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									         1st IEEE International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (1st IEEE-NEMS)
Paper ID Session ID         Session Name                               Title                  Authors                          Contact Affiliation
                                                         Nano Sensor, Nano Actuator, and
            1.1            Keynote Speaker                                                    T. Fukuda                        Nagoya University           JP
                                                                                                                               University of California, Los
            1.2            Keynote Speaker                      Digital Microfluidics         C.-J Kim                                                       US
                                                       Advancements In Microfluidic Chemical
            1.3            Keynote Speaker                                                       Z.-L. Fang                    Zhejiang University         CN
                                                        And Bio Analytical System In China
                                                     The Electrical and Mechanical Properties of
  580      1A1.1           Invited Speakers                                                      Liao-Mao Peng                 Peking University           CN
                                                             Individual Nanostructures
                                                     A CMOS Biochip for Electrical Detection of
  102      1A1.2           Invited Speakers           DNA with an Embedded Current Amplifier Ping-Hei Chen                     National Taiwan University TW
                                                                                                 Michael De Volder, Kazuhiro
                      Best Paper Finalists Session       Electrorheologic Liquid Crystals in                                   Katholieke Universiteit
  86       1A2.1                                                                                 Yoshida, Shinichi Yokota,                                 BE
                                   1                  Microsystems: Model and Measurements                                     Leuven
                                                                                                 Dominiek Reynaerts
                      Best Paper Finalists Session    A RFID Tag Based Remote DNA sensing J. H. Chien, Y. T. Cheng, P. Y.
  103      1A2.2                                                                                                               National Taiwan University TW
                                   1                                    System                   Wang, and P. H. Chen
                                                     Two-Phase Flow in Microchannel Heat Sink Man Lee, Luthur Siu Lun
                      Best Paper Finalists Session
  278      1A2.3                                      with Nearly Uniform Heat Flux Boundary Cheung, Yi-Kuen Lee and           University of Arizona       US
                                                                       Condition                 Yitshak Zohar
                                                     The therapeutic effect of nanosized As2O3/
                      Best Paper Finalists Session      Fe3O4 complex in combination with
  132      1A2.4                                                                                 Yiqun Du, Dongsheng Zhang     Southeast University        CN
                                   1                    magnetic fluid hyperthermia(MFH) on
                                                                    cervical cancer
                                                         Monolithic MEMS SoC Design and
                      Best Paper Finalists Session                                               Jung-Hung Wen and Weileun     National Tsing Hua
  147      1A3.1                                           Fabrication Using 0.35 um BCD                                                                   TW
                                   2                                                             Fang                          University
                                                   Nano-Fabricated Mesoporous Pt electrode
                      Best Paper Finalists Session on Silicon Nano-Fabricated Mesoporous Pt
  506      1A3.2                                                                             Hye K. Seo and Jae Y. Park        Kwangwoon University        KR
                                   2                electrode on Silicon for CMOS Integrated
                                                      Electrochemical Sensor Applications
                      Best Paper Finalists Session     Controllable Morphology of ZnO         Ji P. Cheng, Xiao B. Zhang,
  196      1A3.3                                                                                                           Zhejiang University             CN
                                   2                Nanostructures via a Solvothermal Route   Xin Y. Tao and Fu Liu
                      Best Paper Finalists Session   Novel Semiconductor Nanodevices for      Claudio Balocco and Aimin M.
  478      1A3.4                                                                                                           University of Manchester        GB
                                   2                       Detections of THz Signals          Song
                      Best Paper Finalists Session A MEMS Nanocalorimeter for Biomolecular
  137      1A3.5                                                                              Li Wang and Qiao Lin             Carnegie Mellon University US
                                   2                           Characterization
  554      1B1.1           Invited Speakers                     NEMS need MEMS                N. de Rooij                      IMT University of Neuchatel CH
                                                     Nanomedicine: A crossdiscipline pathway
                                                                                                                               Natioanl Cheng Kung
           1B1.2           Invited Speakers           toward improved clinical diagnosis and Dar-Bing Shieh                                                TW

                                      A micro amperometric immunosensor
                                    based on protein A/gold nanoparticles/self- Yuanyuan Xu, Shanhong Xia,         Institute of Electronics,
20    1B2.1       Bio-Sensors                                                                                                                  CN
                                       assembled monolayer-modified gold        Chao Bian and Shaofeng Chen        CAS
                                                                                Siyang Zheng, Mike Liu,
                                     Platinum Black Electroplated Impedance                                        California Institute of
35    1B2.2       Bio-Sensors                                                   Harvey L. Kasdan and Yu-                                       US
                                                 Particle Sensor                                                   Technology
                                                                                Chong Tai1
                                                                                                                   National Synchrotron
                                    Extreme-Sensitive ELISA Biosensing via a B. Y. Shew, Y. H. Tsai, Y. C.
332   1B2.3       Bio-Sensors                                                                                      Radiation Research Center TW
                                         NIR SU-8 Micro-Interferometer       Cheng, Y. C. Lee
                                        Development of a multi-channel
                                                                            H.H. Huang, J. Zhou, Y.P.
355   1B2.4       Bio-Sensors       immunosensor for determination of serum                                  Fudan University            CN
                                                                            Huang and M.H. Bao
                                            hepatic fibrosis markers
                                      A Biosensor for Simazine Herbicide
                                                                                                             University of California at
505   1B2.5       Bio-Sensors          Detection Using Sub-Cellular Plant   Yun Huin Lin, Lei Luo, Liwei Lin                             US
                                                                            Chien-Fu Chen, Chun-Fei
                                      A Power-Free Single-Stripe-Guided     Kung, Chin-Chou Chu, Chien-
380   1B3.1       Micromixers                                                                                National Taiwan University TW
                                       Nanoliter Mixer for Micro-channels   Cheng Chang and Fan-Gang
                                                                                Yanbao Ma, Michael Fields,
                                                                                Chien-Pin Sun, Fengyuan
                                       Design of Microfluidic Mixer Utilizing                                  University of California at
482   1B3.2       Micromixers                                                   Zhang, Joseph C. Liao, Yang                                    US
                                             Pressure Disturbances                                             Los Angeles
                                                                                Li, David A. Haake, Bernard M.
                                                                                Churchill and Chih-Ming Ho
                                                                             Yao-Joe Yang, Kuo-Hsiu
                                                                             Huang, Ying-Yin Huang, Chii-
                                      Novel Designs of Herringbone Chaotic
486   1B3.3       Micromixers                                                Wann Lin, Lung-Jieh Yang, Fu- National Taiwan University TW
                                                                             San Jaw, Pei-Zen Chang, and
                                                                             Chih-Kung Lee
                                                                             Arun Kumar Nallani, Jeong-
                                     A Novel 3-D Micromixer for Improved In- Bong Lee, David Silva, David
330   1B3.4       Micromixers                                                                              Intel Corporation          US
                                             Situ Microfluidic Mixing        B. Wallace, and Donald J.
                                     Micro valve and chaotic mixer driven by    Xize Niu, Yi-Kuen Lee, Liyu Liu The Hong Kong University
463   1B3.5       Micromixers                                                                                                             HK
                                             electrorheological fluid           and, Weijia Wen                 of Science and Technology
                                     Design and Simulation of a Novel Micro-
                                                                                C. K. Chung, C.-Y. Wu, T. R.       National Cheng Kung
271   1B3.6       Micromixers        mixer with Baffles and Side-wall Injection                                                                TW
                                                                                Shih, C. F. Wu, and B. H. Wu       University
                                               into the Main Channel
                                        Experimental Research on Mixing
31    1B3.7       Micromixers                                                   Ruijin Wang and Jianzhong Lin      Zhejiang University         CN
                                        Efficiency of Magnetic Micromixer
                                                                                P.-J. Shih, W.-P. Shih, T.-H.
                                    Dynamic Performance of Micro Coordinate
383   1C2.1   Dynamic Measurement                                               Lin, C.-T. Liu, S.-H. Jen, J.-J.   National Taiwan University TW
                                                Measurement Probe
                                                                                He, and H.-P. Huang

                                         Measurement System for MEMS Dynamics
                                                                                     Yong J. Xie, Shi Y. Liu, Tie L.   Huazhong University of
388   1C2.2   Dynamic Measurement          Characterization with Environmental                                                                     CN
                                                                                     Shi, and Hai S. Wang              Science and Technology
                                                     Control Facility
                                             Investigation on Surface Forces
                                                                                     Jiang Li, Haosheng Chen,          University of Science and
286   1C2.3   Dynamic Measurement          Measurement Using Force-Balanced                                                                        CN
                                                                                     Yongjian Li                       Technology Beijing
                                                      MEMS Sensor
                                         Comparative Study of Size Effect of Micro
                                                                                   Pak King Leung, Peigang Deng Hong Kong University of
206   1C2.4   Dynamic Measurement        Bubble Dynamics by Sub-100 Microsecond                                                                    HK
                                                                                   and Yi-Kuen Lee              Science and Technology
                                               and Millisecond Pulse Heating

                                             Simulation and Analysis of Dynamic     Dan Wu, Changzhe Wu,        Institute of Electrical
367   1C2.5   Dynamic Measurement        Biomolecule Identification Technique Based Jiachang Yue, Ming Wang and Engineering, Chinese               CN
                                            on Molecular Motors and GMR Effect      Tao Song                    Academy of Sciences
                                              Kinetics of Solid Phase Epitaxy of
              Mechanical Properties of
187   1C3.1                                   Amorphous Si Induced by Self-ion       Xianfang Zhu                      Xiamen University           CN
                                            Implantation into Si with Nanocavities
                                                                                                                    Institute of Mechanics,
              Mechanical Properties of    Fabrication and Mechanic Properties of a Genwei WAN;Han ZHAO,
586   1C3.2                                                                                                         Chinese Academy of             CN
                    Materials               Micro/Nanoscale Hybrid Composite       Jinbo BAI, Ya-Pu ZHAO
                                         PL Properties of a Supramolecular Cylinder                                 Department of Chemical
              Mechanical Properties of                                               Y. H. Kim, D. K. Yoon, Y. K.
582   1C3.3                              containing a Pyrene Core: Alignment Effect                                 and Biomolecular               KR
                    Materials                                                        Ko, and H-. T. Jung
                                                      on PL Properties                                              Engineering
              Mechanical Properties of     Fractal Characteristic of Silica Xerogels                                Harbin Institute of
470   1C3.4                                                                          Fei He, Xiao D. He, and Yao Li                                CN
                    Materials                      with Different Additives                                         Technology
                                          Fracture Properties of Thermal Silicon
              Mechanical Properties of                                                                                 Institute of Semiconductors,
507   1C3.5                              Oxide Thin Films from the Load-deflection Jinling Yang and Oliver Paul                                     CN
                    Materials                                                                                          CAS
                                             of Long SiNx'/SiO2 Membranes
                                           Preparation and Damping Property of
              Mechanical Properties of                                            D. Y. Tang Y. J. Qiao                Harbin Institute of
502   1C3.6                               Polyurethane/vinyl Ester Resin IPNs and                                                                  CN
                    Materials                                                     L.S.Qiang L.C.Zhao                   Technology
                                                      Gradient IPNs
                                         Preparation of CNTs-supported Fe3O4 and Gui F. Yi, Xiao B. Zhang, Fu.
              Mechanical Properties of
246   1C3.7                               Fe3C Nanoparticles and the Investigation Liu, Ji P. Cheng, Yu H. Mi,         Zhejiang University         CN
                                               on Their Magnetic Properties        Jiang P. Tu
                                                                                      Ai-Qun LIU, Selin H. G. TEO,
               Session Invited Paper-     Light Tuning by Light via Nano-photonic                                      Nanyang Technological
575   1D2.1                                                                           E. H. KHOO, H. H. LI and J. H.                               SG
                  Nanophotonics              Bandgap (PBG) Cavity Structure                                            University
                                                                                      Rongshan Wei, Ning Deng,
                                          Study of Self-assembled Ge Quantum Dot Minsheng Wang, Shuang                 Tsinghua University,
128   1D2.2       Nanophotonics                                                                                                                    CN
                                                    Infrared Photodetectors           Zhang, Peiyi Chen, and Jing      Beijing, China
                                            The relationship between distances of
402   1D2.3       Nanophotonics          circular photonic crystals and wavelength in Meng-Ju Lin and Kao-Yu Hsu       Feng Chia University        TW
                                               perpendicular coner propagation

                                                                              Liang Zhang, Wen Liu,
                                    High Performance Polarizing Beam Splitter
342   1D2.4     Nanophotonics                                                 Chengfang Li, Dingli Wang,Fei Wuhan University               CN
                                     with Embedded Metal-wire Nanograting
                                    Enhancement of Light Extraction Efficiency Yan Rong-jin*, Wang Qing-         Shanghai Jiao Tong
265   1D2.5     Nanophotonics                                                                                                              CN
                                      in OLED with Periodic Nano-Structure     kang                              University
                                      The Molecular Dynamics Simulation of
              Molecular Dynamics                                                  Guoqiang. Wu, Xianren. Kong,
16    1D3.1                         Monocrystal Carbon, Silicon, Germanium                                     Harbin Institute Technology CN
                  Simulation                                                      Zhaowei. Sun; Dan. Zhao
                                              Thermal Conductivity
              Molecular Dynamics    Hybrid computations using continuum and       Jia Cui, Guo-wei He, and De-
563   1D3.2                                                                                                      Institute of Mechanics, CAS CN
                  Simulation          molecular dynamics for micro-fluidics       Wei Qi
              Molecular Dynamics     A Molecular Dynamics Study of Thermal
227   1D3.3                                                                       David T.W. Lin                 Far East College          TW
                  Simulation                        Ablation
              Molecular Dynamics    Molecular Dynamics Simulation of EllipticalYing C. Liang, De G. Li*, Qing Harbin Institute of
242   1D3.4                                                                                                                                CN
                  Simulation                    Vibration Cutting              S. Bai, Ming J. Chen            Technology
                                                                               Yingchun Liang, Jianhua Dou*,
              Molecular Dynamics     Subatomic Imaging of Si (111) Surface by                                  Harbin Institute of
429   1D3.5                                                                    Mingjun Chen, Shen Dong, Yan                                CN
                  Simulation               Molecular Dynamic Simulation                                        technology, Harbin, China
                                     Investigation of Machined Surface Quality
              Molecular Dynamics        About Single Crystal Materials with
338   1D3.6                                                                    X.S. Han                        Tsinghua University         CN
                  Simulation             Vacancy by Molecular Dynamics
                                      MD Simulation of and Study on Atoms?                                     Xi'an University of
              Molecular Dynamics
389   1D3.7                         Diffusion of Vacuum Fusion Sintering WC- Xinbo Huang , Qindong Sun         Engineering Science and     CN
                                           Co Composite Nano-coatings                                          Technology
                                    A New Fabrication Method for 3D Multilayer X.M. Jing, D. Chen*, B.Z.       Shanghai Jiao Tong
219   1E2.1   3D Microfabrication                                                                                                          CN
                                                   Microstructure              Zhang, J.Q. Liu, J. Zhu         University
                                                                               Guan R. Hang, Guo H. Cao,
                                        Micro-EDM milling of Micro Platinum                                    Harbin Institute of
224   1E2.2   3D Microfabrication                                              Zai C. Wang, Jing Tang, Zhen                                CN
                                                    Hemisphere                                                 Technology
                                                                               L. Wang, Wan S. Zhao
                                          Fabrication of Hexagonal-Prism
                                                                                                               National Chung Hsing
549   1E2.3   3D Microfabrication     Microstructure using Monolithic Etching H. Yang, R. Chein, and F. Li                                 TW
                                      Fabrication of three-dimensional micro-
                                                                               H.F. Yang, M. Zhou, J. J. Kong,
313   1E2.4   3D Microfabrication        devices by means of two photon                                        Jiangsu University          CN
                                                                               B. J. Li, L. Cai
                                                                               Ying C. Liang, Yan Zhao*, Qing
                                          Study on Micromachine Tools in                                       Harbin Institute of
308   1E2.5   3D Microfabrication                                              S. Bai, Bo Wang, and Ming J.                                CN
                                             Fabrication of Microparts                                         Technology
                                                                              Dong F. Wang, Takahito Ono,
                                     Micro Fabrication of Magnetic Structures
364   1E3.1     New Processes                                                 Yoshinori Matsumoto, Kohei M. Senshu University              JP
                                             for Quantum Computing
                                                                              Itoh, and Masayoshi Esashi
                                                                             Zou Ting, Liu Yinfeng, Li
62    1E3.2     New Processes       A novel method of preparing magnetofluid Yuguang, Mao Jinhao, Hua            Shanghai University       CN
                                     A Novel Method of Removing Polyimide                                        East China Normal
75    1E3.3     New Processes                                                     Xinglong Guo                                             CN
                                               Sacrificial Layer                                                 University

