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    [01]      welcome                                  10

    [02]      academic study and resources             13

    [03]      student support services                 26

    [04]      postgraduate facilities                  31

    [05]      money matters                            42

    [06]      health and personal safety               48

    [07]      university requirements
              and information                          59

    [08]      students’ union                          65

    [09]      contact                                  70

    [10]      maps                                     88

 [ ]
                             personal handbo
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          kn ow about living an
           Cardiff University
                              e use of it.
           Read it and mak
           You’ll find it invaluable!
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            be here.

For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                      1
     personal                                       module
     name [                        ]
     student number [              ]
                                       my modules
     student email [               ]

     [                             ]
     [                             ]
     [                             ]
     [                             ]

     telephone [                   ]

     emergency contact
     [                             ]
     [                             ]
     [                             ]

     personal tutor [              ]

               key dates

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02                                     For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk   03
     my contacts     notice board
     name [      ]
     telephone                             don’t forget//

     name [      ]

     name [      ]

     name [      ]
                      to do...
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     name [      ]

     name [      ]

04                   For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk   05
     study                                                semester one

             [Mon] [Tues]        [Wed] [Thurs] [Fri]









06                          For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk       07
     study                                                semester two

             [Mon] [Tues]        [Wed] [Thurs] [Fri]









08                          For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk       09
                      Welcome to Cardiff University and
                      the Students’ Union. This handbook
                      provides you with a range of
                      information, advice and contact
                      details. If you ever have a problem
                      at University, there is a vast support
                      network here to help you. Hopefully,
                      this handbook will answer any
                      queries you may have, or will point
                                                                 [ ]          d g
     Dr David Grant   you in the direction of whom to
                      contact for further guidance within          G the 2007/2008 academic year dates
                      the University or Students’ Union. It          are included on the inside cover of this
                      also acts as a signpost to further             Handbook
                      information or assistance: much of
                      this is provided on the web and              G copies of the handbook are available in
                      addresses are given in the handbook.           Welsh: phone 029 2087 9287 if you
                                                                     didn’t pick one up at enrolment
                      The handbook is, of course,
                      available in English and Welsh and           G a tape version of the handbook is
                      a larger format copy can be viewed             available: phone 029 2087 9287.
                      on the web at:                                 The text of the handbook on the web
                      www.cf.ac.uk/for/current/for-                  can be enlarged
     Jonny Cox        current-students-handbooks
                                                                   G you can look on the web for further
                      It is hoped that you’ll find the               helpful information: see
                      format easy to use. If you have any            www.cardiff.ac.uk and then select the
                      suggestions on how the handbook                ‘For Current Students’ link
                      can be improved, or further
                                                                   G see www.cardiffstudents.com for more
                      information that you would like to
                                                                     information about the Students’ Union
                      see included in future editions, do
                      let us know.                                 G you can find useful University and
                                                                     external telephone numbers in the
                      We hope that you have a successful             Contact Details at the back of the
                      and prosperous year and enjoy your             handbook
                      time here at Cardiff.

                      Dr David Grant

                      Jonny Cox
                      Students’ Union President 2007/08

10                                                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk           11
     how to find
     out more
     This handbook is a brief overview to student life,
     study and support. If you find you need more
     information you can get this:

         1// via the web: the web addresses are shown
         at the bottom of the sections in this
         handbook, but generally you will find lots more
         helpful information at:
         G the University web pages at
           www.cardiff.ac.uk, and selecting the ‘For
           Current Students’ link
         G the Students’ Union web pages at
                                                                   [ ]
                                                                   study and

         2// via telephone contact: the numbers for
         contacting staff in the University are shown at
         the back of this handbook

         3// via further Handbooks/information
         literature: these include
         Academic Regulations Handbook This is the
         official record of University regulations and
         procedures: this includes information on
         issues such as appeals, discipline, complaints
         etc. Copies are available on the web and are
         held in School offices and all libraries.
         Information Services Handbook This is a
         guide to using IT and Library services at Cardiff.
         All new students will be issued with a copy.
         Research Degrees Handbook This outlines
         the regulations and procedures that apply to
         research students such as the research plan,
         progress monitoring and submission deadlines.

         The above handbooks are available on the web at
         School/Programme Handbooks
         Provided by your academic School, these are the main
         source of information on School procedures, your
         programme details etc.

12                                                                             13
     [02]             academic study                            These responsibilities mean that
                                                                you should:

                      and resources

                                                                                                                     sat 08/sun 09

                                                                                                                                     sat 15/sun 16
                                                                G treat all members of the
                                                                  University community with
                                                                  dignity, courtesy and respect

     Academic and Learning Structures                           G take personal responsibility for
     Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students               your own learning and personal

     Your School Programme Handbook will confirm:               G attend all timetabled activities
     G your programme’s content: modules/units                    such as lectures, tutorials etc
       available, rules on progression etc                      G meet all deadlines for work

     G the individual modules/units: semester and               G tell your School about personal

                                                                                                                     fri 07

                                                                                                                                     fri 14
       credit details, pre-requisites, methods of                 difficulties which could affect
       teaching and the expected learning outcomes                your academic studies as soon
     G the methods of assessment for modules/units                as possible
       and the contribution to the overall award.               G notify the Chair of the Examining
                                                                  Board in writing about personal
     Postgraduate Research Students                               difficulties which could affect

                                                                                                                     thur 06

                                                                                                                                     thur 13
                                                                  any assessment/examination as
             Research students are advised to refer to
                                                                  soon as possible
             the Research Degrees Handbook which is
                                                                G complete feedback

             available on the web. This provides useful
             information that relates to the full lifecycle       questionnaires.
             of your research degree programme from
                                                                Attendance and

             induction, supervision arrangements,
             progress reports, skills development and           Session Dates

                                                                                                                     wed 05

                                                                                                                                     wed 12
             training, involvement in teaching, feedback,
                                                                The 2007/2008 session dates for

             to research degree examination. The
                                                                modular undergraduate students are
             Handbook also contains the regulations
                                                                provided on the inside cover of this
             which apply to research students.
                                                                handbook. They are also available on
             Hopefully, you will find that the information
                                                                the web. For all other students your

             in the Handbook is comprehensive and
                                                                School will confirm your session dates.
             clear, but if you have any queries about
             University procedures, email Registry at
                                                                You must attend according to the

                                                                                                                     tues 04

                                                                                                                                     tues 11
                                                                dates for your own programme of
                                                                study and comply with any specified
     Academic Responsibilities

                                                                attendance requirements. There
     An active partnership between you and the                  are procedures for approving absence
     University is needed for you to take full advantage        from the University: these cover both
     of the opportunities to acquire knowledge and              short-term absence and longer-term

     develop your understanding and skills. The                 absence where formal interruption
     University and its staff have responsibilities to                                                               mon 03

                                                                                                                                     mon 10
                                                                of study may be appropriate.
     assist you in this, but you also have responsibilities                                                              s
     to the staff, fellow students and for your own learning.

14   academic study and resources                               For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current                                   15
     Short-term Absence                                     Examinations and

     The procedure (see the Academic Regulations            Assessment

                                                                                                                 sat 22/sun 23

                                                                                                                                 sat 29/sun 30
     Handbook) specifies that:                              You’ll be sent detailed information
          G if you’re ill and unable to come to classes

                                                            about examination procedures from

            for more than three successive working          Registry when you’re sent your
            days you need to fill in a Self-Certification   personal examination timetable. The
            Form (available from School Offices)            formal Assessment Procedures for

          G after seven consecutive days of ill-health      undergraduate and postgraduate
            absence, you must give a doctor’s medical       programmes are in the Academic
            certificate to your School                      Regulations Handbook. Further
                                                            information about exams is on the

          G if you can’t come to classes for any other
                                                            web including details on scheduling

                                                                                                                 fri 21

                                                                                                                                 fri 28
            reason you must tell your School
                                                            of exams, use of dictionaries,
          G if illness or any other reason stops you        calculators, what to do if you’re ill,
            from attending an exam or completing an         taking exams away from Cardiff etc.
            assessment, you must tell your School.          Contact the Exams Office in Registry
                                                            if you have any queries:
     Withdrawals and                                        www.cardiff.ac.uk/regis/sfs/exams
     Interruption of Study

                                                                                                                 thur 20

                                                                                                                                 thur 27
     Occasionally a student wishes to interrupt his/her
                                                            Academic Integrity
     studies, either temporarily or to withdraw             Academic integrity is an important

     completely. Before taking such a decision, do get      part of being a student: it involves
     help and advice from any of: your School, the          being honest and trustworthy, and
     Student Support Centre at 50 Park Place, or            observing high moral and ethical

     Cardigan House, www.cardiff.ac.uk/advis or the         standards in relation to all aspects
     Student Advice and Representation Centre in the        of your programme. The work you do

                                                                                                                 wed 19

                                                                                                                                 wed 26
     Students’ Union. This advice aims to help you          for assessment must be your own

     make the right decision for you and ensures that       and you must properly acknowledge
     future opportunities to study are not affected.        the work and ideas of others. The
                                                            University takes academic integrity
     If you do decide to withdraw completely, you’ll need   very seriously and has an Unfair

     to complete a Withdrawal Form, available on the        Practice Procedure (see the Academic
     web at www.cardiff.ac.uk/regis/sfs/records/with.       Regulations Handbook’s section on
     If you’re withdrawing from one programme to start      Unfair Practice). Should academic

                                                                                                                 tues 18

                                                                                                                                 tues 25
     another programme next session, you can indicate       integrity be compromised, this can
     this on the form. This ensures that all the            culminate in a range of penalties
     arrangements for your return can be made.              being applied, including exclusion.

     Any application for a temporary interruption of        It is important that you understand
     study is made via your School. The Interruption of     what is meant by academic

     Study Procedure can be found in the Academic           integrity. To help you, there is a
                                                            “Student Guide to Academic                           mon 17

                                                                                                                                 mon 24
     Regulations Handbook. www.cardiff.ac.uk/advis
                                                            Integrity” on the web. Your School                       s
                                                            will give you further guidance. If
                                                            you’re in any doubt on this, do seek
                                                            personal support from your School.

16   academic study and resources                           For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current                                   17
      Personal Tutor Support

                                                                                                               sat 06/sun 07

                                                                                                                               sat 13/sun 14
      All students are allocated a personal tutor who
      is responsible for the provision of advice,
      guidance and support. This will happen at the

      beginning of your programme and your School
      will confirm the individual arrangements for
      personal tutor support: this includes the role of

      your tutor and arrangements for consultation. If
      you’re a joint honours student studying in more
      than one School, you’ll be assigned a personal

      tutor in each. It’s your responsibility to:

                                                                                                               fri 05

                                                                                                                               fri 12
      G attend timetabled meetings with your tutor
      G let your personal tutor know if you’re having
        difficulties that might affect your studies.

