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									Overview: Schottenfeld Management Corp.
Portfolio Summary
Equity Assets ($MM): Investment Style: Total Assets: Orientation: Investor Type: Investor Sub-Type: Turnover:: Turnover (%): Filing Date: # of Securities Held: Hedge Fund Unknown Active Investment Managers Hedge Fund

Contact Information
Address: Tel: Fax: Firm URL: 800 Third Avenue, 10th Floor New York, NY 10022-4614 United States (212) 300-2200 (212) 838-5820

Key Contacts Contact Name
Schottenfeld, Richard Kalish, Stephen Rosen, Lucas Shankar, Gautham Tsiolis, Gus

Chief Investment Officer Security Analyst Security Analyst Security Analyst Trader

1-212-300-2222 1-212-300-2204 1-212-300-2200 1-212-300-2200 1-212-300-2283


Global Region
No Data Available for Global Region

General Investment Approach
Schottenfeld Management Corp. does not want to provide information on its investment approach.

Schottenfeld Management Corp., formerly known as Schottenfeld Asset Management, L.L.C., is a New York, NY-based hedge fund management firm. The firm manages the Schottenfeld Associates, L.P. and the Schottenfeld Qualified Associates, L.P.

Macro Industry
No Data Available for Macro Industry

Market Cap

Style Allocation

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