exercise rimpac 2008 lessons learned and 2010 action plan by dongdh123


									                          EXERCISE RIMPAC 2008 LESSONS LEARNED AND 2010 ACTION PLAN
NO               SUBJECT                                       COMMENTS                                                           STATUS
                                                                  TRAINING GENERAL
     Access to Allied publications.   During a CASEX, some units did not know the NATO                  RIMPAC Coordinator is investigating what Allied (APP)
                                      codewords being used and were using incorrect reporting           and Multi-national (MPP) Publications the RIMPAC 2010
                                      procedures (voice reports).                                       participants are authorised to be issued and hold. Once
                                                                                                        known, the RIMPAC 2010 participants will be requested
1                                                                                                       to confirm what APP and MPP publications they hold and
                                                                                                        action will be taken to have any deficiencies rectified.

     Voice circuits remain primary    Some participants noted a reliance on chat and not voice          This issue will be resolved through the education of
     warfighting comms circuit.       circuits during close tactical action.                            participants during working groups, planning conferences
2                                                                                                       and table top events.

     Use of operational CVN/CVW.      It was recommended that the CVN/CVW for RIMPAC exercises C3F Schedulers are investigating the feasibility of this
                                      be the forward deployed/operational carrier (C7F). The forward option.
                                      deployed CVN/CVW would be relieved by a CONUS based
                                      CVN/CVW for the period of RIMPAC. This concept would allow
3                                     the operationally trained CVN/CVW to conduct a high end
                                      combined maritime exercise for which it is trained for and a
                                      CONUS based CVN/CVW to gain the experience/exposure of
                                      operating in an operational area.

     Operational Pause - keep it or   Some CTFs stated that the Operational Pause was a great idea      The aim of the Operational Pause was not to achieve
     remove it?                       and should remain. Their reason for it remaining in the program   training that had been cancelled due to unforeseen
                                      was that it allowed their respective TF to complete               reasons/circumstances. The Op Pause was a lesson
                                      serials/events that were cancelled due to weather etc.            learned from RIMPAC 2006, with the aim being to provide
                                                                                                        a period to conduct maintenace and prepare
4                                                                                                       ships/personnel in preparation for the tactical phase. The
                                                                                                        Op Pause will remain, but will occur in conjunction with
                                                                                                        the PHOTEX and tactical phase re-position (lower tempo

     PHOTEX - keep ir or remove it?   Questions were raised about the feasibility of the PHOTEX         The PHOTEX will remain for RIMPAC 2010 as the photo
                                      noting the amount of time that goes into the planning and for     is one of the primary Public Affairs tools used by
                                      what outcome (especially if the photo quality is poor).           participating nations. The PHOTEX will be assigned to
                                                                                                        CTF 170 to plan and execute (with C3F approval). The
5                                                                                                       photographers will meet with C3F staff prior to the
                                                                                                        PHOTEX to ensure they are aware of the requirements
                                                                                                        for the picture.

     Tactical phase should be focused Airspace and waterspace issues IVO Oahu prevented the full        This will be incorporated into the planning of the tactical
6    on or around Kauai.              training benefits of the tactical phase being achieved .          phase at the IPC and MPC.
     Pre-Exs                           Participants reported that insufficient guidance was provided on Clear guidance will be issued at the IPC, MPC and FPC
                                       Pre-Exs - what serials required a Pre-Ex, when were they to be on Pre-Ex requirements and a session will be held during
7                                      released, what detail was required in them.                      the Harbour Phase (early in the week) to re-brief these
                                                                                                        details to all participating units.

     Rider Exchange Programs.          It was recommended that during ASW events, personnel                This will be achieved at the ASW Table Top during the
                                       transfers should occur between platforms so that surface ship,      Harbor Phase.
                                       MPA, helicopter and submarine personnel could impart their
                                       knowledge and expertise to enhance the ASW training

     Operational Planning Exercise.    Participants requested that the Operational Planning Exercise       TTGP have agreed to conduct the planning exercise
                                       (run by TTGP) be conducted in RIMPAC 2010. They stated the          again - tentatively inserted into RIMPAC 2010 program.
                                       exercise was very beneficial.

     Continue CPF Observer Program. CPF Observer program viewed as a key event in achieving the            Included in RIMPAC 2010 program. CPF have
10                                  RIMPAC objective.                                                      commenced process to determine 2010 observer nations.

