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									     Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council Meeting of the 20th
                    February, 2013 in Dalswinton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members – John Young, Neil Munro, Derek Ivy, Fiona Meikle-Latta, Hugh Johnstone,
Trevor Hayward, Jackie Bodle

Non-KCC Members – Councillor Ted Thompson, Claire Corlett, Margaret Wilson, Denis Latta, Mary
Harkness, Dobie and Connie Davidson, Gordon Bissett, Yen Hongmei Jin

1 – Apologies – none

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 16th January, 2013

2.1 – Approved the minutes of 16th January, 2013 moved by NM and seconded by HJ.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes

3.1 – Point 7.1 - noted that Kirktonfield Farm applied retrospectively for planning permission.

3.2 – Point 14.9 - noted that the Village Hall may well have secured a notice board according to TH.

3.3 – Point 14.8 - noted that The Big Burns Supper was cancelled because of bad weather and is
rescheduled to take place on the 19th April, 2013 indoors.

3.4 – Point 3.1 - TT informed the meeting that a survey re the children’s play park in Kirkton was
carried out and the only solution is to raise the ground level at a cost of £20,000. Alternatively, the
play equipment could be sited on higher ground.

4 – Police Report – no police present.

4.1 – FML informed the meeting that someone had been arrested for the theft of the quad bike (point

4.2 – FML reported that recently some employees from Scottish Power were carrying out a survey
without having first informed the land owners concerned. As a result ,the police were alerted.

4.3 – FML said that the gate which had been stolen from outside Kirkton had been located in a
garden in Kirkton but it was unclear as to whether an arrest had been made or not.

5 – Treasurer’s Report (DI)

5.1 – Present Financial Position – The present financial position was that there was just under £5,000
uncommitted in the Bank. We received the Administrative Grant from the Council but have paid out
for the recent edition of the Grapevine, hall hire fees and the Minutes Secretary’s honorarium.
5.2 – Insurance for Senior Citizens’ Social Evening – The insurance was obtained through the
Council’s liability broker, Keegen and Pennykid of Edinburgh. The liability premium for the function
cost £15.90 and this covers the event with up to ten volunteers helping.
5.3 – D & G Council Grants for 2013/2014 - the application papers for Event Grants must be
submitted in February. The Senior Citizens’ event for 2014 was already agreed and the Events
Committee should decide any other applications at the meeting on 21st February 2013.
5.4 – D & G Database – The Council has been officially informed about the two new co-opted KCC
5.5 – Bank Mandate – The revised Bank Signatory List has been acknowledged by the Bank.
6 – Councillors’ Report (TT)
6.1 – TT informed the meeting of the adverse report about the Social Work Department.
6.2 – TT said that most of the equipment for permanent first time repairs of potholes is now in place at
a cost to the Council of £1M.
6.3 – YHJ - noted the Winter Resilience Scheme was popular but that there was a shortage of salt
6.4 – Noted the Community Achievement Award will be held on 22nd February and is open to the
6.5 – Open consultations on the Council’s website include:

•4th Periodic Review for community councils - 29 March 2013
•Psychoactive substances (legal highs) - 31 March 2013
•Proposed Local Development Plan - 11 March 2013
•Dumfries and Galloway Archives and Local Studies Survey - 1 March 2013
•Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women Community Survey 2012 - 28 February 2013
•DGFirst - Roads Maintenance & Contracted Services Survey