      If you ask that information given be treated as
      confidential, this request will be respected.       Student Feedback
      However, there may be exceptional
                                                          During your period of study, you’ll

                                                                                                               thur 04

                                                                                                                               thur 11
      circumstances when the normal principles of
                                                          be asked to provide feedback at
      confidentiality may need to be varied. This
                                                          regular stages on the teaching you
      includes where there is a legal obligation or a
                                                          have received. You’ll also be asked
      clear risk to you or to others. Such
                                                          about the quality of the services
      circumstances are rare, and any varying of the
                                                          provided by the University, including
      confidentiality boundaries is made only after
                                                          accommodation and learning
      careful consideration.

                                                          resources. The University attaches
                                                          great importance to the feedback it

                                                                                                               wed 03

                                                                                                                               wed 10
      Personal Development                                receives from students, using this

      Planning (PDP)                                      as a means of understanding
      As a student, you’ll be offered the opportunity     student experience and of improving
      to participate in a process of Personal             levels of service.

      Development Planning. PDP is designed to
      help you reflect on your learning and               Final year undergraduates will be
      achievement and to plan for your personal,          able to share their experience of the

                                                                                                               tues 02

                                                                                                                               tues 09
      educational and career development. In some         University as part of the National
      Schools this is supported by individual members     Student Survey. This Survey aims
      of staff and in other schools PDP is built into     to generate feedback from the

      the academic curriculum. Refer to your School       students’ perspective and to help
      Programme Handbook for further details.             inform the choice of future
                                                          applicants to higher education.

                                                                                                               mon 01

                                                                                                                               mon 08

18   academic study and resources                         For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current                                   19
     Academic/Personal Records

     The personal and academic data you confirmed at

                                                                                                               sat 20/sun 21

                                                                                                                               sat 27/sun 28
     enrolment are stored on the University’s Student                  appeals@cardiff.ac.uk
     Information Management System. If there are any
                                                              Students occasionally feel they

     changes to your personal data (e.g. contact
                                                             have grounds to appeal against
     address or emergency contact details) you can
                                                                 their academic results. The
     logon to SIMS Online and make amendments
                                                                   University has an Appeals
     yourself, or you can correct your academic data

                                                               Procedure (see the Academic
     (e.g. programme of study, modules/units) by
                                                                     Regulations Handbook).
     completing a Notification of Change to Academic
                                                                  The grounds for appeal are
     Details form, available from School Offices,
                                                                       outlined as part of the

     Registry, Student Support Centre and the Student
                                                             procedure, but you should note

                                                                                                               fri 19

                                                                                                                               fri 26
     Advice and Representation Centre. Failure to keep
                                                            that appeals which question the
     your personal data up to date can cause you
                                                                      academic judgement of
     serious problems. For example, if you haven’t
                                                              examiners aren’t allowed. You
     confirmed any changes to the modules you’re
                                                              can get further advice from the
     following, you won’t be entered for the right
                                                                          Student Advice and
                                                                Representation Centre in the
                                                            Students’ Union. or the Student

                                                                                                               thur 18

                                                                                                                               thur 25
     Registry will contact you in October and again in
                                                            Support Centre at 50 Park Place
     February, to confirm the modules held on your
                                                             or Cardigan House, Heath Park.
     record. If anything is wrong, you’ll need to tell
     Registry immediately.

     Academic Progress                                    Study Away from Cardiff
                                                          Some students study away from

     Students normally complete their academic
     programme without any problems. However, the         Cardiff as part of their programme

                                                                                                               wed 17

                                                                                                                               wed 24
     University has an Academic Progress Procedure        (this includes clinical or industrial

     (see the Academic Regulations Handbook) for          placements/year abroad etc). The
     dealing with students whose academic progress        University has a “Code of Practice
     may be regarded as unsatisfactory. If you’re         on Study Away from Cardiff”.
                                                          Students on health-related

     having difficulties with your academic studies, do
     seek support from your School before things get      programmes should also refer to
     too serious.                                         the ‘Quality Assurance of Clinical
                                                          Placement Learning’. Both

                                                                                                               tues 16

                                                                                                                               tues 23
                                                          documents are on the web.



                                                                                                               mon 15

                                                                                                                               mon 22

20   academic study and resources                         For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current                                   21
     Learning Resources                                         You must make sure that you log
                                                                into your University mailbox at least

                                                                                                                     sat 03/sun 04

                                                                                                                                     sat 10/sun 11
                                                                once a week during semester/term-
     University Library Service (ULS)                           time. This will ensure that you see
     The ULS, as a key part of the University’s                 any important messages being sent

     Information Services, supports your study by               to you.
     providing a wide range of printed and electronic
     information resources through 17 library sites             Modern IT Working

     located close to academic schools and user
     communities. The University’s libraries:                   Environment (MWE)

[                                                  ]
                                                                The Modern IT Working Environment
         G are open into the evenings and at                    (MWE) is an exciting new service

           weekends and during vacations                        currently being developed at Cardiff

                                                                                                                     fri 02

                                                                                                                                     fri 09
         G offer over 1.3 millions books and                    with the help of existing students
           journals                                             and will be released in staged
         G provide access to over 14,000 full text              phases during the 2007/08
           electronic journals                                  academic year.
         G offer a full range of facilities such as
           photocopying, printing, binding,                     The MWE will:
           scanners and CD writers.                             //   Improve your learning

                                                                                                                     thur 01

                                                                                                                                     thur 08
                                                                     experience at Cardiff by building

     Library staff will provide local advice and                     on the current virtual learning

     assistance, in using any kind of information,                   environment to give you easy
     whether available in print or online. Workshops to              access to information and

     develop your Information Literacy (how to find and              learning resources, electronic

     evaluate information) are run to help new                       journals and news feeds.
     students. The aim is to provide in one place the           //   Enhance your life experience at

     user-friendly services you need for your academic

                                                                                                                     wed 31

                                                                                                                                     wed 07
                                                                     University by helping you to plan

     work - and a comfortable place to study.                        and balance your learning and
                                                                     your social life with an online
     IT Services                                                     calendar, email and instant

     Information Services (INSRV) supports your study                messaging, plus lots more!

     by providing up-to-date IT facilities, on-line access to
     your course materials and a wide range of information      The MWE will be available from
                                                                anywhere in the world, at anytime

     resources delivered over a secure high-speed network.

                                                                                                                     tues 30

                                                                                                                                     tues 06
                                                                of the day or night. It is being
     Your username and password will be provided as             developed to save you time and
     part of your enrolment procedure, this will allow          effort on everyday tasks and to

     you access to the University computer network.             make your stay at Cardiff University
     You’ll then be able to use a wide range of applications    inspiring and exciting through the
                                                                use of innovative technology.

     including email, word processing and the Internet.

     Help and guidance is available from Information
                                                                                                                     mon 29

                                                                                                                                     mon 05
     Services staff in libraries and computer rooms.
     Training courses are available on popular software

     applications, together with printed and online guides.

22   academic study and resources                               For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current                                   23
     Cardiff Skills Bank                                      Language Laboratory

     Cardiff Skills Bank: www.skillsbank.cf.ac.uk is a        If you’d like to develop your ability

                                                                                                                   sat 17/sun 18

                                                                                                                                   sat 24/sun 25
     free, web-based resource to help you                     to speak one or more foreign
     G develop your communication, IT, numeric,               languages and to have insight into

       team working and study skills                          other cultures, the Language
     G understand the range of skills that employers          Laboratory is based in the Centre
       increasingly expect of graduates.                      for Lifelong Learning at Senghennydd
                                                              Road (Room E2.01). It has a range

     The resource contains a mixture of information and       of facilities and can help whatever
     advice, links to training materials and external web     your prior level of language experience.
     sites, and details of local skills courses and videos.   Email: languages@cardiff.ac.uk.

     The service is self-explanatory and can be

                                                                                                                   fri 16

                                                                                                                                   fri 23
     accessed using a Cardiff networked PC.                   The ENCAP Writing Centre
                                                              The Writing Centre offers a free,
                                                              friendly and one-to-one professional
     English Support                                          service for students. For example,
     – International Students                                 you can get help if you’re having
     English language support classes are provided for        difficulties in planning or organising
     international students free at the point of delivery     an essay, are unsure of the

                                                                                                                   thur 15

                                                                                                                                   thur 22
     to help improve general English and develop skills       conventions of grammar,
     for academic study. You can choose courses to            punctuation, or referencing, or want
     suit your individual needs: they’re part-time, fitting   advice on writing your CV or

     around academic study. Check the English                 completing an application form. No
     support services section on the website at               appointment is needed and the

     www.cf.ac.uk/elt or email: elt@cardiff.ac.uk.            Writing Centre is usually open on
                                                              Tuesdays from 12-2pm in semester.
                                                              Details about where it is held are on

                                                                                                                   wed 14

                                                                                                                                   wed 21
                                                              notices outside Room 5.15,

                                                              Humanities Building.

                                                              Further details of all of the above

                                                              areas mentioned here can be found
                                                              in the Academic Regulations
                                                              Handbook and the Research

                                                              Degrees Handbook at

                                                                                                                   tues 13

                                                                                                                                   tues 20

                                                                                                                   mon 12

                                                                                                                                   mon 19

24   academic study and resources                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current                                   25
                student support
                and services                                  [03]
                The Residences Office, based at
                Southgate House, Talybont handles
                the applications and allocation to
                University residences. This includes
                halls of residences and some student
                houses/flats. All undergraduate
                students who apply through the
                normal UCAS cycle are guaranteed
                a single occupancy place in
                University residences in their first
                year. This also applies to first year
                overseas postgraduates who apply
                by the specific deadlines and make
                a pre-payment.

                The Residences Office does its best
                to allocate you to your chosen
                residence, but this cannot be
                guaranteed. Allow time to adjust to
                your new residence. If, after three
                weeks, you wish to enquire about a
                transfer, speak to your Residences
                Manager. Transfers are subject to
                vacancies becoming available. If
                you want to move to private sector

[ ]
                accommodation, you’ll need to find

                another student, not currently in
                University residences, to take over
                your room and associated fees.

     support    The Residences Office may be able
                to help you find a substitute.

