The Cape Union Mart and Garmin Inflatable Reindeer Competition by vivi07


									The Cape Union Mart and Garmin Inflatable Reindeer Competition
Cape Union Mart has hidden 12 inflatable reindeer in 12 secret locations around the world. Win a share of R100 000’s worth of prizes by finding a reindeer and showing him the best South Africa has to offer. Rules and Regulations The “Find the Reindeer” competition starts on Sunday the 23rd November and runs until the 25th December 2008. Here’s how you enter: Finding the reindeer 1. Log onto from Sunday 23rd November. 2. Click on the “reindeer locations” 3. At exactly 10:00 AM on every second day, a set of GPS co-ordinates will be released on this webpage. The first set of co-ordinates will be released on Sunday the 23rd November, and the last on Monday the 15th December 2008. The competition closes on Thursday the 25th December 2008. 4. Follow the GPS co-ordinates to find the inflatable reindeer (remember – the reindeer are hidden all over South Africa, and 3 are overseas!) 5. If you are the first person to find the inflatable reindeer, collect it and inflate it. Then SMS your name and ID number, together with the unique reindeer code, to 0732249457. This SMS assures you of a Cape Union Mart gift voucher to the value of R5000. 6. Please note that the reindeer will be in a package when you find it. It might not be in plain sight, and might require you to do some hunting, digging etc.

What next? 1. Keep the reindeer. 2. You’ve got until Thursday the 25th December to send us as many photographs of you and your reindeer enjoying the South African summer as possible. Introduce him to your friends and family. Take him to some interesting tourist spots. Let him enjoy the great outdoors with you. Be inventive. Think outside the box. Take him hiking. Take him to the beach. Put him on Facebook. Spoil him rotten, because on Thursday the 25th December we’ll be giving the most creative entrant R20 000 CASH! 3. Email any material you have to 4. Please feel free to mail us material whenever you have it. We like to keep our website updated, and what better content to use than yours! 5. Second place will receive a R10 000 cash prize. 6. Third place will receive a R5000 cash prize. 7. Remember, you’ve got a three in twelve chance of winning a cash prize! Terms and conditions  Visit for the terms and conditions

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