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					The Patient and Family
Centered Care Methodology
and Practice
Strategies to Deliver Exceptional
Care Experiences, Efficiencies
and Outcomes All in One
By Anthony M. DiGioia III, M.D.

Speaker - Michael Celender
The Innovation Center of UPMC
Pittsburgh, PA
             The Cliff Notes:
 PFCC Methodology and Practice (PFCC M/P)
• Back to Basics: Patients and their Families
• Focus = Care Experiences Viewed through the Eyes of
   Patients and their Families
• Engages Patients, Families AND Care Givers at all times
• Develops a Sense of Urgency to Drive and Maintain
   Transformational Change
• PFCC is the “Methodology” and Pathway to get us from
   Current to “Ideal” State
• Only Need to Refocus EXISTING Resources
• PFCC can be used for any care experience i.e. offices,
    hospital, insurance companies, etc…
• PFCC is a Performance Improvement Tool that includes
    process improvement
  Many individual success stories…
• All were a success because they focused on the
   patient and family care experience….
• Most organizations and hospitals can’t explicitly
   explain how they got there…“no methodology”
• If it is a solution for one region will it work
    somewhere else?
• The difficulty is to show and teach others how to
   get there and to have widespread and rapid
PFCC                                                 Ideal Experience
Methodology                                         6. PFCC Projects and
                                                    Improvement Teams
and Practice:                               5. Shared Vision for the Ideal

                                     4. Working Group thru Touchpoints
An Experience
                              3. Current State, View Care, Urgency
Based Design
Science                2. Guiding Council

                1. Care Experience      Six Steps to
Current State                           Transform
 One Example of the Hurdles: PFCC Cuts
Across Silos and Enables High Performance
               Care Teams*

                                                     Home               Skilled
                                  Health                       Outpt
  Home   Physician    Acute               Pharmacy                      Nursing
                                                     Health   Therapy
           Office    Hospital   Insurance                               Facility

  *The ONLY Common Denominator: Patients and Families
The Key: PFCC = FOCUS = Exceptional Care
Experiences…and you can then achieve it all:
  • Exceptional Outcomes
  • Exceptional Quality and Safety
  • Exceptional Efficiencies
  • Exceptional Care Givers and Teams
  • More than Satisfied…Engaged Patients
      and Families
We will never go wrong if we focus on the needs of
          our patients and their families!
     Patients and Families Working
   Together with Care Givers to Design
        the Care Delivery System

Care       “Co-Design” Care      Patients
Givers                           and
         Delivery for the Future Families
       PFCC enables value added
     innovations inspired and driven
     by engaging patients/families in
     the development of current and
           future care delivery
         systems…radical idea?

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