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By Henna ⋅ October 21, 2008 ⋅ By Bonnie Tam What’s the most annoying part of being female? For me, it’s hair removal. It’s the one piece of maintenance that no female enjoys or wanted in the first place. As some of you already know, there are lots of different options to solve this problem with different degrees of maintenance and sacrifice. Now for me, I was never really a fan of shaving. The idea of having to do it every few days was annoying, not to mention, I cut myself all the time. My next idea was hair removal creams and/or foams. They typically last a week or two but I couldn’t stand the odor. Everyone in the house knew what I was doing. Then I tried waxing, which normally lasted 3-4 weeks but the pain was quite the sacrifice. Now, sugaring on the other hand, has the effectiveness of waxing but isn’t as painful. I think it’s also a great alternative to start with because it’s water-soluble so if you chicken-out at the last minute, then you can just wash it off with warm water. There is also hard wax. Typical waxing is applied and then removed using a strip of cloth, but hard wax does not require the cloth. It hardens on the hair and is then removed. I prefer this type of wax for more sensitive areas like my bikini. After trying all these methods, I still wanted to find a more permanent solution and so I thought of laser hair removal. I figure no matter how painful it is or how much it costs, it would be worth it to NEVER have to think about removing hair again. Getting laser hair removal is the best decision I’ve made my entire life. It not only got rid of the annoyance but now I love my body even more. I find myself touching my silky soft legs whenever I’m sitting. I love wearing skirts and shorts because I always have hairless legs. Above all, there really is no sacrifice except for cost. You get a treatment (which takes only 30 minutes for lower legs) every 4-6 weeks. Most people only need 6-8 treatments to be hair-free for life. I had ILP (Intense Pulsed Light) which did not hurt more than pin prick. However, if you’re really worried about the pain, like I was at the beginning, then I definitely recommend going to Rejuvederme in Yorkville. Gina Tadros is a registered nurse as well as a cosmetic consultant so the way she handles patients is incredible. If it’s your first time getting a treatment, she can use some freezing cream to numb the area so you don’t even feel the pin prick. You have to wear protective goggles, but she continues to tell you what she is doing so you feel at ease during the whole procedure. Print This Post ⋅ Post a comment

I recommend laser hair removal to all women everywhere. Since my first procedure on my lower legs, I am currently doing my underarms (can you imagine wearing tank tops whenever you want without any worries?) and am considering getting my bikini done too. Any questions about laser hair removal? Ask Bonnie and she’ll answer them to the best of her abilities. Have you had laser hair removal done? Were you happy with the treatment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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