26              For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/stuservices   27
     A list of private landlords is available from the
     Students’ Union or the Residences Office. Ensure

                                                                                                                  sat 01/sun 02

                                                                                                                                  sat 08/sun 09
     you understand your rights as a tenant: the contract
     is legally binding and before signing you’ll need to      Advice
     clarify any implications (e.g. sorting defects, safety    studentadvisory@cardiff.ac.uk

     certification, making an inventory, Council Tax           The Centre offers face to face
     obligations). The Student Advice and Representation       telephone and e-mail advice both
     Centre in the Students’ Union or the Student              by appointment and on a drop in

     Support Centre can provide help and guidance.             basis every week day for
                                                               information and advice on a wide
     Car parking                                               range of issues. This might include

     Carparking@cardiff.ac.uk.                                 extra funding, bursaries, fees,

                                                                                                                  fri 30

                                                                                                                                  fri 07
     Due to limited capacity, there is no provision for        loans, debts, childcare, housing,
     student parking on the University campus other            academic matters or any issue to
     than exceptionally for students with disabilities.        do with your welfare.
     There are a limited number of permits available at
     selected halls of residence: application forms are        Financial Support
     available on the web or contact                           FCF@cardiff.ac.uk
                                                               The University provides a range of

                                                                                                                  thur 29

                                                                                                                                  thur 06
                                                               financial support to help students

     The Student                                               who face unexpected difficulties

     Support Centres                                           while at University. These include
                                                               the Financial Contingency Fund

                                                               (FCF) which UK students can

     If you need information, support or advice, the           apply for to help with their costs
     confidential services provided at the Student             while studying. We also have a

     Support Centres may be able to help you.                  hardship fund and administer a

                                                                                                                  wed 28

                                                                                                                                  wed 05
     Both are open all year around Monday to Friday            number of trust funds. In addition
     (excluding public holidays).                              we have computers available
                                                               where you can access funderfinder
      G 50 Park Place (Cathays Park campus)

                                                               (an online provision to help access
        029 2087 4884                                          help for further study after you

      G Cardigan House (Heath Park campus)                     graduate) and other on-line help.
        029 2074 2070

                                                                                                                  tues 27

                                                                                                                                  tues 04
                                                              counselling                                         mon 26

                                                                                                                                  mon 03
28   student support and services                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/stuservices                      29
     International Student Support

                                                                                                                  sat 15/sun 16

                                                                                                                                  sat 22/sun 23
     The University offers a range of support through

     the Student Support Centre tailored for
     international students. We can advise on and
     dispatch visa renewal/extension forms and

     provide other advice and support as required.
                                                               Disability and Dyslexia Service
     Help and advice is also available for international
                                                               disability@cardiff.ac.uk and

     students via:
     G the Guide for International Students 2007 is

                                                                                                                  fri 14

                                                                                                                                  fri 21
                                                               The Disability and Dyslexia team at
       a very useful document that provides help and
                                                               Cardiff provide confidential advice
       advice both before you arrive and once you
                                                               and support services for students
       are here in Cardiff. For more information see
                                                               with a disability, specific learning
                                                               difficulty and/or long-term medical
                                                               conditions. Services include a
     G There are also staff who can help you at the            support worker service co-ordinating

                                                                                                                  thur 13

                                                                                                                                  thur 20
       International Development Division based at             academic and personal support
       42 Park Place. Email: international@cardiff.ac.uk       for students, services for students
     G UKCOSA: The Council for International

                                                               with dyslexia (and over-lapping
       Education provides specialist advice and                conditions such as dyspraxia and
       guidance on key topics such as immigration,             Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity

       finance, working and living in the UK. See the          Disorder) and assessments for the
       frequently asked questions section at                   Disability Students Allowance
       www.ukcosa.org.uk/pages/advice                          (DSA). This service also has an

                                                                                                                  wed 12

                                                                                                                                  wed 19
                                                               advisor who specialises in support
     Counselling Service                                       for students with mental health
                                                               conditions or concerns.

     We hope that your time at University will be happy        Daycare Centre
     and trouble-free. However, unfortunately anyone,
     at some time in their life, may run into difficulties.
                                                               Based at 43-45 Park Place, the

     Here at Cardiff a confidential professional

                                                                                                                  tues 11

                                                                                                                                  tues 18
     counselling service is available with trained             Daycare Centre provides crèche
     counselling staff, who are used to dealing with           facilities for students’ children
                                                               aged from 10 weeks to 5 years

     complex issues. A wide range of self-help
     material is also available. Just telephone or email       and is open 8.30am to 5.30pm
     and ask for an appointment. Other counselling             Monday to Friday. Further
                                                               information is available from the

     information and useful links can be found on the
     web site. If you need counselling you do need to          Student Support Centre, or the
                                                               Day Care Manager.                                  mon 10

                                                                                                                                  mon 17
     be registered with a general practitioner (GP).

30   student support and services                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/stuservices                      31
     Careers Service

                                                                                                                  sat 29/sun 30

                                                                                                                                  sat 05/sun 06
     Based on three sites - 5 Corbett Road, 56 Park Place

     (GO Wales and Work Experience Unit) and at the
     Student Support Centre at Cardigan House at the
     Heath Park Campus, the Careers Service offers a
     range of services to help undergraduates,

     postgraduates and graduates make an informed
     choice about their future. The Careers Service is open
     on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Reduced hours may

     operate in vacations so please check by telephoning

                                                                                                                  fri 28

                                                                                                                                  fri 04
     029 2087 4828, or email: careers@cardiff.ac.uk.

     Careers Service facilities include:
               G a Careers Library with a wide range of
                 information and facilities

                                                              [ ]
               G access to a team of nine professionally
                 qualified Career Consultants

                                                                                                                  thur 27

                                                                                                                                  thur 03
               G an extensive web site that includes a

                 Vacancy Bulletin and details of our               Chaplaincy

                 Programme of Events that run during               Based at 61-62 Park Place
                 Autumn, Spring and Summer semesters               and at Ty Rhath, 20-22

               G a central program of careers workshops            North Road, the Chaplaincy

               G Career Management Skills (CMS)                    has an ecumenical team of
                 workshops delivered across a wide                 campus based chaplains,

                                                                                                                  wed 26

                                                                                                                                  wed 02
                 range of academic departments                     who work with all students

               G a program of employer presentations               of the University, irrespective
                 and recruiting visits                             of any or no connection with
               G a series of careers fairs attracting over         organised religion. They’re

                 150 employers each year                           happy to put you in touch

                                                                   with your preferred faith or
               G a Work Experience Manager to help you
                                                                   denomination, and are there
                 secure work experience
                                                                   to support you and your

               G a series of innovative programs run by

                                                                                                                  tues 25

                                                                                                                                  tues 01
                                                                   interests in matters of
                 GO Wales designed to increase
                                                                   spirituality more generally.
                 employability skills

     Further information can be found on the website
     at www.cardiff.ac.uk/carsv

                                                                                                                  mon 24

                                                                                                                                  mon 31

32   student support and services                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/stuservices                      33
                                                              including facilities and services, the
     Sport and Exercise                                       learning experience, accuracy of

                                                                                                                  sat 12/sun 13

                                                                                                                                  sat 19/sun 20
                                                              information and communication.
                                                              The Project is gathering information
     You can pursue your recreational and sporting            covering the whole student lifecycle

     interests in three centres:                              from application through to
     G Fitness & Squash Centre – Park Place: a                graduation and this will help inform
       central site with modern fitness suite, squash         decision making on developments

       courts and an extensive class programme.               and enhancements for the future.
       It offers a health assessment and exercise             The results from the first phase of
       prescription programme and the Well Being              the survey are available to view at
       Clinic with beauty therapy, sports massage             www.cardiff.ac.uk/project-q.

       and many other alternatives.                           Further phases of

                                                                                                                  fri 11

                                                                                                                                  fri 18
     G Sports Centre - Talybont: a multi-purpose              the Project are
       site, with a wide range of facilities and              being re-run
       services. The artificial pitch, tennis courts,         during 2007/2008.
       indoor wickets, fitness suites and two large
       sports halls host Athletic Union training and
       competitions, plus hiring opportunities for
       outside clubs and teams.                               Students’ Union

                                                                                                                  thur 10

                                                                                                                                  thur 17
     G Sports Fields - Llanrumney: the University             www.cardiffstudents.com
       grass pitches and wickets. This site also
                                                              The Students’ Union offers a range
       hosts Athletic Union training and competition,
                                                              of support services to students:
       plus hiring opportunities for outside clubs and
       teams.                                                 G representation and advice
                                                                from the sabbatical and

                                                                non-sabbatical officers
     The Sports Bursary Scheme provides support for

                                                                                                                  wed 09

                                                                                                                                  wed 16
     athletes with the highest sporting potential. This       G the Student Advice and
     includes financial awards, sports science and              Representation Centre, based

     personal development for students who fulfil               on the 3rd floor of the
     normal academic requirements and show                      Students’ Union
                                                              G Nightline is a non-judgemental,

     potential to perform at international level in their
     chosen sport. www.cf.ac.uk/sport                           confidential listening and
                                                                information service, which is run

                                                                                                                  tues 08

                                                                                                                                  tues 15
                                                                by students from 8.00pm to

                                    Student Opinion             8.00am in term-time.
                                                                Information and service ranges
                             The opinion of students on
                                                                from pizza delivery numbers to

                             their experience when
                                                                when your exams are. Nightline
                             studying and living at Cardiff
                                                                can also refer callers on to
                             is extremely important both
                                                                useful services or organisations.

     to the University and the Students’ Union. Over
     the last two years, an ongoing exercise called                                                               mon 07

                                                                                                                                  mon 14
     Project Q has been instrumental in gaining               See the Students’ Union section for
                                                              more information.
     students’ views. It gives students an opportunity
     to provide feedback on a wide range of issues

34   student support and services                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/stuservices                      35
                                      facilities                        [04]
                        Graduate Centre

                        Based on the 3rd floor, Union
                        Building, Park Place, the Graduate
                        Centre is exclusively for currently
                        enrolled postgraduate students and
                        staff. It provides opportunities for
                        interschool and interdisciplinary
                        exchange, complementing the
                        facilities in your School. The web
                        page: www.cardiff.ac.uk/gradc
                        provides full information on facilities
                        and activities offered by the Centre.

                        Opening Hours
                        and Facilities
                        The Graduate Centre is open
                        Monday to Saturday from 8.00 a.m.
                        to 12.00 midnight and on Sunday
                        from 12.00 noon until 12.00
                        midnight. It’s open throughout the
                        year, including the summer and at
                        most bank holidays. Facilities
                        include a Café Bar, IT room (with an

[                   ]
                        advisor at peak weekday hours),
                        meeting rooms, reading room and a

     postgraduate       coffee lounge. Details of all of
                        these can be found on the web.
                        Social Activities
     facilities         There are a variety of social events
                        planned during the year by the
                        Postgraduate Society and the
                        Graduate Centre, including quiz
                        nights, live music, and film nights.
                        The Centre also organises day trips
                        to attractions in England and Wales.
                        Check the web site for the latest.

