try to quit cold turkey.

Can I quit without gaining weight?
Though many people gain a few pounds at first after quitting, most lose this weight over time with no special action. And,
your coach can help you minimize or eliminate weight gain by addressing this in your personalized quit plan.

How do I get started?
To set up an appointment with a tobacco free lifestyle coach or learn more about this service, please contact the Office
of Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention at 660-543-4044 or vsap@ucmo.edu.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

UCM’s health care provider offers a variety of online resources for tobacco cessation as listed below.

               Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids – This website gives you resources, hotlines, and specific state based
               Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- cessation resources, fact sheets, and methods to quit
                smoking. http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/
               Smoking Cessation for Pregnant Women – smoking quit line and educational booklets.
               QuitNet- quit guide, blogs, games, links, and directory of quit programs around the country.

UCM Employee Assistance Program through New Directions

New Directions offers an individualized telephone coaching program to help people move from tobacco user to tobacco-
free. A health professional with special training in both smoking cessation and behavioral change provides up to 12
months of telephone calls to:

Gage readiness to quit
Help select a quit date
Assist with strategies for reducing and preparing for quitting tobacco
Provide support the day of or day before the quit date
Discuss impact of quitting
Help develop a relapse prevention plan
During the telephone coaching process, the coach provides motivation and helps participants develop positive
behavioral skills that encourage overall wellness.

Free Missouri Tobacco Quit Line
1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)

Quit For Life Program

An expert quit coach will have expert support and assistance over the phone whenever needed. Clients will also have
access to a private, online community to complete activities, watch videos, track progress, and join in discussions with
others in the program. A text message feature is also offered to stay in contact with your quit coach, use medications
correctly, manage urges, and avoid relapses. An easy to use workbook is sent to client that can help client stick to the
quit plan. FREE nicotine replacement therapy products are also a part of the personalized quit plan.


This website gives you a step-by-step quit guide, expert help via text message and phone, as well as other journals,
guides, quizzes, and apps to help inform and guide you to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Lung USA

The American Lung Association’s HelpLine provides convenient, confidential consultation from professional,
credentialed personnel who are qualified to help find answers to your questions about the symptoms and treatment of
lung disease as well as smoking cessation counseling. The HelpLine does not replace the relationship established
between the patient and their primary care physician.

The FFS Online program takes you through modules that you access through this protected Web site. These modules
include valuable information and most of them contain an assignment that you are to complete before moving on. The
assignments reinforce the messages in each lesson and your commitment to quit. FFS Online does not begin with
quitting. We believe that quitting smoking is a process, not a single event. We start by giving you solid information about
preparing to quit, and then guide you through your Quit Day and the first few weeks of being smoke free. Whether
you’re enrolled in FFS Online Basic or FFS Online Premium, you progress through the modules until you complete the
entire program. The beauty of FFS Online is that it can be accessed day or night, seven days a week, on any schedule you

Become An Ex

The EX Plan is a free quit smoking program, one that can show you a whole new way to think about quitting. It’s based
on personal experiences from ex-smokers as well as the latest scientific research from the experts at Mayo Clinic. The EX
Plan helps you see quitting not as one big war, but as a number of little battles you can actually win. And the secret to
winning these battles is re-learning your life without cigarettes. The EX Plan has three main steps: how to quit smoking,
quit smoking, and staying quit.
                                           Weight Management Resources

Weight Management Coaching

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) is working with your employer to offer you Telephonic Coaching for
weight management. It may be what you need to get on the right track to a healthier and happier you. Your Health
Coach, a licensed behavioral health clinician with special training in weight management, will work to provide you with
support and empowerment based on your needs.

Your coach will be available through ongoing telephone calls for up to one year. They will help you design a personalized
plan geared toward long-term success. The AHY weight management program will:
     Help you determine your readiness to change.
     Help you set realistic goals for weight loss and maintenance.
     Provide you with tools and tips on improving your weight management strategies including a plan for better
        nutrition and ways to add physical activity into your life.
     Motivate you to achieve your newfound goals.
     Support you during initial stages of change.
     Lead you towards positive thinking throughout this life-changing process.
     Educate you about the impact and benefits of change.
     Help you develop a relapse prevention plan.
        Telephonic Health Coaching service cost you nothing and is 100% confidential.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) offers many reaction and wellness classes such as:
     Boot Camp
     Cardio Kickboxing
       Core
       Doxa
       Morning Rush
       Spin
       TRX
       Weight Training for Women
       Yoga
       Zumba

The SRWC also offers personal training. The personal trainers will develop and assist with exercise program created for
you based on fitness level, goals, and your exercise preferences. A person of all fitness levels can benefit from working
with a personal trainer. Services include basic fitness assessment, body composition, advanced fitness assessment,
resting metabolic rate, and one-on-one personal training. http://www.ucmo.edu/osa/srwc/personal_tng.cfm

The SRWC provides resources for nutrition, physical, smoking, and strength training programs.

                                            Stress Management Resources
Stress Management Coaching

Stress can affect anyone, at any time and can even affect your health. If you feel as though the stress you endure is
becoming overwhelming and you need support, a health coach can help. They have the ability to:
     Help you identify key stressors in your everyday life.
     Discuss ways to improve tactics for dealing with stress as well as preventing stress-related health problems.
     Provide support during stressful times.

                                                   Related Resources

A Healthier You

Personalized tools help you change good intentions into actions.
     Take a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA)
            o Find your overall health score and determine what actions you should take to get or stay healthy.
     GetPHIT
            o Personalized fitness plan based on specific fitness goals.
     EatPHIT
            o Meal planning, grocery lists and recipes based on your personalized nutrition plan.
     LivePHIT
            o Learn to balance your work, home, and life goals.
     Ask the Coach
            o Ask about fitness, nutrition and life questions and a qualified coach will respond within 24 hours.

Points to Blue
The Points to Blue incentive program is designed to reward you for making healthy lifestyle decisions. Its easy to
participate. Simply go to www.blueKC.com , select the link marked “Reward Center” and track your healthy behaviors
and activities online.
     Points are award for “A Healthier You” activities such as participating in a health screening, competing the HRA
        or calling a health coach.
     Points can be redeemed for gift cards applicable for more than 350 merchants or redeemed for debit cards that
        can be used anywhere.
     Points can even be donated as cash to your favorite of more than 1,000 charitable organizations.

Face to Face Lifestyle Coaching

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) in offering face-to-face lifestyle coaching, providing the same
motivational interviewing techniques as telephonic coaching in a one-on-one format. Individuals interested in improving
overall health and eliminating health risks can benefit from the support and guidance of a lifestyle coach. This lifestyle
coaching program is personalized to fit your needs, confidential and conveniently offered at your workplace.

Face-to-Face Coaches:
     Are available to you on a monthly basis and you can join anytime.
     Provide 25-minute, face-to-face, private, coaching sessions.
     Assist you in developing a personalized plan to improve health risks and changing long-held behaviors and habits.
     Provide an opportunity for support and guidance during initial stages of change - a crucial time in the behavior
        modification process.
     Provide ongoing support and assistance to help you meet your identified short and long-term goals.
     Work with you to address environmental triggers that may interfere with goals and provide strategies to address
        and avoid those setbacks.
     Help you identify ways to avoid triggers or develop new responses to triggers.
     Offer tools, educational materials, and personal assistance in developing a customized wellness plan to help you
        reach your goals.

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