     Matrix of participants systems,   A matrix detaling this information is required to assist the        A matrix will be developed and maintained by the
     sensors and capabilties and       planning process.                                                   RIMPAC Coordinator. Input will be requested in the
     limitations.                                                                                          IPC/MPC invitation message.

     SOE change approvals.             Participating units and MOC personnel were unsure who could         The FIT phase in RIMPAC 2010 will be managed by
                                       approve SOE changes.                                                CECG and they will be the only personnel that will have
                                                                                                           approval to make SOE changes.

     COMSUBOPFOR and TASWC             In the RIMPAC C2 structure, CTF 174 is TASWC and CTG                RIMPAC 2010 C2 Structure has been amended so that
     are in the same RIMPAC Task       174.1 is COMSUBOPFOR and SUBOPAUTH. Because both                    COMSUBOPFOR/SUBOPAUTH has been removed from
     Force.                            organisations are part of the one CTF, they receive message         CTF 174 and now resides in CTF 178 (CECG) with the
                                       traffic sent to and from one another. This reduced the realism of   surface and air OPFOR units. The OPORD will clearly
13                                     the exercise for the TASWC and caused some confusion to the         state which commander is responsible for TASW and
                                       RIMPAC participants. The C2 structure also led participants to      which is responsible for safety, WSM, PMI etc.
                                       believe that the TASWC was responsible for submarine

     More realistic TASW enivornment Insufficient assets and exercise construct limited the training       RIMPAC 2010 Program has been developed to include a
     and lack of MPA in contact time. benefit gained from the TASW period. CVN operations need to          six day period for TASW/ASUW.
14                                    account for the ASW threat and take appropriate

     Attack Adjudication Procedures.   Attacks were not adjudicated in a timely manner and on              Attack adjudication procedures will be reviewed during
                                       occasions the CECG had to be prompted for a response. The           RIMPAC 2010 planning processes. Consideration will be
                                       chat room in which the attack was adjudicated varied and on         given to embarking CECG staff in units during the tactical
                                       occasions attacks were reported in multiple chat rooms.             phase.

     Submarine ASUW training           CTF 174 reported limited contact time with surface ships during RIMPAC 2010 Program has been developed to include a
     opportunities.                    the tactical phase as surface ships did not operate in their    six day period for TASW/ASUW.
                                       assigned waterspace.
     ASW Table Top Exercise during        It was recommended that an ASW table top exercise be            Will be incorporated into Harbour Phase
     Harbor Phase.                        conducted in the harbor phase to refine and improve
                                          ASW/TASW procedures, comms, reporting etc. prior to the
                                          SOE and tactical phase. The table top should be attended by
                                          CO's and warfare officers of each unit.

     Promulgate one OPTASK ASW.           Three OPTASK ASWs were promulgated and this caused much A RIMPAC 2010 generic OPTASK ASW will be
                                          confusion.                                              issued/promulgated. Units may promulgate OPTASK
18                                                                                                ASW SUPPs IOT achieve specific training objectives.

     Approach and Attack.                 On numerous occasions BLUE FOR warships did not                 Green grenade procedures will be investigated as a
                                          acknowledge attack signals. It was assessed the means of        means to simulate attacks by submarines on surface
19                                        indicating an attack (bridge-to-bridge, UWT, active sonar tx)   units.
                                          were not the best means to indicate an attack.

     Standing Relaxations Message.        COMSUBPAC issued a message detailing approved relaxations This message will not be issued for RIMPAC 2010. The
                                          for RIMPAC. Few pre-exs referenced this message or used the RIMPAC 2010 OPORD will detail the relaxations that will
20                                        content of this message.                                    not be approved.

     Waterspace Planning.                 Long OPSKEDS with many waterspace shifts increased the          During the planning conferences, a more feasible way to
                                          loading on SM boradcasts and resulted in submarines losing      manage waterspace will be developed. Possible option is
                                          valuable training time.                                         for each submarine to be allocated a static block of water,
                                                                                                          with CASEXs being completed in this waterspace and
21                                                                                                        surface units transiting to this location.

     Blue Force Submarine.                The absence of a Blue Force submarine reduced the training      Investigate use of Blue Force submarine or simulated
                                          value and realism for the OPFOR submarines.                     submarine during IPC.

