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									Bangalore’s Modern Architecture - Bungalow Designs

Bangalore is India's third most populous growing metropolitan city. Innovative architecture is a
visual treat in the city of Bangalore. Professional architectural firms have been planning,
designing and constructing modern buildings that adorn Bangalore’s skylight. Environmental
sustainability is having a major impact in construction industry today. Ashwin Architect’s for
example, employs greener roof designs and biodegradable materials whenever feasible. Due
attention is also given to the structure's energy usage.

Modern Homes in Bangalore

Some modern homes in Bangalore have modular designs. Even the smaller bungalows reflect
luxurious and cool lifestyle. Their designs are aesthetic and functional. Due to which there is
always space for all requirements.

Contemporary home architecture designs also encompass designs for cottages, vacation
homes, bungalows, concrete homes, and villa designs.

Ashwin Architect’s bungalow designs are present day state of the art spaces. They reveal
contemporary living and modern style and design. They are the professional architects
providing architecture designing services, especially to cater to the ever rising demand for
modern homes. Ashwin Architects use modern technology for efficiently constructing
buildings that are more cost-efficient, functional and also eco-friendly.

Modern Architecture Design Services

Ashwin Architect's have been employing new and innovative exterior design ideas for modern
bungalow designs and construction. Their modern architectural design services are offered as
per the latest trends and with assurance of best space management and positive energy. They
provide a comprehensive design, architectural and construction services to their clients.
Buildings, bungalows and commercial spaces are contemporarily designed and aesthetically

The following activities are a part of Ashwin Architect's architectural design services:

Site analysis

Structural feasibility study

Preliminary drawings to enable clients to understand their buildings

3-dimensional imaging
Detailed drawings to enable construction

Post construction - development of internal spaces and interior designs


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