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New No.19, Old No.10,
Bharathiar Street, Mehta Nagar,
Chennai – 600 029.
Mobile: 9962718772
Home Phone:91-044-23740014
Email :


Software Testing           where I can make excellent contribution in terms of ensuring the
quality of the product using my experience in various kinds of testing methodologies and
processes and to be part of a hardworking and enthusiastic team.

8 years and 4 months in Software Testing.

KODIAK NETWORKS(10 Months)(TELECOM)(August 2010 -May 2011)
Customer: BELL CANADA.
PROJECT: PushToTalk Over Cellular(POC):I was involved in the System Testing
Group(STG) of the POC project. The main requirement of this product was to make a POC
subscriber to another POC subscriber call within 1 to 1.5 secs . The technology that was used
was SIP Whenever a POC subscriber (Mobile is activated it establishes a PreEstablished
Session.with the POC Server so that it need not establish a establish a session from scratch using
INVITE message etc. When Subscriber A calls subscriber B the SIP REFER message was sent to
subscriber B. There is no need of establishing a session from scratch so it took only 1 to 1.5
seconds to make a mobile to mobile call using POC.I was involved in the Testing of the
PRESENCE FEATURE.The three presence states that a subscriber could be in were
Available(ONLINE),BUSY/DND, UnAvailable(OFFLINE).The subscriber shows its self
presence as Available,UnAvailable,BUSY/DND etc. If the subscriber has any contacts in his
contact list the contact presence was also that calls are not made to BUSY/DND
subscribers. I was also involved in the testing of the Instant Personal Alert feature. Using the
Instant Personal Alert a Subscriber can send Alerts to another subscriber which is in another call
or in BUSY/DND mode so that when the terminating subscriber becomes IDLE it can press the
PTT button and the call goes to the originating subscriber. Team size consisted of 5 testers. My
role was Senior System Test Engineer.
AVAYA Networks.(Feb 2009 to June 2010)
Test lead(Designation: Module Lead) in the testing of the IP Agent product .I was involved in
the test bed set up, test strategy design, test plan design, test case writing, test case execution and
reporting. SIP Protocols request and responses like INVITE,OPTION,REGISTER,CANCEL,
SIP Phones, Redirect Trying,Ringing,OK etc responses and SIP media sessions..ACK etc and
SIP User Agent,Proxy Servers,Registrar,Redirect Server,Performance Testing of SIP using
SIPp.Interworking between SIP to ISDN,SIP to ISUP interworking.Various SIP Call
Flow.Testing of PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network.) switching and line parameters.


Comcast Testing

Testing of the portal which is a high speed internet portal for Video on Demand,
Sports news like National Hockey league, Comcast Rhapsody which is a Radio service.

WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES. (6 Years and 3 Months)(Oct 2000 to Dec 2006)
Key Projects:

NORTEL DMS 100 SWITCH (WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES ): Was involved in the testing of
the DMS 100 Switch. Developed a tool to Sanity procedure using C++, Shell script and TTF.
Switch Protocol Testing of SS7, CAS, DPNSS, PRI, BRI, QSIG protocols. SIP Protocols request
and responses like INVITE,OPTION,REGISTER,CANCEL, SIP Phones, Redirect
Trying,Ringing,OK etc responses and SIP media sessions..ACK etc and SIP User Agent, Proxy
Servers, Registrar, Redirect Server, SIP . Experience in Interop testing with Softswitches like
Asterix, Traffic generators like SIPp, SONUS Network switches etc. Experience in testing of
PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network.) switching and line parameters

the testing of the OC48 Optical Network product. Both the Network Element (NE) and
Operations Controller (OPC) were tested. Testing involved compliance of NE to SONET
standards and the CMIP / CMISE unix application which is the OPC. Specialization was in
TL1 which used to manage the network element via TCP/IP or X.25. Testing the NE for
compliance with SONET standards like GR253 etc. Gained knowledge in OPC tools, Circuit
pack description, Signal flow and protection switching and TL1. Preside AP Architecture, NE
software architecture, OPC Architecture, PLS TCAR and PROSTAR.

Testing of ACCA OPMS and testing of ACCA OSS release 2.1.4.OPMS is an End to End
product that will monitor the abnormal functioning of the OSS system. It is a Java based
application with Oracle as backend. Testing of ACCA OSS was done as part of Project B which
was a minor activity. Preparation of Test Plan, Test cases, RS study, System Testing, acceptance
testing for ACCA OPMS which was an End to End product and was done against tight schedule.
Order monitoring involved detection of abnormal processing of orders and raising alarms etc.
Database used was Oracle (7i onsite and 9i offshore). Gained knowledge of SQL. Did code
review and enhanced understand of JAVA. Project B ACCA OSS testing involved in the testing
of OSS release 2.1.4. Underwent training in various aspects of OSS like OMS, Trouble ticket,
Pair Inventory, CSV files etc.


