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									What is Multi-Level Marketing?

                                    What's multi-level marketing? Ask a thousand people and
you will be bound to get a thousand different answers ranging from "mlm is actually a scam" to
"mlm has been an excellent blessing to me and my family" so let's take a closer look, shall we?

Venture online and search for "what is multi-level marketing" and you will be presented with
tens of thousands of offers to join this organization or that company. Here let's take a more
unbiased method without hidden agenda.

What's Multi-Level Marketing? - It is Direct Sales

Direct sales is really a way of retailing through a distribution channel comprising independent
distributors and business owners. The model has been around for more than a century and it
works extremely effectively. It offers an excellent opportunity for people to start their own
business and often with very little capital investment.

In comparison with a franchise, an MLM business is far more cost-effective for most people. A
franchise attached to a well-known company name can cost many hundreds of thousands of
dollars. Although theoretically it is your business - you have little freedom in relation to what
you can do to promote your business and often ncludes a big monthly payment to the franchisor.

Compare that to a typical distributor enrollment fee which is often as little as $50-$500, with
many of the greater MLM firms offering a buyback if the stock is not sold. So there's very little
economic risk.

With MLM you've got total freedom where it comes to promoting and marketing your business.
You are able to work what hours you select, part-time or full-time. You can also plod along very
happily making an extra hundred dollars a month or develop your own personal huge distribution
network which can bring in a handsome revenue.

The harder you work in the business the more money you make.

What exactly is Multi-Level Marketing? - It's About Leveraging

Many people falsely assume network marketing is somehow illegal or that it is a sort of pyramid
scheme. But absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. Every business need to sell a
product or service to make money and earn a profit and your MLM business won't be the
exception. In order to produce money, your business will must move product. Plain and

So how do you move product? There are two ways. You'll be able to personally seek out
customers, offer your products for sale and pocket a commission for every single sale. This
really is what's known as direct promoting. That is fine, it is possible to earn a few hundred to a
few thousand per month as a salesperson. However, you also have the opportunity to recruit
people to join your network of distributors and get paid a tiny commission override on the
products they sell as well and this really is all the huge cash income, highly leveraged earnings
comes into play.

Possibly J. Paul Getty said it best, "I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 males than
100% of my personal efforts." So constructing a lucrative million dollar MLM business is not
about you carrying out a whole lot. It's about a lot of people each carrying out a little.

Think about it this way. Let's say you can put in a full-time 40 hour week toward building your
business. Let's also say you'll be able to earn as much as $100 per hour for your time and effort
which puts the maximum you can earn in the range of $4,000 per week. Now let's assume you
construct a team of 500 independent networkers who also earn $100 per hour and you get a tiny
$20 cut for every hour they work ... and they can each work only two hours per week. You might
be still putting in only 40 hours per week but are you currently pocket more than $14,000 per

This can be recognized within the market as correct monetary freedom according to the notion of
leveraged residual revenue. Not just do you earn commissions on work you personally do, you're
also rewarded for the time, work and sales your team produces too. But like any business, there
are no guarantees. What you put in is exactly what you are going to get out. So the harder you
work to construct a team in the beginning, the more you may earn the rest of the life.

So the answer to, "What is multi-level marketing?" is straightforward. What do you want it to
become for you? The model offers an unlimited revenue opportunity for all those who get in and
get business. Will that be you? Only you can answer that question.

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