; Treasured Alabama Lakes
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Treasured Alabama Lakes


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									The Nuts and Bolts of TAL and
 OAW in theTallapoosa Basin
   7th Annual State of Our Watershed
   Betty Carol Graham Center, CACC
             June 22, 2011
•   Background
•   Use Classifications vs. Special Designations
•   TAL Special Designation
•   OAW Use Classification
•   Wrap Up and Questions
• Water Quality Standards in Alabama
   – ADEM Administrative Code Reg. 335-6-10 and 335-6-11
• Prior to April 15, 2011……..
   – 7 use classifications (including OAW)
   – 1 special designation (ONRW)
• The TAL Concept
• “Treasured Alabama Lake” (TAL) designation is
  Alabama’s 2nd special designation
• TAL is intended to provide recognition of exceptional
  water quality and recreational value in Alabama lakes
Classification vs. Designation

• Use classifications recognize and protect
  existing uses
   – Swimming
   – Aquatic Life
   – Public Water Supply
   – Navigation
   – Others
• Special Designations recognize special
  qualities or characteristics
Current Use Classifications
• 7 Use Classifications (Chapter 335-6-10-.09)
   – Outstanding Alabama Water (OAW)
   – Public Water Supply (PWS)
   – Swimming and Other Whole Body Water-Contact
     Sports (S)
   – Shellfish Harvesting (SH)
   – Fish and Wildlife (F&W)
   – Limited Warmwater Fishery (LFW)
   – Agricultural and Industrial Water Supply (A&I)

   *Consistent with EPA’s “fishable/swimmable” goal
ONRW Special Designation
• Outstanding National Resource Water (ONRW)
  – Chapter 335-6-10-.10
  – High quality waters: state parks and wildlife
    refuges and waters of exceptional recreational or
    ecological significance which constitute a
    “national” resource
  – Protected from new or expanded point source
  – Can only be assigned to waters classified OAW,
    PWS, S, SH, and/or F&W
  – Waterbody cannot be on 303(d) list or undergoing
    TMDL Implementation
TAL Special Designation
• Executive Order 54 issued by former Alabama
  Governor, Bob Riley, on December 28, 2010
• Public Notice published on January 23, 2011
• Public Hearing March 15, 2011
• Adoption by EMC April 15, 2011
• Effective May 23, 2011
• TAL designation appears in chapter 335-6-10
  after Outstanding National Resource Water
  designation - 335-6-10-.10(2)
Treasured Alabama Lake
• Treasured Alabama Lake (TAL)
  – High quality waters within impoundments and
    natural lakes: state parks and wildlife refuges and
    waters of exceptional whole-body water contact
    recreation, water supply or rare and extraordinary
    ecological significance
  – Protected from new or expanded point source
    discharges unless permit applicant demonstrates no
    feasible alternative
  – Can only be assigned to waters classified OAW,
    PWS, S, SH, and/or F&W
  – Waterbody cannot be on 303(d) list or undergoing
    TMDL Implementation
The First TAL
• EMC added the TAL special designation to
  Lake Martin on April 15, 2011
         – TAL designation for 4 segments of Lake Martin
Stream                                               From                       To                 Classification

Tallapoosa River (Lake Martin)                       Martin Dam                 Highway 280        S/F&W5

Tallapoosa River (Lake Martin)                       Highway 280                Hillabee Creek     PWS/S/F&W5

Little Kowaliga Creek (Lake Martin)                  Big Kowaliga Creek         Reservoir Limits   PWS/S/F&W5
                                                     (Lake Martin)

Manoy Creek (Lake Martin)                            Tallapoosa River           Reservoir Limits   PWS/S/F&W5
                                                     (Lake Martin)
5 The   special designation of Treasured Alabama Lake applies to this segment
OAW for the Tallapoosa
• Considered concurrently with TAL for Lake
• The process included:
  – Identification of potential segments
  – Site visit
  – Data compilation
  – Evaluation of the OAW Screening Criteria
  – Segment selection
Tallapoosa River near
Tallapoosa River at
Drydens Mill
Tallapoosa River at
Alabama Highway 46
Tallapoosa River at
Cleburne County Rd. 18
OAW – Segment Selection
•   Availability of Water Quality Data
•   Must be Unimpaired
•   High Quality Waters
•   Ecological Significance
•   Natural Characteristics
•   State Lands / Public Lands
•   Recreational Significance
Scoring Summary
CATEGORY          Rater 1       Rater 2      Rater 3
High Quality
                   5.0            5.0         5.0
                   3.5            3.5         3.5
                   4.3            3.7         4.0
Public Lands
                   1.0            1.0         1.0
                   5.0            3.0         4.5
Overall Score
                   3.8            3.2         3.6
                            Combined Score    3.5
Upper Tallapoosa River
OAW Segment
• Extends from Cane Creek to
  Alabama-Georgia state line
• Approximately 30 stream miles
• TAL Special Designation
• Lake Martin TAL
• Upper Tallapoosa OAW Use Classification
      Water Quality Standards

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