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									Center for Asymmetric Warfare CAW)
              U.S. Navy

           Dr. Carol V. Evans
     East Coast Regional Manager
            (540) 687-8317
                       What is the CAW?
• Navy led organization, established in 1999, with a focus
 on Multi-Agency response to:
  – Terrorism and Natural disasters in the Maritime/ Port and CBRNE
    environment. This includes the pre-event phase including INTEL
    build-up through the Emergency Management and Consequence
    Management phases.

• The CAW organization has three major focus areas:
  – Training and Education
  – Exercises; including simple to complex Multi-Agency
  – Technology; including Experimentation and Assessment
• CAW events are sponsored by:
  – DOD
  – Other Federal Agencies
  – State and Local governments and private industry.
CAW Locations
• The CAW is headquartered at Naval
Base Ventura County, Pt. Mugu,
• The CAW has three regional offices
located in the Pacific Northwest, the
Hawaiian Islands and Northern

Leveraging DoD Capabilities

                Networks    Scenarios

     Exercise                            Battlespace
     Control                              Environ.

                                         OP FOR

                 Entities   Warfighter

       Bridging the DOD/DHS Divide
                            Coast Guard

        Public Safety        CAW          Army
                                          National Guard
Emergency Management
Other State & Local Gov’t
Private Sector

  CAW CONUS Initiatives – 2003 to Present

Multiple Exercises
Past Exercises
Initial Planning

Example: AWI – 03 Ventura County

           2007 Exercises: AWI07N: Washington State
                                                                                     PROGRAM SCHEDULE:
                                                                                     • CDC (RR-07NW)                      Complete
                                                                                     •   Event work group coord Ongoing
                                                                                     •   IPC (RR-07N)                     Complete
                                                                                     •   MPC (RR-07N)                     21 Feb 07
                                                                                     •   NRNW NGRF TTX                    22 Feb 07
                                                                                     •   AWI-07N TTX                      6/7 Mar 07
                                                                                     •   COMMEX (RR-07N)                  14 Mar 07
                                                                                     •   FPC                              23 May 07
                                                                                     •   Final IPR (RR-07NW)              13 Jun 07
                                                                                     •   AWI-07N FSE                      16-25 Jul 07

EXERCISE GOALS & OBJECTIVES:                                                     POTENTIAL PARTICIPANTS:
•   The first goal is to generate interaction among local, county, state,        • DOD:, DCO/DCE (NORTHCOM, ARNORTH), NRNW,
    federal, DoD and multi-national organizations in response to                         NCIS, 70th RRC, NDMS/FCC, CAP, WRMC, FT LEWIS
    multiple, live and computer simulated, near-simultaneous events,
    including sequential explosions and heavy casualties in and                          DPTMS, WADS
    around Puget Sound maritime approaches and ports. The primary
    exercise objectives are to:                                                  •       MARPAC; AK DHS
      – Provide agencies the opportunity to exercise plans and                   •       DHS: USCG (Dist 13, MSO, PACAREA), ICE, CBP, FEMA
          procedures, and assess the types of systems needed to guide the
          prevention, response, and recovery from terrorist events occurring     •       FBI
          in the NW Region.
                                                                                 •       WA STATE: WA EMD, WANG, NVANG, WSDOT, WSP,
      – Further enhance their understanding of the roles and                             WSHA, WDOC, WDOH, WDOE, EPA, ARES
          responsibilities, capabilities and limitations, of other agencies in
          order to better promote interagency operations within the ICS
                                                                                 •       RGN 1, Snohomish/Skagit/Island Cnty; RGN 2, Kitsap
                                                                                         Cnty; RGN 5 Pierce Cnty; RGN 6 King County
      – Build on lessons learned from previous AWI exercise series,
          focusing on the enhancement of agency understanding and                •       Port of Seattle
          application of ICS concepts.                                           •       Port of Bellingham (observer/controller)
•   The second goal is to meet the exercise requirements provided by
    the participants during the planning phase. This exercise will be            •       Port of Tacoma + Terminals
    conceived and developed from the bottom up through a series of
    meetings with interested agencies. The set of participants’                  •       SCSD, PCSD, TPD, TFD; SFD;
    objectives will be the defining elements of the exercise
    development and will be addressed through the design of scenario
    events that will provide the required type and level of play.
                    East Coast Initiative
• The CAW has a Congressional
 HLD/HLS East Coast Initiative for
 FY 2007 & 2008 (Senators
 Warner, Webb Collins & Snowe)
• The objective is provide multi-
 agency exercises that would lead
 to improved communication &
 coordination between DoD and
 DHS entities, state and local
 governments and first
• We are working with Maine, New
 Hampshire and Virginia’s
 homeland security entities, the
 USCG and other federal
 agencies, AMSC and National
 Guard Civil Support Teams