                               Deposition of conductive layer silver and                                     National Sun Yat-Sen
391   1E3.4   New Processes                                              C. T. Pan , S.C. Lin                                             TW
                                   insulating layer Al2O3 for TFT                                            University
                                   A novel fabrication approach for
                                                                        Xiao Wang, Xiaoming Chen,            East China Normal
212   1E3.5   New Processes    microneedles using silicon micromaching                                                                    CN
                                                                        Zhenyin Yu, Lianwei Wang             University
                                                                        Chang Liu, Jonathan Engel,
                                                                        Jack Chen, Nannan Chen,
                              Polymer Micro- and Nano-scale Fabrication
                                                                        Saunvit Pandya, Yingchen             University of Illinois at
548   1E3.6   New Processes    Technology Development for Bioinspired                                                                     US
                                                                        Yang, Craig Tucker, Sheryle          Urbana-Champaign
                                                                        Coombs, Joseph Humphrey,
                                                                        Horst Bleckmann
                                                                                                           Shanghai Institute of
                                                                        Lei Gu, Xinxin Li, Bin Liu, Haifei
                                 A Single-Wafer-Processed XY-Stage                                         Microsystem and
                                                                        Bao, Min Liu, Baoluo Cheng,
310   1E3.7   New Processes     Fabricated with Trench-sidewall Doping                                     Information Technology,        CN
                                                                        Yuelin Wang, Zunxian Yang,
                               and Refilled-Trench Isolating Technology                                    Chinese Academy of
                                                                        Xiaohong Ge
                              Precise Assembly and Electrical Contact of Xiao J. Tian Peng Yu Lian Q.
                                                                                                      Shenyang Institute of
335   1F2.1    Nanorobotics    MWCNT Based on AC Dielectrophoresis Liu Ning Xi Zai L. Dong Wen J.                                         CN
                                                                                                      Automation, CAS
                              and Robotic Nanomanipulation Technology Li Yue C. Wang

                              Development of A Haptic User Interface for Lianqing Liu, Niandong Jiao,        Shenyang Institute of
325   1F2.2    Nanorobotics    Surface Sensing and Nanomanipulation Xiaojun Tian, Zaili Dong, Ning           Automation,Chinese           CN
                                 Based on Atomic Force Microscope        Xi, Wen J. Li, Yuechao Wang         Academy of Sciences
                                                                         Lei Sun, Jian-Hua Shan, Max
                                Application of Intelligent Flexible Skin                             The Chinese University of
589   1F2.3    Nanorobotics                                              Q.-H. Meng, Dongfeng Zhang,                                      HK
                               Sensors for Interfacing with Robotic Pets                             Hong Kong
                                                                         Tao Mei
                                  Dynamic simulation of MEMS Self-          Lu Yao, Xia Shanhong, Liu Mei, Chinese Academy of
167   1F2.4    Nanorobotics                                                                                                               CN
                                    assembly using capillary force          and Zhang Jiangang             Sciences
                              A Compliant Ultra-Precision 6-DOF Parallel
                                                                                                             Harbin Institute of
193   1F2.5    Nanorobotics   Positioner Based on the Coarse/Fine Dual      Wei Dong, Zhi J. Du, Li N. Sun                                CN
                                Attachment of Functionalized Quantum        Dominic R. Frutiger, Lixin       Swiss Federal Institute of
438   1F3.1   Nano Devices                                                                                                                CH
                                Dots to Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes       Dong, Bradley J. Nelson          Technology (ETH), Zurich
                                  Synthesis of a Novel Perfluorinated                                        Department of Chemical
                                                                            Seung A Kim, Dae-Hwan Jung,
583   1F3.2   Nano Devices    Supramolecular Building Block - Stabilized                                     and Biomolecular             KR
                                                                            Yun-ho Kim and Hee-Tae Jung
                                         Gold Nanocomposites                                                 Engineering
                                Elastic modulus investigation of Gallium    Shang-Chao Hung*, Yan-Kuin       National Cheng Kung
520   1F3.3   Nano Devices                                                                                                                TW
                                            Nitride Nanotubes               Su, Te-Hua Fang,                 University
                               Two-dimensional Photonic Crystals with a                                      Institute of
188   1F3.4   Nano Devices       Large Band Gap Designed by a Rapid         Chun J.Gong,and Xiong W.Ho       Semiconductors,Chinese       CN
                                            Genetic Algorithm                                                Academy of Science
                               The synthesized and nanotribology Study      Li Changsheng,Li Junmao,Yan
423   1F3.5   Nano Devices                                                                              Jiangsu university                CN
                                            of MS2 nanotube                 Kehong
                               A Study of the Functionalization on Multi-   Chunwei Yang, Xinguo Hu,    Harbin Institute of
34    1F3.6   Nano Devices                                                                                                                CN
                                        walled Carbon nanotubes             Yong Zhang                  Technology

                                       Fabrication of Optical Fiber Probe Nano-
                                                                                Xin Huo, Shi Pan, and Shifa     Dalian University of
92    1F3.7      Nano Devices        tips by Heated Micro-pulling Combined with                                                              CN
                                                                                Wu                              Technology
                                               Static Chemical Etching
                                       Minimally Invasive Electrical Impedance
462   2A1.1   Bio-Medical Systems     Tomography -Promising Way to Decrease R. Liu,J. Liu and G.Z.Wang          Tsinghua University,China CN
                                               Diagnostics Uncertainty
                                                                                Changlin Pang, Jorge G.
                                        Monolithic Silicon Probes with Flexible Cham, Sam Musallam, Yu-         California Institute of
414   2A1.2   Bio-Medical Systems                                                                                                            US
                                        Parylene Cables for Neural Prostheses Chong Tai, Joel W. Burdick,       Technology
                                                                                and Richard A. Andersen
                                           The therapeutic effect of As2S3      Mei Lin, Zi-yu Wang, Dong-
334   2A1.3   Bio-Medical Systems                                                                               Southeast University         CN
                                          nanoparticles on liver cancer cells   sheng Zhang
                                     Polymer-based Capacitive Micromachined Morris M-W. Chang, Milton T-
                                                                                                                Industrial Technology
27    2A1.4   Bio-Medical Systems    Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUT) for Micro M. Deng, James T-J. Gwo,                                        TW
                                                                                                                Research Institute
                                           Surgical Imaging Applications.    John D. Mai, Elmer Hsu
                                                                                Damien C. Rodger, Wen Li,
                                      Flexible Parylene-based Microelectrode
                                                                                Hossein Ameri, Aditi Ray,       California Institute of
276   2A1.5   Bio-Medical Systems        Technology for Intraocular Retinal                                                                  US
                                                                                James D. Weiland, Mark S.       Technology
                                                                                Humayun, and Yu-Chong Tai
                                                                                Baoshan He, Aiyu Zhou,         Institute of Electronics,
                                       Research on optic Biosensor for Rapid
370   2A2.1   Body-Fluid Detection                                              Weiwei Yue, Liying Jiang,      Chinese Academy of            CN
                                             Detection of Hemoglobin
                                                                                Chunxiu Liu, Xinxia Cai        Sciences
                                                                                                               Institute of Electronics,
                                       A disposable biosensor for hemoglobin Jiang Liying, Luo Xianbo, Tian
74    2A2.2   Body-Fluid Detection                                                                             Chinese Academy of            CN
                                            determination in human blood         Qing, Wang Hui, Cai Xinxia*
                                                                                 Joseph C. Liao, Yanbao Ma,
                                                                                 Yang Li, Vincent Gau, Mitra
                                                                                 Mastali, Chien-Pin Sun,
                                     A Point-of-Care Micro-Laboratory for Direct
408   2A2.3   Body-Fluid Detection                                               Edward R.B. McCabe, Elliot M. UCLA School of Medicine       US
                                       Pathogen Identification in Body Fluids
                                                                                 Landaw, David A. Haake,
                                                                                 Bernard M. Churchill, Chih-
                                                                                 Ming Ho
                                       A Minimally Invasive Way to Measure
                                                                                 Dachao Li, Xian Huang, Haixia Tianjin University, Tianjin
439   2A2.4   Body-Fluid Detection        Glucose Level by Interstitial Fluid                                                                CN
                                                                                 Yu, Zengfu Zhang, Kexin Xu    300072, China
                                            Extraction and SPR Detecting
                                      GOD/MWNTs/GC Biosensor for glucose H.J. Wang, L. X. Luo, H. Yu, F. South China University of
88    2A2.5   Body-Fluid Detection                                                                                                           CN
                                                    determination                Peng                          Technology
                                     Gallium Nitride-Based Quantum Well and                                     National Cheng Kung
      2A3.1    Invited Speakers                                             Yen-Kuen Su                                                      TW
                                      Quantum Dot Optoelectronic Devices                                        University
                                       Quantum Nanospheres for Submicron
      2A3.2    Invited Speakers                                                Carl Meinhart                    UCSB                         US
                                            Particle Image Velocimetry
                                      The US Nanotechnology Initiative at Five
136   2A4.1   GETI-WORKSHOP            Years, with Opportunities for China-US William A. Blanpied               George Mason University      US
                                               Scientific Cooperation
                                                  GETI (usa/japan)
      2A5.1   GETI-WORKSHOP
                                                   EVG (germany)

                                             Self-Aligned and Self-Welded Carbon       Massood Tabib-Azar and Yan         Case Western Reserve
480   2B1.1     Nanotube Applications                                                                                                                  US
                                                    Nanotube Strain Gauges             Xie                                University
                                                Nanotube-Based Buckypaper s
                                                                                       Yueh-Jaw Lin, Yunguang Ji,
272   2B1.2     Nanotube Applications       Fabrication and Potential Application to                                      The University of Akron      US
                                                                                       Josh S.C. Wong
                                                    Passive Vibration Control
                                             Study of the catalytic characteristics of
                                                                                       Minghong WU, Wenyan SHI,           Shanghai Applied Radiation
                                           metal ions decorated carbon nanotubes for
256   2B1.3     Nanotube Applications                                                  Zheng JIAO, Jianzhong GU,          Institute, Shanghai        CN
                                             waste water processing under ionizing
                                                                                       Ning LIU, Fengwei WU               University
                                           Carbon Nanotubes as Heating Elements for Wenli Zhou, Gary Chow, Wen            Department of Electronic
401   2B1.4     Nanotube Applications                                                                                                                  HK
                                                    Micro-Bubble Generation            J. Li, Philip Leong                Science and Technology
                                            Carbon Nanotube-SnO2 Composite Gas A. Wisitsoraat, A. Tuantranont, National Electronics and
553   2B1.5    Chemical & Gas Sensors         Sensor Prepared by Electron beam C. Thanachayanont, and P.       Computer Technology                     TH
                                                        Evaporation            Singjai                         Center (NECTEC)
                                               In Situ Characterization of Individual   Lixin Dong, Xinyong Tao, Li
                                                                                                                          Swiss Federal Institute of
177   2B2.1    Nanotube Field Emitters     Carbon Nanotube Field Emitters with Single Zhang, Bradley J. Nelson*, and                                   CH
                                                                                                                          Technology (ETH), Zurich
                                                        Crystalline Cu Tips             Xiaobin Zhang
                                           Luminous Rule of Carbon Nanotubes Field Tian Changhui,Zhu
293   2B2.2    Nanotube Field Emitters                                                                                    Xi'an Jiaotong University    CN
                                                         Emission Display               Changchun, and Liu Weihua
                                           Field Effect and Photoelectronic Property of
                                                                                        Kun Yao, Xuelei Liang, Qing
576   2B2.3     Nanotube Field Emitter        Nanodevices Made from Single Bi2S3                                          Peking University            CN
                                                                                        Chen and Lianmao Peng
                                                                                        Y. K. Ko, S.-G. Jang, S.-M.
                                            Field emission array from vertical aligned                                    Dept of Chemical &
581   2B2.4    Nanotube Field Emitters                                                  Yang, Y. W. Jin, J. M. Kim, and                                KR
                                                 single-walled carbon nanotubes                                           Biomolecular Eng, KAIST
                                                                                        H.-T. Jung
                                                  Comparison of Field Emission          Linrui Guo, Xiongying Ye, Hua
343   2B2.5    Nanotube Field Emitters        Characteristics of Carbon Nanotubes       Li, Yitao Liu and Zhaoying        Tsinghua University          CN
                                                 Fabricated by Different Methods        Zhou
      2B3.1        Invited Speakers             MEMS for Biomedical Engineering         Zhaoying Zhou                     Tsinghua University          CN
                                              A Hybrid Nano-Imprinting Lithography                                        National Cheng Kung
444   2B3.2        Invited Speakers                                                     Yung-Chun Lee                                                  TW
                                             Based on Infrared Pulsed Laser Heating                                       University
                                                                                                                          The Council for the Central
              Session Invited Paper-Nano
230   2B4.1                                   Nanofabrication challenges for NEMS      Zheng Cui and Changzhi Gu          Laboratory of the Research GB
                     Fabrication 1
                                                                                                                          Councils (CCLRC)
                                               The Novel and Effective Method of
                                                                                   J. Liu, Gui L. Ning, Shu Z. Li,        Dalian Uninversity of
327   2B4.2       Nano Fabrication 1          Removing of Trace Iron Impurity from                                                                     CN
                                                                                   and Y. Lin                             Technology
                                            Aluminum Isopropoxide for Nano-alumina
                                                                                                                          Institute of mechanics,
                                               A novel method to synthesize ZnO
546   2B4.3       Nano Fabrication 1                                                   Fa-Quan He, Ya-Pu Zhao             Chinese Academy of           CN
                                                                                     Michael Bordag, Ralf Jede,
                                           Parallel Nano-Assembly Directed by Short- Lars Montelius, Hakan
236   2B4.4       Nano Fabrication 1                                                                                      Fraunhofer IFF               DE
                                                      Range Field Forces             Pettersson, Jordi Riu, Ulrich
                                                                                     Schmucker, Mikhail Zubtsov

