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City Managers Report


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									City of Biddeford, Maine 205 Main St. P.O. Box 586 Biddeford, Maine 04005

City Managers Report
October 21, 2008 John D. Bubier City Manager
Time Warmer Cable: Several meetings and exchanges have taken place. TWC and Time Warner Inc. are going to be separate. TWC will become a publicly traded company. The 84% of the company not currently publicly traded will become so. TWI suggests that the result will be a „spin-off‟ and not a separate and unique corporation. There will be continued meetings to define the options for the city. There has been a continued discussion of the issues on the existing digital and analog public cable channels. I suspect we will continue for some time. More to come as it rolls out. Public Works Department: Following are the highlights from our Departments activities for the reporting period. Vehicle Maintenance    Regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance Repairs of day to day breakdowns and damages Truck & equipment winter preparations

Street Maintenance Division        Pavement spot repairs Sign maintenance / replacement / repair Pavement markings Street Sweeping Wesley Drive culvert & ditch work Drapeau Street pavement removal & prep for paving Western Ave. pavement removal for drainage project



Truck / equipment cleaning and checks

Solid Waste Division    Curbside waste collection Recycling / transfer station operations Haul brush & leaves

Parks Maintenance Division         Downtown maintenance / cleanup Beach / parks trash collection Parks clean-up and maintenance Preparation of athletic fields Parks / athletic fields mowing Traffic islands mowing City facilities mowing Check and clean equipment

Cemetery Maintenance Division   Mowing & trimming Maintenance of nursery area

Wastewater Maintenance Division        Operations / maintenance Bidd.Pool Treatment Plant Operations / maintenance pump stations CSO inspections Catch basin cleaning operations Sewer line cleaning operations Catch basin and manhole repairs Cleaves St. rim adjustments

The following Action Plan has been developed by HR and Senior staff in response to emergency drills held in recent weeks and in pursuit of a better safety committee activity.

Emergency Action Plan Policy
Purpose The Purpose of this program is to establish emergency procedures and plans at Biddeford City Hall. This program applies to all City Hall employees that have the potential for emergency situations, including building evacuations, severe weather conditions and medical emergencies.


Definitions Emergency: Any unplanned event that can cause death or injury to employees, customers or the public or that can shut down a business, disrupt operations or cause physical or environmental damage. Evacuation Route: The shortest path from an affected area to an area of safety or a designated location out of the building. Responsibilities The Program Administrator – Martha Sumner, Human Resources Director This person is responsible for:  Issuing and administering this program and making sure that it satisfies all applicable federal, state and local requirements  Maintaining all emergency call lists  Providing initial and periodic safety awareness training on the Emergency Action Plan to employees  Scheduling and coordinating all emergency drills  Auditing the Emergency Action Plan to assure its continued effectiveness Evacuation Leaders Name Bob Sanchioni Charlene Charland Marcy Faucher Gayle Doyon Vicky Edgerly

Department Engineering Dept Assessing Office HR Office Tax Office Welfare Office

Location 3rd Floor 2nd Floor 1st Floor Main St Level Adam‟s St Level

Responsibilities (continued) These people are responsible for:  Knowing and understanding the appropriate emergency response at City Hall  Understanding specific actions to be taken at their location in response to various emergencies, including equipment shutdowns  Assuring that employees in their location know what to do in case of emergencies  Accounting for employees during evacuations  Directing employees to proper evacuation routes and exits Emergency Medical Team – Marcy Faucher and Roby Fecteau These people are responsible for:  Responding to medical emergencies in City Hall and providing initial emergency First Aid or CPR  Assessing the need for outside emergency responders  Contacting outside emergency responders and directing them to the accident scene in City Hall 3