36                      For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/pgfacilities   37

                                                                                                                    sat 26/sun 27

                                                                                                                                    sat 02/sun 03
                                                               and Graduate

                                                               (for Social Sciences)

                                                               The University has four Research
                                                               and Graduate Schools in:

                                                               {                                      }
     Training Activities

                                                                                                                    fri 25

                                                                                                                                    fri 01
                                                                 Biomedical and Life Sciences
     The Graduate Centre coordinates the Research                Humanities
     Students Skills Development Programme (RSSDP)               Physical Sciences and
     for research students. It also hosts career                 Engineering
     management skills workshops for taught students             Social Sciences
     and has a library of videotapes. See
     www.cardiff.ac.uk/rssdp for details.                      The purpose of the Research and

                                                                                                                    thur 24

                                                                                                                                    thur 31
                                                               Graduate Schools is to increase the
     Opportunities for Involvement

                                                               level of support to postgraduate
     The PostGradSociety (PGS) organises a number of           research students, facilitate dialogue
     events: look for PGS at the Societies Fayre or join       between students and encourage
     the society at any of their events. The full-time         interdisciplinary research collaboration.

     Societies, Postgraduate and International Officer         This complements the support
     Sally Airey, has responsibility for representing          provided by individual Schools.

     postgraduate students. There is also a part-time          The membership of the Research

                                                                                                                    wed 23

                                                                                                                                    wed 30
     Postgraduate Support Officer, who will be elected         and Graduate Schools is explained
     in the autumn by-elections. You can contact Union         on the web. However, since activities

     Officers via the 3rd floor of the Students’ Union.        can be interdisciplinary and
                                                               collaborative, students are able to

     The Centre is governed by a Steering Group which          attend events or workshops of any

     has student membership. There are also                    the Research and Graduate Schools.
     opportunities to provide feedback via one of our

                                                                                                                    tues 22

                                                                                                                                    tues 29
     termly open meetings. See the web site for details.

     More Information

     The Graduate Centre’s web site is updated daily
     and there are events pages and links to other
     helpful sites. There is a fortnightly email bulletin to

     all postgraduates and you’ll be added to this list
     automatically after enrolment. If you’re not                                                                   mon 21

                                                                                                                                    mon 28
     receiving this, e-mail the Centre.                                                                                 j

38   postgraduate facilities                                   For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/pgfacilities                      39
     Research training and
     A principal objective of the Graduate Schools is the
     enhancement of training and development
     opportunities for postgraduate research students.
     This includes co-ordinating discipline-based
     courses and events that can benefit both current
     research and future career prospects. This activity
     is complementary to the generic skills development
     programme offered by the Graduate Centre and
     the subject-specific activities that take place in
     Schools and is incorporated into the Research
     Students Skills Development Programme (RSSDP).

     A range of events promote interaction between
     students and staff from different academic and
     Graduate Schools, so that they can feel part of the
     wider postgraduate research community. The
     events are both intellectual and social, and they
     aim to enhance the postgraduate student culture.

     How to Find Out More
     Visit the Graduate Schools web site at
     www.cardiff.ac.uk/gradschools or for full details
     of skills training workshops visit the Research
     Students’ Skills Development Programme website
     at www.cardiff.ac.uk/rssdp.

40   postgraduate facilities                                          41


                                                                                                             sat 09/sun 10

                                                                                                                             sat 16/sun 17
     Bursary Information                                     For the means test to happen you
     For students who started University in 2006 or 2007     must have completed Section 13 of
                                                             the form you returned to your local

     From September 2007 Cardiff University Bursaries        education authority if you are in
     will be available to UK full time undergraduate         year one (called a PN1) or Section
     students from lower income backgrounds who              11 of the PR1 form (f you are in
     started university in 2007 or later. The value of the

                                                             year two or resitting year one). This
     bursaries will vary and depend on the income of         gives the permission for the

                                                                                                             fri 08

                                                                                                                             fri 15
     the household in which you normally live.               information you gave to the Local
                                                             Education Authority to be used for
     These are different awards to the Assembly              the purpose of calculating your
     Learning Grant (Wales) or Higher Education Grant        entitlement to a bursary from the
     (England) and are made by the University to help        University.
     some students with costs of coming to University.
                                                             If you did not fill this in or are

                                                                                                             thur 07

                                                                                                                             thur 14
     Cardiff University Bursaries 2007-08                    concerned about it you can call the
                                                             Student Finance Wales Contact
       Household Income                      Bursary         Centre (SFWCC) on 0845 602
                                   received per year

                                                             8845 or visit the website at
       £0 - £17,920                            £1000

       £17,920 - £27,160                        £500         Letters confirming the value of

                                                                                                             wed 06

                                                                                                                             wed 13
                                                             awards will be distributed to
       £26,161 - £38,325                        £300         students who are entitled after

       £38,326 and above                           £0        enrolment in November 2006.
                                                             These letters will be sent to the
     Cardiff University bursaries will be paid in two        home address you have given your

     instalments. Eligible students will receive the first   Local Education Authority. Please
     thirty per cent of their award on or shortly after      remember this will not usually be
     31st January and the second payment of seventy          your address in University.

                                                                                                             tues 05

                                                                                                                             tues 12
     percent of the award 14th March 2008.
                                                             Updated information and full details
     You do not need to apply for a Cardiff                  of eligibility and what do if you or

     University Bursary. Your eligibility will have been     your parents did not sign the
     automatically considered when you completed             permission to share box are
     your Local Education Authority application for          available on the University website

     student loans and grants (your student loan,            at www.cf.ac.uk/bursaries
                                                                                                             mon 04

                                                                                                                             mon 11
     Assembly Learning Grant and so on). The Student
     Loans Company will do the means test for the                                                                f
     University and will bursaries to students on the
     University’s behalf.

42   money matters                                           For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/money                        43
     Fee Information: Tuition Fees                             Non-Payment of Fees

     Everything relating to payment of your tuition fees       or Other Monies

                                                                                                               sat 23/sun 24

                                                                                                                               sat 01/sun 02
     is dealt with by the Finance Division (Income             All students must pay all fees and
     Section) at 30-36 Newport Road. You should have           any other monies owing to the

     already received a letter requesting you read carefully   University. If payment isn’t made,
     the web page regarding the payment of tuition fees        the University reserves the right to
     and how to proceed with online enrolment.                 cancel your enrolment through the

                                                               “Procedure for Payment of Tuition
     You must make arrangements for paying the fees            Fees and Other Monies” (see the
     either before or as part of the online enrolment          Academic Regulations Handbook).
     process. If you can’t do this, you’ll be enrolled on

     a temporary basis only to 31 October 2007. If the         If you’ve individual circumstances

                                                                                                               fri 22

                                                                                                                               fri 29
     matter is not resolved by this date, the University       causing you difficulty in paying,
     reserves the right to cancel your enrolment.              please talk to the staff in the
                                                               Income Section as soon as
     If your tuition fees are being paid in full or part by    possible. This ensures that your
     a sponsor (LEA/SLC or other sponsor), you must            problems are known and you can
     ensure that you apply to them in good time. You           get advice and guidance.
     should obtain a letter from your sponsor confirming

                                                                                                               thur 21

                                                                                                                               thur 28
     their responsibility for payment and return it to the     Financial Assistance

     Income Section. The University will then invoice
                                                               You may be able to apply for extra
     your sponsor direct. Please note that if payment is
                                                               assistance if you’re experiencing
     not received from your sponsor, you become

                                                               financial hardship which is likely to

     personally liable for paying the full tuition fee.
                                                               threaten your continuing on your
                                                               programme. Further information is
     Fee Information:

                                                               available from the Student Support
     Accommodation Charges

                                                                                                               wed 20

                                                                                                                               wed 27
                                                               Centre at 50 Park Place or Cardigan
     Residences fees and associated charges are                House at Heath Park, and the

     payable by Direct Debit. Your Offer of Residence          Student Advice and Representation
     includes details of charges and guidelines on payment     Centre in the Students’ Union. The
     by Direct Debit. Payment must be made promptly            Student Support Centre administers

     and there is an escalating late payment charge if         a number of funds: including the

     the full fee is not received by the due dates:            Financial Contingency Fund (FCF)
                                                               and a small number of funds from

                                                                                                               tues 19

                                                                                                                               tues 26
     {                                        }
                                                               educational charities and trusts.
             Wednesday 24 October 2007
                                                               They are able to give small loans to
             Wednesday 23 January 2008
                                                               help if you need a limited amount of
             Wednesday 23 April 2008.

                                                               help to tide you over.

                                                               Further information about these

                                                               funds and eligibility is available on
                                                               the web or by dropping into one of              mon 18

                                                                                                                               mon 25
                                                               our Centres.                                        f

44   money matters                                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/money                        45
     Childcare Grant                                        Council Tax

     This help is available to full-time home               Council Tax is a charge payable to

                                                                                                            sat 08/sun 09

                                                                                                                            sat 15/sun 16
     undergraduate and PGCE students with dependent         the Local Authority (sometimes
     children. The childcare must be registered and         called Country Council). All full-

     approved to qualify for help. How much help you        time registered students are exempt
     get is based on your actual childcare costs and on     from Council Tax and exemption
     your household income. You should notify your          certificates are issued by Registry in
     LEA on your student loan application form and          November. If you’re eligible for

     they will send you an application form and             exemption this certificate will be
     information booklet. The grant will cover up to a      sent to your semester-time address.
     maximum of £148.75 a week (85% of actual               If you’re living in University-owned

     costs up to £175 a week) for one child and £255        accommodation you won’t be sent

                                                                                                            fri 07

                                                                                                                            fri 14
     a week (85% of actual costs up to £300 a week)         an Exemption Certificate, as Halls of
     for two or more children.                              Residence are exempt from Council
                                                            Tax. If you are living in private
     If you are a part-time student you can apply for       accommodation with other non-
     your childcare grant entitlement by contacting the     students, the property does become
     Student Support Centre at 50 Park Place or             liable for Council Tax: rules about
     Cardigan House.                                        liability will depend on individual

                                                                                                            thur 06

                                                                                                                            thur 13
                                                            circumstances and you can contact
     NHS funded students apply alongside their NHS          the Student Support Centre or the
     bursary for childcare grant through NHS Student        Student Advice and Representation
     Grants Unit. However, the amounts are different        Centre in the Students’ Union.
     than the amounts for non-NHS funded students
     given above. Figures from the NHS were not             Postgraduate research students
     available at the time of publication.                  become liable for Council Tax once
                                                            their fee-paying residency has

                                                                                                            wed 05

                                                                                                                            wed 12
     Managing Your Money                                    expired. Contact Registry if you
     If you need advice on how to manage your money         have any queries.
     or if you’re in financial trouble, help is available
     from the University Student Support Centres.