                    East Coast Initiative 2007: Virginia
    ECI/Virginia:                                     Participants:
                                                      • Office of Commonwealth Preparedness
  •Sponsor is the Commonwealth of Virginia,
                                                      • Virginia Fusion Center
  Office of Commonwealth Preparedness
                                                      • AMSC & USCG Atlantic Area
  •Tabletop exercise to discuss plans, policies and   • DHS HQ
  responsibilities for conducting Maritime            • VA State Police
  Homeland Security operations across the entire
                                                      • FBI
  spectrum of state, local and Federal response.
                                                      • ASDHS
  •The TTX centered on a series of scenarios to       • JFCOM/J9
  explore information and intelligence flow of        • VA National Guard and 34th Civil Support Team
  potential terrorist activity and to assess post-    • NCIS
  event command and control.

Objectives:                                                Exercise Schedule
• Examine DoD/DHS/CoV interagency
challenges                                             • Concept Development Conf. 21 March 2007
                                                       • Mid Planning Conference         1 May 2007
• Maritime Domain Awareness/intelligence flow
                                                       • Final Planning Conference 17 May 2007
• Interdiction operations
                                                       • Table Top Exercise              21-22 May 2007
• Unified Command responsibilities
•Maritime Operation Threat Response
                   East Coast Initiative /Maine Component:
                          ECI/Waldo Responder07
ECI / WR07 Scenario:                                            Participants:
   Day 1: MMP finds conclusive evidence of imminent, local      • Waldo County agencies:
   terrorist attack, requiring the deployment of the 11th CST      EMA, Sheriff, Police, Fire Departments, EMS Units,
   Day 2: Unified Command is established. 11th CST finds           Hospital, Comm Center, Harbormaster, HAMS, SAR
   evidence of terrorist WMD capabilities.                      • Region 4 agencies:
   Day 3: Terrorist take hostage local cruise ship. MST            EMA, Bangor PD/FD, RRTs, NMRRC
   deploys and neutralizes terrorists but a CBRNE incident      • State Reps:
   occurs onboard requiring decon of passengers. 11th and
   34th CST units deployed.
                                                                   MEMA, State Police, Marine Patrol, Fire Marshal,
                                                                   11th CST , 34th CST, BLS, DOT, CAP, Maritime
   4: Local and Waldo County agencies, Region 4 IMAT,
   and one or more CSTs (ME, VA or NH) respond to
   another mass casualties event.                               • Federal Reps: Coast Guard, FBI, US Customs

Objectives:                                                          Exercise Schedule
• Test deployment protocols for the Maine Region 4
Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT).
                                                                 • Concept Development Conf.      28 Mar
• Test the equipment and comms interoperability of local,
state, and federal emergency response resources.                 • Mid-planning Conference        13 June
• Test the Incident and State Joint Information System.          • Unified Command TTX            31 July
• Establish and operate a NIMS Incident Command                  • Final Planning Conference      15 Aug
                                                                 • ECI / WR07 FSE                 26-29 Sep
• Test the capability to conduct a Mass Casualty
• Test the effectiveness of the Incident Emergency
Response capability.
     Maine ECI/Waldo 07 Event Locations
                                          • Casualty Collection Point /
                                            Unified Command / ICP

