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Mission Control Security Services Mission Control Application Shield, Mission Control Firewall, Mission Control Internet Proxy, Mission Control Security Gateway, Mission Control Passport, Mission Control IDS/IPS, Mission Control E-mail Shield, Mission Control Virus Protection, Mission Control Client VPN, Mission Control Wireless Zone Protector

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Mission Control Firewall Mission Control Firewall systems partition off different security zones from one another and assert their security policies comprehensively, worldwide and auditably at any time. Decide about the security zones necessary for your company – unlimited in number or geographic distribution.
Whether in conventional service hubs or for simple separation of two departments, whether for complex, multistage e-banking environments or future-oriented global zone concepts, Mission Control Firewall systems are successfully used by well-known companies and organizations of all sizes and differing requirements throughout the world. Directly exposed on the Internet or designed as internal applications, systems such as ERP, MIS mail or CRM have, without exception, achieved company-critical relevance. Every system is constrained by different access and risk profiles, and demands correspondingly specific security requirements. Consequently, your security concept constantly separates different security demands from one another by means of zones. With a Mission Control Firewall, these demands can, for the first time, also be directly implemented technically in a simple operation. Because a Mission Control Firewall works not only in isolation, but also in groups. As a firewall zone system, it creates a company-wide, standard security network. This means with complete flexibility and in consideration of local demands, you achieve a homogenous, auditable security standard. Made-to-measure security zones in your company Security zones should be defined according to logical and functional criteria. Demands that differ for every company. With Mission Control, experience the flexibility and freedom to fulfil all technical security demands comprehensively and in a granular manner. You decide flexibly which user groups, applications or services are protected by which security measures and in which form they are made accessible. Geographically independent A Mission Control Firewall System is not bound to any geographical situation. Zone definitions can be activated in WAN and enforced at any location. As a result, you achieve a worldwide, homogenous security standard and a group-wide, stringent security system. You avoid individual weak links in the security chain and thus have confidence in the condition of all your security precautions at all times. Never alone with a Mission Control Firewall Every Mission Control system benefits from the large installed base and guarantees superior technology based on many years of experience in operation and development. And this pays off, since every Mission Control Firewall benefits from unlimited 24/7 Mission Control Support. Certified Mission Control engineers are available for you round the clock. And this without any additional cost. Since Mission Control is in constant contact with hardware and software manufacturers, it is aware of current attacks and knows what measures to take before any real damage occurs. It will also inform you proactively should modifications to the perimeter be recommendable or necessary. It is no wonder, therefore, that a Mission Control Firewall is unsurpassed with regard to security, stability and availability. Budget guarantee and no end of life Mission Control Center gives you the security of superior technical support at all times and the certainty that all your Mission Control systems are permanently up to date with the newest releases. Thanks to the unique total cost of ownership guarantee, you receive all software releases, patches, and any hardware replacement, as well as all support services cost-free, worldwide and round the clock. You thus budget with confidence, avoid any surprises and are, at the same time prepared for future technical changes in your system. Even hard- and software that have reached the end of their lives are replaced free of charge for you.

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mission control™ security services

High availability with investment protection With a Mission Control Firewall, you get availability tailor-made to your requirements. Every Mission Control Firewall is supplied highly available as a cold standby, hot standby, cluster or multi-homing configuration with several providers. And, unique in the market, you decide freely whether and when you want to react to changes in your environment. Because you have a 100% exchange right at any time. If you need more power or availability, you will obtain the new firewall solution with a full deduction of the previous installation. This means 100% investment protection with full dynamics and the possibility to react quickly to changes in the market at any time. Audit readiness and reporting – a Mission Control Firewall forgets nothing Who has when and why instructed and/or implemented what configurations in your system? Your Mission Control Firewall registers and documents every modification with a date and time stamp, and so automatically updates all the documentation concerning your firewall system for you. As well as technical functionality, a Mission Control Firewall contains a map of all necessary change-management processes and automatic documentation steps. A Mission Control Firewall means passing security audits and firewall reviews with consummate ease. Always, even unexpected or after years of operation. In addition, for central reporting, globally consolidated data from the whole system is analyzed and reported. Every interruption, every intervention, every support action or change request is documented and can still be identified and proved even after many years. As well as security, this also guarantees profound understanding in cases of error, and optimum prerequisites for interventions to rectify possible malfunctioning.

Your benefit – security for your enterprise security perimeter • Controllable costs and no technology risk • Mission Control Security Services, you are free of technological dependences and the resulting hidden costs with version and hardware updates. • The Mission Control Firewall blends into your existing environment as a reliable partner with integrated services, such as mail gateway, relay protection, DNS and NAT. • Thanks to Mission Control, you have in one stroke multiple redundant monitoring, a 24/7 operating concept, complete online reporting and a guaranteed SLA, on which your services can build. • Mission Control Security Services are available worldwide at all your company locations, irrespective of the provider. Reporting on CD-ROM In addition to online reporting, would you like a complete archive of all incidents on your network? Seamless integration in existing infrastructures Would you like to secure your investment in existing services? To harmonize your wireless LAN with your security policy? To make your ERP system suitable extranet? For this, the Mission Control Firewall gives you the necessary flexibility.

1 7x24h availability monitoring 2 external connectivity view 3 each outage recorded
Fig 2. : Verifiable for you at all times – the current firewall rules are documented on the Mission Control Portal.

1 Each rule with the corresponding ticket 2 Date & time stamp 3 Details
Fig.1 : High-level authentication and audit trail Fig.3 : Your firewall log is available in real-time via the Mission Control Portal

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