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EREPTUS Launches Deal Sharing Mobile App
Atlanta, GA – Dec. 22, 2012 – Mitch Duitz and Mark Peterson, Co-founders and Co-CEOs of
EREPTUS, announced the launch of RESCUE, the firm’s first ever mobile application for deal
sharing and payment. Available for the iPhone and Android smartphones, the new app provides
users with the means to manage and share deals with family and friends through a variety of
social media.

“EREPTUS is a leading provider of deal-management mobile solutions targeted at small
business owners,” said Peterson.

The free RESCUE app offers the means for small business owners and entrepreneurs to reward
loyal customers, reach new consumers, and expand their market reach. Business owners can test
new products or services, and initiate a digital word-of-mouth marketing campaign utilizing
established customers.

The new app allows consumers to experience cost savings on products they already purchase and
receive greater discounts or free merchandise when they share with others. RESCUE users can
use the app to scan barcodes and check online pricing, create personal shopping lists, and store
and manage their shopping receipts.

RESCUE offers consumers an easy way to take advantage of cost saving deals and manage their
deal-sharing options through multiple lifestyle media platforms. When merchants offer volume-
based discounts on their products and services, individuals can use RESCUE to purchase an
entire amount and share the cost with friends, family and associates.

As contacts of the app user purchases their portion of the discount using RESCUE, the original
recipient is credited. Each merchant sets a minimum number of participants for the deal to
become active. Once that total has been met, the original RESCUE user receives a bonus that’s
typically delivered in the form of free merchandise.

“Designed with the consumer and small business owner in mind, RESCUE provides shoppers
with volume-based purchasing power,” said Peterson. “If you and your friends agree to purchase
a great deal from your local retailer, that merchant will reward you with a terrific bonus. Smart
entrepreneurs will use this platform to build a loyal customer base.”
Existing deal applications often leave users dissatisfied and wanting more. Users may be
required to check in to receive extra benefits or find their inboxes overwhelmed with offers they
don’t want. RESCUE rewards consumers for doing what comes naturally and telling friends
when someone has “hooked them up.”

“The RESCUE app puts small businesses on the same footing as larger competitors,” said Mitch
Duitz, EREPTUS Co-CEO. “Mom and Pop coffee shops can send deals and offer discounts to
consumers without making a significant investment in technology.”

The new app was officially launched in Selma, AL with The Coffee Shoppe of Selma and the
One Way Bookstore. It is now available free at the iPhone Store at www.itunes.com/appstore.
Just type in “rescue consumer”. It can also be obtained at the Google Play Store by visiting
https://play.google.com/store/search?q=ereptus. Fans can follow EREPTUS on Facebook at
www.facebook.com/Ereptus and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/EreptusRescue.

The new app from EREPTUS provide business owners and entrepreneurs with an easy and
convenient means of deal management for greater cost savings that can be shared via social and
lifestyle media platforms. The application is a boon for businesses, allowing them to create loyal,
long-term relationships with consumers and expand their reach into new markets for greater

For more information, visit the website at http://www.ereptus.com.

EREPTUS, Inc. (“EREPTUS”) was founded in January 2012 and is incorporated in Delaware.
EREPTUS is positioning itself to be the leading provider of online and mobile platforms to help
individuals and merchants improve in-store retailing, shopping and service experiences.


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