• Belfast Terrorist Safehouse                           • Lost Victim

     • Belfast Boathouse / UCP

                                                    • Cruise Ship Explosion

                                                                              • TS State of Maine

                            • Islesboro Airport
                            • Islesboro Harbor

              East Coast Initiative 2007
• Completed September 26-
 29 ECI/Waldo Responder
 2007 exercise in the
 Penobscot Bay, Maine
• VIP representation from:
  – Congressional staff from
    Senators Collins & Snowe
  – Sector Northern NE, Captain
  – Maine TAG, MGEN Libby
  – VA TAG, Colonel Simpson
  – WI TAG, Major Covington

East Coast Initiative 2008 - Virginia
                   • Command Post Exercise
                     (CPX), Hampton Roads, VA
                      – Follow on from May 2007 TTX and
                        will examine state–level Maritime
                        Operation Threat Response protocol
                      – CPX tentatively scheduled for July
                        2008//Overlay with AMSC exercise
                      – Three day exercise will have a live
                        component with the response phase
                        conducted by joint CST/FBI HRMT
                        at sea operations in the Tidewater
                      – Participants include LANTAREA
                        Coast Guard, AMSC, CoV Office of
                        Commonwealth Preparedness, CoV
                        Emergency Operations Center, VA
                        State Police, VA Fusion Center, FBI,
                        FBI Hazardous Material Response
                        Team, VANG 34th CST, U.S. Navy,
        East Coast Initiative 2008 - Maine
• Held initial planning
 meetings with MEMA,
 New Hampshire, and
  – MEMA have asked CAW to
    conduct a series of TTXs to
    examine bridge collapse that
    links the two states
  – The Memorial Bridge is a truss
    lift bridge that carries U.S. Route
    1 across the Piscatagua River
    between Portsmouth, NH and
    Kittery, ME
  – First TTX will examine Lessons
    Learned from Minnesota

   CAW Exercises with NG Involvement
Beginning in 2003 we have conducted and worked
 with the National Guard’s Civil Support Teams in
 the following major exercises:
 – AWI-03 (Ventura County, California)
 – AWI-04 Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach (A part of
   NORTHCOM’s Determined Promise 04)
 – AWI-04 North (Tacoma, WA)
 – AWI-05 South/Exercise Bay Shield San Diego
 – Unified Independence 2005 (9th CST/1st CERFP)
 – Gulf Coast Maritime Domain Awareness-05 (CSTs from
   Mississippi and Alabama)
 – AWI-N06 & AWI-N07 (NG/CST Washington State)
 – Pacific Peril 2006 (NG/CST Oregon)
 – ECI-07 (Virginia & Maine CSTs)
                       National Guard Bureau
• CAW & NGB will sign a Letter of
 Intent at the NGB HQ, November
 1, 2007
• Objective is to help the NGB
 develop maritime CBRNE state-
 level or regional exercises,
 including CSTs and CERFPs
• The CAW has been asked by
 New Hampshire and Maine’s
 CSTs to provide a large regional
 exercise for May 2008
• Six CST units from the region
 will participate
• Venue is Fairchild
 Semiconductor facility in
 Portland, Maine

 Supporting Documents
Past CAW HLS Exercises

                       Asymmetric Warfare Initiative 03
                                                                          Some of the Participants:
                                                                           USN                    State
                                                                           C3F (MSST)             9th Civil Support Team
                                                                           Navy Region SW         OES
                                                                           NBVC Ventura Co.       Dept of Environmental Health
                                                                           NAVAIR                 Highway Patrol
                                                                           NAVSEA                 Other Federal
                                                                           NAVFAC                 FBI – SWAT, Dive Team,
                                                                           Naval War College      USCG, JITC, NOAA,
                                                                           OPTEVFOR               City/County
                                                                           JFN                    VC Sheriff – Bomb Squad, OEM,
                                                                           NCIS                   SWAT, TRT, Fire (HazMat)
                                                                                                  LA County TEWG, City of Oxnard
                                                                                                  Fire/Police, Port Hueneme Police
                                                                                                  Oxnard Harbor/Port of Hueneme