     You’ll also find useful advice and guidance on the                  Student Loans
     web. Our staff are here to help you and will treat         If you’re a home student on an
     what you have to say in confidence. We will work          undergraduate programme or a

                                                                                                            tues 04

                                                                                                                            tues 11
     with you, for example on budget planning, or if                  Postgraduate Certificate of
     things have become difficult we can help you in             Education, you may be eligible
     discussions with creditors or with other issues                 for a student loan from the

     around money.                                                     Student Loans Company.
                                                                  Applications for student loans
                                                               are made through your LEA and

                                                                    you should contact them for
                                                              further information. The loan is              mon 03

                                                                                                                            mon 10
                                                                   usually paid directly into your              m
                                                                      bank in three instalments.

46   money matters                                          For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/money                        47
                          health and
                      personal safety                           [06]

                   Student Health Centre
                   Based at 47 Park Place, the
                   services provided by the Health
                   Centre are confidential, available to
                   all students and easily accessed.
                   The aim is to complement, not
                   replace, the services provided by
                   your general practitioner (GP). You
                   do need to ensure that you are
                   registered with a local GP.

                   The Health Centre has both ‘drop
                   in’ and allocated appointment
                   systems, which may be with the
                   doctor, occupational health or triage
                   nurse. Services include:
                   G Eating Disorder clinic – offering
                     support and advice, including a
                   G Family Planning clinics – held on
                     Wednesday evenings during
                   G advice on travel, immunisation

[ ]
                     and preventative medicine –
                     available year round
                   G wart and verruca clinic – held

     health and      weekly during term-time
                   G smoking cessation support


48                 For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/healthsafety   49
     Advice and information on a wide range of health-            Immunisation
     related issues is available from the Health Centre

                                                                  Students on some programmes

                                                                                                                     sat 22/sun 23

                                                                                                                                     sat 29/sun 30
     and brief notes are available on the list below by
                                                                  may be required to undergo specific
     visiting the web. Contact details for a number of
                                                                  immunisations. Contact the
     relevant external agencies are also given at the

                                                                  University Health Centre if you have
     back of the handbook.
                                                                  any queries about this. All new
                                                                  students and those living in a hall of
          Asthma attacks                   Drugs
                                                                  residence are strongly advised to be

          Smear tests                      Breast awareness
                                                                  immunised against Meningitis C
          Donor cards                      Smoking
                                                                  and measles, mumps and rubella.
          Clinical trials                  Epilepsy
          Sun know how                     Contraception

          First Aid                        Testicular awareness

                                                                                                                     fri 21

                                                                                                                                     fri 28
          Diabetic emergency               Head injuries          A key factor in maintaining good
          Travel advice                    Drinking alcohol       health is being alert to the symptoms
          Sexually Transmitted Infection                          and signs of serious illness. The onset
                                                                  of meningitis is sudden and you
                                                                  should be aware of the symptoms:
     Registering with a doctor                                    early symptoms may be similar to
                                                                  those of ‘flu’ or of a hangover –

                                                                                                                     thur 20

                                                                                                                                     thur 27
     You must register with a General Practitioner (GP)

                                                                  { }
     in Cardiff: don’t leave this until you are ill.                         feeling feverish
     Registration is free and can be done at:                                vomiting
     //     the halls of residence and Companies Fair                        severe headache
            during Freshers’ Week                                            stiff neck
     //     direct with a practice: take your NHS                            back pain
            Medical Card if you have it, but don’t worry                     joint pain
            if you haven’t                                                   dislike of light

                                                                                                                     wed 19

                                                                                                                                     wed 26
     Lists of GP practices are available at the Health            If a rash of tiny red bruises that
     Centre, Student Support Centre, halls of residence           don’t fade under pressure develop
     and Student Advice and Representation Centre                 or feelings of disorientation occur,

     (Students’ Union). Further information is available          seek medical attention immediately.
     from NHS–Wales Business Services Centre, the
     Community Health Council, Citizen’s Advice                   Not all of these symptoms occur

     Bureau, main Post Offices and libraries.                     together. If you’re ill or concerned

                                                                                                                     tues 18

                                                                                                                                     tues 25
                                                                  about yourself or a friend, contact
     NHS Charges                                                  your GP immediately; failing this,

                                                                  contact the Ambulance Service on
     If you’re living in Wales, you are exempt from
                                                                  999. Prompt action saves lives.
     paying for prescriptions. To claim exemption you
     need to complete an HC1 form, available from the

     Student Support Centre at 50 Park Place or
     Cardigan House, and Student Advice and
                                                                                                                     mon 17

                                                                                                                                     mon 24
     Representation Centre at the Students’ Union.                                                                       m

50   health and personal safety                                   For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/healthsafety                    51
                                                                                               sat 05/sun 06

                                                                                                               sat 12/sun 13
     Health and Safety                      Personal Safety

     The University is committed to         and Security
     health, safety and welfare and as a    The University Security Centre is
     student you’re expected to:            based on Park Place, providing a

     N take reasonable and responsible      24-hour security cover for the
       care for your own and other          University campus and halls of
       peoples health and safety            residence. The Centre works in

     N observe information/warning          close liaison with the police,

                                                                                               fri 04

                                                                                                               fri 11
       signs and notices                    Students’ Union and all parts of the
     N follow instructions issued to you
       by your School, Health and
                                            For many of you, this will be the first
       Safety Unit and Security personnel
                                            time that you’ve lived away from
     N not remove, misuse, tamper or        home and have to consider safety
       interfere with equipment provided    and security issues. Don’t worry
       for health, safety or welfare        about this: if you follow these few

                                                                                               thur 03

                                                                                                               thur 10
     N report any accident or incident

                                            basic precautions, you can lessen
       that occurs when you’re              the chances of your running into
       undertaking an activity involved     difficulties and ensure you have a

       with your work/study: accident       great time at University.
       report forms are on the
       Occupational Safety, Health and

       Environment web site

                                                                                               wed 02

                                                                                                               wed 09
     N familiarise yourself with fire and
       emergency evacuation
       procedures: notices can be
       found at every fire-alarm call
       point in all buildings.

     A list of First Aiders is in the
     University Communications directory

                                                                                               tues 01

                                                                                                               tues 08
     and their location is usually
     indicated on signs in each building.

     If a First Aider is not available

     between 8.30am to 5.00pm
     (Monday to Friday), refer to the

     Health Centre, 47 Park Place

     (Tel 029 2087 4810).
                                                                                               mon 31

                                                                                                               mon 07
      For urgent injuries/illnesses,                                                               m
      dial 999.

52   health and personal safety             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/healthsafety                    53
     Your Personal Safety                                   Security in your home

     Generally Cardiff is a safe city. However, wherever    Here are a few tips to help with

                                                                                                               sat 19/sun 20

                                                                                                                               sat 26/sun 27
     you live it’s important that you’re aware of the       safety and security in your home:
     potential for crime and take your own safety and
                                                             do make sure that you have

     security seriously. Here are a few commonsense
                                                             adequate insurance cover for
     rules which can reduce any risk:
                                                             your personal contents
     I when you go out alone make sure someone

       knows where you’re going
                                                             lock your door even if you’re just
     I when you go out with a group stay with them:          out for a few minutes
       there is safety in numbers

     I keep to public routes that are well lit at night:     if you live on the ground floor,

                                                                                                               fri 18

                                                                                                                               fri 25
       don’t take risky short cuts even if in a hurry        close the windows when you go
     I try to avoid excessive alcohol, especially if         out and don’t leave anything of
       you’re on your own                                    value within grabbing distance
     I don’t accept drinks from strangers                    even when you’re in
     I carry a personal safety alarm: available at
       discounted prices from the Students’ Union            keep valuables hidden out of sight
     I make use of the transport services from

                                                                                                               thur 17

                                                                                                                               thur 24
       outside the Students’ Union to halls of               keep your keys in a safe place,
       residence                                             and don’t label them
     I if using a taxi, try and pre-book with a reputable
       taxi firm or use a recognised taxi rank.              don’t give your keys or key-code
                                                             to anybody
     Further advice is available from the Security Centre
     or from the Students’ Union. If you’re the victim of    draw your curtains when dressing

                                                                                                               wed 16

                                                                                                                               wed 23
     a crime, report it to the police immediately.           and undressing

                                                             challenge or report strangers in
                                                             your accommodation area.

                                                                                                               tues 15

                                                                                                                               tues 22
                                                                                                               mon 14

                                                                                                                               mon 21

54   health and personal safety                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/healthsafety                    55
     Cycle Security and Safety

     It will come as no surprise that hundreds of cycles

                                                                                                               sat 03/sun 04

                                                                                                                               sat 10/sun 11
     and cycle parts are stolen every year. Thieves are
     known to target the campus and accommodation

     sites. Here are a few tips on how you can stop
     your bike being stolen and be a responsible cyclist.
     I get your bike registered and security marked
                                                              Fire Safety

       with the police
     I use good quality bike locks and have a spare           In the interests of fire safety,
                                                              heating or cooking appliances –
     I lock each wheel to the frame and then around
                                                              including portable heaters, slow

       something solid
                                                              cookers, deep fat fryers and chip

                                                                                                               fri 02

                                                                                                                               fri 09
     I if your bike is expensive, use a long motorcycle       pans – are not permitted in
       type chain and lock                                    University residences. Also, lighted
     I always use a cycle helmet: it could save your          candles or incense burners are
       life                                                   not permitted on the premises.
     I make sure your lights are working and avoid an
       on the spot fine                                       Here are some further tips on how
                                                              to maintain good fire safety
     I obey traffic lights – if you’re caught ignoring a

                                                                                                               thur 01

                                                                                                                               thur 08
                                                              around your home:

       light you can expect a fine
                                                              Kitchen safety
     I avoid cycling on pavements which can incur up
       to a £500 fine                                         I keep items which can catch

                                                                fire easily away from your

                                                              I keep your oven clean: a build

                                                                up of fat, crumbs etc can

                                                                                                               wed 30

                                                                                                                               wed 07
                                                                cause a fire
                                                              I don’t fill pans more than one
                                                                third full of oil
                                                              I don’t leave cooking

                                                              Electrical safety

                                                                                                               tues 29

                                                                                                                               tues 06
                                                              I don’t put cables under carpets
                                                                or mats
                                                              I don’t overload sockets: use one

                                                                plug in each socket
                                                              I don’t put lights and bulbs

                                                                near curtains

                                                              I make sure you replace any
                                                                                                               mon 28

                                                                                                                               mon 05
                                                                worn or taped cables and leads


56   health and personal safety                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/current/healthsafety                    57
     Health Safety
     Alcohol Consumption
     Alcohol can play a significant part in
     the social scene of university life for
     some students. However, you need
     to be aware that heavy alcohol
     abuse can seriously affect your
     health. You are advised
     I to know your limits: remember it
       only takes a couple of minutes
       for the alcohol to have an effect
       and often the first thing it
       affects is your judgement
     I not to drink more than the
       recommended units: a man can
       drink 3-4 units a day and women
       2-3 units, without significant risk
                                                [ ] university
                                                   and further

       to health (1 unit = half pint of
       beer/shot/small glass of wine).