     Request for more ASUW and MIO Participants requested more ASUW and MIO vignette                   RIMPAC 2010 Program has been developed to include a
     vignette opportunities.       opportunities that were conducted in approriately sized op areas six day period for ASUW (can include MIO within this
                                   (large), with realistic SOAs, included a variety of air and surface period).
23                                 assets and were linked to appropriate ROE (not shoot to kill).

     Embarkation of land forces prior     CTF 176 and CFLCC recommended that the land forces should Feasibility will be investigated at IPC.
     to transit to Hawaii to facilitate   embark in their Ships prior to departing for Hawaii. This would
     integration.                         assist the integration of the land forces and allow any issues to
                                          be resolved prior to the commencement of the exercise.
     Expand Multi-national land forces. Expand the land force to include nations other than the US and    Request for participants to provide land forces will be
25                                      Canada (and Indonesia).                                           included in RIMPAC 2010 Invitation and at IPC.

     SAR detachment to support          A dedicated SAR Detachment must be identified and assigned        To be investigated and identified during IPC.
26   MAGTF training and missions.       to support MAGTF training anf missions.

                                                                          LIVE FIRE
     Control live fire events.          Some live fire bids were received too late and/or major changes Bids for live fire events are to be submitted prior to the
27                                      made after the FPC resulting in major changes to the live fire  IPC and major details confirmed at the MPC.

     Pre-Ex requirements for Live Fire Live fire events required a CONOPS message from each              Develop and promulgate Live Fire Event setting signal
     events.                           respective CTF detailing the conduct of their live fire event. It requirements at IPC.
28                                     was recommeded this be replaced with a Pre-Ex, the PMRF live
                                       fire plan and a LOI.

     Develop direct link between CTF    It was recommended that CTF 173 have direct access to the TF The role of CTF 173 and it being the sole organisation for
     173 and individual TF N4s          N4s to facilitate logistics issues being resolved in a timely and addressing logistics related issues will be addressed and
                                        efficient manner.                                                 educated at the IPC.

     Scenario should have greater link The scenario needs to flow from one phase to another and           Scenario will be amended to achieve this.
     between SOE phase and tactical should be linked, so as to provide some realism.

     NEC and MIW conducted a         Intel injects for the NEC/MIW exercise were not issued by White During RIMPAC 2010 NEC and MIW cannot run separate
     separate exercise within RIMPAC Cell, leading to confusion of some participants.                exercise and White Cell will control all intel/exercise
31   08.                                                                                             injects.

                                                                 PLANNING CONFERENCES
     Conduct of planning conferences    Defined objectives and outputs need to be promulgated for each To be incorporated into IPC, MPC and FPC. Cross
     and outputs/objectives of each     planning conference. The planning conferences must be just      pollination of information will occur between C3F working
     conference.                        that - a planning event. There must be a sharing of information group leads.
                                        between working groups to ensure training objectives are
                                        realistic and expectations are managed. It was assessed that
                                        too much planning occurred after the FPC and during the
                                        harbour phase.

     Develop the use of CMFP and the CMFP was improved significantly from RIMPAC 2006. The                N6 are investigating solutions to the issues highlighted in
     associated architecture.        focus for RIMPAC 2010 should be the distribution of and access       RIMPAC 08. Distribution and access to terminals will be
                                     to CMFP terminals and addressing the CMFP issues highlighted         addressed in the RIMPAC 2010 C4I Baseline Message.
33                                   during/after RIMPAC 08. The focus and importance of CMFP as          Importance of CMFP as the RIMPAC network will be
                                     the RIMPAC network must be re-iterated to all participants           stressed to participants during the planning cycle.
                                     during the planning cycle.
     Investigate lower bandwidth chat   Participants noted that CMFP STC used too much bandwidth             CMFP STC is a low bandwidth application compared with
     applications.                      and requested that other lower bandwidth chat applications be        other chat applications that are currently used the DOD. It
                                        investigated.                                                        is not feasible to create a new chat application specifically
34                                                                                                           for RIMPAC. The RIMPAC 2010 C4I Baseline Message
                                                                                                             will recommend that participants have 128K INMARSAT
                                                                                                             systems to support the RIMPAC IM requirements.

