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Granville Harvest Run – Tee Shirt
For Phoenix Marketing Group. An agent in Maine needed a tee shirt for an annual fall event. I created the art in Adobe Illustrator, the sketch inside the pumpkin was provided to me by the client.

The leaves

The finished product

St. Paul Fire Department – Baseball Cap
For Phoenix Marketing Group. The SPFD wanted a new logo for caps that they were selling to their employees in their shopping cart. Logo created in Adobe Illustrator, added to the cap in Adobe Photoshop.

The logo

The final shopping cart image- “Local 21” and logo added in Photoshop

WORD design - Web site design
Design made in Adobe Photoshop for myself as a freelance under WORD design.

Grace Church - Content Management System
I created a CMS while at August Ash, Inc. using PHP and MySQL. The folder/file structure of the site is kept in the database, allowing for a “Virtual file system”. Pages can exist in the folder tree, yet if they are unpublished, they are inaccessible to the public. Whole folders can be unpublished, yet the database still keeps them in the virtual tree. When published, files are written to the server that obtain the page’s content so that normal URLs can be used (/main/file.php instead of /page.php?pid=45).

Above you can see the JavaScript tree generated by the databaseI wrote a PHP class to generate the tree (Uses TreeView JS tree)

Features:   4-tiered permission level system: super-admin, editor, admin and manager. Folders can have main pages dynamically specified; administrators don’t need to understand how default documents work.

   

Pages are locked for 20 minutes upon being opened by an administrator to prevent overwriting. A change request system. When a manager changes a page, the new content does not go live until an editor or super-admin approves the page. Emails are sent to the admin and the manager upon request and approval/denial. Implemented Spaw WYSIWYG for editing the content of a page. (See below) I wrote a pop-up spell checker to embed in the WYSIWYG (Uses ASPELL on a Linux server)

Above are the contents of a published folder including a main page

Above you can see del_temp and spell_check are unpublished

A page from the web site (Live)

The same page being edited

Business Proverbs - Audio Transcript Manager (ATM)
Business Proverbs is a radio program consisting of minute-long Christian business advice. It runs Monday through Friday. I set up a system using ASP and MySQL to track individual daily audio files and their corresponding transcripts. The audio files are stored on the server in Real Player format. The files are categorized into volumes. A volume is assigned a start date and from that each track’s run date is calculated. The current day’s daily transcript and audio link is displayed on the site and sent in a daily newsletter, and an XML feed is generated for partners of Business Proverbs. An administration tool was put in place so that Business Proverbs can manage the ATM. Features:  Online search function of the audio archive.  Browsable listings of the audio by volume.  Newsletter system implemented using groups of users (A newsletter can be written and sent to a group) the daily newsletter sends to the “Daily” group. Online un/subscription system put in place with administrator notification.  Advertisements can be specified for each newsletter.

Listing of a volume’s tracks with links to audio and text transcript

Daily newsletter with transcript and link to audio

Adesso - Online Catalog
Adesso had an online catalog put together for their retailers using .NET (Written in C#) employing a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. The company that implemented the system left it unfinished and poorly coded. I had never used .NET or MS SQL Server, but my boss knew I was a fast learner and he let me loose on the project. We purchased Visual Studio (We needed to compile DLL’s.) I read a book on .NET and C#, and after one week I got cracking. I added cross-referencing functionality to the system so that product lines could exist under multiple categories (Instead of 1:1). I encrypted the credit card information and passwords in the database, which had previously been stored in plain text. I added confirmation prompts to al the delete functions (Which is not straight-forward in Microsoft’s .NET world). I also added and tweaked many smaller features. In two weeks, I wrapped up the unfinished portions of the project and enhanced the existing functionality. I believe the project was a good demonstration of my ability to learn quickly.

Other Skills
Web Site Promotion:
While working for August Ash, Inc., we noticed we were getting poor traffic on our web site. Our marketing/promotion guru had left the company several months earlier and the boss assigned me the task of promoting our site, as well as a few of our clients’ sites. I took two days to learn everything I could about search engine promotion and picked the brain of a friend in the promotion business. Below is what I an overview of what I did:
   

Optimized the site’s content. Both in the use of certain HTML tags and editing the actual content itself. Set a style guide for the site to keep our content search engine-friendly. Promoted our site using Web Position Gold and submitted to several directories manually. Added links and optimized all the links to our site from our clients’ sites.

I made these changes in mid-August and the first submission to the search engines was on 200308-23. The results are below.

I have reason to believe the large jump in hits in August is due primarily to my working on the site (Not real traffic.).

October, 2003 September, 2003 August, 2003 July, 2003 June, 2003 May, 2003 April, 2003 March, 2003 February, 2003 January, 2003 December, 2002 November, 2002

Page Views
1084 1634 2052 250 265 246 290 246 167 331 0 0

Daily Uniques
182 310 164 66 75 71 74 75 54 61 0 0

Monthly Uniques
151 241 108 65 69 59 64 66 49 47 0 0

All-Time Uniques
144 233 101 61 66 55 61 62 49 47 0 0






I feel the above graphic more accurately shows the results of my efforts.

Month October, 2003 September, 2003 August, 2003 July, 2003 June, 2003 May, 2003 April, 2003 March, 2003 February, 2003 January, 2003 December, 2002 November, 2002 Totals:

Referrals 75 89 17 2 2 3 1 4 3 1 0 0 197