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									Milton High School
      Anne M. Blake, Instructional Leader
   Laurie A. Hodgdon, Instructional Leader

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October 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

This is a letter of recommendation for Blake Read, who has been a student of mine for the past two years at
Milton High School in biology and human anatomy & physiology.

Without exaggeration, Blake remains by far, one of the best students I have ever taught, if not the best. He is an
absolutely extraordinary adolescent that would be an asset to your university. I have never met such a well-
rounded, optimistic, interactive young adult in my life. Both years that Blake was my student, I could always
count on him as a leader for his peers in the class. He has the ability to work with any type of person, peer or
adult, and possesses a natural charisma that just puts the entire atmosphere of the room at ease and creates such
a positive environment to learn and teach in. One of my lasting impressions of Blake will always be him sitting
in my biology classroom as we learned about ecosystems, jamming out and bopping his head to “The Circle of
Life” song from “The Lion King.”

Blake exhibits an eagerness to learn and determination that exceeds those of the typical high school student –
especially in science which I think is fantastic since he wants to pursue a career promoting health. Of all the
students I have taught, I have never seen another involved in so many activities inside and outside of school. I
often wonder how he possesses the time and energy to keep up with it all, yet he manages his various
responsibilities, and it is a rare day to see Blake at anything less than attentive, engaged, and participating in
class with a great sense of humor.

I was lucky enough to have had the pleasure of teaching Blake, and highly recommend him for any endeavor he
pursues. I am truly sad to see him leave, because there will be a unique void left in our school that no one else
will be able to fill, but I am very happy that he is pursuing his dreams and expanding his learning experiences.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Elizabeth Bogan
Milton High School

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