10 Easy Ways to Save Gas

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					                   10 Easy Ways to Save Gas
Here are some gas saving tips that will help you improve gas mileage and spend less on

1- Use Cruise Control On Long Even Roads
Does cruise control save gas?… Yes it indeed does! It saves you gas by allowing you to
keep a consistent speed which in turn gets you a better gas per mileage.

2- Avoid Idling
It’s shocking to know that when a car is in idle, it gets exactly 0 MPG while at the same
time, uses the same amount in about 6 seconds! Instead of going through the drive
through letting your car idle for 10 minutes, park your car and go inside.

3- Don’t Use Cruise Control On Hilly Roads
The cruise control function is normally great as it can keep you at a consistent speed,
allowing for a better gas mileage, but sadly, it can not anticipate hills, which means it
can not accelerate to meet the challenge. That will result in your car idling downhill and
flawing for the uphill sections. It makes total sense to not use the cruise control when in
such situations.

4- Take Off Slowly From A Full Stop
Let your speed work its way up lowly. By putting less pressure on your engine you can
avoid unnecessary gas usage.

5- Roll Up The Windows
When driving with low speed, its ok to keep your windows down. But when you are
driving on a highway having your windows down increases the drag which results in
less fuel efficiency. So, if you are hot and driving in high speeds, turn on the A/C instead
of rolling down your windows.
6- Park In The Shade
You may find it surprising that gasoline can and will evaporate right from your gas tank.
Obviously, this will speed up if you are parked in the sun. Try to park your car in the
shade whenever and wherever possible. If there is no shade, park your car in a way that
the gas tank is not facing the sun directly.

7- Use Your Overdrive Gears
Using the overdrive gears will generally help to keep the RPM down which results in
less fuel consumption.

8- Replace The Spark Plugs
Spark plugs happen to be comparatively cheap and (based on the kind of automobile you
drive) not difficult to change. If perhaps you are not really familiar with the process and
do not know how to do it, there are auto repair books that can make it possible for
anyone to change their spark plugs. If all else fails, call up that old friend of yours!

9- Keep The Tires Properly Inflated
This is one of the easiest ways of saving on gas. Yet, surprisingly, it is also one of the
least implemented methods. Be sure to put air in your tires every couple of weeks or so.
Needless to say, you must top off the air based on the recommendations made by the car

10- Don’t Fill Until Your Tank Is All The Way Down
It’s a good idea to wait until your almost out of gas to fill up again. This can actually
give you more gas mileage since you will be hauling a lighter fuel load which in tern
means a lighter load for the car resulting in a better fuel economy.

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