                                            Fabricating Microelectrode with Nano
                                                                                                                   Harbin Institute of
56    2B4.5      Nano Fabrication 1            Radius Tip by Electrochemical        Zhenlong Wang, Baoguo Zhu                                    CN
                                             Growth of SiC Nanoparticles in C/Si   C. K. Chung*, B. H. Wu and T. National Cheng Kung
331   2B4.6      Nano Fabrication 1                                                                                                              TW
                                                 Multilayers using Annealing       R. Shih                       University
                                           Scaling Magnetic Actuators beyond the   Daniel J. Vasquez and Jack W. University of California, Los
521   2B5.1     Micro/Nano Actuators                                                                                                             US
                                                     Single-Domain Limit           Judy                          Angeles
                                           Microactuator based on EVOH-g-SO3H      Yu J. Zhang, Feng F. Li, Li J Harbin University of
18    2B5.2     Micro/Nano Actuators                                                                                                             CN
                                                            IPMC                   Dai                           Science and Technology
                                                                                   Jiyoung Chang, Jongbaeg Kim,
                                          Electrostatically Actuated Nano Tweezers
535   2B5.3     Micro/Nano Actuators                                               Byung-Kwon Min, Sang-Jo Lee, Yonsei University                KR
                                          Fabricated on Micro-Processed Electrodes
                                                                                   Liwei Lin
                                              Design and Fabrication of a Micro    Bendong Liu, DeSheng          Beijing University of
139   2B5.4     Micro/Nano Actuators                                                                                                             CN
                                                  Electromagnetic Actuator         Li;Xiaobo Yang and Xiang Li   Technology
                                                                                    J.-M. Wang, H.-H. Lin, Y.-J.
                                           Design and Fabrication of a Diaphragm
314   2B5.5     Micro/Nano Actuators                                                Lin, Y.-C. Ou, L.-J. Yang, Y.-J. Tamkang University          TW
                                            Type Thermo-Buckled Microactuator
                                                                                    Yang, C.-W. Lin and W.-C. Lin
                                          Feasibility Study of Micro Electro-thermal Xue J. Shen Yong Y. Zhang
377   2B5.6     Micro/Nano Actuators                                                                               Shanghai University           CN
                                              Actuator for Lever Nano Motion         Xiao Y. Chen
                                                                                   Jeongsoo Lee, Daniel S. Park,
                                                                                                                 University of Texas at
254   2B5.7     Micro/Nano Actuators      High-Aspect Ratio Metallic Nano Grippers Arun K. Nallani, Yonghao Cui,                                 US
                                                                                   Aidan Skoyles and J-B Lee

                                          Design of an Electrostatic Repulsive-Force Da Y. Qiao*, Wei Z. Yuan, and Northwestern Polytechnical
64    2B5.8     Micro/Nano Actuators                                                                                                          CN
                                                Based Vertical Micro Actuator        Xiao Y. Li                    University, China.

                                          Self-testable Pressure Sensors Based on Huo Mingxue, Chuai Rongyan, Harbin Institute of
9     2C1.1       Pressure Sensors                                                                                                               CN
                                                        Phase Change              Liu Xiaowei, Wang Xilian    Technology
                                                                                   Yanhong Zhang, Bingwu Liu, Institute of
                                          A Novel Combined Pressure/Temperature
459   2C1.2       Pressure Sensors                                                 Litian Liu, Zhimin Tan, Zhaohua Microelectronics, Tsinghua CN
                                                                                   Zhang, Huiwang Lin              University
                                          Optimized Surface Acoustic Wave-based Wen Wang, Keekeun Lee,
404   2C1.3       Pressure Sensors        Pressure Sensor Using Equivalent Circuit Jungsoo Hwang, and Sangsik Ajou University                 KR
                                                          Model                    Yang

                                           Piezoelectric Microcantilevers with Two Mengwei Liu, Weijie Dong, Yan
                                                                                                                 Dalian University of
284   2C1.4       Pressure Sensors        PZT Thin-Film Elements for Microsensors Cui, Jing Wang, Liding Wang,                                   CN
                                                    and Microactuators             and Tianhong Cui

                                                                                    Qinwen Huang, Binbin Jiao,   Institute of
                                          Cantilever-based Transducer for Molecules
365   2C1.5       Pressure Sensors                                                  Tianchun Ye, Dapeng Chen, Yi Microelectronics, Chinese       CN
                                                  Configuration Research.pdf
                                                                                    Ou, Qingchuan Zhang, Kai Li Academy of Sciences
                                            Super Resolution Imaging of Carbon
                                                                                    Run Wang, Massood Tabib-       Case Western Reserve
484   2C2.1   Nanotube Characterization    Nanotubes using Near-Field Microwave                                                                  US
                                                                                    Azar                           University
                                                    Spatial Modulators

                                           Helicity of Carbon Nanotubes and Helix-
194   2C2.2   Nanotube Characterization                                              Ji P. Cheng and Xiao B. Zhang Zhejiang University          CN
                                                  Shaped Carbon Nanotubes
                                                                                        Xianfang Zhu, Tao Meng,
                                           In-situ Observation of Instability of Single
184   2C2.3   Nanotube Characterization                                                 Lunxiong Li, Zhanguo Wang, Xiamen University            CN
                                                    Wall Carbon Nanotube
                                                                                        Huihua Zhou, and Shen Yutian
                                         Evaluation of Carbonaceous Impurities in
                                            As-Produced Single-Walled Carbon
561   2C2.4   Nanotube Characterization                                              Xuliang Han                    Brewer Science Inc.         US
                                               Nanotubes by Solution-Phase
                                           Investigation on Potential Microwave
                                                                                     Ying Jie Qiao Xiao Hong Zhang Harbin Engineering
500   2C2.5   Nanotube Characterization Absorbability of Polyester-composites Filled                                                            CN
                                                                                     Maosheng Cao Liang Zhang       University
                                                  with Carbon Nanotubes
                                                                                     C.K. Chung, M.Y. Wu, J.C.
                Laser & Lithography                                                                                 National Cheng Kung
536   2C4.1                               Silicon Micromachining by CO2 Laser        Wu, Y.C. Sung2 and G.R.                                    TW
                    Fabrication                                                                                     University
                                           Fabrication of Nano-scale Reference
                Laser & Lithography                                                  W.X.Jing, Z.D.Jiang, M.Zh.Zhu,
442   2C4.2                             Materials with Scanning Probe Microscopy                                    Xi'an Jiaotong University   CN
                    Fabrication                                                      F.X.Zhao, G.Q.Han
                                                (SPM)-based Lithography
                                             A Design of Alignment System for
                                                                                                                    Institute of Electrical
                Laser & Lithography     Overlaying in Scanning Probe Lithographic Xiao-Na. Li, Li .Han , Wen-Qi
547   2C4.3                                                                                                         Engineering, Chinese        CN
                    Fabrication           technology and Analyses of Alignment .Gu
                                                                                                                    Academy of Science
                 Laser & Lithography      The fabrication of nano structures on wafer Futing YI, Jufang ZHANG,      Institute of high energy
317   2C4.4                                                                                                                                     CN
                     Fabrication           surface by using nano island lithography Liang LUO                       physics
                 Laser & Lithography         Micro Fabrication with Selective Laser   Chen Ji Min, Yang Jian Hua,
171   2C4.5                                                                                                          Beijing Univ. of Tech.     CN
                     Fabrication                         Micro Sintering              and Zuo Tie Chuan
                                          Experimental and numerical investigation of
                 Laser & Lithography                                                  Yu H.Long, Liang C. Xiong, Tie Huazhong University of
436   2C4.6                                    micromachining by laser-induced                                                                  CN
                     Fabrication                                                      L. Shi                         Science and Technology
                                                    electrochemical process
                                                                                                                     Institute of Physics,
                 Laser & Lithography       Low-energy electron-beam lithography of Haifang Yang, Aizi Jin, Qiang
155   2C4.7                                                                                                          Chinese Academy of         CN
                     Fabrication                     ZEP-520 positive resist          Luo, Changzhi Gu, Zheng Cui
                                          Research on Precision Feeding Platform of
503   2C5.1    Precision Measurement                                                  Yuetong. Xu and Zichen. Chen Zhejiang University          CN
                                            Preliminaries of Six-Degree of Freedom
                                                                                      Suresh Venna and Yueh-Jaw
569   2C5.2    Precision Measurement         Ultra Resolution Metrology with Laser                                   The University of Akron    US
                                                   Beams and Convex Mirrors
                                          Measuration of nanometer grain content for Dianlong Wang*, Changsong
                                                                                                                     Harbin Institute of
164   2C5.3    Precision Measurement       complex material by spectrophotometric Dai, Tingfeng Yi, Yong Zhang,                                 CN
                                                             method                   Changsheng Zhang
                                               Approach of Decreasing Effect of
                                                                                      Zhong Li*, Ding Zhen-liang,    Harbin Insititue of
285   2C5.4    Precision Measurement       Temperature on Positioning Accuracy of                                                               CN
                                                                                      Yuan Feng, and Zhang Qiang Technology
                                              Ultra-precision Micro-feed System
                                             The design of T-4 micro UAV test-bed     Yanyun Ren, Qiang Huang and Beijing Institute of
585   2C5.5    Precision Measurement                                                                                                            CN
                                                    based on MEMS sensors             Long Li                        Technology University

                                        Thermal conductivity of InGaAs/InGaAsP
                                                                                    Zhen. Chen, Juekuan. Yang,
106   2C5.6   Precision Measurement       superlattices measured with 3ω                                      Southeast University        CN
                                                                                    and Yunfei. Chen
                                        Study on Measurement Errors of Position
                                                                                                                   University of Science and
372   2C5.7   Precision Measurement    Sensor with 2-D Holographic Variable Line-   Jun Lou, Bin Liu, Shao J. Fu                               CN
                                                                                                                   Technology of China
                                                  Space Plane Gratings
                                       Investigation of Nanometer X-Y Positioning   WANG Wei-li,FEI Ye-tai,FAN   Hefei University of
125   2C5.8   Precision Measurement                                                                                                            CN
                                                          Stage                     Kuang-chao                   Technology
                                                                                                                 Shanghai Institute of
                                         Sub-Picogram Resoluble Piezoresistive Dazhong Jin, Jian Liu, Xinxin Microsystem and
              Session Invited Paper-
303   2D1.1                             Cantilever Sensors with Optimized High- Li, Min Liu, Guomin Zuo, Yuelin Information Technology,        CN
              Micro/Nano Resonators
                                               Mode Resonance Excitation           Wang, Haitao Yu, Xiaohong Ge Chinese Academy of
                                            Design and Fabrication of a Novel
                                        Electromechanical Structure Combining a Rong Zhu, Dingqu Wang,
282   2D1.2   Micro/Nano Resonators                                                                              Tsinghua University           CN
                                       Micro-mass and Nano-cantilevers for Force Zhaoying Zhou, Xiongying Ye
                                                                                   N. Sepúlveda*, D.M. Aslam,
                                       Polycrystalline Diamond Micromechanical
249   2D1.3   Micro/Nano Resonators                                                J.P. Sullivan, J.R. Wendt and Michigan State University     US
                                        Resonators with Nanometer Dimensions
                                                                                   B.B. McKenzie
                                         Experiment Research on Multi-Folded- Jiang M. Zhao, Xiao Y. Chen, Department of Mechanical
491   2D1.4   Micro/Nano Resonators                                                                                                            CN
                                                 Suspension Resonators             Hai X. Zhang,Yang P. Zheng Automation
                                         Development of New Localized Surface T. Nishikawa*, H. Yamashita,
96    2D1.5   Micro/Nano Resonators         Plasmon Resonance Sensor with          M. Nakamura, R. Hasui, T.     Omron corporation             JP
                                                Nanoimprinting Technique           Matsushita and S. Aoyama
                                                                                   Xianxiang Chen, Chunrong
                                                                                                                 Institute of Electronics,
                                        Thermally Driven Miniature Electric Field Peng, Chao Ye, Hu Tao, Qiang
95    2D2.1    Micro/Nano Sensors                                                                                Chinese Academy of            CN
                                                           Sensor                  Bai, Shaofeng Chen, Shanhong
                                                                                                                 Institute of
                                         A High Performance Uncooled a-Si TFT Lin Han, Xing M. Liu, and Li T.
241   2D2.2    Micro/Nano Sensors                                                                                Microelectronics, Tsinghua    CN
                                                      Infrared Sensor              Liu
                                       Linear Spin-Valve Bridge Sensor for Weak Wei Li*, Huarui Liu, Tianling
209   2D2.3    Micro/Nano Sensors                                                                                Tsinghua University           CN
                                                     Magnetic Fields               Ren, Litian Liu, Xun Zhang
                                             Design of a Resonant Miniature                                      Institute of Electronics,
                                                                                   C. R. Peng, X.X. Chen C. Ye,
378   2D2.4    Micro/Nano Sensors       Electrostatic Field Sensor with Feedback                                 Chinese Academy of            CN
                                                                                   Q. Bai, S.H. Xia
                                                  Driving and Detection                                          Sciences
                                                                                   Hui Guo, Yu Wang, Sheng
                                          PECVD SiC as a Chemical Resistant
295   2D2.5    Micro/Nano Sensors                                                  Chen, Guobing Zhang, Haixia Peking University               CN
                                                    Material in MEMS
                                                                                   Zhang, Zhihong Li
                                       New Design of the Cochlear Implant Probe Yuxing Tang, Dean M. Aslam,
417   2D4.1      PZT Applications      with Polycrystalline Diamond Piezoresistive Jianbai Wang and Kensall D. Michigan State University       US
                                                     Position Sensors              Wise
                                                                                   Xuan-Yu Wang, Chi-Yuan Lee,
                                          The Micro-Fabrication Process of PZT
477   2D4.2      PZT Applications                                                  Cheng-Jien Peng, and Pei-Zen National Taiwan University     TW
                                        Thick Film by Aerosol Deposition Method
                                       Magnetoelectric Effect in Ni/PZT Laminate Hong Wan, Chao Xu,              National University of
107   2D4.3      PZT Applications                                                                                                              CN
                                                        composites                 Xuezhong Wu                   Defense Technology

