Dear Members, I wish you, your family and friends, a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2007. I congratulate all of you for having renewed your membership. Kindly remind your friends and colleagues to do the same and also bring in new members from your organization. As is often told at all the IEEE meetings, it is time to remember and re-member Members. The year 2006 had been a very successful year for our Section. We were able to conduct a good number of programmes/tutorials for our professional members and the Student Members. As many as six new Student Branches were established under our Section which is a very good growth. Out of the 38 new student branches established in Region 10 , 29 were from India. Madras Section accounted for 12 and the next is ours. I thank all the student Branch Counselors and the Student Chapter Chair for their efforts in achieving this. Many more Engineering Institutions have shown a lot of enthusiasm in establishing their Student Branches and taking up activities for the benefit of student community, the future professionals. During the month of August 2006, our section organized the Student Project Contest – 2006 along with IEEE – India AES/Com/Leo Societies Chapter. Two eminent speakers , Dr Agam. N. Sinha and Mt Sumant Hattikudur, spoke during the seminar on “Trends in Aeronautical Navigation and Air Traffic Management” under the titles (i) The future of Global Air

Transport System and (ii) Performancebased Operation – Framework, Concepts and Technologies. There was also a talk by Dr Zafar S Taqvi, member of the IEEE – AESS Board of Convenors highlighting the role of IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) in facilitating Information Exchange and Technology Advancement. The seminar was very well received and the participation was good. IEEE, Hyderabad Section has now agreed to host this annual event every year and the notice for the All India Student Project Contest - 2007 has already been dispatched to all Student Branches / Engineering Colleges all over the country. During September 2006, a tutorial on “Identification of Continuous – Time Systems” was offered by Dr Ganti Prasad Rao, FIEEE. Dr. Rao also delivered the Faraday Memorial Lecture on 22/09/06 on the topic “Sustainable Development Through Unification of Knowledge”. The response was overwhelming for this novel topic. The IAS/PES Joint Chapter and the CS Chapter did extremely well this year. They brought on an average one programme a month for the benefit of our Members on
In this edition Chairman’s Message Editor’s Message SAGM Minutes Events Student branches / Activities Senior Membership Drive Conferences TENCON 2006 Report Feedback 1 3 3 4 5 5 5 7 8

various topics of interest. A two part programme of 10 days each was organized on “Refresher Course on Advanced Control Systems”. This was a joint effort of the CS Chapter and Vasavi College of Engineering for practicing Engineers and Faculty Members. It was highly appreciated by the participants for the course content and the presentation. Prof. Dr Ganti Prasada Rao as faculty and Dr Doradla, Chair Jt Chapter , IES/PES played a very vital role ensuing success to this programme. During the year we were successful in getting many of our members upgraded to Senior Membership. Our Section also hosted the India Council meet during December.. Dear Members, As you are all aware, the TENCON 2008 is to be hosted by our IEEE, Hyderabad Section, and we are gearing up for the same. Every one of you should ensure the grand success for this programme, which is to be conducted in November 2008. Suggestions and recommendations from your experiences in organizing/participating such events will be very valuable to the Section Executive Committee which has a lot of “Urge to Know and Desire to Excel”. Please offer your suggestions to our Section through emails. During my association with IEEE I have gained a lot interacting with the Executive Committee Members, distinguished Speakers, Student Members, their Councilors and various academic institutions. As a consequence, I was also invited to deliver a talk on “IndustryInstitute Interaction – Role of Professional Bodies in promoting the same”. I had made a detailed speech highlighting the opportunities offered by IEEE for

