FUGAWI Software – Now works on the Garmin iQue™ 3600 by vivi07


									FUGAWI Software – Now works on the Garmin iQue™ 3600
A world of maps now available for iQue owners
FUGAWI™ mapping products now include ‘FUGAWI for Garmin iQue™’ software. The revolutionary Garmin iQue™3600, incorporate a GPS inside a Palm OS handheld computer. Now, with FUGAWI software, one can transfer many types of non-Garmin maps to the Garmin iQue 3600, including:
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Nautical charts such as MAPTECH®, NDI Digital Ocean™, and SoftChart Rasterized NOAA ENC nautical charts (S-57 format) - with FUGAWI Marine ENC Land maps, such as FUGAWI Canada Maps, SoftMap, MAPTECH, USGS DRG maps and many others Aeronautical charts such as FUGAWI Digital Maps world TPC collection User scanned paper maps or any raster map file in bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, or tif format

FUGAWI software runs on the iQue as a separate program. Users can toggle ‘on-the-fly’ between the built-in Garmin ‘Map’ program and FUGAWI, which means users can both navigate streets (using the Garmin Map software) and monitor position on a local topographic map with FUGAWI at the same time. FUGAWI for Garmin iQue™ software is included at no charge in the following world famous products: FUGAWI 3, FUGAWI Marine ENC, FUGAWI UK, and FUGAWI Military. Customers now have a world of mapping available for their Garmin iQue! AVAILABILITY: As of Sept 4, 2003, all FUGAWI navigation products will ship with included FUGAWI for Garmin iQue software. Existing registered users of FUGAWI software can download an update from http://www.fugawi.com/docs/suppupgrades.html. This update is available free-of-charge to all customers who purchased FUGAWI (or an upgrade to FUGAWI) on or after September 1, 2001 and can be downloaded from http://www.fugawi.com/docs/suppupgrades.html Customers who purchased FUGAWI before September 1, 2001 (version 3.02 or earlier) can purchase an upgrade directly from http://www.fugawi.com/docs/purchase.html. Upgrade prices start at US $39.00. FUGAWI 3, at a retail price of only USD 99.00, is the only GPS software in the world to include support for both Pocket PC and Palm handheld computer systems at no extra charge. Now, FUGAWI also includes Garmin iQue support, making it simply the best value GPS software available.

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