                                     A Novel Design and Fabrication of V Type      Qiu Cheng-jun, Zhang Hui-jun,
312   2D4.4     PZT Applications     Valve Microactuator with PZT Prepared by      Qu Wei, Liu Hong-mei, Bu         HeiLongjiang University     CN
                                                      Sol-Gel                      Dan, Cao Mao-sheng
                                      Mechanical characterization of PZT thin      X.H Xu, P. Gu, R. Jiang and      University of Science and
26    2D4.5     PZT Applications                                                                                                                CN
                                             films by nanoindentation              J.R Chu                          Technology of China
                                                                                   Yi-Ping Zhu, Tian-Ling Ren, Yi
                                                                                                                    Institute of
                                     Directivity Analysis of a Novel Piezoelectric Yang, Xiao-Ming Wu, Ning-Xin
121   2D4.6     PZT Applications                                                                                    Microelectronics, Tsinghua CN
                                     Film Based Ultrasonic Microspeaker Array Zhang, Li-Tian Liu, and Zhi-
                                                                                   Jian Li
                                     Sol-Gel Synthesis and Characterization of
                                                                                   ZHANG De-Qing, Liu Long-         Harbin Engineering
98    2D4.7     PZT Applications      Nd3+ Doped PZT Nanopowders                                                                         CN
                                                                                   Mei, CAO Mao-Sheng               University
                                                 Using a Novel System
                                       Improved Gowth of Single Wall Carbon Xianfang Zhu, Mool G. Gupta,
179   2D5.1   Nanotube Fabrication                                                                                  Xiamen University           CN
                                             Nanotubes by Laser Ablation           and G.Q. Max Lu
                                        Tuning Semiconducting Properties of
                                                                                   Ho-Yin Chan, Ning Xi, Jiangbo
522   2D5.2   Nanotube Fabrication   Single Carbon Nanotube for Fabrication of                                      Michigan State University   US
                                                                                   Zhang and Guangyong Li
                                                                              Xin. Y. Tao, Xiao. B. Zhang, Ji.
                                      Controllable synthesis of CNTs using Pd
216   2D5.3   Nanotube Fabrication                                            P. Cheng, Fu. Liu, Jun. H. Luo, Zhejiang University               CN
                                                                              Zhi. Q. Luo, Sheng. M. Zhou

                                         Carbon nanotubes synthesis at room       H.S. Cheng, P.K. Lim, C.L.        Hong Kong Baptist
191   2D5.4   Nanotube Fabrication                                                                                                              HK
                                       temperature by electrolysis of methanol    Mak and G.K.H. Pang               University
                                       The study on controlling the density of    Li Xin, Liu Junhua, Zhu
291   2D5.5   Nanotube Fabrication                                                                                  Xi'an Jiaotong University   CN
                                               Carbon nanotube film               Changchun
                                     Controlled self-formation of GaN nanotubes S. C. Hung*, Y. K. Su, S. J.        National Cheng Kung
515   2D5.6   Nanotube Fabrication                                                                                                              TW
                                       by inductively coupled plasmas etching Chang, R.W. Chuang,                   University
                                                                                  Huiqing Wu, Guifu Ding,
                                      Composite electrodeposition of Zinc and                                       Shanghai Jiaotong
180   2D5.7   Nanotube Fabrication                                                Yuchao Wang, Jinyuan Yao,                                     CN
                                               Carbon Nanotubes                                                     University
                                                                                  Ying Cao, Hong Wang
                                     Preparation and field emission properties of
                                                                                  Zhe Wang, Yudong Huang,           Harbin Institute of
255   2D5.8   Nanotube Fabrication    carbon nanotubes grown on novel porous                                                                    CN
                                                                                  Xuduo Bai, Xu Chen                Technology
                                           pyrolyzed polyaniline substrate
                                       Nano-Roughening for Reliable N/MEMS Chia-Yeh Yang , Y. T. Cheng,             National Chiao Tung
61    2E1.1   Process Analyses 1                                                                                                                TW
                                                    Manufacture                   and W. S. Hsu                     University
                                     Study on Micro Electrochemical machining Wan S. Zhao, Xiao H. Li and           Harbin Institute of
126   2E1.2   Process Analyses 1                                                                                                                CN
                                               at micro to meso-scale             Zhen L. Wang                      technology
                                      Pressure Aided Direct Bonding of Silicon Lei Nie, Tie L. Shi, and Guang Huazhong University of
129   2E1.3   Process Analyses 1                                                                                                                CN
                                       Wafers with High Surface Roughness      L. Liao                        Science and Technology
                                     The hydrophobicity of surfaces with micro-   Xu Zheng and Zhanhua              Chinese Academy of
252   2E1.4   Process Analyses 1                                                                                                                CN
                                                     structures                   SILBER-LI*                        Science
                                     Fabrication and Characterization of Probes
                                                                                  Ming Z. Zhu*, Zhuang D. Jiang,
51    2E1.5   Process Analyses 1      for Combined SPM techniques Based on                                       Xi'an Jiaotong University      CN
                                                                                  B. Yang and Wei X. Jing
                                       Underetch reduction by highly selective                                      Université catholique de
424   2E2.1   Process Analyses 2                                                  R. Charavel, J.P. Raskin                                      BE
                                                  etching of oxide                                                  Louvain

                                                                                 Shi C. Di, Rui N. Huang , Guan Harbin Institute of
235   2E2.2   Process Analyses 2   Study on Micro-machining by Micro-WEDM                                                                    CN
                                                                                 X. Chi                         technology
                                   The effect of the complexing agents on the
                                                                               Liangyan Chen, Daoli Zhang,       Huazhong University of
228   2E2.3   Process Analyses 2   growth and properties of modified chemical-                                                               CN
                                                                               and Qian Chen                     Science and Technology
                                          bath-deposited ZnS thin films
                                       The Influence of Sputtering Power of
                                                                               Hsiao-Yeh Chu, Ming-Hang
                                       Aluminum Film in Aluminum Induced
441   2E2.4   Process Analyses 2                                               Weng, Chih-Cheng Nien,            Kun Shan University         TW
                                    Crystallization of Low Temperature Poly-
                                                                               Cheng Lin, Kuan-I Hu
                                                    Silicon Film
                                                                               Anping Liu, Yinfeng Wang,
                                     Study on Nano-(Ti, Zr)N Film by Atomic
226   2E2.5   Process Analyses 2                                               Xueheng Yang and Jiamu            Chongqing University        CN
                                                 Force Microscopy
                                       A New-Style Compositive Miniature       Wang Jianguo, Wen Zhiyu,
564   2E4.1    Optical Devices 1                                                                                 Chongqing University        CN
                                               Spectrum Instrument             Chen gang
                                                                               Chi-Feng Chen*, Yao-Chang
                                   Improved Mach-Zehnder Optical Modulator
544   2E4.2    Optical Devices 1                                               Wang, Shen Chi, and Ke-Ying       National Central University TW
                                          with Modified Ridge Structure
                                    Two-dimensional measurement of groove
                                                                               Bin Liu, Jun Lou, Shao J. Fu,     University of Science and
215   2E4.3    Optical Devices 1    spacing for plane VLS gratings using the                                                                 CN
                                                                               Xiang D. Xu, Qiu P. Wang          Technology of China
                                                 long trace profiler
                                      Investigation on a Novel Dual-Grating    Li N. Sun, De G. Jie, Yan J.
                                                                                                                 Harbin Institute of
245   2E4.4    Optical Devices 1    Macro-Micro Driven High Speed Precision Liu, Zhi C. Chen, and He G.                                      CN
                                          Positioning System for NEMS          Cai
                                   Wide-Range Temperature Dependence of Li J. Zhao, Yong Q. Li, Zhuo M. North China Electric Power
496   2E4.5    Optical Devices 1                                                                                                   CN
                                        Brillouin Shift in Optical Fiber Li                             University
                                    The Influence of Support Structure Patten    Zhang jie, Huang shanglian,
504   2E4.6    Optical Devices 1   to the Flatness of Reflector Moving Grating   Yan xu, Han lei, Wu yi, Zhang   Chongqing University        CN
                                                 Light Modulator                 zhihai
                                    Optics Correction Based on MOEMS and
225   2E4.7    Optical Devices 1                                                 Zhang Ya-ping, Fan Zhi-gang     Optical Engineering         CN
                                                                                 Qinghua Chen, Wengang Wu*,
                                     16×16 Free-Space Single Chip Optical
427   2E5.1    Optical Devices 2                                                 Dongqing Yin, Guizhen Yan, Peking University                CN
                                                Switch Array
                                                                                 Zhangyuan Chen, Yilong Hao
                                                                                J. S. Hwang*, J. B. Cho, K. S.
                                      The Micro Mass Spectrometer with a
452   2E5.2    Optical Devices 2                                                Oh and S. S. Yang, Soonil Lee, Ajou university               KR
                                       Carbon Nano Structure Ion Source
                                                                                K. H. Koh, K. W. Jung
                                                                                Jinping Ou, Guofu Qiao*,
                                   Thin Fe-C alloy solid film based fiber optic                                Harbin Institute of
211   2E5.3    Optical Devices 2                                                Wenyu Zhang, Zhi Zhou, Jinqiu                                CN
                                               corrosion sensor                                                Technology
                                                                                                                 The 13th research institute,
                                     A Novel Low Cost MEMS Fiber-optic      Hai-Jun Li,Yong-Jun Yang,
363   2E5.4    Optical Devices 2                                                                                 CETC, Shijiazhuang           CN
                                   Variable Attenuator For WDM Applications Miao Lv,Wei-You Chen
                                                                                                                 050051, China
                                       The Novel Fabrication Method and
                                                                                                                 LungHwa University of
69    2E5.5    Optical Devices 2       Optimum Tooling Design Used for           Y. K. Shen and Y. S. Shen                                   TW
                                                                                                                 Science and Technology
                                              Microlens Arrays

                                          Bandwidth Improvement of Fast Steering      Y. Zheng, G. Y. Zhang, B. Xu,    Changchun University of
23    2E5.6      Optical Devices 2                                                                                                                 CN
                                                       Mirror by FEDA                 and W.H. Jiang                   Science and Technology
                                          Analysis of Optical Collecting System for   Yan Xu,S.L.Huang,Zhang
501   2E5.7      Optical Devices 2          MEMS-based Grating Moving Light           Jie,Huang                        Chongqing University        CN
                                                          Modulator                   Xi,Z.H.Zhang,H.Q.Fu
                                                                                      Zhang ZhiHai, Huang
                                           Fabrication Improvement of the Grating
552   2E5.8      Optical Devices 2                                                    Shanglian, Wu Yi, Yan Xu,,       Chongqing University        CN
                                                        Light Modulator
                                                                                      Zhang Jie, Fu Hongqiao
                                         Numerical and Experimental Analysis into 2-Chien-Hsiung Tsai, Yao-Nan
                                                                                                                       National Pingtung
                                          Dimensinal and 3-Dimensional Effects of Wang, Chia-Yen Lee, Chiu-
7     2F1.1       Microfluidics 1                                                                                      University of Science and   TW
                                               Flow Field in a Sudden Expansion       Feng Lin, Chang-Hsien Tai,
                                                         Microchannel                 and Lung-Ming Fu*
                                            An Open-configuration Electrowetting- Jian G. Wu*, Rui F. Yue, Xue
428   2F1.2       Microfluidics 1         based Biofluidics Actuation for Preventing F. Zeng, Ming Kang, Zhe Y.        Tsinghua University         CN
                                                    Biomolecular Adsorption           Wang, Li T. Liu
                                         Deviations of Electroosmotic Fluidic Profile Li Yongqian, Wang Liding and     Northwestern Polytechnical
53    2F1.3       Microfluidics 1                                                                                                                 CN
                                              from Electric Double Layer Theory       Xu Zheng                         University
                                           Investigation into Temperature and Size
                                                                                      M.L. Liao, W. J. Lee, S.P. Ju,   National Sun Yat-Sen
174   2F1.4       Microfluidics 1         Effects on Behavior of Nano-scale Water                                                                  TW
                                                                                      Y.S. Lin, and S.H. Yang          University
                                             Integrated Microfluidic Chip and It s                                     Dalian Institute of Chemical
347   2F1.5       Microfluidics 1                                                     Bingcheng Lin , Jianhua Qin                                   CN
                                                     Biomedical Application                                            Physics
                                                                                      Jung Daewon1, Yongjae Kim
                                           Investigations of the Mechanisms of the
382   2F2.1       Microfluidics 2                                                     Doyoung Byun, Ji Hye Yang,       SungKyunKwan University KR
                                                 Electrostatic Droplet Ejections
                                                                                      Sukhan Lee
                                                  Experimental Investigation of
210   2F2.2       Microfluidics 2        Electroosmotic Transport in Cross-straight Hong Chen, Xin Fu, Haibo Xie       Zhejiang University         CN
                                         Target-orienting and Size Effect Alignment
                                                                                      Cheng Lin, Fangang Tseng,        National Tsing Hua
468   2F2.3       Microfluidics 2             Using Capillary Based Fluidic Self-                                                                  TW
                                                                                      Ching-Chang Chieng               University
                                             Micro Hot Embossing Metal Mold For       Du Liqun Liu Chong Liu
                                                                                                                       Dalian University of
43    2F2.4       Microfluidics 2        Microfluidic Chip Based On No Back Plate Junshan Liu Haijun Qin Jiang                                     CN
                                                        Growing Method                Wei Yuanjie
                                         Theoretical Analytical Flow Model in Hollow
                                                                                      R. Liu, X. H. Wang, Y.Y. Feng,
381   2F2.5       Microfluidics 2             Microneedles for Non-forced Fluid                                        Tsinghua University         CN
                                                                                      and J. Liu
                                                                                      Xiong Jijun, Mao Haiyang,
                                              A resonant tunnelling diode based
149   2F4.1   Micro Inertial Sensors 1                                                Zhang Wendong, and Xue           North University of China   CN
                                              piezoresistive micro accelerometer
                                                                                      Honglong Chang, Weizheng
                                             One Mechanically Decoupled Z-axis                                         Northwestern Polytechnical
146   2F4.2   Micro Inertial Sensors 1                                                Yuan, Jianbing Xie, Qinghua                                 CN
                                                           Gyroscope                                                   University
                                                                                      Jiang, Tao Wang
                                                                                      Chen Weiping, Huo Mingxue,
                                         Z-axis Capacitive Accelerometer with novel                                    Harbin Institute of
591   2F4.3   Micro Inertial Sensors 1                                                Liu Xiaowei, Li Hongshi, Zhang                               CN
                                                  beams using SOG Structure                                            Technology