 Complying with the City‟s bloodborne pathogen program Department Heads These people are responsible for:  Assuring that employees in their department are trained on the correct actions to take in the event of an emergency  Accounting for their employees during an evacuation (head-count method) at the designated outside area. (See Department Head Evacuation Assignment List Form)  Initiating Workers‟ Comp First Reports for employees who sustain injuries or illnesses while on the job (this pertains to anyone in a Supervisory position) Employees These people are responsible for:  Knowing what to do in case of an emergency (no matter where they might be in the building)  Participating in all emergency training and drills  Reporting to Department Head at designated evacuation area Emergency Drills  Drills that simulate evacuation of employees due to fire will be conducted in City Hall a minimum of once each year  Written documentation of the performance of each drill will be sent to the City Manager, by the Program Administrator (Martha Sumner) Evacuation Process  Exits and evacuation routes will be established for each building location  Locations of exits and evacuation routes will be maintained on the City Hall preparedness maps Responsibilities (continued) Designated Evacuation Areas The following sites have been designated as areas employees will meet their Department Head:  Main Street - Engineering Dept., City Clerk, Tax Collectors Office, Finance, 1st floor lunch room, Special Ed/Curriculum/Central Business Offices, Welfare, Community Development/Planning Office.  City Hall Parking Lot - Assessing, Code Enforcement/Building Inspector Office, Administrative Office, Human Resources, Purchasing, Maintenance, School Employees, 2nd floor computer office, Chambers, 1st floor conference room, and 2nd floor conference room. Alarm Systems  Notification of building emergencies will be communicated via fire alarms, laser lights and a voice alarm system  The building fire alarm will be activated during the fire drills, pulled alarms, smoke or fire Fire Protection System


 Direct tap in pipes for fire hoses will be inspected annually by the Fire Department  City Theater sprinkler system will be inspected and tested annually  The building alarm system will be inspected annually according to insurance company recommendations  Fire extinguishers are located on each floor and the Welfare office Fire Prevention  Department Heads / City Manager will identify fire hazards within their departments and take appropriate preventive actions  All employees are responsible for reporting fire hazards to Department Heads or the maintenance department immediately  Building maintenance supervisor conducts monthly inspections Training  All employees will be oriented to the appropriate emergency response at time of hire  All employees will participate in periodic training (i.e. fire drills)  Emergency coordinators and evacuation leaders will be trained annually on appropriate responses within the workplace

City Hall Building

General Procedures: Assess the emergency. Determine the appropriate response. Fire Emergency or Building Evacuation: Step Action 1 Sound the local alarm (i.e. activate fire alarm via pull station, contact Marcy Faucher, notify Department Head). 2 Leave the building via designated evacuation routes. Use stairways. Do

not use elevators!!
3 4 5 6 Assemble at the designated meeting area. Department Heads account for people in the building. Remain outside the building until told that it is safe to reenter (as instructed by the Fire Department). Close all windows & doors upon leaving room (to eliminate drafts)

Medical Emergency: Step



1 2 3 4 5 6

Shout for help to alert nearby employees. Assess the medical emergency. Determine the type of injury or illness. Contact emergency responders (911) and Marcy Faucher and Roby Fecteau Appoint an employee to guide outside emergency responders to the site. Assist emergency responders as needed. Complete an Injury and/or Incident Report (for non-employees) and a Workers‟ Comp First Report (for City employees).

Severe Weather: Step Action 1 Stay away from windows or outside doors. 2 Shut down equipment as necessary. 3 Stay away from building areas with large roof spans, such as the City Theater. 4 Account for people in the building. 5 Be aware of potential hazards from downed electrical lines and structural damage.

City Hall Building

Type of drill: __________________________ Date of drill: __________________________ Time drill started: ______________ Time drill concluded: ____________ If drill was to simulate an evacuation, how long did the evacuation take? Time when alarm sounded Time when all employees cleared the building and were accounted for Total evacuation time ________________

________________ ________________

If the drill was for a non-evacuation, describe the purpose of the drill:


_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Give a narrative to assess the drill including what went well and what needs improvement: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Completed by: __________________________ Program Administrator NOTE: Give copy of report to City Manager

Date: _______________

City Hall Building

By my signature below, I acknowledge that I have received information and training regarding:     Emergency drills Emergency response Designated evacuation areas Fire prevention    Evacuation routes and exits Potential emergencies Alarm systems

Employee Name & Social Security Number
(please print)

(please print)


Employee Signature


Signature of Trainer: ________________________

Date: ______________

City Hall Building

Department Head Evacuation Assignment List
Department Name: ________________ Department Head: ______________

Outside Designated Area: ___________________________

Employee Name

Accounted For (Y / N)



____________________________________ Department Head Signature

___________________ Date

NOTE: Upon completion of drill/emergency, this form must be forwarded to the Program Administrator or one of the Evacuation Leaders.