     Drink Spiking
     Drink spiking is a serious crime that
     can affect both men and women.
     However, there are steps you can
     take to protect yourself:
     I don’t leave a drink unattended
     I don’t accept drinks from strangers
     I ensure drinks are poured in
       front of you
     I look out for your friends

     If you think you have been affected,
     telephone a friend, relative or partner,
     or an ambulance to come and fetch
     you. It is very important to get to a
     place of safety as soon as possible.

58   health and personal safety                                  59
     [07]               university                             All staff and students are covered
                                                               by these policies and are expected


                                                                                                        sat 17/sun 18

                                                                                                                        sat 24/sun 25
                                                               to play a role in creating and
                        and further                            maintaining an environment in
                                                               which discrimination, harassment,

                                                               bullying and victimisation are
                                                               understood to be unacceptable
     Identity Card                                             forms of behaviour.

     You’ll be issued with a University identity card (ID)
                                                               The Dignity at Work and Study
     at enrolment, which you keep for the duration of
                                                               Policy has information on what to
     your studies. Look after this carefully as the card is:
                                                               do if you feel that you have been

      I your proof of identity in the University and           the subject of harassment. Advice

                                                                                                        fri 16

                                                                                                                        fri 23
        Students’ Union                                        and support is available within the
      I your library card                                      University via the Student
      I used for entry to halls of residence and               Counselling Service and the
        some other university buildings                        Student Advice and Representation
      I the NUS card for members.                              Centre, and externally from the
                                                               Equal Opportunities Commission,
     Replacement cards can be obtained from the                Commission for Racial Equality,

                                                                                                        thur 15

                                                                                                                        thur 22
     Security Centre, Park Place: there is a £10 charge        Disability Rights Commission and
     for replacing a lost card.                                Stonewall Cymru, all of which have
                                                               offices in Cardiff.
     Students on health-related programmes based at
     the Heath Park campus, will also be issued with a         Most academic Schools also have
     separate identity card by the NHS Trust to access         Equality and Diversity Committees.
     controlled areas.                                         Their work is supported by the

                                                                                                        wed 14

                                                                                                                        wed 21
                                                               University Equality and Diversity
     Equality and Diversity                                    Unit. Please contact the
     Cardiff University is committed to promoting              department for further information
     equality and diversity. This means that we are            at edu@cardiff.ac.uk or see their
     actively working to build an inclusive culture in         website at www.cardiff.ac.uk/
     which the experiences and needs of students from          cocom/equalityanddiversity
     different ethnicities, cultures, genders and gender
     identities, disabilities, sexualities, faiths, and ages

                                                                                                        tues 13

                                                                                                                        tues 20
     are recognised and respected.

     The University has an Equality and Diversity
     Committee which has developed policies on
     Equality and Diversity, Race Equality and Dignity at

     Work and Study. Policies relating to Sexual
     Orientation and Disability Equality are currently
     being developed and the Committee is also                                                          mon 12

                                                                                                                        mon 19
     working to increase provision of facilities for
     students from diverse faith groups.

60   university requirements and further information           For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                                   61
     Data Protection and                                     Resolving

     Freedom of Information                                  Issues/Complaints

                                                                                                       sat 31/sun 01

                                                                                                                       sat 07/sun 08
     The University collects, holds and uses (this is        The Student Complaints Procedure
     known as processing) personal data according to         (see the Academic Regulations

     the Data Protection Act 1998. Information on how        Handbook) aims to resolve issues in
     to get a copy of your personal data is on the web       a fair, efficient and effective
     or you can contact the University Data Protection       manner. You’re encouraged to raise

     Officer: see contact details.Your personal data is      any matters of concern as they
     processed for a variety of internal purposes. The       arise at a local level. Many issues
     University is also obliged to disclose student          can be resolved without a formal
     information to a number of external bodies,             complaint and there are a number

     including local education authorities and relevant      of informal mechanisms for this. If

                                                                                                       fri 30

                                                                                                                       fri 06
     government agencies. Full details on how your           it becomes necessary, advice on
     personal data is processed is provided in the           using the formal aspects of the
     Academic Regulations Handbook.                          Procedure is available from the
                                                             Corporate Compliance Unit at
     The University is a public authority for the purposes   www.cardiff.ac.uk/cocom/student
     of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. You can         and the Students’ Union.
     find more information about this on the web.

                                                                                                       thur 29

                                                                                                                       thur 05
                                                             Welsh Language

     Student Behaviour                                       Scheme
     The University and the Students’ Union take very
                                                             The University has adopted the
     seriously their responsibility for maintaining a safe

                                                             principle that in the conduct of
     and pleasant environment in which to study and
                                                             public business in Wales, it will treat
     work. Both have separate disciplinary procedures
                                                             the English and Welsh languages on
     which are strictly enforced and apply both on and

                                                             a basis of equality. It actively

                                                                                                       wed 28

                                                                                                                       wed 04
     off the University campus. As a student you’re
                                                             supports students by providing
     required to observe the ‘rules of behaviour’ which
                                                             opportunities to improve or gain
     are detailed in the Student Discipline Procedure.
                                                             Welsh language skills, by developing
                                                             its academic provision in Welsh and
     Some students (particularly those on health-

                                                             by providing certain services
     related or social-welfare related programmes) are
                                                             through the medium of Welsh
     also subject to Fitness to Practise procedures: this
                                                             including, where practicable,
     will be confirmed by your School. This means that

                                                                                                       tues 27

                                                                                                                       tues 03
                                                             assessments, counselling and

     you mustn’t engage in any conduct which may
                                                             correspondence. For further
     make you unfit to be admitted to and practise your
                                                             information on academic provision

                                                             contact Registry, and for all other

                                                             matters, contact Welsh Language
     Both procedures can be found in the Academic
                                                             Services: www.cardiff.ac.uk/

     Regulations Handbook.

                                                                                                       mon 26

                                                                                                                       mon 02

62   university requirements and further information         For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                                    63
                                                           [ ]
     When you leave
     When you leave the University you join a worldwide
     community of Cardiff alumni. By registering with
     the Alumni Relations Programme you’ll be kept in
     touch with Cardiff University and have access to
     the services and expertise available to former        students’
     students. Benefits include The Cardiff University
     Magazine, Cardiff Network Online Alumni Directory
     and networking forum, the Student-Alumni Careers
     Forum, reunions and many other services together
     with news from your academic school and the
     latest developments in teaching and research.
     Further details are available on the alumni website
     at www.cardiff.ac.uk/for/alumni.

64   university requirements and further information                   65
     [08]              students’                             Advice

                       union                                 advice@cardiff.ac.uk

                                                                                                            sat 14/sun 15

                                                                                                                            sat 21/sun 22
                                                             Based on the 3rd floor of the
                                                             Students’ Union, the Student Advice

     This section gives a brief introduction to your         and Representation Centre offers
     Students’ Union, but don’t forget that you can find     advice on all aspects of student life.
     lots more information about the Union both via:         The advisors will offer you a

                                                             professional, confidential and non-
     N the Students’ Union website
                                                             judgemental advice. Support is
                                                             available on a wide range of welfare
     N the Ultimate Guide CD-rom for new students –
                                                             and related issues including

       if you haven’t had your copy, pop into the
                                                             accommodation, immigration,

                                                                                                            fri 13

                                                                                                                            fri 20
       Union to collect one.
                                                             academic matters, money,
                                                             employment, benefits and consumer
     The Union operates at both the Cathays Park and
                                                             problems. International students can
     Heath Park campus. You’ll find a shop, bar and
                                                             obtain advice and application forms
     day time facilities at Heath Park. At our Cathays
                                                             for holiday visas from the Centre.
     Park site on Park Place, we’ve got bars, a
                                                             There is a drop in service Monday to
     nightclub, shop, IT shop, games room, advice
                                                             Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm or

                                                                                                            thur 12

                                                                                                                            thur 19
     centre, training and development and much more.
                                                             you can make an appointment.
     Executive                                               Societies
     The Students’ Union is run for you by students who
                                                             Last year there were 130 active
     are elected each year: the Executive Committee is
                                                             societies. These ranged from the Live
     made up of Sabbatical Officers (who work full-time)
                                                             Music Society, to Y Gym Gym, to the
     and Non-Sabbatical Officers (who work part-time
                                                             Real Ale Society and Photography.
     alongside their academic studies). The full-time

                                                                                                            wed 11

                                                                                                                            wed 18
                                                             You can sign up at the Societies
     Sabbatical Officers have offices on the 3rd floor of
                                                             Fayre during Freshers’ Fortnight.
     the Union and all have open door policies.

     Representation                                          Sport
                                                             There are currently over 60 sports
     Representation is fundamental to your Students’
                                                             clubs catering for all levels of sport,
     Union. The Sabbatical Officers are able to
                                                             whether you want to continue
     represent you in any academic or welfare-related
                                                             playing rugby from school, or wish

                                                                                                            tues 10

                                                                                                                            tues 17
     issue. They also offer training for you if you decide
                                                             to try something new like ultimate
     to become an academic representative. If you
                                                             Frisbee! There are many
     would like to get involved as an academic rep then
                                                             opportunities to compete for the

     get in touch!
                                                             University in British University Sports
                                                             Association (BUSA) leagues, or to
                                                             play for fun within the University in

                                                             the intra-mural league. Visit the
                                                                                                            mon 09

                                                                                                                            mon 16
                                                             Sports Fayre during Freshers’
                                                             Fortnight or pop into the Athletic                 j
                                                             Union (AU) Office based on the 3rd
                                                             floor of the Union.

