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									             Math Tic-Tac-Toe for VSLs
  Choose three activities below from the TIC-TAC-Toe board.
Your teacher will instruct you how to go about choosing the three
   activities you will do. The activities can be completed using
 different problems or used as different strategies for solving
                            the same one.

Draw a picture of the      Use or make up a         Use the overhead
problem and solution,        flow chart or           projector and a
 labeling important                                transparency to talk
                           graphic organizer
  steps and groups.                                through the problem
                              to solve the
                                                      as you solve it.

  Walk through the          After solving the
                                                        Invent a set of
 problem backwards.        problem, think of at
                                                   manipulatives to solve the
    Start with the        least one alternative     problem and use them.
  solution and back-      method to solve it and   Then show others how to
track to show how you         share it with                use them.
 solved it. Illustrate.        classmates.

                         Compare and contrast       Use a graphic
 Make up a skit about      the solution to this organizer to identify
 this problem and its     problem with that of patterns in operations,
solution and act it out. other problem/s that numbers, or strategies
                         you have worked, using you used to help you
                            a Venn Diagram.      solve this problem.

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