                                                                                    Qin Shi, Shourong Wang,
                                          Design principle of suspension of MEMS
87    2F4.4   Micro Inertial Sensors 1                                              Anping Qiu ,Yinshen Xu and     Southeast University          CN
                                                                                    Xunshen Ji
                                             Research on Application of MEMS
                                                                                                                   University of Science and
142   2F4.5   Micro Inertial Sensors 1    Accelerometer in Target Classification by Jinhui Lan                                                   CN
                                                                                                                   Technology Beijing
                                             Advanced Information Processing
                                         Application of the Adaptive Kalman Filter in Xunsheng Ji;Shourong
79    2F4.6   Micro Inertial Sensors 1                                                                             Southeast University          CN
                                          the MEMS Gyroscope Signal Procession Wang;Yishen Xu and Qin Shi
                                            Double-Matched Microgyro Resonant      Dunzhu Xia, Bailing Zhou, and
333   2F4.7   Micro Inertial Sensors 1                                                                               Southeast University        CN
                                              System in Drive and Sense Mode       Shourong Wang
                                            A novel out-of-plane MEMS tunneling    Haifeng Dong, Yilong Hao,
                                                                                                                     Institute of Electronics,
301   2F5.1   Micro Inertial Sensors 2   accelerometer with excellent low frequencySanmin Shen, Ling He,                                         CN
                                                          resolution               Jungang Lei
                                           Design and Fabrication of a lateral axisXuesong Liu, Zhenchuan Yang,
281   2F5.2   Micro Inertial Sensors 2   Gyroscope with Asymmetric Comb-Fingers    Guizhen Yan*, Jie Fan, Haitao Peking University               CN
                                                   as Sensing Capacitors           Ding, Ye Liu
                                                                                                                     Shanghai Institute of
                                          Impact of Thermal Behavior on ZRO in an Fei Duan, Jiwei JIAO*, Yuelin
455   2F5.3   Micro Inertial Sensors 2                                                                               Microsystem and             CN
                                         Electromagnetically Driven Microgyroscope Wang
                                                                                                                     Information Tech.
                                                                                   Yishen Xu, Shourong Wang,
                                             A Monolithic Tri-axial Micromachined
77    2F5.4   Micro Inertial Sensors 2                                             Yuanshan Wang, Qin Shi, and Southeast University              CN
                                                 Silicon Capacitive Gyroscope
                                                                                   Xunsheng Ji
                                         Improved Dual-Axis Micro Gyroscope using
                                                                                                                     Industrial Technology
28    2F5.5   Micro Inertial Sensors 2       a Commercially Available Fabrication  Kaicheng Chang, Liu Wenyuan                                   TW
                                                                                                                     Research Institute
                                              Vacuum Packaged Micromachined        AnPing Qiu, Yan Su, Qin Shi,
165   2F5.6   Micro Inertial Sensors 2                                                                               Southeast University        CN
                                                          Gyroscope                Bo Yang,Yinshen Xu
                                           System Design of Second-Order Sigma- Dingbang Xiao*, Xuezhong             National University of
112   2F5.7   Micro Inertial Sensors 2                                                                                                           CN
                                             Delta Micromachined Accelerometer     Wu, and Shengyi Li                Defense Technology
                                               A Low Noise Bulk Micromachined
                                                                                   Chen Hong, Liu Xiaowei, Huo Harbin Institute of
117   2F5.8   Micro Inertial Sensors 2         Gyroscope with Symmetrical and                                                                    CN
                                                                                   Mingxue, and Chen Weiping         Technology
                                                      Decoupled Structure
                                           Magnetron sputtering Sn-Ag-O thin film
                                                                                   Y. Li, J. P. Tu, D. Q. Shi, Y. F.
37    2G1.1       Bio-Fuel Cells              anodes for rechargeable lithium ion                                    Zhejiang University         CN
                                                                                   Yuan, H. M. Wu, X. H. Huang
                                              A Novel Modeling and Simulation of
                                                                                   Lei Sun, Wei Z. Yuan, and Da Northwestern Polytechnical
67    2G1.2       Bio-Fuel Cells           Radioisotope Micro Batteries Based on                                                                 CN
                                                                                   Y. Qiao                           University, Xi'an
                                                       MEMS Technology
                                           Effect of nanoscale CuO additive on the
                                                                                                                     Harbin Engineering
29    2G1.3       Bio-Fuel Cells            performance of hydrogen storage alloy Sen Zhang, Chao Deng                                           CN
                                                  electrode in Ni/MH batteries
                                                                                   Liu Xiaowei, Suo Chunguang,
                                          Application of MEMS Technology to Micro                                    Harbin Institute of
258   2G1.4       Bio-Fuel Cells                                                   Zhang Wenbin, Zhang Yufeng,                                   CN
                                                   Direct Methanol Fuel Cell                                         Technology
                                                                                   Sun Chi

                                                                                      Yufeng Zhang, Xiaowei Liu,
                                            Design of A Silicon-based Direct Methanol                            Harbin Institute of
36    2G1.5         Bio-Fuel Cells                                                    Chunguang Suo, Xuebin Lu,                                       CN
                                                             Fuel Cell                                           Technology
                                                                                      Hongyang Xia, Shanshan Cao
                                                                                         Li Yuguang, Liu Yinfeng, Zou
              Optical Properties of Nano-      Photocatalysis and luminescence of
63    2G2.1                                                                              Ting, Mao Jinhao, Zhu Jianqi, Shanghai University            CN
                       Materials                     nanometer-sized CdS
                                                                                         Li Yan, Hu Hefeng, Liu Li
                                                      nfluence of niobium on             G. T. Wang a, J. P. Tu, Y. Li, J.
              Optical Properties of Nano-
304   2G2.2                                   photoelectrochemical performance and       B. Wu a, S. F. Wang, W. K.        Zhejiang University        CN
                                                photochargeability of SrTiO3 films       Zhang, H. Huang
                                             Preparation of SrAl2O4: Eu, Dy phosphor
              Optical Properties of Nano-                                                Xue F.Yang, Gui L. Ning*, W.     Dalian University of
321   2G2.3                                   by nano-coating process and its optical                                                                 CN
                       Materials                                                         Pan, and Y. Lin                  Technology
              Optical Properties of Nano-      First-principle calculations of optical   L.Jin, Liang.S.Qiang, Y.Xie,
421   2G2.4                                                                                                                                           CN
                       Materials                        properties of LiNbO3             H.G.Fu
              Optical Properties of Nan0-                                                Dingqu Wang, Rong Zhu,
299   2G2.5                                  Photosensitivity of ZnO Nanobelt-Bunch                                       Tsinghua University         CN
                       Materials                                                         Zhaoying Zhou, Xiongying Ye
                  AFM-based Nano-             A Virtual Tapping-Mode Atomic Force
197   2G4.1                                                                              Xianwei Zhou, Yongchun Fang Nankai Univ                      CN
                    measurement                            Microscope
                                             Improved Calibration Method for Lateral
                  AFM-based Nano-                                                                                         Harbin Institue of
19    2G4.2                                  Force of the Cantilever Deflection Force    Fei Wang and XueZen Zhao                                     CN
                    measurement                                                                                           Technology
                                               Sensor in Atomic Force Microscope
                  AFM-based Nano-             Testing of MEMS Structure by Atomic        L. M. Fok, K. M. Fung, Y. H.     The Chinese University of
374   2G4.3                                                                                                                                             HK
                    measurement                         Force Microscope                 Liu, and Wen J. Li               Hong Kong
                                                                                                                          The Fourth Dept of
                                                                                         Zhi G. Lin, Jing H. Wang , Li.
                  AFM-based Nano-               Observation of Neuron in Epileptic                                        Neurosurgery of the First
587   2G4.4                                                                              Liu , Hong. Shen, Yan J. Che,                                  CN
                    measurement                        Condition by AFM                                                   Affiliated Hospital of Harbin
                                                                                         and Tao. Sun
                                                                                                                          Medical University
                                               Study of Adhesive and Tribological
                  AFM-based Nano-                                                 Jian N. Ding, Guo X. Xie, Z.
49    2G4.5                                 Properties of Silicon-Based MEMS/NEMS                                         Jiangsu University          CN
                    measurement                                                   Fan, P. Yang
                                             Surface with Atomic Force Microscope
                  AFM-based Nano-           3D-Real Images of Meniscus on Tip-End of
420   2G4.6                                                                           Sungkeun Lee, Sukhan Lee            SungKyunKwan University KR
                    measurement                   AFM Probe Using Nano-Finder
                                            Application of Atomic Force Microscopy on
                  AFM-based Nano-                                                     Xian W. Han, Xiao A. Chen,
54    2G4.7                                     the Nanometer-Scale Roughness                                             Chongqing University        CN
                    measurement                                                       Xue H. Yang, Hai H. Bai
                                                                                      Chia-Yen Lee, Che-Hsin Lin,
                                                                                                                          National Pingtung
                                            Development of Micro Detection Sensor for Chiu-Feng Lin, Chang-Hsien
6     2G5.1           Bio-Chips                                                                                           University of Science and   TW
                                               Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip    Tai, Chyuan-Yow Tseng and
                                                                                      Lung-Ming Fu*
                                                                                                                          Shanghai Institute of
                                                A Novel Micro Dispensing Chip for        Baojian Xu, Zhi Qiao, Qinghui
176   2G5.2           Bio-Chips                                                                                           Microsystem and             CN
                                                     Microarray Fabrication              Jin, Jianlong Zhao
                                                                                                                          Information Technology
                                            Simultaneous Quantification for Hepatitis B
                                                                                        J. H. Chien, Y. T. Cheng, P. Y.
101   2G5.3           Bio-Chips             Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Using Real-time                                 National Taiwan University TW
                                                                                        Wang, and P. H. Chen
                                                       PCR Lab-on-a-chip

                                                                                     Seok Hee Lim, Sin Wook Park,
                                        Disposable Smart Immunosensing Biochip
                                                                                     Jun. Hwang. Lee, Hyoung Kil
435   2G5.4           Bio-Chips           Using a Novel Electrochemical signaling                                     Ajou University             KR
                                                                                     Choi, Sang Sik Yang, Hyun. C.
                                        Separation of amino acids by aqueous two- Jing-Tang Yang, Chia-Yuan
                                                                                                                      National Tsing Hua
202   2G5.5           Bio-Chips          phase electrophoresis on the micro-pillars Chen, Wei-Feng Fang, and                                      TW
                                                            chip                     Chiko Chen
                                          A Portable System for Determination of                                      Institute of Electronics,
                                                                                     Aiyu Zhou, Baoshan He, Hui
407   2G5.6           Bio-Chips              Biochemical Parameters by Optic                                          Chinese Academy of          CN
                                                                                     Wang, Liying Jiang, Xinxia Cai
                                                          Reflection                                                  Science
                                          Integrated Micro Reverse Transcription
                                                                                     Kang-Yi Lien, Wan-Chi Lee,
                                        Polymerase Chain Reaction Systems Using                                       National Cheng Kung
251   2G5.7           Bio-Chips                                                      Huan-Yao Lei, and Gwo-Bin                                    TW
                                            Super-paramagnetic Beads for Virus                                        University
                                         The Detection of Bacteria on Microarrays Yonggang Guo , Wei Deng,
214   2G5.8           Bio-Chips                Using Up-Converting Phosphor          Min Guo, Depu Chen, Jing         Tsinghua University         CN
                                            Nanoparticles as Fluorescent Labels      Cheng
                                          Electric Charge Measurement on Micro-
                                                                                     Li Yongqian, Wang Liding and     Northwestern Polytechnical
55    3A1.1       Microfluidic Chips       Particles Suspending in Electrokinetic                                                                CN
                                                                                     Xu Zheng                         University
                                                    Microfluidic Devices
                                          A Microfluidic Chip Utilizing Controllable
                                                                                     Suz K. Hsiung, Cheng T. Chen,    National Cheng Kung
260   3A1.2       Microfluidic Chips     Moving Walls for the Formation of Micro-                                                                 TW
                                                                                     and Gwo-Bin. Lee                 University
                                                     droplets in Liquids
                                           Design, Simulation and Fabrication of     Jian G. Wu, Rui F. Yue, Xue F.
405   3A1.3       Microfluidic Chips         Electrowetting-Based Actuators for      Zeng, Ming Kang, Zhe Y.          Tsinghua University         CN
                                               Integrated Digital Microfluidics      Wang, Li T. Liu
                                                                                    Chien-Hsiung Tsai, Chia-Yen National Pingtung
                                         Numerical Simulation of High-resolution
25    3A1.4       Microfluidic Chips                                                Lee, Chang-Hsien Tai, Chyuan- University of Science and       TW
                                         Analysis Technique in Microfluidic Chips
                                                                                    Yow Tseng and Lung-Ming Fu* Technology
                                             Modeling of a Novel Microfluidic       Yi Wang, Qiao Lin, Tamal
508   3A1.5       Microfluidic Chips                                                                                  CFD Research Corporation US
                                            Concentration Gradient Generator        Mukherjee
                                        Study of Evaporation Phenomena in Micro     Yen-Chih Chou, Shung-Wen
178   3A2.1   Microchannel Technology                                                                                 Tamkang University          TW
                                                         Channels                   Kang
                                         Numerical simulation of Flow and Heat
45    3A2.2   Microchannel Technology                                               Fubing Bao, Jianzhong Lin         Zhejiang University         CN
                                              Transfer in Micro Couette Flow
                                           Effect of smooth microchannel cross
400   3A2.3   Microchannel Technology                                               Sr-Jia Jian and Meng-Ju Lin       Feng Chia University        TW
                                              section shape on friction factor
                                                                                    Junxu Wu, Lianwei Wang,
                                           Oxidation of Silicon Electrochemically                                     East China Normal
160   3A2.4   Microchannel Technology                                               Mingjie Zheng, Weili Liu,                                     CN
                                               Etched Microchannels Arrays                                            University
                                                                                    Zhitang Song, P.M. Sarro
                                       Monolithic High-Aspect-Ratio Embedded
                                                                                                                      California Institute of
476   3A2.5   Microchannel Technology Parylene Channel Technology: Fabrication,     Po-Jui Chen and Yu-Chong Tai                                  US
                                             Integration, and Applications
                                        Using Surface Plasmon Band Gap for          Arnaud Benahmed and Chih-         University of California, Los
269   3A3.1   Biomolecule Measurement                                                                                                               US
                                           Chemical and Biological Sensing          Ming Ho                           Angeles
                                       Study on space morphology of molecular       Xueheng Yang, Haihui Bai,
221   3A3.2   Biomolecule Measurement                                                                                 Chongqing University        CN
                                                   structure by AFM                 Anping Liu and Yinfeng Wang