66   students’ union                                         For more information www.cardiffstudents.com                                   67
                       Student Media                             Jobshop

                       If you’re interested in the media,        Jobshop can be found in the Mall

                                                                                                                sat 28/sun 29

                                                                                                                                sat 05/sun 06
                       get involved in the Union! We have        on the ground floor and is an
                       the award-winning student paper,          employment agency, providing part-

                       gair rhydd, which is published            time, temporary and vacation jobs
                       weekly and the fortnightly magazine,      within the Union, the University and
                       Quench. Our in-house radio station,       other employers within Cardiff. You
                       Xpress radio, transmits internationally   can register at any point in the year.

                       online throughout the year and on
                       FM at certain times of the year.
                                                                  The Union Building (Park Place)

                       Student Development Unit                   The Mall (ground floor)

                                                                                                                fri 27

                                                                                                                                fri 04
                       The SDU helps develop essential            N   Cardiff Student Letting
                       skills sought by employers and             N   JobShop
                       offers a number of training courses        N   Endsleigh Insurance
                       that will help enhance your CV, as         N   Blackwells Bookshop
                       well as more practically based             N   IT Shop
                       courses such as first aid and sign
                       language. Pop into the SDU on the          First Floor

                                                                                                                thur 26

                                                                                                                                thur 03
                       3rd floor of the Union for more
                                                                  N The Union Shop
                                                                  N CF10 Café

                                                                  N The Great Hall
                       Student Volunteering
                       Student Volunteering Cardiff (SVC)

                                                                  Second Floor
                       involves hundreds of students in a
                                                                  N Reception
                       wide range of projects which help
                                                                  N Solus Nightclub
                       many people in our local

                                                                                                                wed 25

                                                                                                                                wed 02
                                                                  N The Tafarn

                       community. The projects range
                       from working with children who are
                                                                  Third Floor
                       refugees or asylum seekers at a
                       local kids club, to working in a           N Student Development Unit
                       community garden, to working in a          N Advice and Representation

                       local hospital with people who have          Centre
                       mental health problems. People             N Sabbatical and

                                                                                                                tues 24

                                                                                                                                tues 01
                                                                    Non-Sabbatical Officers

                       volunteer for a variety of reasons
                       ranging from wanting to help those         N Athletic Union
                       less fortunate than themselves,            N Finance Office
                       gaining work experience or to meet         N Student Volunteering Cardiff

                       with other people. You can                 N Games Room
                       volunteer for as little or many hours      N Postgraduate Centre
                       as you can spare. Sign up at the

                       SVC Fayre in Freshers’ Fortnight, or       Fourth Floor
                                                                                                                mon 23

                                                                                                                                mon 30
                       visit the SVC office on the 3rd floor      N Student Media Centre
                       of the Union which is open from
                       9am to 5pm.

68   students’ union                                             For more information www.cardiffstudents.com                                   69
                                    contacts              [09]
                [   Remember you can get more information by
                    visiting the home page at www.cardiff.ac.uk,
                    and selecting the ‘For Current Students’ link.

                University switchboard                   029 2087 4000
                  private accommodation 029 2087 4849/6334
                  student residences    029 2087 4142/4052

                Alumni                                   029 2087 6473

                Careers Service            tel           029 2087 4828
                                           fax           029 2087 4229

                  Anglican                               029 2023 2550
                  Catholic                               029 2023 9785
                  Methodist (Ty Rhath)                   029 2034 4791

                Computing Services
                  Helpdesk                               029 2087 4487

                Corporate Compliance Unit
                  Complaints                             029   2087   9639
                  Data Protection                        029   2087   5767
                  Equality and Diversity                 029   2087   0231
                  Freedom of Information                 029   2087   5767

                Day Care Centre                          029 2087 4135

[ ]
                ENCAP Writing Centre                     029 2087 5411


70              For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                       71
     English Language Service       029 2087 6587       Sport and Exercise
                                                          Park Place Fitness Centre              029   2087   6706
     Graduate Centre                029 2087 4748         Talybont                               029   2087   4675
                                                          Llanrummney                            029   2077   7377
     Graduate Schools                                     Sports Bursary                         029   2087   9715
       Humanities                   029 2087 9406
       Biological & Life Sciences   029 2098 9408       Student Support Centres
       Physical Sciences                                  Advisory Service,             029 2087 7844
       & Engineering                029 2087 9408         Financial Support,              (Cathays Park)
       Social Sciences              029 2087 9406         International Student Support 029 2074 2070
                                    029 2087 7158                                           (Heath Park)
                                                          Counselling Service                    029 2087 4966
     Health Centre                  029 2087 4810                                                  (Cathays Park)
                                                                                                 029 2074 2070
     Income Section                                                                                  (Heath Park)
     (Tuition Fees)                 029 2087 4399
                                                          Disability and Dyslexia Service 029 2087 4528
                                                                                            (Cathays Park)
     International Development
                                                                                          029 2074 2070
                                                                                              (Heath Park)
       International                029 2087 4432
       Student Support              029 2087 9016
                                                        Students’ Union
                                                         Main Reception                          029 2078 1400
     Library Services
                                                         Box Office                              029 2078 1458
     (Helpdesk)                     029 2087 4487
                                                        Welsh Language Service                   029 2087 4792
     Occupational Safety,
     Health & Environment Unit      029 2087 4790

       Appeals                      029   2087   0143
       Examinations Office          029   2087   5019
       Graduation Office            029   2087   5016
       Postgraduate Team            029   2087   0436
       Reception                    029   2087   4404
       Undergraduate Records        029   2087   9210

     Security Centre                029 2087 4444

72   contacts                                           For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                       73

     Advice                                            Gamblers Anonymous                       08700 50 88 80
       Cardiff Citizens Advice Bureau 0870 126 4028
       www.citizensadvice.org.uk      029 2034 6499    Gas
       Students’ Union Advice Centre 029 2078 1410       National Grid – emergencies,
                                                         leaks, metre problems                   0800 111 999
     British Rail
       Timetable enquiries            08457 484 950    Housing
                                                         Shelter 24hr helpline                  0808 800 4444
     Buses                                               Cardiff Housing helpline               020 2087 1448
       Cardiff Bus all information    029 20 666 444
       Cardiff Bus timetables         0870 608 2 608   Insurance
                                                         Endsleigh                              029 2023 7977
     Bursaries                                                                                  029 2039 8222
       Student Finance Wales       0845 602 8845
       www.studentfinancewales.co.uk                   Missing Persons
                                                         Message Home Helpline
     Council Tax                                         24hr Helpline – includes
       Cardiff Council                029 2087 2087      messager for family
       www.cardiff.gov.uk                                and friends                             0500 700 740
     Debt                                                National Missing
       National Debt-Line             0808 808 4000      Persons helpline                        0500 700 700
       Consumer Credit
       Counselling Service            0800 138 1111    Police
       National Insolvency helpline   0800 074 6918      Cardiff Police Station                 029 2022 2111

     Domestic Violence                                 Public Transport
       Victim Support – Cardiff       08456 121 900      National Rail Enquiries                 0845 7484950
       National Helpline              0845 3030 900
                                                         National Express                        08705 808080
       Women’s Aid – Cardiff          029 2046 0566
       National Helpline              0808 2000 247

74   contacts                                          For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                    75
                                                      Volunteering community
       Race Equality First          029 2022 4097
                                                      service                                029 2022 7625
       Commission for Equality      029 2072 9200
                                                      Student Volunteering Cardiff           029 2078 1510
     Roofie Foundation
                                                    Welsh Water
       for Drug Rape Victims        0800 783 2980
                                                      Billing Enquiries                      0800 052 0145
     Safety                                           Supply and Emergencies
       Police                       029 2022 2111     – 24hr                                 0800 052 0130
       University Security Office
       24hr control room            029 2087 4444
       Suzy Lamplugh Trust
       (Personal Safety Advice)     020 8876 0305

     Student Finance
       Student Finance Wales       0845 602 8845

     Student Representation
       Students’ Union
       advice and representation    029 2078 1410

     Students’ Union
       Main Switchboard             029 2078 1400
       Medclub                      029 2074 4948

     Tourist Information
       Cardiff Office               029 2022 7281

     Holiday: see your GP
     first/Health Centre
     Work/Study Related:
     GP/Health Centre               029 2087 4810

76   contacts                                       For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                   77
[09]                  health
                                                           Concerns, worries or need
                                                           advice – contact your GP or
                                                           the Student Health Centre              029 20874810
                                                           Tenovus                                0808 8081010
     Advice                                                ‘Bacup’ information                    0808 8001234
       on all health matters                               www.cancerbacup.org.uk
       contact the Health Centre
       at 47 Park Place             029 2087 4810        Contraception
       www.cardiff.ac.uk/osheu/healthcentre                GP/Family Planning Clinic/
                                                           Health Centre                          029 2087 4810
       Acne Support Group            0870 8702263          FPA National Helpline                  0845 3101334
       www.britishskinfoundation.org.uk                    9am-6pm Mon-Fri
       Alcoholics Anonymous                              Cystic Fibrosis
       24 hr helpline                    0845 769 7555     Cystic Fibrosis Trust                   0808 083555
                                                           www.cftrust.org.uk                     02084 647211
       Community Drugs
       and Alcohol Team                  029 2046 8555   Dentists
                                                           Yellow Pages
     Allergy Clinic                      029 2051 2992
                                                           The Health Centre has a list of
     Alternative Treatments                                dentists that accept NHS patients
       Institute for                                       Emergency
       Complementary Medicine            020 7237 5165     (University Hospital Wales)
                                                           Mon-Fri Only                           029 2074 2414
     Asthma                                                Out of hours/weekends/
       GP/Health Centre                  029 2087 4810     bank holidays,
       National Asthma Campaign                            Riverside Health Centre                029 2056 6980
       (nurse advice line- 9am-5pm)      0845 7010203      St David’s Hospital, Free,
       www.asthma.org.uk                                   Non-Emergency Treatment,
                                                           Carried Out By Students.
     Backpain                                              9am-12.15pm/
       GP/Health Centre                  029 2087 4810     1.45pm-4.30pm                          029 2053 6898
       Support group/leaflets            020 8977 5474
       10am-1pm Mon-Thurs                                Depression
                                                         (see Mental Health)
     Bereavement                                           GP/Health Centre/
       Cruse -                                             Counselling nightline                  029 2022 3993
       counselling for bereaved          029 2022 6166     8pm-8am term-time                      08457 099 999
       Cardiff Institute for the Blind   029 2048 5414