City Hall Building

Program Administrator Evacuation Assignment List
Program Administrator: __________________

Department Name

Accounted For (Y / N)



______________________________________ Program Administrator Signature

___________________ Date

PACTS 1. Agenda for the Thursday the16th PACTS agenda: is the Biddeford Rte 1 project in the section titled 2010/2011 Biennium PACTS MPO Allocation Projects It is now scheduled at 3.6 million and it comes with a recommendation to pass fully funded with a standard local share at 850,000. I am not sure the fight is over on this project. I will try to hold onto this funding in the face of declining available funds from the Feds. Under the High Priority Projects are 2 areas that will help Biddeford One is in the area of Mass transit and the other is in the area of the Portland North Amtrak. In that any support for the Downeaster is a help for Biddeford /Saco and the growth of the area.

Policy Committee Meeting Notice
October 16, 2008 1:30 p.m. GPCOG, 68 Marginal Way, Portland Agenda 2. Call to order 3. Public Comment 4. Minutes of the September 18th Meeting


5. Regional Collector Road Assessment Study Presentation by Tom Gorrill of Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Engineers 6. 2010/2011 Biennium PACTS MPO Allocation Projects Action on recommendations from Executive, Planning, Transit and Technical Committees 7. High Priority Projects Action on High Priority Projects Committee recommendations**** 8. Consent Agenda 9. Adjourn The Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Portland Urbanized Area
68 Marginal Way • Portland, Maine 04101
Telephone: (207) 774-9891 • Fax: (207) 774-7149 • www.pactsplan.org

***In July 2006, the Policy Committee directed the High Priority Projects Committee to develop PACTS region proposals for High Priority Project funding in the next multi-year federal transportation authorization. The current members are:         Rick Michaud, Policy Committee, Chair Kevin Donoghue, Policy Committee Dave Cole, Policy Committee John Bubier and Tom Milligan, Policy Committee Mike Bobinsky, Policy Committee Dan Jellis, Technical Committee Donna Larson, Planning Committee Tom Meyers, Transit Committee

The High Priority Projects Committee has met eight times. The following people also attended many of the meetings:  Gary Williams, MaineDOT Director of Policy and Research  Staff from our Congressional Delegation Staff from the Maine Turnpike Authority The High Priority Projects Committee recommends that: 1. The Policy Committee adopt the following list of proposals and ask staff to seek support from our 15 city/town councils, 7 transit


boards and the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce. The list is not in priority order.    The Veterans Bridge rehabilitation/reconstruction project if MaineDOT needs additional financing for the project. The current MaineDOT estimate is $56,000,000. Purchase the transit vehicles per the PACTS Transit Committee proposal at $22,500,000 plus an inflation factor being developed. Make capital investments for “Portland North” commuter rail to Brunswick at $70,000,000 (a rough MaineDOT estimate). MaineDOT is currently studying potential routes for this new service.

2010/2011 Biennium PACTS MPO Allocation Projects Table 1: Project Recommendations for 2010/2011 Biennium MPO Allocation
Amount Collectors Biddeford Route 1 OOB Roundabout Portland Forest Ave. Intersections Transit Set Aside Bike/Ped Set Aside Total $5,000,000 $3,400,000 $1,290,000 $2,110,000 Notes

See Technical Committee handout at today's meeting. This amount might be higher than needed. Current cost estimate is over $3 million. Current cost estimate is $2.6 million. We set a $1.3 M cap in 2006. Forest Avenue is on the National Highway System. $600,000 See list below. $1,434,000 See list below. $802,000 See list below. $14,636,000

