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									Mobile Phone Navigation

• Blake Bullock – Motorola Mobile Devices Product Line Manager, Navigation • Erno Hempel – Jentro Technologies Founder & CTO • John Craig – Destinator Technologies VP Product Management & Marketing • Gregoire Heugel – Garmin International Business Development Manager, Telecom

Navigation Europe 2007

Embedded and Portable Navigation Systems

– – – – Not portable Not connected Not up-to-date Not suitable for pedestrian or non-vehicle recreational use

Alternative: Mobile Phone Navigation System
– Mobile phone is truly portable
• Only device you have with you ALL the time • Great for pedestrian and recreational use • Use for last mile when you get out of the car

– Mobile phone is always connected
• Enables real-time traffic information • Software updates • Content updates

Navigation Europe 2007

Mobile Phone Navigation Distribution

Problems limiting adoption:
– – – – – Limited GPS phone models Limited awareness that location features are available on phone Product discovery difficult when on deck for download Difficult to setup and install solution Data plan complexity for online services
• Rates vary from €0,24/MB to €19/MB in Germany • May need separate activation

– – – – – More GPS enabled devices Increased presence at retail and in phone packaging Increased marketing of phone solutions Work seamlessly out of the box, easy to setup Reasonable flat rate data plans

Navigation Europe 2007

Consumer Demand for Navigation today

Market trends position phone-based navigation to overtake PNDs in 2008

Navigation Europe 2007

PND / SmartPhone / Cell Phone Navigation

PND sales

Smartphone/PDA with Nav sales

Cell Phone with Nav sales

Navigation Europe 2007

Consumers want a Simple Purchase

A bundled product is preferred by a 4 to 1 margin over paying for the hardware and software separately

Offer a Complete Package: GPS receiver, MOTONAV software with paid 12-month subscription included – plus car charger, phone holder, belt-clip and dash-mount. Just add the phone!

Source: MSI Naming Study Report 7.21.06

Navigation Europe 2007

T805 / T815 Phone Navigation Solutions


Smartphones (Windows Mobile & Symbian)

Most Bluetooth Java phones


Uses on-board technology with maps on memory card On-board microSD solution (with miniSD adaptor) Windows Mobile and Symbian Smartphones Optimized for MOTO Q9 and similar phones Use reliably even when out of cellular network

Uses off-board technology with maps on server; routes downloaded (20-50kB each) J2ME application SMS download and activation Optimized for RAZR and similar phones Data kept up to date via server

Motorola GPS receiver

GPS holders

Universal phone holder


Memory card with map data

Motorola GPS receiver

GPS holders

Universal phone holder


Both products feature MOTONAV™
Optimize user experience: Simplify out-of-box experience Technology choice for implementation made based on platform capabilities

Navigation Europe 2007

Mobile Phone – your 24/7 companion: Technical Capabilities

Voice, SMS Camera Phone book

Clock Email, Calendar, Address book Instant Messaging Mobile TV

Navigation and more – especially with GPS enabled phones
Navigation Europe 2007

Mobile Phone – your 24/7 companion: Social Networking Capabilities

Staying connected within your community, e.g.:
Voice, SMS, email, IM, show pictures Share locations: ‘come to me‘, ‘let‘s meet there‘, buddy finder User generated content: geo-tagged photos and videos
N 48° 51' 29" E 2° 17' 40"

Navigation Europe 2007

Local Search – a lot more than POIs

• Search nearby current location (GPS / Cell), your destination and/or any other location • “Find – the easy way” – POI category search vs. Free form search
Compare to Web Search: Yahoo … … and Google in 1999

Navigation Europe 2007

Local Search – a lot more than POIs

Find & go: Local search and navigation are intrinsically connected Car and Pedestrian navigation plus public transportation Can call first Seamless integration is key for usability

Navigation Europe 2007

New Business Models: Advertising-based

- FREE maps - FREE traffic information - FREE navigation ! How? - Connecting the LBE world with existing mobile ad infrastructure providing rich user context to advertisers - Beyond page views (CPM -Cost per 1,000): CPC (Cost per Click), CPL (Cost per Lead) and CPA (Cost per Action) – Call/Call-Back button, Info button, destination reached …

“...the global Mobile Advertising market could grow to US$ 9.6 billion by 2010."
Source: The Shosteck Group