                                          An Improved AFM Head for Biological      Jian Yuan, Li Han, Yan-sheng    Institute of Electrical
369   3A3.3   Biomolecule Measurement                                                                                                            CN
                                                      Specimens                    Zuo, Yun-sheng Lin              Engineering, CAS
                                          AFM Measurements on the Interaction      Joe-Ming Chang , Shih-Wei
                                                                                                                   National Tsing Hua
431   3A3.4   Biomolecule Measurement    Force Between CTX-Protein and Mixed-      Chang , Fangang Tseng ,                                       TW
                                                    SAM Surfaces                   Ching-Chang Chieng
                                                                                                                   Shanghai Institute of
                                                                                 Rui Ran, Gang Li, Hui Zhao,       Microsystem and
                                           Design of a PMMA chip for Selective
44    3A4.1        DNA Analyses                                                  Kang-Dong Liu, Qing-Hui Jin,      Information Technology,       CN
                                        Extraction of Size-Fractioned DNA Sample
                                                                                 Jian-Long Zhao                    Chinese Academy of
                                        A MEMS Based DNA Computer for Solving        C. N. Yang, C. H. Chao, H. P. National Sun Yat-sen
65    3A4.2        DNA Analyses                                                                                                                  TW
                                                     SAT Problems                    Cheng and C. H. Lin           University
                                           Engineered Controllable Molecular         Yongfeng Zhao, Chao Huang,
127   3A4.3        DNA Analyses         Beacons for Mapping Target mRNA Profile      Kuaichang Zhu, Jianzhong      Peking University             CN
                                                     in Living Cells                 (Jeff) Xi
                                                                                                                   Inst. of Electronics,
                                                                                     Xing Chen, Da-Fu Cui, and
275   3A4.4        DNA Analyses         Porous Microfluidic Chip for DNA Extraction                                Chinese Academy of            CN
                                                                                     Chang-Chun Liu
                                                                                                                   Sciences, Beijing, China
                                          Electric-field Assisted Immobilization and
                                                                                     Xiao M. Yu, Hai T. Zhang, Xiu
198   3A4.5        DNA Analyses              Hybridization of DNA Oligomers on                                     Peking University             CN
                                                                                     H. Li, and Ting Li
                                                   Microcantilever Sensors
                                                                                                                   Korea advanced institute of
                                        PNA-based electrochemical DNA detection Byoung Yeon Won, Hyun C.
558   3A4.6        DNA Analyses                                                                                    science and technology        KR
                                         system with enzymatically amplified signal Yoon, Hyun Gyu Park
                                        SNP genotyping by gel-immobilized ssDNA
274   3A4.7        DNA Analyses           and biolumometric assay coupled with pengfeng xiao                       Southeast University          CN
                                         allele-specific primer extension reaction
                                         Multiplex Genotyping by Adapter-ligation                                  Huadong Research
                                                                                     Wei P. Wang, Kun Y. Ni and
413   3A4.8        DNA Analyses         Mediated Allele-specific Amplification (ALM-                               Institute for Medicine and    CN
                                                                                     Guo H. Zhou
                                                  ASA) on CE-chip Device                                           Biotechnics
                                           Electrokinetic System to Determine
                                          Differences Between Autotrophic and        Chengjun Huang, Yifan Wu, Lei Huazhong University of
119   3A5.1        Cell Analyses                                                                                                                 CN
                                            Heterotrophic Algal Cells by Using       Wang, Jun Yu                  Science and Technology
                                                     Bioelectronic Chip
                                                                                     Woo-Young Sim*, Sin-Wook
                                        Fabrication and Preliminary Test Results of
                                                                                     Park, Sang-Sik Yang, Sang-
457   3A5.2        Cell Analyses          A MEMS Cell Stimulator for Stem Cell                                     Ajou University               KR
                                                                                     Hyug Park, and Byoung-Hyun
                                         Design and Optimization of a Microfluidic Huan Hu, Zhe-yao Wang, Rui-
409   3A5.3        Cell Analyses                                                                               Tsinghua University               CN
                                        Cell Separator Based on Dielectrophoresis feng Yue, Li-tian Liu
                                        3D Microstructures Array Single-cell-based Cheng-Hsin Chuang, Yung-
                                                                                                                   Southern Taiwan University
446   3A5.4        Cell Analyses        DEP Chip for Studying Apoptosis of U937 & Chung Lee, Huei-Sheng Huang                                 TW
                                                                                                                   of Technology
                                                       A431 Cells                  and Fei-Bin Hsiao
                                            Automated Dielectrophoretic Cell       Chengjun Huang, Jiang Zhu,
                                                                                                                   Huazhong University of
525   3A5.5        Cell Analyses           Fractionation System Using MEMS         Lei Wang, Min Guo, Jun                                        CN
                                                                                                                   Science and Technology
                                                       Technology                  Yu,Jing Cheng

                                                                                Zhao Zhiqiang, Zheng Xiaolin,
                                   Dielectrophoresis Manipulation of Cells with
373   3A5.6     Cell Analyses                                                   Yang Jun, Wu Xiaoying, Hei    Chongqing University,          CN
                                        the Interdigitated Microelectrodes
                                                                                Xiaoguang, Cao Yong
                                                                               Po-Weng Huang, Tsu-Te
                                     Dielectrophoretic Cell Concentrators on                               National Chiao Tung
524   3A5.7     Cell Analyses                                                  Wang, Sheou-Wei Lin, Yu-Chi                                   TW
                                              EWOD-Based Chips                                             University
                                                                               Chang, and Shih-Kang Fan
                                    Research on cell suspension s electrical
                                                                             Ming F. Xiao,Zhao Y. Zhou, X.
450   3A5.8     Cell Analyses      impedance spectroscopy based on a micro                                 Tsinghua University               CN
                                                                             Yang, Y. Wu and Shang F. Liu
                                                                                 Youngjae Kim*, Changsung
                                                                                 Park, Youngseuck Yoo,
                                       The Effects of Driving Waveform of
                                                                                 Sungjun Park, Chungmo Yang, Samsung Electro-
302   3C1.1     Micropumps 1       Piezoelectric Industrial Inkjet Head for Fine                                                             KR
                                                                                 Soonyoung Kim, Wonchul Sim, Mechanics
                                                                                 Juhwan Yang, Jaewoo Joung
                                                                                 and Yongsoo Oh
                                    nanojet formed by heating PbO-coated Pb F. Q. Song*, M. Han, J. G.
8     3C1.2     Micropumps 1                                                                                     Nanjing University          CN
                                                       clusters                 Wan, J. F. Zhou, G. H. Wang
                                        An Intelligent High-Speed 3D Data
                                                                                Jian-Chiun Liou, and Fan-Gang    National Tsing Hua
145   3C1.3     Micropumps 1         Registration Integrated Circuit Applied to                                                              TW
                                                                                Tseng                            University
                                       Large Array Format Inkjet Printhead
                                   A Novel Passive Membrane Pumping Nano Sukhan Lee, Sungkeun Lee,
371   3C1.4     Micropumps 1                                                                                     Sungkyunkwan Univ.          KR
                                                    Fountain-Pen                Youngkwan Lee, Hunmo kim
                                                                                Zhaoxin GENG, Dafu CUI *,        Institute of Electronics,
                                    Disposable PDMS Diaphragm Micropump
530   3C1.5     Micropumps 1                                                    Haining WANG, Changchun          Chinese Academy of          CN
                                                  Actuated by PZT
                                                                                LIU and Xing CHEN                Sciences.
                                                                                Takahiro Ezaki, Takeo
                                   INTEGRATED SAMPLE INJECTION CHIP
360   3C2.1     Micropumps 2                                                    Yamazaki, Susumu Yasuda,         Canon Inc.                  JP
                                                FOR MICRO-HPLC
                                                                                Takayuki Yagi
                                                                                Xiu H. Li , Xiao M. Yu, Hai H.
296   3C2.2     Micropumps 2         Micro-jet Pump for Micro-fluidic Systems                                    Peking University           CN
                                                                                Cui, Zhan H. Li, Da C. Zhang
                                                                                Soon Y. Kim*, Young J. Kim,
                                                                                Won C. Sim, Chung M. Yang,
                                   The Fabrication of Monolithic Micro Droplet                                   Samsung Electro-
315   3C2.3     Micropumps 2                                                    Sung J. Park, Chang S. Park,                                 KR
                                               Ejector using MEMS                                                Mechanics Co.
                                                                                Ju H. Yang, Young S. Yoo, Jae
                                                                                W. Joung
                                                                                Chin-Chun Hsu, Yu-Tang
                                    Numerical Studies of Curved-walled Micro
305   3C2.4     Micropumps 2                                                    Chen, Ming-Cheng Chang,          Tamkang University          TW
                                                                                Shung-Wen Kang
                                                                                Qiu Cheng-jun, Zhao
                                        A Valve-less PZT Micropump with
                                                                                quanliang,Zhang Hui-jun, Qu
73    3C2.5     Micropumps 2        Isosceles Triangle Cross-section Diffuser                                    Heilongjiang University     CN
                                                                                Wei Liu Hong-mei Cao Mao-
                                      Large-Scale Synthesis of Herringbone Sheng M. Zhou, Xiao B.
257   3D1.1   Nano Fiber & Films   Carbon Nanofibers on Nonsupported Nickel Zhang*, Di Lu, Yu H. Mi, Xin Y.      Zhejiang University         CN
                                                      Catalyst                  Tao, Fu Liu

                                       Nanofiber membrane of EVOH-based           Hong W. Duan, Wei Z. Jin, Yu   North-east Forestry
21    3D1.2   Nano Fiber & Films                                                                                                              CN
                                             ionomer by electrospinning           j. Zhang, Feng F. Li           University
                                    Research and development of nanometer                                        Xi'an University of
                                                                                  Jiaguang Meng , Guanxiong
168   3D1.3   Nano Fiber & Films    material anti-mite and anti-bacteria knitting                                Engineering Science &        CN
                                                                                  Qiu, Tao Xue, Yuhui Wang
                                                fabric with cotton fiber                                         Technology
                                   Antibacterial properties of nanometer Fe3+- H.J. Zhang, H.M. Liu, C.S. Mu,
349   3D1.4   Nano Fiber & Films                                                                                 Heilongjiang University      CN
                                                    TiO2 thin films               C. J. Qiu, D.J. Wu
                                   Influence of magnetic field on carbon nano- Shenli Jia, Gang Xing, Qiduan
352   3D1.5   Nano Fiber & Films                                                                                 Xi'an Jiaotong University    CN
                                          materials produced in liquid arc        Xu, Zongqian Shi
                                   The Al2O3 nanowire grown on silicon chips Zheng JIAO, Xiang GENG,             Shanghai Applied Radiation
253   3D2.1       Nanowires          by electrochemical reaction under AFM Qun FU, Haijian ZHONG, Zhen           Institute, Shanghai        CN
                                                         probe                    LI                             University
                                     Molecular Dynamics Studies of Phonon J. S. Lin, S. P. Ju, W. J. Lee,
396   3D2.2       Nanowires                                                                                      National United University   TW
                                        Spectra in Ultrathin Gold Nanowire        and M. X. Weng
492   3D2.3       Nanowires               Electrosun Nanofibers Bundles           Daoheng Sun, Liwei Lin         Xiamen University            CN
                                        Experimental growth of a novel top        Xiu-Xia Zhang,Chang-Chun
445   3D2.4       Nanowires                                                                                      Xi'an Jiaotong University    CN
                                            branched carbon nanotubes             Zhu, Lin Xin
                                                                                  Ozlem Sardan, Arda D.
                                   Batch Fabrication of Self-Assembled Nickel-
406   3D2.5       Nanowires                                                       Yalcinkaya, and B. Erdem       Koc University               TR
                                       Iron Nanowires by Electrodeposition
                                                                                  Jian Hua Shan, Tao Mei, Lin
                                   Fabrication and Adhesive Force Analysis of                                    Institute of Intelligent
489   3D3.1     Bio-Mimetics                                                      Ni, Shirong Chen and Jia Ru                                 CN
                                         Biomimetic Gecko Foot-Hair Array                                        Machines
                                     Self-cleaning Effects of Biomimetic Dry Y.-C. Tsai, P.-J. Shih, T.-H.
513   3D3.2     Bio-Mimetics                                                                                     National Taiwan University TW
                                                      Adhesives                   Lin, and W.-P. Shih
                                     Biomimetic Design of Two Microsensor Deyi Kong, Max Q.-H. Meng,             The Chinese University of
588   3D3.3     Bio-Mimetics                                                                                                                  HK
                                                       Systems                    Dongfeng Zhang, Tao Mei        Hong Kong
                                        The biocompatibility study of Fe3O4
                                                                                  Dongsheng Zhang, Yiqun Du,
131   3D3.4     Bio-Mimetics           magnetic nanoparticles used in tumor                                      Southeast University         CN
                                                                                  Haiyan Ni
               Thin Film Stress      Control of stress in multilayered MEMS Ling Wang, Jia-sheng Hong,
453   3D4.1                                                                                                      CCLRC                        GB
               Characterization                         devices                   Aizi Jin and Zheng Cui
                                          Residual Stresses Measuring of          Ghader Rezazadeh*, Ali
               Thin Film Stress
433   3D4.2                               Electrostatic MEMS Switches by          Tahmasebi and Hamed            Urmia University             IR
                                                 Piezoelectric Layers             Sadeghian
                                                                                                             Institute of Microelectronics
               Thin Film Stress       A Novel Micro Thermal Shear Stress      Shali Shi, Dapeng Chen, Yi Ou,
185   3D4.3                                                                                                  of Chinese Academy of         CN
               Characterization         Sensor with a Cavity underneath       Tianchun Ye
               Thin Film Stress    High-Frequency Vibratory Stress Relief on
527   3D4.4                                                                     Wen He                           Zhejiang University          CN
               Characterization                  Small-Assembly
                                                                                Hamed Sadeghian, Ghader
                                   Effect of Residual Stress on Pull-In Voltage
               Thin Film Stress                                                 Rezazadeh, Ebrahim
411   3D4.5                         for Nonlinear Electromechanical Coupled                                      Urmia University             IR
               Characterization                                                 Abbaspour sani and Ali
                                   Evaluating Interface Effect On Stresses In Shasha Wang, Jing Chen,
               Thin Film Stress
578   3D4.6                        Thin Films By A Local Curvature Metrology Dachao Li, Yubo Huang,              Peking University            CN
                                      With High Accuracy And Resolution       Zhihong Li

                                        Study on the nano-topography of the    Zhihao Hou, Zewen Liu,
157   3E1.1    Wireless Sensors         electrode surface and the breakdown    Guangwei Hu, Litian Liu,           Tsinghua University         CN
                                           voltage in RF MEMS Switches         Zhijian Li
                                      A Bulk Micromachined Distributed Digital Min Miao, Guoying Wu,
189   3E1.2    Wireless Sensors        Microwave Phase Shifter with Butterfly  Zhihong Li, Yufeng Jin, Yilong     Peking University           CN
                                      Multilayer Bridges and MAM Capacitors    Hao
                                        A Compact 5-bit Switched-line Digital  Zhu Jian, Yu Yuanwei, Chen         Nanjing Electronic Devices
237   3E1.3    Wireless Sensors                                                                                                              CN
                                                MEMS Phase Shifter             Chen, Zhang Yong                   Institute
                                                                               Zhu Jian, Yu Yuanwei, Lu Le,
                                      A 3-port MEMS switch for MEMS phase                                         Nanjing Electronic Devices
233   3E1.4    Wireless Sensors                                                Chen Chen, Zhang Yong, Yang                                   CN
                                                  shifter application                                             Institute
                                      Contributions of Novel Magnetic Granular Jiahao Zhao, Jing Zhu, Jie
100   3E1.5    Wireless Sensors         Film in RF-MEMS Planar Integrated      Fang, Zhongmin Chen, Zewen         Tsinghua University         CN
                                                       Inductor                Liu
                                      A Flip-chip Assembled Microplatform for Mei Yang, Jing Chen, Yilong
218   3E2.1   Packaging & Coating                                                                                 Peking University           CN
                                                    Hybrid MEMS                Hao
                                                                               Xiangwei Zhu, Dean M. Aslam,
                                       Diamond Thin Film Micro-package for
475   3E2.2   Packaging & Coating                                              Nelson Sepúlveda and J.P.          Michigan State University   US
                                                  MEMS Resonator
                                       A New Packaging Method for Pressure H.H. Wang, P.C. Yang, W.H.
22    3E2.3   Packaging & Coating                                                                                 Tamkang University          TW
                                       Sensors by PDMS MEMS Technology Liao and L.J. Yang
                                                                                                                  Shanghai Institute of
                                                                                                                  Microsystem and
                                     Cu/Sn Isothermal Solidification Technology Li LI, Jiwei JIAO, Le LUO,
419   3E2.4   Packaging & Coating                                                                                 Information Technology,     CN
                                         for Hermetic Packaging of MEMS         Yuelin WANG
                                                                                                                  Chinese Academy of
                                                                                  X. Y. Cheng, Y. Li, X. M. Tao,
                                     Polypyrrole-coated fabric strain sensor with                                 The Hong Kong Polytechnic
460   3E2.5   Packaging & Coating                                                 H. Y. J. Tsang, M. Y. Leung, P.                           HK
                                          high sensitivity and good stability                                     University
                                                                                  Xue, X.X. Cheng, W. M. Yuen
                                      A NOVEL INLINE TYPE MICROWAVE
                                                                                 Lei. Han, Qing A. Huang, and
263   3E3.1   Multi-Sensor Network    POWER SENSOR USING GaAs MMIC                                                Southeast University        CN
                                                                                 Xiao P. Liao
                                                                                 Z. Fang*, Z. Zhao, H. H. Zeng,   Chinese Academy of
                                         Ultra-Low Power WSN Node with
298   3E3.2   Multi-Sensor Network                                               Q. Wang, H. F. Dong, P. Guo,     Sciences institute of       CN
                                              Integrated THP Sensor
                                                                                 Y. G. Zhang                      Electronics
                                                                                 Jie Fang, Zewen Liu, Jiahao
                                     Study on Large-Inductance Inductors Using
84    3E3.3   Multi-Sensor Network                                               Zhao, Zhongmin Chen, Litian      Tsinghua University         CN
                                        Double-Layer Coils on HR Substrate
                                                                                 Liu, and Zhijian Li
                                        Fabrication and Test of MEMS/NEMS        Huanhuan Zeng, Zhan Zhao,        Institute of Electronics,
287   3E3.4   Multi-Sensor Network      based Polyimide Integrated Humidity,     Haifeng Dong, Zhen Fang,         Chinese Academy of          CN
                                         Temperature and Pressure Sensor         Peng Guo                         Sciences
                                        Three-dimensional microsystems co-
               MEMS and CMOS                                                     F.Iker, N.André and J.-P.        Université catholique de
362   3E4.1                               integrated with SOI-CMOS circuit                                                                    BE
                 Integration                                                     Raskin                           Louvain
                                         technology: from MEMS to NEMS
                                      Monolithic Integration of Micro-cantilever
               MEMS and CMOS                                                     Hai T. Zhang, Xiao M. Yu, Xiao
356   3E4.2                             with Read-out Circuits Based on SOI                                       Peking University           CN
                 Integration                                                     B. Wang, Da C. Zhang

