; Endian firewall 4i Worldwide connectivity with maximum security
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Endian firewall 4i Worldwide connectivity with maximum security


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									Endian firewall 4i

Endian Firewall 4i Office

Worldwide connectivity with maximum security
Endian Firewall 4i is the ideal solution for satellite offices and industrial facilities and is available in two versions: Office and Industrial. The Office version has all of the features required to connect the networks of branch and remote offices in a simple and secure manner. The Industrial version, designed for the industrial and energy markets, is identical to the Office with additional 24V support and the options for DIN rail installation. The applications of this product range from remote support and configuration to systems monitoring and to the simple and secure connectivity of off-site locations, sharply reducing operating costs. Choose secure connectivity for your company and stay on the cutting edge: Endian Firewall 4i.

H i g hli ghts
Comprehensive protection keeps your network safe from emerging internet threats Intuitive and functional Web-Interface deploys in minutes, not hours Always up-to-date with latest anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-virus and content filtering services Centralized Management and Provisioning through Endian Network Instant Recovery minimizes downtime in case of a failure Hassle-free VPN Optimize communication with branch/remote offices or teleworkers through the secure connection provided by Endian: your own VPN is just a few clicks away... Advanced Networking Endian Firewall includes support for VLAN, Multiple-WAN, VPN, Advanced Routing and Traffic Shaping providing superior interoperability and flexibility All-in-one means no additional software or hardware required Quiet and energy saving thanks to its fanless design and low power consumption

Endian firewall 4i Feat u res
Network Security
Stateful Packet Firewall Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Multiple Public IPs Traffic Shaping VoIP/SIP support Portscan Detection DoS and DDoS Protection SYN/ICMP Flood Protection Anti-Spoofing Protection

WAN failover
Automatic WAN Uplink Failover Monitoring of WAN Uplinks VPN Failover

Network Address Translation
Static NAT (Port Translation) One-to-One NAT IPSec NAT Traversal

Static Routes Source Based Routing Destination Based Routing

True SSL/TLS VPN (OpenVPN) IPSEC Encryption; DES, 3DES, AES 128-, 192-, 256-bit Authentication: Pre-Shared Key, X.509, Certification Authority, Local PPTP Passthrough Native VPN Client for MS Windows, MacOSX and Linux

Live Log Viewer (AJAX based) Network/System/Performance Statistics Syslog: Local or Remote

Updates and Backup
Centralized Updates through Endian Network Scheduled Automatic Backup Encrypted Backups via E-mail Instant Recovery/Backup to USB-Stick

Easy Web-based Administration (SSL) Secure Remote SSH/SCP Access Serial Console Centralized Management through Endian Network (SSL)

Endian Firewall 4i Industrial

H a rd wa re sp ec i f i c a ti o n s
Case Power Memory Ethernet CompactFlash Office / Industrial External 12V 5A (Endian Firewall 4i Office) External 24V DC (Endian Firewall 4i Industrial) 256 MB 4 x 10/100Mbps 1 GB Cooling Dimension (HxWxD) DIN rail PCI Slots Hardware Warranty Certifications
* Advanced Maintenance extends the Hardware Warranty for the Subscription Period

Fanless 45mm x 214mm x 150mm No (Endian Firewall 4i Office) Yes (Endian Firewall 4i Industrial) 24 months * FCC/CE/ROHS

Endian SRL Via Pillhof 47 / I-39010 Frangarto/Appiano (BZ) Tel: +39 0471 631763 / Fax: +39 0471 631764 E-Mail: sales@endian.com / Website: www.endian.com

for more information visit: http://www.endian.com/en/products/

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