“bridging” the institution / industry gap. This programme was organized by the National and State Level Committee of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQUIP). This news-letter is going to be the last one for me as a Chairman, IEEE-Hyderabad Section. I thank each and every member for the grand support you had offered. My special thanks are due to the senior colleagues who recommend me for the Chairmanship. I hope I did some justice to their choice. The Section Executive Committee made my job that much easier by their innovative initiatives and co-operation in making all the events successful and making a mark for Hyderabad Section at the Region 10 as well as at IEEE HQ. I still have one unfulfilled dream, i.e. opening up a Society for Engineering Management. Hyderabad is in possession of many PSUs, Research Laboratories, Technical Institutions and Universities. We should all pool our efforts and expertise to start a Society on EM that will help all engineers in general and the R&D labs and institutions in particular. I would appeal once again to our Senior Members to volunteer. We can organize activities to begin with and subsequently put up a proposal for adding our Chapter on Engineering Management Society. With best wishes to you all,

Kannan.R Section Chair, IEEE Hyderabad.

Editors Message Recently, I was delivering a valedictory lecture at one of the Engineering Colleges. I made a mention of how the industry feels about the gap between what the student learns in the college and what the industry expects when he joins them. No sooner did I finish that statement, one faculty pounced on me with objections. While I understand and appreciate his feelings, I still stand my ground. Except for few engineering colleges in the state, others provide very little hands on experience in line with the industry. Having the experience of one project or two in the four year course will not be sufficient. Software related subjects surely have a lot more scope for a number of internal and external activities. Students can be encouraged to participate and learn from the various Internet forums that exist. If we take the students learning computer sciences, how many students will be in a position to write their own applications when they step out of college? Measure a student’s capability by checking the number of minor applications they created, the number of technology forums on the Internet that they participate in for posting questions or answers. The education system in the state has a pyramid structure in terms of efforts. I believe it should be a complete reversal. The 10th standard student studies for nearly 14 hours a day, while the 12th standard students study for 16 hours a day. Does a B.Tech student spend 12 hours a day? The number falls again and goes down further in M.Tech. Let us question ourselves to see if this is correct? Srinivas Medida

Minutes of the meeting of the SAGM held on 19th August 2006 at Family World, Begumpet, Hyderabad
SAGM was conducted according to the agenda circulated to all the IEEE Members coming under IEEE Hyderabad Section. The following were the deliberations and decisions: Mr. R. Kannan, Chairman, welcomed the members to the SAGM and delivered Chairman’s address. He updated members on the Section activities and joint activities with AES Chapter of India Council. He mentioned that 2004 Section Membership Growth Award was given to Hyderabad Section at the R-10 meeting attended by him in March 2006. He also gave details of forthcoming events such as FML, technical tutorials and talks. Mr. N Srinivas Rao gave the report on his visit to the R10 Student Congress at Beijing. He mentioned that R10 SAC has requested all Sections to organise student workshops on the latest topics such as .NET, Java, Embedded Systems, DSP Processors, C/C++, etc. Indian participants raised the demand for opening R10 RAB office in India to benefit the large membership in India. Mr. Srinivas thanked Hyderabad Section for sponsoring his visit to R10 Student Congress. Dr. Atul Negi, in absence of Secretary, updated members on various initiatives taken to increase student related activities. He mentioned that student activities are encouraged in form of supporting student branch technical activities, development of education CDs by recording technical talks, giving seed money to new student branches, etc.

Dr. Atul Negi presented Financial Report for the Indian financial year 2005-2006. Members unanimously approved the financial report. Dr. Negi proposed vote of thanks.

Title : Simulation of PE Converters Using EMTP RV Title : Detailed EMTP RV Case Study of a Fault Current Limiter for a Distribution System Date : 04/24/2006 Speaker : O. P. Malik Title : Adaptive and Intelligent Control Based Power System Stabilizers Date : 07/17/2006 Speaker : R. Subba Rao Title : Switchgear and EHV Transmission System Date : : 09/15/2006 Speaker : Mrs. Geeta Gouri Title : Electricity Tariffs - Recent Trends Date : 12/12/2006 Speaker : Kaushik Rajashekara Title : Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems for Transportation and Stationary Power Generation Date : 12/16/2006 Speaker : Murty V. V. S. Yalla Title : Modern Generator Protection using Digital Multifunction Relays _______________________________________