                                                                                   Yan-Chen Lin, Kai-Cheng
                MEMS and CMOS          Integrated Digital and Analog Microfluidics                             National Chiao Tung
523   3E4.3                                                                        Chuang, Tsu-Te Wang, Cheng-                                TW
                  Integration                     by EWOD and LDEP                                             University
                                                                                   Pu Chiu, and Shih-Kang Fan
                                                                               D. Liu, J. Xu, S. Xu, Y. Hao, P.
                                                                               Qian, Zhihong Liu, G. Hu, Z.
                MEMS and CMOS           Self-aligned SiGe HBT device based on Zhang, J. Zhang, R. Liu, L. Liu,
58    3E4.4                                                                                                       Tsinghua University         CN
                  Integration                   combined dry-wet etching       R. Li, K. He, Y. Liu, G. Chen,
                                                                               U. Koenig, H. Kibbel, A.
                                                                               Gruhle, U. Seiler, K. Li
                MEMS and CMOS          Development of a High Resolution CMOS Liang Cheng Chang* and              National Taipei University
320   3E4.5                                                                                                                                   TW
                  Integration                         Flow Sensor              Dasheng Lee                       of Technology
                                                                               Fei Zhang, Lina Shi,Liang         Shanghai institute of
                MEMS and CMOS            Investigation and Improvement of high
288   3E4.6                                                                    Zhang,Chengfang Li, Xiaowei       microsystem and              CN
                  Integration                   performance planar IGBT
                                                                               Sun                               information technology
                                                                                                                 Shanghai institute of
                MEMS and CMOS          New Concepts for SA-IGBT With Stripped Fei Zhang,Lina Shi,Chengfang
82    3E4.7                                                                                                      microsystem and              CN
                  Integration                       Anode Engineering               Li, Liang Zhang,Xiaowei Sun
                                                                                                                 information technology
                MEMS and CMOS             A Process Research for Integrated RF Haixia Zhang, Ming Li, Norman
537   3E4.8                                                                                                      Peking University            CN
                  Integration                           Tunable filter              Tien
                                            Study of activated bamboo-shaped
                                                                                    C. Zhang, Xiao B. Zhang, Xin
229   3E5.1    Nanotube Applications          multiwall carbon nanotubes as                                      Zhejiang University          CN
                                                                                    Y. Tao and Sheng M. Zhou
                                                 supercapacitor electrodes
                                       A New type of Bio-Chemical Sensor Based Huibin Zhao, Yunsheng Lin,        Institute of Electrical
434   3E5.2   Chemical & Gas Sensors                                                                                                          CN
                                                           on SPM                   Yansheng Zuo, Li Han         Engineering, CAS
                                                                                    Mandy L. Y. Sin, Gary C. T.
                                        Ultra-Low-Power Alcohol Vapor Sensors Chow, Carmen K. M. Fung,           The Chinese University of
443   3E5.3   Chemical & Gas Sensors                                                                                                          HK
                                        Based on Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Wen J. Li, Philip Leong, K. W. Hong Kong
                                                                                    Wong, and Terry Lee
                                                                                    Jun Yu, Zhenan Tang*, Philip
                                         Effect of Cu Doping on Stability of SnO2                                Dalian University of
465   3E5.4   Chemical & Gas Sensors                                                C. H. Chan, Guangfen Wei,                                 CN
                                                    Micro Gas Sensors                                            Technology
                                                                                    and Guizhen Yan
                                       Various characteristic of Carbon nanotubes Li Xin*, Liu Junhua, Zhu
538   3E5.5   Chemical & Gas Sensors                                                                             Xi'an Jiaotong University    CN
                                                      film Gas sensor               Changchun
                                        Non-Silicon MEMS Calorimetric Gas Flow Xuanyi Duan, Xin Fu, Haibo
248   3E5.6   Chemical & Gas Sensors                                                                             Zhejiang University          CN
                                                           Sensor                   Xie, Huayong Yang
                                                                                    Jiarui Huang, Zhongying      Institute of Intelligent
                                        Carbon Nanotube/Polyaniline Composite
238   3E5.7   Chemical & Gas Sensors                                                Huang1, Xing Chen, Fanli     Machines Chinese             CN
                                             Fabric for Ammonia Gas Sensor
                                                                                    Meng1, Jinhuai Liu           Academy of Sciences
                                                                                    Sarinee Ouitrakul, Mana
528   3E5.8   Chemical & Gas Sensors   Effect of electron acceptor in Bio-Fuel Cell Sriyudthsak, Toshihide       Chulalongkorn University     TH
                                                                                    Nithin Narayanan , Sandeep
                Microchannel Flow      Electro Hydrodynamic Pumping of Liquids
518   3F1.1                                                                         Akkaraju , John Bloomsburgh IntelliSense Corporation      US
                 Characterization                    in Microchannels
                                                                                    and Lei Zhou
                Microchannel Flow      Experimental and Numerical Research on Ruijin Wang , Jianzhong Lin
32    3F1.2                                                                                                       Zhejiang University         CN
                 Characterization       the Flow in a Microchannel with Barriers and Haibo Xie

                                                                                     Chien-Fu Chen, Chun-Fei
                  Microchannel Flow       The Surface-Tension-Driven Blood Flow In
543   3F1.3                                                                          Kung, Chin-Chou Chu,and            National Taiwan University TW
                   Characterization                     Micro-channels
                                                                                     Chien-Cheng Chang
                                                Experimental Study of Flowing        Zhi Y. Ling, Jian N. Ding, Ji C.
                  Microchannel Flow
68    3F1.4                                   Characteristics of Distilled Water in  Yang, Z. Fan, P. Yang, Y. Liu,     Jiangsu University         CN
                                             Microchannel with Different Lengths     Zhi W. Zhuang
                                          In Situ Visual Investigation of CO2 Bubble
                  Microchannel Flow                                                  Junsheng Liang, Chong Liu*, Li     Dalian University of
509   3F1.5                                 Clogging Phenomena in μDMFC                                                                       CN
                   Characterization                                                  Chen, and Liding Wang              Technology
                                                    Anode Micro Flow Field
                                                                                    Binbin Jiao, Shali Shi, Chaobo
                                                                                    Li, Dapeng Chen, Tianchun Ye Institute of
               Heat Transfer & Thermal    Design of a Novel Uncooled Infrared Focal
172   3F2.1                                                                         Qingchuan Zhang, Zheying       Microelectronics, Chinese       CN
                      Sensors 1                         Plane Array
                                                                                    Guo, Fengliang Dong, Zhengyu Academy of Sciences
                                                                                                                        Technical Institute of
                                            Capacity Evaluation of a MEMS Based
               Heat Transfer & Thermal                                               Zhong-Shan Deng, and Jing          Physics and Chemistry,
487   3F2.2                               Micro Cooling Device Using Liquid Metal as                                                               CN
                      Sensors 1                                                      Liu                                Chinese Academy of
               Heat Transfer & Thermal    Investigation of Gas Separation Induced by Wenjing Ye, Yong-Kyu Yoon,         Georgia Institute of
289   3F2.3                                                                                                                                        US
                      Sensors 1                         Thermal Loading              Mark G. Allen                      Technology
               Heat Transfer & Thermal      Heat-Induced Transformation between Zhi H. Gan, Gui L. Ning, Y. Lin, Dalian University of
318   3F2.4                                                                                                                                        CN
                      Sensors 1            Nanospheres and Nanofibers of Boehmite and Y. Cong                    Technology
                                                                                                                        Technical Institute of
                                          Complex Flow and Heat Transfer Behavior
               Heat Transfer & Thermal                                                                                  Physics and Chemistry,
447   3F2.5                               of Micro/nano Fluidics: Bernard Convection Yang Yang, and Jing Liu                                       CN
                      Sensors 1                                                                                         The Chinese Academy of
                                               Always Occurs in a NEMS World
                                                                                                                        Sciences, Beijing, China
                                                                                     Chaobo Li, Binbin Jiao, Shali
                                                                                     Shi, Tianchun Ye, Dapeng      Institute of
               Heat Transfer & Thermal      IR Imaging at Room-temperature Using
170   3F3.1                                                                          Chen, Yi Ou,Qingchuan Zhang, Microelectronics, Chinese        CN
                      Sensors 2              Substrate-free Micro-cantilever Array
                                                                                     Zheying Guo, Fengliang Dong, Academy of Sciences
                                                                                     Zhengyu Miao
                                              Thermal Analysis of a Constant
               Heat Transfer & Thermal                                             Feng T. Zhang, Zhen A. Tang,         Dalian University of
395   3F3.2                              Temperature Pirani Gauge Based on Micro-                                                                  CN
                      Sensors 2                                                    Jun. Yu, and Ren C. Jin              Technology
                                            Enhancement of Phase Change Heat
               Heat Transfer & Thermal                                             Tzong-Shyng. Leu*, Hung-Wen          National Cheng Kung
366   3F3.3                                  Transfer by using Surface Energy                                                                      TW
                       Sensors 2                                                   Lin                                  University
                                                  Patterning Techniques
                                                                                   G. Luo, I. Maximov, S.
                                                                                   Ghatnekar-Nilsson, P.
              Session Invited Paper-Nano- Nanoimprint-Based Fabrication of Double-
472   3F4.1                                                                        Carlberg, M. Graczyk, D.             Lund University            SE
                     Fabrication2                 Finger NEMS Gratings
                                                                                   Adolph, T. Zhu, Z. F. Liu, H. Q.
                                                                                   Xu, and L. Montelius
                                            Hydrothermal Synthesis and Electric
                                                                                   D. Y. Tang X. L. Wu Y. J. Qiao       Harbin Institute of
551   3F4.2       Nano Fabrication 2        Properties of Fibrous Lead Zirconate                                                                   CN
                                                                                   L.S.Qiang                            Technology

                                          Co-Elctrodeposition and Characterization of Fereidoon Mohammadi*,
                                                                                                                      Iran Polymer and
466   3F4.3      Nano Fabrication 2           Ni+RuO2 Nano- Electrocatalyst for       Roohangiz Zandi-Zand1 and                                    IR
                                                                                                                      Petrochemical Institute
                                          Hydrogen Evolution in Chlor-Alkali Process Abdollah Tarjoman
                                            Silicon nanostructures formed by self-   Ying Wang, Minglai Yang,         Shanghai Jiao Tong
166   3F4.4      Nano Fabrication 2                                                                                                                CN
                                                organizing Au nanoparticle film      Linpei Zhu, Yafei Zhang          University
                                                                                     Li Zhang, Lixin Dong, Dominik
                                           Fabrication and Characterization of Self-                                  Swiss Federal Institute of
469   3F4.5      Nano Fabrication 2                                                  J. Bell, Bradley J. Nelson,                                   CH
                                           scrolling Si/Cr Micro- and Nanostructures                                  Technology (ETH), Zurich
                                                                                     Detlev Grützmacher
                                                                                                                      Institute of Semiconductor,
                                          Synthesis of GaN nanorods with vertebra-
71    3F4.6      Nano Fabrication 2                                                Hai Y. Gao, Jin M. Li              The Chinese Academy of CN
                                                       like morphology
                                                                                     Heng Yang, Yongliang Yang,       Shanghai Institute of Micro
                                           Fabrication of the Isolated Nano-beams in
387   3F4.7      Nano Fabrication 2                                                  Tie Li, Jiwei Jiao, Xinxin Li,   System and Information      CN
                                           Normal (111) Si Wafers with KOH Etching
                                                                                     Yuelin Wang                      Technology
                                              High-speed Synthesis and Electric
                                                                                                                      Harbin Institute of
412   3F4.8      Nano Fabrication 2       Properties of Calcium Doped Lead Titanate L.S.Qiang H.Mu H.G.Fu                                          CN
                                                                                     Simiao Xiao, Guangbo Li, Fan
                                            Photonic Properties of Silicon-on-Glass
306   3F5.1   Nano-Materials Properties                                              Wang, Xiaoqing Jiang,            Zhejiang University          CN
                                                 Nano-Film and its Fabrication
                                                                                     Minghua Wang, Jianyi Yang
                                                                                     Demei Yu, Yunchuan Xie,
                                             Cryogenic Dielectric and Mechanical
                                                                                     Weitao Wan, Xiusheng Guo,
109   3F5.2   Nano-Materials Properties   Properties of nanowire-Al2O3 filled PBT/GF                                  Xi'an Jiaotong University    CN
                                                                                     Yingxin Xi, Zhantong Mao,
                                                                                     Longbiao Huang
                                              Dielectric properties of filled carbon Xiusheng Guo, Demei Yu, Yan
110   3F5.3   Nano-Materials Properties     nanotubes/epoxy composites with high Gao, Qin Li,Weitao Wan and           Xi'an Jiaotong University    CN
                                                       dielectric constant           Zhan Gao
                                           Electrochemical Performance of Pyrolytic
                                                                                     M. Yousefi , A. Rouhollahi and   Iran Polymer and
239   3F5.4   Nano-Materials Properties          Carbon Film with Anisotropic                                                                      IR
                                                                                     M. Hadi                          Petrochemical Institute
                                                                                                                      Shanghai Institute of
                                                                                                                      Microsystem and
                                            Silicon nano beam fabricated by MEMS       Wenping Liu, Tie Li, Yuelin
336   3F5.5   Nano-Materials Properties                                                                               Information Technology,      CN
                                            technology and its electronic properties   Wang
                                                                                                                      Chinese Academy of
                                           Effect of Surface-termination on The
                                                                                     Feng B. Liu, Jia D. Wang, B.
244   3F5.6   Nano-Materials Properties Electronic Structure of The Nano-crystalline                                Tsinghua University            CN
                                                                                     Liu, Xue M. Li, and Da R. Chen
                                                  Diamond Film Electrode
                                          Effects of Nanoparticle Surface Treatment
                                                                                    Wei T. Wan, De M. Yu*,Yun C.
                                              on the Crystalline Morphology and
154   3F5.7   Nano-Materials Properties                                             Xie, Xiu S. Guo, Zhan T. Mao, Xi'an Jiaotong University        CN
                                            Dielectric Properties of Polypropylene/
                                                                                    Long B. Huang, Wan D. Zhou
                                             Calcium Carbonate Nanocomposites
                                          Structural analysis and control of ultralow
                                                                                      Xu Chao, Zhou bin, Deng
70    3F5.8   Nano-Materials Properties   density silica aerogels prepared by sol-gel                                 Tongji university            CN