     CFACC/CAOC helpdesk manning. The CFACC/CAOC helpdesk was not manned by a COMMDIR                        N6 have submitted input to have the JMD amended to
                                  A6 and sufficient personnel to support 24/7 operations. The                ensure the appropriate number of qualified personnel are
                                  personnel manning the CAOC were too inexperienced.                         assigned to helpdesks that support 24/7 operations.
35                                                                                                           CFACC personnel are to ensure spaces are made
                                                                                                             available that can have combined participants operating in

     Multiple CMFP servers were         Email address lists were not imported/exported between               N6 investigating feasible solutions to this issue. Possible
36   required to be used.               servers, making it difficult to find an individuals email address.   solution is webmail.

     Default 20 MG storage space for    Resulted in emails being deleted every four days to free up          N6 investigating feasible solutions to this issue.
37   email accounts was insufficient.   space.

     Email accounts naming              The use of multiple servers resulted in personnel having the         N6 investigating feasible solutions to this issue. Possible
     conventions.                       same email address, but that address could only be accessed          solution is webmail.
38                                      on the server it was sent on.

     Personnel were still using         This resulted in information being passed on multiple domains        CMFP is the only domain to be used for Official RIMPAC
     NIPR/SIPR for RIMPAC               and N6 personnel having to transfer data between the different       correspondence. This alleviates multiple sources of
     correspondence.                    domains.                                                             information, confusion/ambiguities in information and
                                                                                                             removes the requirement for N6 personnel to transfer
                                                                                                             data between different domains. C3F will send a msg to
39                                                                                                           ALRIMPAC prior to departing San Diego for RIMPAC
                                                                                                             2010 stating that C3F RIMPAC personnel are only to be
                                                                                                             contacted on CMFP for RIMPAC specific matters. The
                                                                                                             msg will also detail each persons email address.

     OPFOR chat room.                   An OPFOR library/chat room was not created until after the           N6/N7 to ensure OPFOR chat room created prior to
40                                      exercise had commenced.                                              exercise start.

     Sametime Chat procedures.          A standard set of sametime chat procedures needs to be       Draft and promulgate an OPTASK IM for RIMPAC 2010.
                                        developed and promulgated, as there was some confusion as to This also needs to be captured in COMBEXAG V.
41                                      what information should be passed and in which chat room.

                                                                  FLIGHT OPERATIONS
     No procedure in place for          A temporary solution was implemented when the issue arose            A permanent procedure is to be developed and
     employment of helos in multi-      during the exercise.                                                 incorporated into COMBEXAG, SPINS and/or the
42   threat environment (no height                                                                           OPORD.
     CFMCC Staff.                       CFMCC personnel undermined training for CTFs as they were ill        The CECG will manage the first half of the FIT phase.
                                        prepared (no training conducted) for the exercise and did not        The MOC will be stood to and conduct on the job training
                                        have the appropriate background or skill sets to execute their       during the second half of the FIT phase. The second half
43                                      assigned job.                                                        of the FIT phase has more advanced serials which will
                                                                                                             adequately prepare them for the tactical phase.
     CAOC personnel arrived in Hawaii This resulted in CAOC personnel not being ready to execute        CAOC personnel will be directed to arrive in Hawaii five
     the day the SOE phase            operations as they were unaware of the battle rhythm and did      working days prior to the commencement of the exercise.
     commenced.                       not have the appropriate IT access.

     USMC representative assigned to The lack of a USMC representative at planning conferences and JMD to be amended to reflect USMC representative in
     the White Cell.                 during the exercise resulted in a lack of timely and appropriate White Cell.
45                                   intel injects during littoral operations.

     Accurate POC list.                Considerable effort was allocated to developing an accurate      A RIMPAC 2010 Master Contact List has been
                                       POC list during the exercise.                                    commenced and will be maintained by the RIMPAC

     Development of IO/Influence       CFMCC and CTF Commanders requested an IO/influence         IO and concepts such as an influence campaign will be
     campaign.                         campaign be developed and implemented. They also requested investigated further at the IPC - classification and
47                                     an IO round table within the harbor phase.                 realisibility of documents will limit their use. IO table top to
                                                                                                  be included in harbor phase.

     ROE Table Top                     ROE was not fully understood by all participants and OPFOR       ROE Table Top will be held during Harbor Phase to brief
                                       Commanders were not provided ROE. ROE was not exercised          all participants on the ROE, how it is to be employed
                                       during the SOE phase and critical EXROE was not distributed      during the FIT phase and the proces of sending
48                                     until mid exercise.                                              ROEREQs etc. ROE will be exercised during all phases
                                                                                                        of RIMPAC 2010.

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