Date: 12/18/2006 Speaker: Prof K C Gupta Title : Applications of Artificial Neural Networks to Microwave Design and WebBased Education Speaker: Prof KC Gupta and MTT Delegation and professionals Title : MTT Society promotion meeting Date: 09/22/2006 Speaker: Prof Ganti Prasad Rao Title : Faraday Memorial Lecture - Sustainable Development through Unification of Knowledge Date: 12/24/2006 Title : SEC get together with India Council members ____________________________________

Date : 01/20/2006 Speaker : Dr. Krishna Kishore Dhara Title : Shifting Towards a Server-Less Communication Paradigm Date : 07/21/2006 Speaker : Prof. Ganti Prasada Rao Title : Refresher course on Advanced Control Systems - Part 1 Date : 09/22/2006 Speaker : Prof. Ganti Prasada Rao Title : Identification of Continuous-Time Systems

Date : 01/03/2006 Speaker: Prasad N. Enjeti Title : Designing Power Conditioning Systems for Fuel Cells Date : 03/10/2006 Speaker : Dr. N. D. R. Sarma Title : SCADA and Distribution Automation Date : 04/06/2006 Speaker : Vijay K. Sood

Date : 10/18/2006 Speaker : Srinivas Medida Title : Professionalism and Passion in the Technology Industry Date : 10/28/2006 Speaker : Padmaprabodh Ambale Title : Building a Successful Engineering Career Date : 11/04/2006 Speaker : Vijaya Saradhi Title : Enterprise Disk Storage and Volume Virtualization Date : 11/27/2006 Speaker : Prof. Ganti Prasada Rao Title : Refresher Course on Advanced Control System - Part 2 Speaker : Srinivas Medida Title : Independent Software Testing ____________________________________

Tech Fests were conducted at the following Engineering Colleges :

Cynosure 2006 - Karshak Engg College
15-16 sep 2006

Vyas 2006 - NIT Warangal
Oct 13 – 15

IEEE Fellows - Class 2007 Bhargab B. Bhattacharya
Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta Kolkata, WB, India for contributions to testing and design of digital integrated circuits

Sudhakar Sahasrabudhe
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India for academic leadership in creating and managing an electrical engineering education system


Student Branches were formed and inaugurated at the following Engineering Colleges.

The recent elevations to Senior member include :

G.Narayanamma Institute Technology & Science


Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology. During this event three
technical guest lectures were arranged. Sri .R.Kannan ,Chairman ,IEEE-HYD-SEC was the chief guest and delivered a technical talk on “Recent Trends in EEE”; Sri.N.V. Rao, Vice-Chair-IEEE-HYD gave a technical talk on “Network Security and Cryptography – Algorithmic Aspect” and Sri. Nukala Srinivasa Rao, gave a technical talk on ' “DSP based Embedded Systems Application to Satellite Communications”.

  

Rao Deergha Merugu Lakshminarayana Sarma R Sada Siva

We congratulate them on their achievement and request them to help us identify more eligible Senior Members. ______________________________________

Here is the list of conferences in Region 10 for the next three months. 6th International Asia-Pacific Symposium on Visualization (APVIS) 05 Feb - 07 Feb 2007


Bharat Engineering college

Australian Communications Theory Workshop (AusCTW) 05 Feb - 07 Feb 2007 9th International Conference Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 12 Feb - 14 Feb 2007 Inaugural IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies 21 Feb - 23 Feb 2007 International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication and Networking (ICSCN) 22 Feb - 24 Feb 2007 International Conference on Research, Innovation & Vision for the Future (RIVF) 05 Mar - 09 Mar 2007 International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT 2007) 07 Mar - 09 Mar 2007 IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference (WCNC) 11 Mar - 15 Mar 2007 IEEE International Conference on Integration Technology (ICIT) 20 Mar - 24 Mar 2007 World Haptics Conference 22 Mar - 24 Mar 2007 First IEEE International Workshop on Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning (DIGITEL 2007) 26 Mar - 28 Mar 2007

