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									 On the Move
              Nabeel                            Todd
              Ahmed,                            Peters,
              Wanderful                         ArcSoft
              Media                            The Fremont
                The Los Ga-                    software
                tos company                    developer of
                that helps                     multimedia
retailers lure consumers         technologies and appli-
into local stores and gives      cations across desktop,
consumers a convenient           mobile and embedded plat-
way to discover local mer-       forms named Todd Peters
chandise appointed Nabeel        president, North America.
Ahmed chief financial            He is former corporate vice
officer. Previously, he was      president of Microsoft’s
CFO at MarketTools.              mobile communications

              Lindeborg,                        Randy
              mBlox                             Scott,
               The                              Skyline
               Sunnyvale                        Construc-
               technology                       tion
               company                           The San
that helps link brands and                       Francisco
agencies with consum-                            general
ers online named Jonas           contractor and commer-
Lindeborg chief technology       cial real estate services
officer. Previously, he held     firm named Randy Scott
positions at Mashmobile.         president. Before his ap-
                                 pointment, he served as
                                 senior vice president of the
              Joni               company’s mission critical,
              Lupovitz,          infrastructure division.
              Media                             Josh
                The San                         Stevens,
                Francisco                       Keas
                nonprofit                       The San
organization named Joni                         Francisco
Lupovitz vice president                         corporate
of policy. Previously, she                      wellness
served as chief of staff to                     provider
Federal Trade Commission         named Josh Stevens chief
Chairman Jon Leibowitz.          executive officer. He is
                                 former vice president of e-
                                 commerce at YouSendIt.
              Mason-                            Abe Taha,
              McDuffie                          BlueKai
                                                The Cuperti-
              The San                           no enterprise
              Ramon                             data activa-
              privately held                    tion system
mortgage banking firm                           for intelligent
appointed Brian Moggan           marketing appointed Abe
executive vice president of      Taha vice president of data
production. Previously, he       science and engineering.
held positions at MetLife        Previously, he was vice
Home Loans and Princeton         president of engineering at
Capital.                         Karmasphere.

              Sarah                             Warren
              Ripmaster,                        Weiner,
              Aggregate                         SkyCross
                                                 The Fremont
               The San                           provider of
               Mateo media                       advanced
               intelligence                      antenna
company named Sarah              and radio frequency tools
Ripmaster senior vice            named Warren Weiner chief
president of strategic           financial officer. Previ-
accounts. She is former          ously, he served as CFO at
senior vice president of         Paratek Microwave.
sales at PointRoll.

                                                David Wit-
              Rich Siegel,                      tenkamp,
              Array Net-                        Reply.com
                                                 The San
               The Milpitas                      Ramon com-
               provider of                       pany that
               application                       connects
               delivery                          advertisers
               networking        with consumers appointed
and mobility tools ap-           David Wittenkamp chief fi-
pointed Rich Siegel vice         nancial officer. He is former
president of sales and           CFO at Greenplum.
business development for
the Americas and Europe.
Previously, he developed
global distribution chan-
nels for multiple successful
startups in the Bay Area.

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