Concept:                                                                     Milestones – 2003/2004:
                                                                             Initial Scenario Briefings         15 Feb 03
• Comprehensive, terrorism-based, multi-agency scenario set in the           Kick-off Meeting                   19 Mar 03
  maritime/port environment of Ventura County, California
                                                                             Initial Planning Conference        15 Apr 03
• Designed to train military, Federal, State, and local agencies in
  homeland defense/homeland security (HLD/HLS)                               Generate MSEL                      15 Jun 03
• Specifically focused on the interactions between and among agencies        Scripting Conference               24 Jun 03
  during a terrorist attack and in the immediate post-attack                 Mid Planning Conference             16 Jul 03
  consequence-management phase                                               Final Planning Conference          30 Sep 03
• CAW led the planning and coordinated the exercise, directed and            Tabletop Number One exercise       6, 7 Oct 03
  executed the live portion of the exercise, and collected and analyzed
                                                                             Participant’s Guide                 15 Oct 03
  exercise data
                                                                             Tabletop Number Two                5, 6 Feb 04
                                                                             Final Report                        20 Feb 04
                                                                                                             California State Agencies
                                                                            Participants:                             –     CA Dept Health Services
                                                                                Los Angeles City                      –     CA Dept of Public Health
                                                                                         – LAPD                       –     CA OES
                                                                                         – LA EPD                     –     CA OHLS
                                                                                         – LA Port Police             –     CA DOT
                                                                                         – LA Fire                    –     CA Highway Patrol
                                                                                Los Angeles County                    –     9th CST
                                                                                         – Health Services   Federal Agencies
                                                                                         – EMS                        –     5th Army
                                                                                         – TEW                        –     LAAFB
                                                                                Long Beach                            –     FEMA Region IX
                                                                                         – Port Security              –     FBI JTTF
                                                                                         – Harbor Patrol              –     NCIS
                                                                                         – LBPD                       –     USCG PACAREA
                                                                                LA/LB USCG COTP                       –     DOE
                                                                                San Diego County                      –     DTRA
                                                                                Ventura County                        –     NAVAIR
                                                                                Private Sector                        –     NAVREGION SW
                                                                                                                      –     COMTHIRDFLT

                                                                             Milestones - 2004:
• AWI-04S is the Southern California component of Determined
  Promise - 04
• Combination of live and simulated events resulting in emergency            MESL Development Conference                    17 Feb 04
  response from the federal and state levels thru regional, county, city,    Mid Planning Conference                         21 Apr 04
  department                                                                 CA Event Table Top Exercise                       9 Jun 04
• Exercises organizational, tactical, and jurisdictional interfaces among
  multiple Federal, DOD, State, County, and City agencies                    Final Planning Conference                          7 Jul 04
• Integrates four scenarios into a coordinated exercise:                     Start of Intelligence Traffic                    20 Jul 04
        • Simulated containerized RDD exploding in the Port of LA            AWI-04 (S)                                    4-6 Aug 04
        • Search for several other containers en route from the port
        • Search for terrorists aboard a vessel in the Port of LB            DP-04                                        5-10 Aug 04
        • Train derailment in Ventura County causing mass casualties
• Bottom-up exercise design permits participants to meet specific local
  training requirements in the context of a much larger-scale exercise.

                                                                           Federal organizations and agencies
                                                                           • DHS – FEMA, US Coast Guard, Public Health Service
                                                                           • National Disaster Medical System & Madigan Army Medical Center
                                                                           • NAVREGION NW & other DoD installations/organizations
                                                                           • Civil Air Patrol
                                                                           • FBI
                                                                           State/Local Agencies
                                                                           • National Guard
                                                                           • Washington State Patrol
                                                                           • Washington Department of Transportation
                                                                           Private Sector Organizations
                                                                           • Ports of Seattle and Tacoma – maritime
                                                                           • Washington State Hospital Association