Note: Almost all of the projects below will require additional local funding beyond the amounts shown. Intersections (new) Dunstan Corner PE only at $263,000 Forest at Newton (NHS) at $100,000 Saco at East Cummings at $237,000 Transit (deferred) CBITD ferry: $300,000 S. Portland bus garage (1): $238,000 Transit (new) Regional bus signs and shelters: $379,000 S. Portland transit hub: $114,000 S. Portland bus garage (2): $238,000 RTP three vehicles: $165,000 Bike/Ped (deferred) Biddeford Main Street sidewalk: $141,000 OOB Saco Avenue sidewalk 1: $188,000 Bike/Ped (new) OOB Saco Avenue sidewalk 2: $234,000 Falmouth Foreside sidewalk: $81,000 Portland Transpo center: $121,750


Cheryl Breault, Secretary Associate Office of Business Development & Maine Products Marketing Program 59 State House StationAugusta, ME 04333 207-624-9804 www.businessinmaine.com www.mainemade.com has indicated nominations are currently being accepted for the 2009 Governor's Awards for Business Excellence. The awards are presented to companies that demonstrate a consistently high level of commitment in three areas - commitment to community, commitment to employees, and commitment to manufacturing and/or service excellence. Nomination deadline is November 18, 2008. Nomination instructions and application forms are available by contacting Dora Dostie at dora.m.dostie@maine.gov or calling 207-624-9807. Information can also be obtained by going to www.mainebiz.com and clicking on the Governor‟s Aware for Business Excellence icon. Old Orchard Beach Police Lieutenant Timothy Deluca announced the Police Department will be hosting the second Citizen Police Academy starting in January 2009. Originally scheduled to start this month it has been postponed to give more citizens the opportunity to sign up. This is an important opportunity for citizens to become actively involved in the safety of their community. The training is extensive and the opportunity to assist the Police Department once that training has been completed will afford the opportunity for more citizens to be involved in community service.

They are now accepting applications. Please visit www.oobpd.com to print an application and details or call 934-4911. All applications are due by December 30, 2008 at the police station. Seats are limited so sign up soon. For further information on these classes call Lt. Tim Deluca at 934-4911.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) within the Maine DHHS is reporting that a pool of mosquitoes, collected on September 30, 2008 from the town of Arundel in York County, has tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). Test results for additional pools from this location are currently pending. Numerous other mosquito pools previously collected this year from Arundel and York County have come back negative for both EEE and West Nile virus (WNV).


The Maine CDC within Maine DHHS and the Maine Department of Agriculture are alerting physicians, veterinarians, and other health care providers of this EEE activity, and encouraging personal protection and clinical awareness to prevent human infections. For further questions or concerns, please contact the Maine CDC epidemiologist on-call at: 1-800-821-5821. Prevention The best way to avoid the transmission of EEE is to prevent mosquito bites. It is important for our overall health to enjoy the outdoors, and with a few simple steps, we can also reduce the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. While temperatures have been falling in many parts of the state, until there has been a hard frost, there will continue to be mosquito activity. Residents are advised to take the following steps to prevent mosquito bites: Use insect repellent on skin and clothing certified as effective by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants and socks when outdoors  Place mosquito netting over infant carriers when you are outdoors with infants Mosquitoes are generally most active during dusk and dawn. Human Clinical Features     Symptoms of EEE typically appear 4 -- 10 days after the bite of an infected mosquito Symptoms range from mild flu-like illness to encephalitis, coma, and death. EEE case fatality rate is 35-50% Approximately 35% of people who survive EEE will have mild to severe neurological deficits 

Diagnostic Tests for EEE Infection Clinical Suspicion: EEE infection can be suspected in a person based on clinical symptoms and patient history. Diagnosis relies on a high index of suspicion and on results of specific laboratory tests. EEE or other arboviral infections should be seriously considered in any individual – but especially those over age 50 or younger than age 15 who has onset of unexplained encephalitis or meningitis in the late summer or early fall. The local presence of EEE enzootic activity should further raise the index of suspicion. Laboratory Tests: Laboratory testing is required for a confirmed diagnosis. The most efficient diagnostic methods are: - Detection of IgM antibody to EEE in serum collected 3-10 days after onset of illness (note: if a specimen collected less than 10 days after onset of illness is negative, a convalescent serum should be collected and tested for IgM antibody 23 weeks after the first collection date). - Detection of IgM antibody to EEE in CSF collected within 8 days of illness onset (for persons with neuroinvasive disease).