6.6 – Congratulations to Duncow/Nethermill School Football team for winning the league (for the
second time in 25 years) and the cup. Congratulations also to Jordan Tweedie for winning the local
heat of The Rotary Club Young Musician of the Year.
6.7 – Noted local arrangements for the rationalisation of the Scottish police and fire and rescue are
making excellent progress ahead of new single services going live on April 1.
6.8 – Noted YHJ received an invitation from the Chinese Consul General Mr Li Ruiyou to attend the
Chinese New Year celebrations in Stirling (Sun 17th Feb). She hoped that Dumfries and Galloway
Council might host the event in the future which she thinks would help raise the profile of the region.
6.9 – Noted YHJ holds a surgery in Lochthorn Library the third Friday of every month 4 - 6 pm. Yen’s
contact details are 07825 633154/email Yen.Hongmeijin@dumgal.gov.uk.
6.10 – The Committee congratulated Yen who is 7 weeks pregnant.
6.11 – YHJ to email her meeting report to the KCC before meetings, in future.
7 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)
7.1 – All outstanding actions from the previous minutes are being pursued and followed up. As they
are closed out individual reports will be made by NM
7.2 – In respect of the suggested pavement extension, NM asked for clarification. Dobie Davidson
suggested that this would join with the recently completed pavement at the Green and join with the
existing pavement at Bush Cottage. NM to ascertain whether there is a possibility of funding this
project but pointed out that further research would be required within the community since this would
cross the Green and encroach on existing building frontages.
7.3 – In respect of the condition of the Q’ua footpath, hedge and ditch, NM met with Gordon
McDonald of the Council who is going to clarify ownership issues in respect of DGHP and further
contacts to deal with rights of way and the like. NM to pursue.
7.4 – NM discussed the condition of the road opposite Kirkton hall with Gordon McDonald who agreed
that a significant repair is required and probably the positioning of an additional drainage gully. Road
work is to take place this year in the Kirkmahoe area, Gordon McDonald is going to try and carry out
this work in Kirkton, if possible. NM to monitor.
8 – Kirkton Waste Water Treatment Works
8.1 – The current repairs and maintenance are nearly complete which will mean that the facility will
now be working correctly. Following further discussions with Scottish Water, they have notified NM
that it is their intention to replace the Waste Water Treatment Plant during their next investment
period, commencing in 2015. This would then mean that the plant would conform to technological
advances and discharge standards according to European directives. NM to monitor progress and
report on the development.

9 – Periodic Review of Community Councils
9.1 – The Local Authority required a review scheme to see over the rules and code of conduct. This is
ongoing till 29th March. A consultation meeting will be held at St George’s Hall on Saturday 2nd
March. JY to email copies of the Periodic Review document to KCC members for comments within
two weeks.

10 – Local Plan Document

10.1 – This has been out to consultation. The Council is trying to direct future developments to rural
areas but nothing is highlighted for the Kirkmahoe area. The Local Plan Document is on the Council
website and if KCC wants to make comments about the document, these will be discussed at the
KCC March meeting.

11 – Windfarms (NM)

11.1 – Progress is now being made by the community councils affected by the Harestanes
development as Scottish Power Renewables have given sanction to Ailsa Horizons to carry out
studies into the most effective way of establishing a template for a trust model that would serve the
communities in respect of financial benefit. Once this process has been completed, details will be
circulated to the group for consultation. NM to advise KCC as the process develops.

11.2 – At Loch Urr there has been a change of management team and there has been a delay to the
installation of the two metmasts which are now both fully constructed. A community meeting is to take
place in the near future when we will be advised as to E.ON’s plans for the site.

11.3 – It is anticipated that benefit will be available to KCC once windfarms affecting us become
operational. JY reiterated NM’s earlier suggestion of compiling a list of projects which might benefit
from future funding. DI suggested that we should not forget the continuing need for small sums of
money to support ongoing community events.

12 – Planning - Application for temporary siting of Metmast

12.1 – An application has been submitted to erect a Metmast on Duncow Common to ascertain
whether the site is suitable for the construction of up to six wind turbines. In respect of the planning
application, JY to circulate details of the submission to KCC members. Any objections should be
prepared for discussion at the next KCC meeting. TT commented that there is no grounds for
rejecting the application since it is only for the gathering of information at this stage. With regard to
the Infinis letter sent to KCC members in respect of the potential project, JY to contact Richard
Buckland, project developer, with a view to inviting him to explain the development at a future

13 – Community Resilience

13.1 – HJ, NM, JY went to a Community Resilience meeting in November, 2012. HJ was given the
Resilience Plan for Kirkmahoe. JY suggested that a sub-committee was needed to deal with the
whole topic which has two facets - Winter Resilience and Community General Resilience. GB stated
that he thought it was unworkable and people would not be available to co-ordinate it. JY to have a go
at organising Community Resilience before the March meeting and to check with the Council if any
plan is in place.