Concept:                                                                    Milestones - 2004:
• Command Post level exercise with integrated live play vignettes.                Concept Development Conference/IPC       31 Mar 04
• Exercises interfaces among DoD and Non DoD, Federal and Non-                    Scripting Conference                     13 Apr 04
  Federal agencies                                                                Mid Planning Conference                    9 Jun 04
• Includes multiple near-simultaneous events, persistent contaminants
                                                                                  Final Planning Conference                11 Aug 04
  and heavy casualties in and around Puget Sound maritime approaches
  and ports                                                                       Begin Intelligence Injections            25 Aug 04
• Elements of the scenario will be driven by the Fort Lewis Battle                Table Top Exercise                        15 Sep 04
  Simulation Center to provide integration of multiple threads and back           Main Exercise Events                     5-7 Oct 04
  up critical events needed to stimulate exercise play.                           Hot Wash                                   8 Oct 04
• Bottom up approach to permit participants to meet required local                After Action Review                       14 Oct 04
  exercise requirements in the context of a full-scale scenario.                  Final Report                             14 Nov 04
• Design approach will examine ways to integrate a complicated mix
  of independent events using both local facilities and special training
  facilities scattered throughout the area
                       Gulf Coast MDA Initiative (05)
                                                                  • USNR                 •USNORTHCOM
                                                                  • USCG                 •NAVFOR-AK
                                                                  • NS-Pascagoula        •USCG D17
                                                                  • COTP Pascagoula      •C3F
                                                                  • AMSC
                                                                  • NG CST
                                                                  • First Responders
Objectives:                                                       Milestones - 2005:
•USNR/DCGS-N Program Office                                       Initial Planning Conference    15-16 Mar 05
Demonstrate National/Regional MDA scenario with USCG and          Mid Planning Conference        24-25 May 05
USNORTHCOM leveraging DCGS-N capability and USNR                  LOE-1                          10-12 Jun 05
units to perform HLD/HLS missions in support of GWOT              LOE-2                          15-17 Jul 05
•USCG                                                             Final Planning Conference      18-19 Jul 05
–Test relevance of real-time MDA in Pascagoula by simulating      Travel and Staging             8-12 Aug 05
attack on critical infrastructure                                 GCI/NE05                       15-19 Aug 05
–Test USCG ability to detect swimmers prior to attack on            Alert Startex                15 Aug 05
critical infrastructure facility                                    Prevention CPX               16 Aug 05
–Evaluate validity of USV to patrol the limits of security zone     Response (ARC) Seminar       17 Aug 05
–Evaluate the process of setting up of a NIMS structure to          Consequence Management TTX   18 Aug 05
engage AMSC plan in response to credible threat                     Resolution Endex             19 Aug 05
–Evaluate transition of the NIMS structure from a prevention      Exercise Hot Wash              19 Aug 05
focused UC to response focused UC                                 Tear down                      20 Aug 05

                                                          AWI-05 South
AWI-05S Components:
                        IRSS             ARC                                •   USCG Sector San Diego
                      Training         Training                             •   Naval Region Southwest
                       Event            Event
                                                                            •   San Diego Harbor Police
                                 TTX                                        •   San Diego Unified Port District
                                                                            •   FBI
                                                                            •   ICE/CBP
                              FX/CPX                                        •   TSA
                                                                            •   US Navy THIRD Fleet
                                                                                 – City/County First Responders (PD, FD, EMS, etc)
         Management              SCC-J             Military                      – CA OES
          Response                Ops               ATFP

Objectives:                                                                 Proposed Exercise Schedule
                                                                            • Participant Relations Meetings                  Jan-Feb
• Exercise the San Diego Area Maritime Security Plan and the related        • IPC                                                3 Mar
 plans of other agencies
      –Validate the Operational Functions of the SD SCC-J in a maritime     • 1st Design Team Mtg                              17 Mar
      terrorism scenario                                                    • Training event 1 (IRSS)                            6 Apr
      –Exercise and test interagency communications
      –Clarify roles and responsibilities
                                                                            • 2nd Design Team Mtg                               21Apr
      –Clarify jurisdictional boundaries                                    • Training event 2 (ARC)                            12 May
      –Exercise MARSEC level changes                                        • MPC                                               15 Jun
      –Validate participating agency integration into the Unified Command
                                                                            • Pre-TTX Participant Briefings                     19 Jul
                                                                            • Tabletop Exercise                                 20 Jul
• Expose NRSW and C3F units to ICS/SEMS/NIMS and civilian first             • FPC                                               17 Aug
 responders to Navy ATFP SOP
                                                                            • Functional/Command Post Ex                        20 Sep