Because other arboviral infections can cause indistinguishable clinical presentations, public health testing for EEE infection in Maine is accompanied by testing for West Nile virus (WNV) and St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE) virus infections. Confirmatory testing of IgM ELISA positive specimens is performed using the plaque-reduction neutralization test (PRNT) at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The PRNT is useful in ruling out possible false positive results and in distinguishing cross-reactions that can occur between different arboviral infections. Diagnostic testing of serum and cerebrospinal fluid for EEE infection (and related arboviral infections) is available free of charge through the Maine CDC‟s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory. Maine CDC requests that all specimens for arboviral testing be submitted to Maine CDC’s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL), rather than commercial laboratories. For information on obtaining and submitting specimens for diagnostic testing call 1-800-821-5821 or go to: http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/boh/ddc/arbovirus/. Additional information can be found by visiting the following sites: US CDC EEE Website http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/arbor/eeefact.htm Maine Department of Agriculture Animal Health Website http://www.maine.gov/agriculture/ahi/index.html CDBG Week Ending 10/10/2008:

1. Downtown Facade Improvement Program Year 2 (continuing) The facade is continuing but winding down for outside projects until next spring. There is still some funding available. The following are the projects and their progress to date: 12 Water Street – Lacava building – COMPLETE 32 Alfred Street- UNDER CONTRACT 20 Alfred Street – Pauline‟s Barbershop and Gennystyle Hair Salon buildingUNDER CONTRACT 26 Alfred Street – Wonder Nails and Jewel of India building-UNDER CONTRACT 38-42 Alfred Street – Goodwill building- UNDER CONTRACT 180 Main Street – Courier Building COMPLETE 118 Alfred Street - COMPLETE 55-65 Main Street- UNDER CONTRACT 316 Main Street 2. Housing Assessment (continuing)


Planning Insights, Inc. redrafted a section of the housing assessment/market analysis and it should be printed next week. Relevant sections have been included in the Consolidated Plan. 3. Programs and Activities (continuing) a. Cleaves Street sidewalk construction has resumed. b. Alfred Street Sidewalk Project under costruction. c. The Bus Shelter project is being redefined for construction. d. Pierson Lane Playground complete with an additional piece of equipment to be added in Spring ‟09. e. Southern Maine Agency on Aging Elder Advocate Program continuing. f. Bike Monkeys Program completed (monitored by the Community Development Coordinator and the program is in compliance). g. Time Bank program monitored and closed. Three new applications have been accepted for review for possible funding. The Council will be kept informed and a presentation made when an application(s) have been reviewed for funding by the Citizens Advisory Committee. h. ArtVan Program complete. i. Cannon Park Project sidewalks are complete. j. The Community Center Ramp Project is complete. 4. New 5-Year Consolidated Plan and Year 1 Action Plan (continuing) Our Request for Release of Funds has been received and our Environmental Review by HUD complete. We have been given the green light to expend funds. Social services are under contract. 5. Neighborhood Revitalization (continuing) A fall cleanup and barbeque is scheduled for October 11th from 12 noon to 2pm. in the Bacon Street Neighborhood. Revitalization efforts will begin in the area around St. Joseph‟s shortly with a neighborhood meeting. 6. Home-Based Business Group (continuing) As part of my 2008 HUD Region 1 CPD Community Development Leadership Development Program requirements I coordinated a home-based business group with the Maine Small Business Development Center. The group is growing and another meeting is scheduled for October 23rd at 6 pm in the second floor conference room at City Hall. 7. HUD Leadership Program I am continuing in the HUD Leadership Program and expanding my knowledge of HUD, meeting other communities and learning about interesting projects. HUD has scheduled the final program day as October 28th.. 8. HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Funds (NSF)