13.2 – Noted FML received calls from the Council re flooding.

13.3 – Noted David Gurney is working on a plan to create an emergency contact list.

14 – Events in 2013

14.1 – Noted Events sub-committee meeting Thursday 21st February 2013 at 6.30 pm.

14.2 – Noted Senior Citizens Concert Friday 8th March 2013

14.3 – Noted events for 2013 - Village fête in June, joint BBQ and dance with Village Hall Committee
early September, Pub Quiz in Village Hall in November, Carol Singing Sunday before Christmas.
14.4 – NM raised the question about whether a Gala should be held and felt that feedback should be
gathered from the community. There seemed to be a view that it would be better to hold it in the
Village where any potential loss could be mitigated and that an event at the playing field might result
in a loss which could not be controlled in inclement conditions. The Village Hall would always provide
a backstop.

15 – Correspondence (FM-L)

15.1 – Noted Welfare Reform Seminar, DG One 21st February 2013.

15.2 – Noted Scottish Water public meeting (postponed from November 2012) about delivering
services to customers, Cairndale Hotel, 13th March 2013 5.30 for 6 pm. NM to attend.

15.3 – Noted letter from Morag Williams, Kirkmahoe Heritage Group, regarding the possible
incorporation of the PA system into Kirkton Hall, with additional works to the fabric of the Hall, which
would require the consideration of the Hall Committee. Agreed to the idea of installing the PA system
as suggested and to consider funding once the Hall Committee had considered the matter.

16 – Any other business

16.1 – TH informed the meeting that the Council is funding the replacement of the Village Hall single
glazed windows.

16.2 – GB reported that the metal railings of the War Memorial should be completed by the end of
March. The cost is £2,800 of which £2,500 is being met by the Council and the shortfall by KCC as
previously agreed.
It is proposed that bulbs be planted on the banking, the cost of which is to be underwritten by The
Heritage Group to a pre-agreed value and that Duncow School pupils are to be asked to plant the
bulbs. Sandy at Dalswinton Garden Centre is to oversee the purchase of the correct bulbs and
appropriate mix. Howie Johnstone has provided a verbal quote to GB for the
construction/replacement of existing fencing at a likely cost of £2000. There ensued a general
discussion as to how the funding for this part of the project together with any other work that was
required should be met. DI advised the meeting that there was sufficient money in the bank to cover
the £2000 verbal quote. NM felt that we should pursue SWEAT and Scottish Heritage with their £1M
budget for this purpose in order to preserve KCC funds for projects such as the Gala or other
community activities which was supported by FML, JB, TH, HJ. GB asked that KCC pursue these
potential avenues and explore potential grants available for this work. This would ensure the long-
term integrity of the War Memorial beyond the 2014 centenary. JY to contact SWEAT, NM to contact
Scottish Heritage in Edinburgh. JY to talk to GB about specification and work scope.

16.3 – The Coffee morning held in Dalswinton Village Hall on 9th February, 2013, had been a great
success and raised £64.73.

16.4 – JB is now a member of the Dalswinton Hall Committee.

16.5 – PT - Noted that Duncow School was closed on 5th February because of snowy weather. Mrs
Taylor informed the meeting that the future management of small schools involved linked headships.
Each small school would be in a cluster with one head. The final decision which will have a major
implication for Duncow School, is to be taken on 28th May 2013.
TT assisted in organising repair and repainting work at Duncow School.

15 – Date of Next Meeting

15.1 – The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 20th March 2013 in Kirkton Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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