Was involved in the Change Request retest, Feature verification of Meridian Digital and VOIP
switching. Testing Call Processing, Supplementary services, VOIP network maintenance and
testing. Worked on IP phones, Digital / Analog phones. Switching protocols tested.
PRI-Private Rate Interface, BRI- Basic Rate Interface, DPNSS – Digital Private Network
Signalling System, QSIG – Q Signalling, ESGF - ETSI QSIG with GF capability. ISGF –
ISO QSIG with GF capability. MCDN – Meridian Customer Defined Network Protocol.
EURO, NI2 – European and North American interfaces on PRI and BRI. VOIP : H323 : Virtual
trunks using H323 signalling, H245 / H225 for messages between node and the Gatekeeper, IP
phones used : NORTEL i2002, i2004, Computer based softphone i2050. SIP Protocols request
and responses like INVITE,OPTION,REGISTER,CANCEL, Phones, Redirect
Trying,Ringing,OK etc responses and SIP media sessions..ACK etc and SIP User Agent,Proxy
Servers,Registrar,Redirect Server,SIP . Experience in call generator/voip switching tools.
Exposure to VoIP & Voice protocols like SIP,


Motorola Liberty EMS is an Element management system to manage the nodes, interfaces and
other devices of the Motorola Networks. It is developed based on the Adventnet Web NMS
Framework.Requirement study, Study of design, Test plan writing, Test case writing, Test
execution, Defect tracking, System testing, Integration testing and Acceptance testing.


Flashwave 7500 optical network testing. Involved in testing the SNMP feature at client location.
Activities included test case execution. Test cases and result updation in clearcase.
Understanding of the clearcase configuration management tool. Used TL1 for communicating
with the NE. Involved in the testing of Control plane feature. Test case execution, result
updation, raising of PTR to trace problem. Used Eval boards that simulated NE to test the
feature. Testing of In Line Amplifier (ILA) product of FNC. Involved in the testing of the
Alarm Marking feature, SNMP test cases, Raising of PTR in the problem tracking tool, updation
of test cases and test case results in the clearcase. Complete understanding of SONET and other
OPTICAL network protocols. Test case automation using TCL, TK scripts and expect for
Automating TLI commands. Running of nightly scripts for regression.Test case execution, test
case result updation in clearcase. Test case automation using TCL / TK and expect, Regression


GENIUS.COM is my first project for Dashboard Technologies.It was basically a website which was
used for Email Markettiing system.I was involved in Manual Testing of the website .The website
was built using Java and job was to do System Testing of the Website.


Global Eye Glasses was an online shopping shop for Optical Glasses.They had different types of
Glasses like Fully Rimmed Glasses,Half Rimmed Glasses,Unrimmed Glasses etc.There was a
feature whereby you can upload a photo and try out different glasses online.This feature was
called as Virtual Mirror.It had Glasses,Sunglasses with various themes ,men,women,kids .


I tested the website   The Testing was totaly Automation Testing using
Opensource tools like Selinium,Cubic,Bromine etc.



Degree:       B.E.(Bachelor of Engineering)
Branch:      Computer Science and Engineering.
College:     MNM Jain Engg. College
University: Madras University 71%

XII Bharathia Vidhya Bhavan (CBSE) – 88%

X – Bharathia Vidhya Bhavan (CBSE) – 80%


1. GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering : 86%

2. Received an award for outstanding contribution for MMP Rel 15 Nortel.
3. Received congratulation letter for completing 5 years in WIPRO (6 years 3 months
       experience in WIPRO)
4. Presentation for CALA Market (Caribbean and Latin America)


Date of Birth                :            17/03/1978

Father’s Name          :         T.A. Gauthaman

Father’s Occupation :            UCO Bank

Address            :New No.19, Old No.10,
                Bharathiar Street, Mehta Nagar,
                Chennai – 600 029.
                Ph : 044-23740014.
                Mobile : 9962718772

Possess passport with valid Business Visa to the US.
Passport Number:E3249230

Languages Known :                English, Tamil, Kannada & Hindi
Countries Travelled :                 Japan, Canada, US.

Place : Chennai
Date :                                                      UDAYARAJAN. G.

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