I am attending a meeting on October 10th in Augusta presented by the State‟s Department of Economic and Community Development to learn more about how the state will distribute its allocation of funds (NSF) from HUD for eligible activities for foreclosed and vacant properties. The guidelines are limiting, but entitlement communities were invited to participate and for us, I will see if there is anyway we can use any of this funding. Tried the Downeaster from Biddeford/Saco Here are some opportunities: The Downeaster has teamed up with Our Tickets and Tours to offer Celtics and Bruins Packages. You get a game ticket and round-trip transportation on the Downeaster from any station, to Boston, and back. The following are the ONLY available dates, so call OUR TICKETS and TOURS now at 207-787-3184!
Celtics 10/17 vs. Knicks (pre-season) $55 to $95 11/7 vs. Bucks $79 11/12 vs. Hawks $75 11/18 vs. Knicks $75 Bruins 11/6 vs. Maple Leafs $59 11/19 vs Sabres $55 12/8 vs. Lightning $55 1/6 vs. Wild $55

Downeaster and MBTA Football Trains to Gillette Stadium The MBTA Commuter Rail(North Station) provides special train service to Gillette Stadium for all home games of the New England Patriots. The round-trip fare is $12 plus the Downeaster. See if the football train can work for you. HOMELAND SECURITY GRANT PROGRAM BRIEFING TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2008HOMELAND SECURITY GRANT PROGRAM BRIEFING TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2008 AT 7 P.M. LOCATION: YORK COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY 5 SWETTS BRIDGE ROAD ALFRED, ME 04002


This will be for those interested in applying for a Homeland Security Grant (schools are included).Now is the time to ask your questions and get face to face answers. If you cannot attend, but want to be included, please send someone to bring the information back to you…….. Robert C. Bohlmann, Director YCEMA Showing through October 31: Opening Saturday Oct. 11


Donna Oehmig's Ten to the Tenth embodies the artist's new found interest and love of geometry and its significance in human lives since ancient times. She's been examining the connection of these figures to spirituality and our existence. The most striking element in her work is gold leaf, another material used throughout the ages, and, when combined with encaustic, creates incredible, shimmering, moving surfaces. Oehmig will be joined by Dayton native, sculptor Donna Caron. Presently, Caron's show, entitled Awakening, is centered on the human form as a visual symbol. Beyond its physical presence, the figure exists as a reflection of our perception of the ancient, the eternal. For her, these vestiges invoke a deep appreciation of our origins and a sacred connection to creation that exceeds physical boundaries. Opening reception will be Saturday, October 11, from 5-8pm. -----------------------------------Gil Corral's Ordinary Relevance show is moving to the North Dam Mill for the month of October: Franklin Street Art Space is working in collaboration with the North Dam Mill to provide people with even more opportunity to see Gil's work. The pieces will hang inside the River's Edge Showroom on the main floor which is open to the public between the hours of 8-5pm Monday through Saturday. Gil's work was reviewed by Portland Phoenix writer Ian Page. Read the whole review here. And then come see the show at the North Dam Mill. A wonderful new store, Loving Anvil, is going to open in downtown Biddeford, on or near November 15...they will be located in the sweet little storefront between the Wonderbar and Three D's on Washington Street. Loving Anvil will feature the work of Coco Corral and other designers the proprietor hand picks. Stay tuned for a grand opening announcement soon. And finally, Happy Birthday to us. FSAS opened its doors in October last year. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made it an incredibly fun year for both Russell and me. Tammy Ackerman


The Maine Development Foundation is pleased to announce a new series entitled “Leadership Unplugged”. This series is designed to be a conversation with Maine leaders around issues of economic importance. It is an opportunity for you to come together with other leaders in a relaxed setting to build relationships and enhance our ability to move Maine forward. The first of this series is taking place on Wednesday, November 12 from 7:15 – 9:00 at the Wyndham Portland Airport Hotel (the former Sheraton Tara) in South Portland. Attorney General G. Steven Rowe will join us to talk about the huge economic impact of early childhood investment. We are very pleased to be partnering with the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce. The event is sponsored by The Bingham Program. Attached please find the details and registration materials, or you can simply visit our website at www.mdf.org to register now. Seating is limited, so please register early. ___________________________________________________ November City Council Meeting Change Please take note: Please be advised that the City Council voted to change the regularly scheduled November 4th Council meeting to Thursday, November 6th due to the Presidential Election on November 4th. The deadline for agenda items for that November 6th Council Meeting will still be on Wednesday, October 29th at noon.


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