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					                                    Video Conference for Hope
                                          Registration Now Open

On Wednesday, November 16th and Thursday, November 17th from 8:00-16:00 MST, students from around
the Globe, in partnership with Polycom, Change for Children and Centro Humboldt, will be gathering via
Video Conference to help kickstart a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the building of Community
Gardens throughout Miskito indigenous villages in Nicaragua – to improve food availability, seed diversity
and child nutrition. Our goal is to bring together students from over 50 schools to share their cultures and
experiences about Globalization & Food Security. A Pre-Session for junior/high schools will take place on
November 8th (8:00-16:00 MST) to provide background info on food security & globalization! (It is not
mandatory to participate in this session, but it will maximize student learning).

If you are interested in participating in the video conference, please complete the registration form
attached. After your registration is confirmed, you will receive a full Teacher’s Package for pre-
conference lesson plans, fundraising support material & resources that will maximize the learning
benefits of participation!

Video Conference Dates:

Elementary Schools (1-6) – November 16th, 2011

Junior High/High School (7-12)
PRE-SESSION (“Connecting the Issues”) – November 8th, 2011
Regular Session – November 17th, 2011

Three Ways to Participate:

   1) Fundraising:
      Besides raising awareness of the challenges faced by children living in Nicaragua, we would like to
      go further. We recognize that many Western countries have a privilege unimagined by most of the
      world. We can come in safety and security to a school within minutes of home for 8 hours a day, 200
      days a year. In the indigenous region of Nicaragua, many of the children are facing extreme poverty
      & malnutrition rates. Studies indicate that nearly 60% of children are malnourished.

       In light of that, we are hoping to raise over $20, 000 to contribute to the building of 10 Community
       Gardens at schools located throughout BOSAWAS, Nicaragua. Teachers & students will plant, care
       and maintain the gardens – foods grown will feed students and improve nutrition & learning
       potential. The BOSAWAS is a tropical rainforest biosphere located in north-central Nicaragua, and
       is home to Miskito indigenous peoples. Children living in this region face many challenges including
       poverty, malnutrition, and access to education.

       Students can participate in a variety of projects, raising awareness of the state of food insecurity and
       poverty throughout Central America and the world.

       The participants will receive the necessary sponsor sheets and information in the next couple of
   weeks. Before the Video Conference for Hope, students can raise funds through donors and sponsors
   and continue their fundraising efforts until December 31st, 2011.

2) Participant and Fundraiser
   If you are a Fundraiser, you may also actively participate in a videoconference session. Students
   will be able to interact by asking questions, sharing stories/experiences, or participate in an activity
   led by youth and children from Nicaragua (4 sites per session)

3) Observer
   Observe a session. These schools will not able to interact with presenters, merely observe. (8 max.

Technical Information:
We are going to use the Alberta Education’s MCU. Here is the process you need to follow:

1) When you register, please fill out all the required technical information (IP, URI, contact info etc.).
   As well, indicate in which of the sessions you request an active participation. Please note, we will
   have a limit on how many schools can get rights for active participation in the same session.
   You may be able to join some of the sessions as an Observer only.

2) The MCU dialing information you will need in order to connect for testing and the actual sessions is
   as follows:
   Set your Call Speed at 384 kbps
   Dialing Formats:
   Supernet : 2030@ or
   Internet: or 2030@

3) You must test your connection on October 22nd and advise Terry DeAlexandra if you cannot connect
   to the MCU.

   Terry DeAlexandra
   Technical Support Analyst
   Stakeholder Technology Branch
   Office : 780.415.1148
   Mobile : 780.717.1871

               We thank Alberta Education for their support!
     Please forward your registrations ASAP and before October 25th, 2011 to
          If you have any questions please contact us.
   Terry Godwaldt cell (780)700-4482
    Registration for Participation in “Video Conference for Hope”
 We would like to participate as a:
 a) Observer
 b) Fundraiser only
 c) Participant and Fundraiser

 We would prefer these MST time slots for a video conference session. Please indicate, in order of
 preference, 3 time slots. (Put 1, 2, or 3 beside the preferred time slots)
      8:00-9:00       __                                      12:00-1:00    __
      9:00-10:00      __                                      1:00-2:00     __
      10:00-11:00 __                                          2:00-3:00     __
      11:00-12:00 __                                          3:00-4:00     __

                                Participant Information
District Name
Name of School
Public IP Address
Name of Teacher/s
Teacher’s Email
School’s Phone Number
Grade level/s
Gatekeeper/E.164 Extension
Required Network                      SuperNet       Internet        NeteraNet/Canarie

Technical Contact Name
Technical Phone/Cell
Technical Email
Conference Dates and Time         Date:                         Time:

Call Speed (kbps)                     384   Please set your call speed at 384 kbps

Number of required sites              3       4         5       >5

Other specifics

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