                                                      AWI-06 N
         Intercept                                        • Intel sharing: Intelligence build-up/information covering 4 days of
                                                           events prior to AWI-06N STARTEX
                                                                –Justifies all EOCs being operational
                                                                –Provides intel for the Boat event
                                                          • WSDOT event link: cuts off major supply routes to support CST and
                                                           CERFP actions in the North
                                                          • Resource shortages: No National Guard assets available for traffic
                                                           control and crime scene security
                                                          • Tests information flow: Do all EOCs know what is going on around
                                                           them outside of their AO?

Concept:                                                   Milestones - 2006:
•   Link to Evergreen Sentry                               •   Concept Development Conf                          23 Mar 05
•   Coincident with Pacific Peril                          •   Initial Planning Conf                             25 May 05
•   Full up State EOC                                      •   Mid Planning Conf                                 27 July 05
•   Guests/Observers                                       •   NITE                                              8-9 Sep 05
          –BMI                                             •   FE/CPX                                            13-14 Dec
                   -NORTHCOM (Henry)                       •   Project Review                                    23 Jan 06
                   -BOHS (Liang)
                   -Training (Hassel)                      •   In Progress Review                                30 Mar 06
                   -Program Development (Reehorn)          •   Final Planning Conf                               27 Apr 06
          –Region                                          •   AWI-06N FSE                                       22-25 May 06
                   -Chief of Staffs (Lewis & NRNW)                       –        Set-up/Final Rehearsal           22 May 06
                   -EMD (Mullen)                                         –        STARTEX            23 May 06
                   -MARPAC (N3)                                          –        Recovery TTX       24 May06
                                                                         –        Hot Wash           24 May 06

                                        Pacific Peril 06
   PP-06 Scenario:                                               Participants:
                                • M9.0 Quake and Tsunami in      • Coastal Counties EMO’s from OR, WA,
                                Cascadia Subduction Zone
                                                                 • State EMO’s and DOT’s from OR, WA, AK, CA
                                • 800 mi long from Vancouver     • Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC)
                                Isl, BC to Cape Mendocino, CA      and Transport Canada, BC (?)
                                • Three areas:                   • US Department of Transportation
                                                                 • US Department of Defense (DCO, NORTHCOM, C3F)
                                       • Coastal Communities
                                                                 • USCG D13, PACAREA
                                       • I-5 / Hwy 99 Corridor
                                                                 • US Army Corps of Engineers
                                       • East of Cascades and    • FEMA (15 Federal Departments and Agencies)
                                        West of CONUS not        • Oregon National Guard
                                                                 • Washington National Guard

Objectives:                                                           Exercise Schedule
 • Exercise NRP / NIMS
                                                                  • IPC, Vancouver, WA                8 Nov 05
 • Execute JFO/EOC Ops with multiple levels of gov. activated.
                                                                  • On Site IPR, Camp Rilea, OR       7 Dec 05
 • Evaluate effectiveness of Cross Border US/Canada,
 State/Federal and Local Government Coordination.                 • MPC, Portland ANG Base, OR        18 Jan 06
 • Develop relief alternatives in damaged transportation          • IPR / MSEL Conf, Tacoma WA        22 Feb 06
 infrastructure environment.                                      • IPR, Renton, WA                   15 Mar 06
 • Assess Tsunami evacuation plans (Process Only)                 • IPR, Seattle, WA                  7 Apr 06
 • Activate Regional Emergency Management Assistance
 Compact (REMAC).                                                 • Tsunami Seminar, Salem, OR        25 Apr 06
 • Perform interagency communications and info sharing.           • FPC, Fed Bldg, Portland, OR       26 Apr 06
 • Test preparedness and response plans and train personnel.      • PP06, Camp Rilea, Warrenton, OR   23-25 May 06


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