                                  A Closed Form Solution for the Pull-in
                                                                              Guan-De Lee and Yuh-Chung
280   3G1.1   Device Design 1     Voltage of the Micro Bridge with Initial                              Huafan University                 TW
                                 Stress subjected to Electrostatic Loads
                                 Research on the Dynamics and Bistable        Li Li, Zhi g. Zhang, Miao Lu    Hebei University of
208   3G1.2   Device Design 1                                                                                                             CN
                                   State of a MEMS Variable Capacitor         and Zheng p. Zhao               Technology
                                Mechanical Design of Compliant Parallel
247   3G1.3   Device Design 1                                            Qingsong Xu and Yangmin Li           Universityof Macau          MO
                                Manipulators for Nano Scale Manipulation
                                  Design MEMS Actuators with Topology         Kong T. Zuo, Yu D. Zhao, Li P.
579   3G1.4   Device Design 1                                                                                Tsinghua University          CN
                                          Optimization Method                 Chen
                                An Attitude Compensation Technique for a Yilun Luo, Chi Chiu Tsang,
                                                                                                       Centre for Micro and Nano
329   3G1.5   Device Design 1   MEMS Motion Sensor Based Digital Writing Guanglie Zhang, Zhuxin Dong,                            HK
                                               Instrument                Wen J. Li, Philip H. W. Leong
                                Squeeze Film Damping Effect of the Micro      LiWei Li, Rong Zhu, Zhaoying
200   3G2.1   Device Design 2                                                                                 Tsinghua University         CN
                                       Airflow in a Sealed Chamber            Zhou
                                   Simulation and Analysis of Interfacial
                                                                              T.-H. Lin, W.-P. Shih, C.-S.
220   3G2.2   Device Design 2        Wettability by Dissipative Particle                                      National Taiwan University TW
                                                                              Chen, and Y.-T. Chiu.
                                    Finite Element Method Design and
                                  Fabrication of Thermo-sensitive Quartz                                      Harbin University of
454   3G2.3   Device Design 2                                                 Jun xu and Bo Yu                                            CN
                                 Tuning Fork Resonators as Temperature                                        Science and Technology
                                 Optimal Design of a New Nanopositioner
141   3G2.4   Device Design 2                                                 Yangmin Li and Qingsong Xu      University of Macau         MO
                                          using Genetic Algorithm
                                Design conceits and testing of a prototype J. F. Pan, J. N. Ding, W.M.
57    3G2.5   Device Design 2                                                                                 Jiangsu University          CN
                                    micro thermophotovoltaic system        Yang, D. T. Li, H. Xue
                                                                              Yiyong Tan, Zhihong Li*,
                                   An Improved 3D Simulator for MEMS
359   3G3.1   Process Design                                                  Guizhang Lu, Xin Zhao, Lei      Peking University           CN
                                    3d finite element analysis of laser       Xiang Hengfu, Fu Jianzhong,
340   3G3.2   Process Design                                                                                  Zhejiang University         CN
                                             machining PMMA                   and Chen Zichen
277   3G3.3   Process Design    3D MEMS Design Methods via SolidWorks Changfu Zhang                           Xi'an Jiaotong University   CN
                                A Novel Model for Surface Evolvement and
                                                                              Jian Zhang, Qing-An Huang,      Southeast University,
283   3G3.4   Process Design        Footing Effect Simulations in DRIE                                                                    CN
                                                                              and Wei-Hua Li                  Nanjing 210096, CHINA
                                 Hydrothermal Fabrication of spindle-type     Yu H. Mi, Xiao B. Zhang, Jun
205   3G4.1    Nanoparticles        α-Fe2O3 Nanoparticle and its         H. Luo, Sheng M. Zhou, Ji P.    Zhejiang University         CN
                                             magnetic property                Cheng, Fu. Liu
                                     Transport of Nano-particles inside       R.-J. Yu, Y.-C. Su, and C.-C.   National Tsing Hua
517   3G4.2    Nanoparticles                                                                                                              TW
                                      Channels with Nano-sized Gaps           Chieng                          University
                                Preparation and Characterization of Fe3O4
                                                                              J.P.Wang, M.F.Lu, J.F.Liu,      Harbin Engineering
183   3G4.3    Nanoparticles       single crystal nanoparticles with high                                                                 CN
                                                                              J.Meng                          University
                                Functional antibody-antigen reaction on the   Jung-Yi Lin, Da-Jen Yao, and    National Tsing Hua
474   3G4.4    Nanoparticles                                                                                                              TW
                                    surface of iron oxide nanoparticles       Fangang Tseng                   University

                                                 Thermal conductivity of single-wall carbon Hui Chen, Yunfei Chen*,
   89      3G4.5         Nanoparticles                                                                                       Southeast University         CN
                                                       nanotubes filled with argon          Minhua Chen and Kedong Bi
                                                   Reduction of the fcc to L1o Ordering
   85      3G4.6         Nanoparticles             Temperature for FePt nanoparticles       S. W. Yung, C. M. Zhong,         National United University   TW
                                                             Containing Cu.
                                                                                                                             Technical Institute of
                                                   Uncertainties in the Micro/nano-Particles
                                                                                             Zhong-Shan Deng, and Jing       Physics and Chemistry,
  307      3G4.7         Nanoparticles           Induced Hyperthermia Treatment on Tumor                                                                  CN
                                                                                             Liu                             Chinese Academy of
                                                        Subject to External EM Field
                                                                                         Zhongtao Shi,Jianfeng Zhou,
                                                  A New Method to Prepare Ordered Silver
   5       3G4.8         Nanoparticles                                                   Min Han, Jianguo Wan and            Nanjing University           CN
                                                          Nanoparticle Arrays
                                                                                         Guanghou Wang
                                                   Volume Tunable Droplet Generation by      Tung-Chi Hsiao, Chien-Chou      National Tsing Hua
  516      3G5.1     Microdroplet Analyses                                                                                                                TW
                                                           Continuous Pumping                Chen, and Yu-Chuan Su           University
                                                    A Closed-loop MEMS-based Spotter         Thierry Leïchlé, Daisuke Saya,
                                                     Integrating Position Sensors with       Jean-Bernard Pourciel, Fabrice
  273      3G5.2     Microdroplet Analyses                                                                                  LAAS-CNRS                     FR
                                                   Nanometric Precision for the Control of   Mathieu, Christian Bergaud,
                                                            Droplets Uniformity              and Liviu Nicu
                                                  An Electrostatic Drop-On-Demand Micro      Sukhan. Lee, Jeongtaek. Oh,
  394      3G5.3     Microdroplet Analyses                                                                                   Sungkyunkwan Universtity KR
                                                  Droplet Ejector with a Pole Type Nozzle    Jihye. Yang, Doyoung. Byun
                                                                                             Hu Yonggui, Zhang Zhengfan,
                                                  Investigation into high-performance high-                                  the National Labs of Analog
   81      3G5.4     Microdroplet Analyses                                                   Li Kaicheng, and Zhang                                      CN
                                                     current ultra low dropout regulator                                     ICs
                                                                                             Sung-Jun Park*, Wonchul Sim,
                                                    Analysis of the Micro Droplet Ejecting
                                                                                             Changsung Sean Kim,             Samsung Electro-
  545      3G5.5     Microdroplet Analyses        Performance for Industrial Inkjet Printing                                                              KR
                                                                                             Youngseuck Yoo, and Jaewoo      Mechanics Co.
                                                                                                                          Instrument Technology
                                                   The behavior of nano particle inside a
                                                                                             Heng-Cang Hu* , Ming-Yu Lin, Research Center, National
  309      3G5.6     Microdroplet Analyses        droplet and used to enhance the droplet                                                           TW
                                                                                             Chih-Sheng Yu, Yi-Chiuen Hu Applied Research
                                                             mixing efficiency.
                                                                                             Min-Chul Moon, Jong-Chul
                                                       A Thermopneumatic-actuated
  511      3G5.7     Microdroplet Analyses                                                   Yoo, C. J. Kang, and Yong-   Myongji University        KR
                                                  polydimethylsiloxaneMicrofluidic System
                                                                                             Sang Kim
                                                    Performances of an Electrochemical
                                                                                             In-Je Yi, Ju-Ho Kim, C. J. Kang
  512      3G5.8     Microdroplet Analyses         Detector using Prussian Blue modified                                     Myongji University           KR
                                                                                             and Yong-Sang Kim
                                                        Indium Tin Oxide Electrode

The Authors of papers below did not contact us by January 04, so they may not be included in the Final Technical Program.
                                                  Preparation of Ce-loaded Anatase Nano-                                     University of Science and
   17      3C4.1   Properties of NanoMaterials                                           Xuefeng Liu, Mingjing Tu                                         CN
                                                          TiO2 and Its Properties                                            Technology Beijing
                                                                                         Hu Yonggui, Zhang Zhengfan,
                                                    High-current low-consumption power                                       the National Labs of Analog
  240      3C4.2        Special Sensors                                                  Li Kaicheng, Ye Dong, Liu                                       CN
                                                       modulator with voltage monitor                                        ICs
                                                                                         Jianhua, and Liu Jun
                                                                                                                           Institute of Intelligent
                                                   ZnO nanorod arrays for gas ionization     Zhongying Huang, Jiarui
   94      3C4.3    Chemical & Gas Sensor                                                                                  Machines, Chinese              CN
                                                                sensor                       Huang, Xing Chen, Jinhuai Liu
                                                                                                                           Academy of Sciences

                                            Study on Tat Mediated Magnetic
                                                                                 Peng Yao Jie Huang
533   3C4.4       Nanoparticle1         Nanoparticles Having Composite Targeting                                 Tianjin University         CN
                                                                                 Chunsheng Kang Jin Chang
                                            Function and Distribution in Vivo
                                         Hybrid Co(OH)2-RuO2 supercapacitor in Xiao F. Wang *, Zheng You,
144   3C4.5       NanoMaterials                                                                                  Tsinghua University        CN
                                                aqueous KOH electrolyte        Dian B. Ruan
                                        Preparation of The Spherical Nano-Carbon Xiu Y. Meng,Tong H. Wang,Xin Dalian University of
410   3C4.6       NanoMaterials                                                                                                             CN
                                             Powders by Freeze-Dry Method        C.Qu, L .Shi,Jie S.Qiu       Technology
                                         Self-Assembly of Nanoporous Material
                                                                                 Yu L. Yang, Y. Gao, Xin R. Liu,
                                         Gallophosphate Ga3P3O12F ∙                                        Harbin Institute of
143   3C4.7     Nano Fabrication2                                                Dun Y. Yu, Zhao H. Jiang, and                              CN
                                         0.5(1,8-C8H22N2) under Hydrothermal                                     Technology
                                                                                 Su E Hao
                                                                                  Qingling Liu, Tonghua Wang,
                                         Nanostructrued carbon/ SiO2 composite                                   Dalian University of
292   3C4.8     Nano Fabrication2                                                 Bing Zhang, Jieshan Qiu and                               CN
                                         membrane for gas molecules separation                                   Technology
                                                                                  Yiming Cao
                                        A Method Design for Polymeric Micro-lens Tong WANG, Tao CHEN, and        Beijing University of
279   3C5.1       Optical Devices                                                                                                           CN
                                                        Fabrication               Tiechuan ZUO                   Technology
                                        5-FU/PLGA/Gene Nanoparticles Used as IkeY. Guo , Lucy Y.X. Hu, J.
532   3C5.2        Bio-Medical2                                                                                  Tianjin University         CN
                                             Carriers for Combined Therapy        Chang
                                        Design of microfluidic channel geometries
267   3C5.3        Microdroplet           for formation of highly monodisperse    Kan Liu, Xing Z.Zhao           Wuhan University           CN
                                                                                                                Shanghai Institute of
                 Measurement for        Conjugated Polymer-Based Bioassays for Jiang Li, Xingfeng Liu, Shiping
4     3C5.5                                                                                                     Applied Physics, Chinese    CN
                  Biomolecule                    BRCA1 Gene Mutations              Song, Yun Zhao, Chunhai Fan
                                                                                                                Academy of Sciences
                                         Real-time measurement of biomolecule
                 Measurement for                                                   Yanyan Chen, Zhanhui Wang, The Chinese Academy of
326   3C5.4                               adsorption or interaction with imaging                                                            CN
                  Biomolecule                                                      Gang Jin                     Science
                                           Effects of potassium doping on field
                                                                                   Jian P. Sun, Chun Hui, Ai L.
483   3D5.1   Nanotube Field Emitters   emission properties of multi-walled carbon                              Shanghai Jiaotong Univ      CN
                                                                                   Xu, and Bing C. Cai
                                                      nanotubes films
                                        A Concentration Control Method (CCM) for Hongshun Zhang, Jixiao Wang,
300   3D5.2         Nanowire                                                                                  Tianjin University            CN
                                               Fabricating Se Nanowires          Zhi Wang, Shichang Wang
                                           Optical and Electron Paramagnetic   Chuanwei Cheng;Guoyue Xu,         Nanjing University of
41    3D5.3         Nanowire            Resonance Properties of Mn2+ Doped CdS Haiqian Zhang;Peipei Jiao,        Aeronautics and              CN
                                                        Nanowires              Xiaoxia Wang, Jiaqi Chen          Astronautics
                                          Growth of doped silicon nanowires by B. Wang,X.B.                      Institute of Semiconductors,
186   3D5.4         Nanowire                plasma enhanced chemical vapor     Zeng,H.Y.Hao,S.T. Dai,X.B.        Chinese Academy of           CN
                                                        deposition             Liao                              Science
                                         A New Omni-Directional and Nano Scale Chen Haichu*, Zhang Ruihua,
519   3D5.5        Nanorobotics                                                                                  Zhejiang University        CN
                                            Positioning Miniature Mobile Robot Li Mantian and Sun Lining
                                                                                                                 Jiangsu Province Key
                                         Study on In-Situ Measuring Method for                                   Laboratory of
473   3D5.6      Thin Film Stress                                              Hua Rong, Ming Wang                                          CN
                                        Average Stress Gradient of a MEMS Film                                   Optoelectronic Technology,
                                                                                                                 Nanjing Normal University

                                                                            Guo An Cheng, Member of
                               Microstructures investigation of Fe catalyst
                                                                            CSNMT, Huaping Liu, Yong
539   3D5.7   Nanofiber&film   nanofilms used for the synthesis of CNTs                                   Beijing Normal University   CN
                                                                            Zhao, Ruiting Zheng, Changlin


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