Navigation Europe 2007

Driving Connected PNDs & In-Dash Navigation units:
Backend, Mobile Phone Companion Application and Internet Integration

Connected PND

Connected In-Dash Navigation

Desktop Widgets, Plug-Ins, Companion Website



Backend Companion Application on Mobile Phone / Smartphone

• User management (registration, profiling, ...) • Payment / billing • Content delivery • Ad-connector

Navigation Europe 2007


• Global • Main customers
– Acer, Asus, LG, Packard-Bell (PND) – Motorola (Phone)
Toronto Tel-Aviv Toronto

• White-Label • Demands Flexibility
– On >50 HW platforms – With 8 Operating Systems – Using 10 Map Vendors – In >30 Languages – Allowing an infinite number of User Interfaces
Taipei Munich Beijing Scottsdale

Navigation Europe 2007

Navigation on Phones – Emulate the PND consumer success

• Well-designed, easy & clear UI, no screen clutter • Usable, no need for manual • Destination input, as few steps as possible, intuitive • Mass appeal, not for technical people

Safe & Reliable
• Safe guidance, timely audio and visual prompts • Reliable routing, quick re-routing, trusted

• Modern & appealing UI, fresh look and feel • Customisable, can be made different & personal • Traffic, Premium TMC • TTS, multi-language, clear, navigate by ear • Maps and Content, best suppliers, latest data

Navigation Europe 2007

Connected PNDs are Coming?

• Today nearly all PNDs are unconnected • Integrating Cellular connectivity has its challenges
– Cellular modem adds to BOM and requires HW integration – Involves Network Operators – Requires well-packaged and transparent data tariffs

• Wi-Fi
– Cheaper and faster - but inherently unsuited to driving applications – Spotty and erratic coverage – Automatic logon?

• Downloading and synchronising with a PC is always an option, but only a % of the user base will ever use such a method • The best solution would be
– Higher speed and lower-cost cellular – Complimented by smarter packaging of the content (e.g. only changes in maps transmitted)

Navigation Europe 2007

Diverging Use Cases?

• Safety • Vehicle integration • Text-To-Speech and Voice Guidance • Driving aids (Upcoming turns, bad weather, lane & junction views, night features) • Emergency and Assistance buttons

• Special routing • Integration with Public Transport • An integrated part of daily life • Requires solution to GPS urban & indoor issues • And other basics like reading a screen in bright sunlight

Recreation & Fun
• People like Maps and Places • Impress your friends • Outdoor & hobby use • Explore in 3D • Store favourite places

Requiring Flexible & Modular Software Solutions
Navigation Europe 2007

Garmin Mobile architecture portfolio
The widest compatibility list on the market

Off Board Navigation Service (Garmin Mobile) On Board Navigation Software (Garmin Mobile XT) Connected Navigation
Garmin Online + Garmin Ad Server

GPS hardware (GPS 10x and GPS 20SM receivers)

Taking the most out of On Board and Off Board
CONNECTED NAVIGATION Garmin XT + Garmin Online = Connected Navigation

Mobile Environment and Mobile Content

Mobile Portal

Garmin Online

PNDs and PDAs

Garmin Ad Server

Ad Server
Enables interfacing with Editors, Publisher and Advertisers inventory Ads can be attached to the dynamic content as opposed to popup ads Enables to subsidize Navigation and Content delivery

Garmin Online: Traffic information
Live Traffic for Parts of Europe and USA – Up-to-date TMC data – European data provided by ARC Transistance – Regions: UK, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland

Garmin Online: Weather forecast
Live Weather Conditions & Forecasts
– – – – Data provided by CustomWeather Inc. Current conditions at your location 5 days forecast for your area Almost global coverage (all inhabited areas)

Garmin Online: More Services
Safety Cameras Updates
– – – – – Cyclops database Available Regions: UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg Free 30 day trial, pay for updates after that Cost Per Year: UK €55; France, Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg €44 Sign up for service at

HotFix: Accelerated GPS Acquisition
– – – Server-supplied predicted ephemeris data Garmin Mobile XT gets and forwards this data to Garmin GPS sensors as needed Available everywhere

Additional services in other areas
– – – Lowest fuel prices (USA only) Lowest hotel room rates (USA only) More to come…

Translated content
– Server recognizes the UI language being displayed on phone

Server messages
– Software updates and new services notification

New Business Models: Try and Buy


Navigation Europe 2007

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