Power Conversion Conference - Nagoya (PCC) 02 Apr - 05 Apr 2007 International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE) 11 Apr - 12 Apr 2007 International Workshop on Anti-counterfeiting, Security and Identification (ASID) 16 Apr - 18 Apr 2007 Cool Chips X 18 Apr - 20 Apr 2007 International Workshop on Anti-counterfeiting, Security and Identification (ASID) 16 Apr - 18 Apr 2007 International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology (ICMMT) 18 Apr - 21 Apr 2007 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems, and Applications (VLSI-TSA) 23 Apr - 25 Apr 2007 International Meeting for Future of Electron Devices, Kansai (IMFEDK) 23 Apr - 25 Apr 2007 International Symposium on VLSI Design, Automation and Test (VLSI-DAT) 25 Apr - 27 Apr 2007 11th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD) 26 Apr - 28 Apr 2007

Report On Region-10 Conference TENCON 2006, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center - by Dr. Atul Negi In view of building up publicity and interest in TENCON 2008, Hyderabad Section SEC deputed a team to attend TENCON 2006 at Hong Kong. Student Activities Chair, Dr. M.B. Srinivas, Treasurer, Dr. Atul Negi represented the SEC since Dr. Negi had been invited to chair a session and had three accepted papers and Dr. M.B.Srinivas had two accepted papers. Two IEEE student members who were co-authors in these papers were also deputed to attend the conference. The tutorials for TENCON 2006 were cancelled a week before the conference due to inadequate participation. The conference program of 14th November 2006 was confined only to registration and reception event held after 4:00 PM. The conference was inaugurated formally on 15th Nov. at 8:00 AM with keynote addresses of very distinguished IEEE speakers Prof. Raj Mittra (Life Fellow) and Alex Orailoglu, (Golden Core member of IEEE Computer Society). During the inaugural, general chair Prof. K.-M. Luk was kind enough to allow Dr. Negi to say few words about the theme of TENCON 2008 conference,. Innovative Technologies for Societal Transformation, to be held at Hyderabad during Nov. 20-23 2008. IEEE Tainan-Taipei Section hosting TENCON 2007 had a stall with Projector, conference pamphlets, tourism and visitor guidance pamphlets along with complementary souvenirs. To aid their conference promotion, IEEE Fellow of their section J-F Wang and J-F Yang were present. The conference received 893 submissions from 28 countries and selected 530 for

presentation in form of oral or poster papers. The conference had 12 invited talks. Technical paper presentation was conducted in 7 concurrent sessions. The poster and Oral sessions were held in parallel. The organization was smooth and registration swift based on the last name of the delegate. Registration fee receipts were given along with the registration kit. There were cultural/social programs on 14th evening during the reception and the conference banquet aboard a boat cruising around the Hong Kong harbor. As is customary with TENCON format welcome reception, conference banquet, lunches and tea/coffee break refreshments were complementary to the registration fee of USD400 (early). The visit was very successful in generating interest for Hyderabad as Dr. M.B.Srinvas, Dr. Negi and the students took every opportunity to interact with delegates and distribute pamphlets. Observations and Recommendations It was seen that quite a few speakers did not turn up to present their papers causing embarrassment to the organizers. Some schemes like lottery for session attendees and special awards for speakers may help to generate and retain interest. A best poster contest with judgment from the session chairs or from a panel could also create interest. If the poster sessions were to be held at exclusive plenary poster sessions the response would be good. Each oral session had student volunteers who took care of the arrangements in each room. It would also be good to have Region 10 Excom invitees and IEEE Headquarters invitees to spark interest. A stronger technical program would also help generate more interest. Reviews for each submission would be also an important factor for our paper sessions.

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