78   contacts                                            For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                   79
     Diabetes                                             Eating Disorders
       Diabetes Uk Careline           02074 241 030         Your GP
       9am-5pm Mon-Fri                                      Student Counselling service            029 2087 4966
       www.diabetes.org.uk                                  www.cardiff.ac.uk/cllng                  (Cathays Park)
                                                                                                   029 2074 2070
     Disability                                                                                        (Heath Park)
       Disability and Dyslexia Service 029 2087 4528
                                                            Overeaters Anonymous                   07000 784985
                                         (Cathays Park)
                                       029 2074 2070
                                           (Heath Park)     Eating Disorder Association            0845 634 1414
       Disability Wales               0800 731 6282
       www.dwac.demon.co.uk                                 Health Centre                029 2087 4810
       Cardiff & Vale Coalition
       of Disabled People             029 2025 5611
       National Bureau for                                  National Eczema Society
       Students with Disabilities     0800 3285050          info line                              0870 2413604
       Mon & Wed 1.30-4.30,                                 www.eczema.org
       Tues 11.30-1.30,
       Thurs 1.30-3.30                                    Emergency Contraception
       www.skill.org.uk                                   (see also Family Planning)
       Opportunities for People                             GP/Health Centre/
       with Disabilities              029 2078 6521         Family Planning Clinic                 029 2087 4810
     Drugs                                                  GP/Health Centre                       029 2087 4810
       Community Drugs
                                                            Epilepsy Wales Helpline                0845 7413774
       and Alcohol Team               029 2046 8555
       FRANKI helpline
                                                            British Epilepsy Association           0808 8005050
       (24 hr service)                  0800 776600
       Release (24 hr advice)         020 7603 8654
                                                          Exam Stress
     Dyslexia                                               GP/Health Centre/Counselling           029 2087 4810
       Dyslexia Action Cymru          029 2048 1122
                                                            Nightline (8pm-8am term-time) 029 2022 3993
       9am-5pm Mon-Fri
                                                          Family Planning
       British Dyslexia                                     GP/Health Centre                       029 2087 4810
       Association helpline           0118 966 8271
                                                            FP Clinics lists are available
                                                            at the Health Centre
       Disability and Dyslexia Service 029 2087 4528
                                                            FPA National Helpline                  08453 101334
                                         (Cathays Park)
                                                            Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
                                       029 2074 2070
                                           (Heath Park)

80   contacts                                             For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                      81
     GPs                                            Hiv/Aids
       Health Centre                                  Terence Higgins Trust                  029 20666465
       - list of Cardiff GPs is                       10am-10pm Mon-Fri
       available at reception       029 20552212      Sexual Health
       NHS Business Centre,                           Information line                        0800 567123
       Cardiff (for advice on                         Clinic of Genito Urinary               029 2033 5207
       registering with a GP)      029 2087 4810      Medicine (Gum Clinic)                  029 2033 5208
       GP/ Health Centre            029 2087 4810   Hospitals
                                                      University Hospital
     Haemophilia                                      of Wales (UHW)                         029 2074 7747
       Haemophilia Wales                              Llandough                              029 2071 1711
       Support Group                029 2037 2719
                                                      Whitchurch Psychiatric
                                                      Hospital                               029 2069 3191
     Hayfever                                         Velindre                               029 2061 5888
       GP/Health Centre /Pharmacist 029 2087 4810     Rookwood                               029 2056 6281
                                                                                             029 2041 5415
     Health Centre
       47 Park Place,                               Irritable Bowel Syndrome
       next to Students’ Union      029 2087 4810     IBS Network Hotline                    0114 2723253
       9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri                             6pm-8pm Mon-Fri
                                                      10am-12pm Sat
     Health Information                               www.ibsnetwork.org.uk
       NHS Direct Wales                0845 4647
       www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk                   Listening Services
                                                      Nightline                              029 2022 3993
     Hearing Impairment/Deafness                      8pm-8am term-time
       Wales Council for                              Samaritans
       Deaf People                                        National                            08457 909090
            Voice                   01443 485687          Local                              029 2034 4022
            Text                    01443 485686      www.samaritans.org.uk
     Hepatitis                                        Association of Young
       GP/Health Centre             029 2087 4810     People with ME                         08451 232389
                                                      10am-2pm Mon-Fri
     Herpes                                           www.ayme.org.uk
       Herpes Viruses Association   0845 1232305
       www.herpes.org.uk                            Melanoma
                                                    See Cancer

82   contacts                                       For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                   83
     Meningitis                                        Nightline 8pm-8am Term-Time 029 2022 3993
       Meningitis Trust, 24 hr helpline 0800 0281828
       www.meningitis-trust.org                        Occupational Health Nurse
       Research Foundation            0808 8003344       Health Centre          029 2087 6768/6194
       www.meningitis.org.uk                             www.cardiff.ac.uk/occhealth
       GP / Health Centre             029 2087 4810
                                                         Yellow Pages
     Mental / Emotional Health
       GP / Health Centre             029 2087 4810      University Eye Clinic                  029 2087 4357
       Student Counselling Service    029 2087 4966
                                                       Pregnancy Advice
       Community Mental Health                           GP/Family Practitioner/
       (North West), Cardiff          029 2069 3941      Health Centre                           029 20874810
       Mind Information Wales     08457 660163           Marie Stopes Clinics
       9.15am- 5.15pm Mon/Wed-Fri                        7am – 10pm                              0845 3008090
                                                         British Pregnancy Advisory
       AWETU Black Mental                                Service BPAS                            0845 7304030
       Health Project                 029 2039 4141
       www.awetu.org.uk                                Psoriasis
       Depression Alliance, Cymru     0845 123 2320      GP/Health Centre              029 2087 4810
       10am-3pm                                          www.cardiff.ac.uk/healthcentre
       www.depressionalliance.org                        Psoriasis Association         0845 6760076
       Manic Depression                                  www.psoriasis-association.org.uk
       Fellowship helpline            01633 244244
       www.mdfwales.org.uk                             Rape
       Saneline                       08457 678000       Police                                 029 2022 2111
       (2pm-Midnight)                                    Rape Crisis Centre for
       www.sane.org.uk                                   England and Wales                       01296 392468
       HAFAL                                             www.rapecrisis.org.uk
       (Schizophrenia Helpline)       029 2056 5959      Any questions or concerns
       www.hafal.org                                     – contact GP/Student
                                                         Health Centre                          029 2087 4810
       Migraine Action Association    0870 050 5898    Relationships
       www.migraine.org.uk                               Student Counselling                    029 2087 4966

     Multiple Sclerosis                                Samaritans
       Resource Centre                0800 7830518       National number                        08457 90 90 90
       www.mrsc.co.uk                                    www.samaritans.org
       MS Society                     0808 800 8000      24 Hour Local Helpline                 029 2034 4022
     NHS                                                 HAFAL (National
       NHS Business Centre, Cardiff   029 2055 2212      Schizophrenia Fellowship)              01792 816 600

84   contacts                                          For more information www.cardiff.ac.uk                    85
       Bristol Crisis Service for Women 0117 925 1119

     Sexual Health
       GUM Clinic                   029 2033 5207
       GP/Health Centre             029 2087 4810
       Sexual health awareness group 029 2078 1494

     Sickle Cell
       Sickle Cell Society          020 8961 7795

       Smokers’ Helpline, Wales      0800 1690169
       ASH: Action on
       Smoking and Health           029 2064 1101
       Quitline                       0800 002200

     Sports Injury
       DTR Clinic                   029 2038 2811

       GP/Health Centre             029 2087 4810
       Student Counselling          029 2087 4966

       Society                      0800 731 1109

       Holiday: your GP

                                                        [ ]
       Work/Study Related:
       GP/Health Centre             029 2087 4810

       Health Centre,
       Wart & Verruca Clinic
       (10am-3pm Weds,
       term time only)              029 2087 4810

86   contacts                                                  87
Cathays Park campus
                      Aberconway Building         11      Pharmacy                   33
                      Architecture                45      Physics and Astronomy      59
                      Biosciences              35 39      Physical and Financial
                      Business School             11      Resources                  66
                      Bute Building               45      Psychology             24 30*
                      Careers Service             25      Public Relations and
                      Centre for Advanced Studies         Communications             41
                      in the Social Sciences      41      Queen’s Buildings 58 59 60
                      Centre for Professional             63
                      Legal Studies               28      Redwood Building           33
                      Chaplaincy               10 26      Religious and
                      Chemistry                   39      Theological Studies        16
                      City and Regional Planning 49       Registry                   66
                      Computing Centre            41      Research and Commercial
                                                          Development                66
                      Computer Science            60
                                                          Residences and Catering      3
                      Corporate Services          66
                                                          Security Centre            35
                      Day Care Services           41
                                                          Social Sciences 31 42 49* 50
                      Earth, Ocean and
                      Planetary Sciences          39      Strategic Development
                                                          (including Planning)       39
                      Engineering                 60
                                                          Student Support Centre     31
                      English Communication       15
                      and Philosophy             16*      Students’ Union            38
                      European Studies (Modern            Talybont Sports Centre       3
                      Languages and Politics)     24      Tower Building             30
                      Glamorgan Building          49      Trevithick Building        58
                      Graduate Centre             38      Welsh                      15
                      Health Centre               37      Welsh Centre for Postgraduate
                      History & Archaeology 15 16*        Pharmaceutical Education 21
                      Humanities Building     15 16*      * Indicates main site
                      Human Resources             66
                      International Development 41        Aberconway Hall            12
                      Journalism, Media and               Aberdare Hall              22
                      Cultural Studies            45
                                                          Allensbank Hall            98
                      Julian Hodge Building       14
                                                          Cartwright Court            4
                      Law                         28
                                                          Colum Hall                 13
                      Lifelong Learning           42
                                                          Gordon Hall                43
                      Main Building               39
                                                          Hodge Hall                 17
                      Mathematics                 42
                                                          Roy Jenkins Hall            8
                      Music                  20 23*
                                                          Senghennydd Court          47
                      Occupational Safety, Health
                                                          Senghennydd Hall           46
                      and Environmental Unit      27
                                                          Talybont                    5
                      Optometry and
                      Vision Sciences        20 33*       University Hall and
                                                          Conference Centre           2
                      Park Place Fitness
                      & Racquets Centre             34
Heath Park campus

                      Accident & Emergency            1   Pembroke House            113
                      Brecknock House               101   Radnor House              115
                      Cardiff Medicentre            102   Nursing & Midwifery and
                      Cardigan House                103   Healthcare Studies        116
                      Carmarthen House              104   Sports & Social Club      117
                      Denbigh House                 105   Tenovus Building          118
                      Dental School/Hospital        106    ˆ
                                                          Ty Dewi Sant              116
                      Glamorgan House               107    ˆ
                                                          Ty Maeth                  119
                      Henry Wellcome                      Wales Heart
                      Research Building             108   Research Institute        120
                      Institute of Medical Genetics 109   Student Club              122
                      Medical School                110   Student Support Centre    103
                      Monmouth House                111


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